Top 5 Reasons to Dive into a Dumpster Today

ulta or gamestop dumpster diving for food

What is Dumpster Diving? Dumpster diving is rather simple.  Find an interesting looking dumpster in an interesting location – then dive in.  The treasure you find therein is highly dependent on your location, so choose wisely. Image Source To get you in a better frame of mind consider the next 5 really great reasons to … Read more

The Top 10 Stupid Funny Websites

clowns love stupid funny websites

Yes, “the internet” is one of our 300 + hobbies. And why the heck not? It’s a popular hobby–arguably the most popular modern day hobby. But after Myspace, Blogging, and watching that same YouTube video for the 100th time, you might have–gasp–run out of sites to visit. Actually, if you’re a regular surfer, chances are you’ve experienced that … Read more

6 Volunteer Opportunities with Kids

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of kids across our country that need an advocate?  No matter where you live, I guarantee in your backyard there are hundreds of kids that need help.  They need a warm bed.  They need a hug.  They need love. If you’re an upstanding citizen with a … Read more

Proper Breathing in Yoga

Breathe in. Breathe out. OK–now how are you feeling? If your answer is still “pretty awful thanks” then you really might want to start paying attention to your pranayama. And if you’re wondering what the heck am I talking about, then you probably want to keep reading to find out. What is Pranayama? Pranayama means … Read more

Choosing a Calligraphy Brush

Calligraphy is an ancient art, closely linked to the beginning of writing. Today, many people choose to learn calligraphy as either an art, a tradition, or even just for fun! Before beginning calligraphy, one of the most important things is choosing the correct brush. If you’re considering calligraphy as one of your many hobbies, read … Read more