100 Celebrity Hobbies

red carpet celebrity hobbies
What is your favorite celebrity’s hobby? Find out today!

Forbes list of the top celebrities may be no secret, but their hobbies just might be–and no, we’re not talking about excessive drug use and scandalous sex. We’re talking about the top 100 celebrities and their (mostly innocent) hobbies.

1. Oprah Winfrey – Philanthropy, Acting, Broadway Producer, Reading, Political Fundraising

Television host Oprah is, according to some, the most influential woman in the world. So how the heck does she have time for all of these hobbies? Well, there’s no evidence of drug use (though that would be a fun rumor to start), so we’re assuming she’s some sort of superhuman hobbyist. What else can we say–we like her!

2. Tiger Woods – Diving, Spear fishing and Physical Fitness

Surprise, surprise–Tiger Woods isn’t just adept at golfing. He’s also a diver who’s traveled all over the world diving and spear fishing (because, you know, he can afford it). The physical fitness part is, ummm, pretty darn obvious.

3. Angelina Jolie – Tattoos, People Watching, Dagger Collecting

Somehow we’re not surprised that Angelina Jolie collects daggers. This is the woman, after all, who reportedly wore her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. However, it appears cooking isn’t one of Jolie’s many hobbies. Poor Brad.

4. Beyonce Knowles – Shopping, Swimming, Reading, Dancing

Singer and actress Beyonce Knowles has to keep in shape somehow. She doesn’t get her ridiculously tight abs by sitting around eating cheese doodles. So swimming, dancing–and of course shopping!–it is. She also apparently enjoys reading. Not just a hot body, but maybe some brains too? Maybe?

5. David Beckham – Tattoos, Fencing, Shopping

English soccer player (or, more appropriately, footballer) David Beckham is apparently a fan of both fencing and getting tattoos. It’s been reported that he gets together with Will Smith and Tom Cruise in order to fence. We suspect being married to fashionista Victoria Bekham may have something to do with the shopping thing.

6. Johnny Depp – Playing with Dolls

Yes, that’s right. Actor Johnny Depp has found the inherent joy of sharing tea time with Barbie and Ken. What else can we say? We love Johnny Depp, weird hobbies and all. He can do no wrong in our eyes.

7. Jay-Z – Philanthropy, Entrepreneur, Fashion

Rapper Jay-Z has a lot more going for him than that rapping career of his. He’s–take a deep breath and get ready for the list–cofounder of clothing brand Rocawear, co-owner of the 40/40 club, part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, investor in J Hotels, and an active philanthropist involved in raising awareness of the global water shortage. And he even has time to rack up a few criminal charges–busy man!

8. The Police – Rollerskating, Cycling, Filmmaking, Polo, Photography, Painting

The Police members Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and of course Sting have a diverse group of hobbies, but we’ve included them all in one big jumble. To be specific, Copeland is the polo, cycling, rollerskating, and filmmaking fan. We’re just assuming that the other guys share these interests. Birds of a feather…or something like that…

9. J.K. Rowling – Reading, Writing, Friends

J.K. Rowling is one of the lucky ones. She’s managed to turn her favorite hobby, writing, into a full-time gig. We wanted to include “thinking about wizards all day” but it was far too obvious.

10. Brad Pitt – Architecture, Interior Design, Metal Art Collector

American actor and film producer Brad Pitt is a cultured guy who’s into architecture and interior design. He also collects metal art. Why? Well, duh, because it goes perfectly well with Angelina Jolie’s daggers.

11. Will Smith – Fencing, Rapping

When Will Smith isn’t acting, rapping, or fighting aliens, it appears he’s fencing with reported friends Tom Cruise and David Beckham. Not bad!

12. Justin Timberlake – Golf, Basketball, Video Gaming

Deep down we always knew Justin Timberlake was a video game nerd. We love it! He also famously enjoys putting his dick in a box. But you didn’t hear it from us.

13. Steven Spielberg – Aliens

Director, producer, and screenwriter Steven Spielberg freakin’ loooveess aliens. Are you surprised? We didn’t think so.

14. Cameron Diaz – Snowboarding, Rafting

We knew Cameron Diaz was bad ass. She claims to love the speed and adrenaline of snowboarding and even had plastic surgery on her nose to repair damage done while snowboarding. Finally, a unique reason for celebs to get plastic surgery.

15. David Letterman – Racing

Wacky talk show host and comedian David Letterman is co-owner of the Bobby Rahal racing team.

16. Lebron James – Collecting Headbands

Hey, everybody needs a collection. And there’s nothing wrong with collecting headbands. Pro basketball player Lebron James has our stamp of approval.

17. Jennifer Aniston – Hiking, camping, getting closer to nature, surfing the internet

Jennifer Aniston is not only your friend–she’s an outdoorsy girl. Of course, she has to come inside sometime. And when she does, well, apparently she goes on the internet. We can only assume she spends most of her time surfing notsoboringlife.com looking for new hobbies.

18. Michael Jordan – Gambling, Retiring

Retiring isn’t usually a hobby for most people, but Jordan has made it so. Also, his online poker in California hobby may be considered more of an addiction if we’re going to get picky. Okay, we’re being a bit hard on Michael Jordan. But he was a great basketball player. We’ll at least give him that.

19. Kobe Bryant – Soccer

Besides being a successful basketball player, Kobe Bryant is a major soccer fan. He says if he hadn’t pursued basketball, he would have gone for soccer. (As a note, if you google ‘Kobe Bryant hobbies,’ the question comes up “Besides being a rapist, what are some of Kobe Bryant’s other hobbies?” Yikes. We here are NotSoBoringLife do NOT condone such “hobbies!”)

20. Phil Mickelson – Pilot’s license, Wining Championships

Phil Mickelson is a professional American golfer nicknamed “Lefty” for his left-handed swing and who also recommend us to use this to improve  our game. “Winning championships” isn’t a normal hobby, of course. Honestly, there isn’t a lot of information out there about old Lefty, but we know he has his pilot’s license. Honestly, we assume he spends most of his time golfing and, you know, winning championships.

21. Madonna – Yoga, Reading, Writing

Madonna is the queen of zen, so it’s no surprise yoga is one of her top hobbies. She also enjoys reading and writing, and has even written several children’s books.

22. Simon Cowell – Spying on the Neighbors

Why aren’t we surprised? We thought Cowell’s favorite hobby was crushing the hopes and dreams of talentless singers everywhere, but we suppose spying on the neighbors works too.

23. Roger Federer – Sports, cards, sitting on the beach, playing and watching cricket and ping pong

Roger Federer is a tennis champ, but even tennis champs need to unwind, ya know? Federer claims watching cricket is one of the most relaxing hobbies he’s found. His friends don’t get it, but that doesn’t stop him. He like’s to buy the most good quality ping pong paddles like a hobby.

24. Alex Rodriguez – Golfing, Running, Reading, Traveling, Boating

Alex Rodriguez may be one of baseball’s best all-around players, but he’s also got a ton of hobbies. Honestly, we’re just glad his favorite hobby isn’t playing with his own action figure. But hey, if it was, he and Johnny Depp could have a good time together.

25. Jerry Seinfeld – Collecting Porsches

Well, of course. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite hobby? I mean, the first 20 porsches just weren’t enough, ya know?–needed that 21st. While he may not be original, this comedian all-star has, by our estimation, picked an excellent taste in hobbies.

26. 50 Cent – Boxing

Rapper 50 Cent began boxing when he was just a kid. In the 80’s he competed in the junior Olympics as a boxer. In an interview, he compared boxing to rapping, saying “I was competitive in the ring and hip-hop is competitive too.”

27. Kanye West –Acting, Art, Fashion, Video Games (Among others)

Kanye West is not only a Grammy Award winning rapper, record producer, and singer–he has tons of additional hobbies. Before becoming a rapper, West attended the American Academy of Art but eventually dropped out to pursue his music career.

28. Celine Dion – Golf, Collecting Shoes, Swimming

Canadian singer Celine Dion doesn’t just spend her days entertaining crowds of fans. She’s also reportedly an avid golfer and swimmer and has a giant shoe collection. Well, don’t we all?

29 . Bruce Willis – Boxing, Basketball

Actor Bruce Willis is a sport’s fan who does his best to attend every boxing match and basketball game he can find. In fact, he’s such a fan of the New Jersey Nets that controversy erupted when, during a live broadcast, he shouted “Yippee-ki-yay-motherfucker!” at the end of the interview. Now that’s a fan.

30. Dr. Phil McGraw – Football, Swimming

Dr. Phil may offer advice to people with out-of-control hobbies, but he’s got a few of his own favorite hobbies–most notably football and swimming. Dr Phil was a football player in High School and continued on to pursue swimming throughout college.

31. Tom Cruise – Flying, Fencing, Cooking

When Tom Cruise isn’t jumping on couches and generally bewildering citizens of the world, he’s probably flying, fencing, or cooking. He reportedly built a room in his house for fencing, where Will Smith and David Beckham go to attempt defeating him. Now that’s something we’d like to see.

32. Jay Leno – Collecting Cars

Anyone who watches The Tonight Show knows that comedian Jay Leno is an avid car collector. He only talks about it every other show. In particular, he’s known as having an extensive collection of antique cars.

33. Sean “Diddy” Combs – Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Dancer

One of Sean Combs’s favorite hobbies seems to be changing his name, but we’re not sure that qualifies as an actual hobby so we’ll stick to the more “normal” hobbies. Sean Combs isn’t just a successful rapper. He runs a successful clothing line for men called “Sean Jean” and is also an entrepreneur and dancer.

34. Stephen King – Walking

So the master of fiction has what may be the most boring hobby ever! Walking. But that’s OK. There are, of course, worse ways to spend your time. Plus, he’s probably coming up with all of his brilliant ideas on all of those long walks.

35. Miley Cyrus – Dancing, Cheerleading

Superstar Miley Cyrus is obviously a fan of singing and acting, but she’s also an avid dancer and says cheerleading is her favorite sport.

36. Kimi Raikkonen – Snowboarding, Ice Hockey

Kimi Raikkonen is a Finnish Formula One race car driver and winner of the 2007 Formula One World Driver’s Championship, but he’s also a fan of snowboarding and ice hockey. His nickname is even “Iceman”–though more for his cool demeanor than his favorite hobbies.

37. Jeff Gordon – Playing Video Games

Everyone knows Jeff Gordon is one of the world’s best NASCAR drivers, but we hear he’s also pretty darn good with the remote control. I don’t know about the rest of you, but he’s one guy I’d be a bit nervous competing against–virtual track or not.

38. Ronaldinho – Karaoke, Playing Percussion Instruments

Ronaldinho is a Brazilian footballer (soccer, if you’re in America) but we hear he’s also pretty talented at belting out the karaoke songs. He’s even got a karaoke machine in his house–you know, so he can practice.

39. Shaquille O’Neal – Target Shooting, Riding Motorcycles

Shaq is a professional basketball player (duh), rapper, and actor–but his favorite hobbies are target shooting and riding motorcycles. Somehow we have a feeling that he’s good at that too.

40. Judge Judy Sheindlin – Boating

After the stress of dealing with the wacked out people who participate in televised court, it’s no wonder Judge Judy needs to de-stress a bit. She is the co-owner of a yacht, called “Her Honor.” (Awww)

41. Howard Stern -Politics

Controversial comedian and radio host Howard Stern does more than talk about sex and feces. Oh yes. In 1994, he even ran for the Governor of New York as a libertarian. While Stern dropped out shortly after, his interest in politics has remained.

42. Tyler Perry – Writing, Acting

Like J.K. Rowling, Tyler Perry was lucky enough to turn his favorite hobby into a job. Of course, not only is he a writer and actor–he’s also a director and producer.

43. Fernando Alonso –Magic, Soccer, Cycling, Training

Is it really a surprise that one of race car driver Fernando Alonso’s hobbies is magic? We knew there was a way he was winning those World Championships.

44. Leonardo DiCaprio – Pool, Basketball, Video Games

Leonardo Dicaprio is a talented award-winning actor. But he’s also addicted to his PlayStation. Can we blame him? I don’t think so.

45. Donald Trump – Golf

Darn! We were going to say “combing his hair,” but it looks like the oh so filthy rich Donald Trump is an avid golfer as well. Of course, unlike most golfing hobbyists, Trump literally owns the course he plays on.

46. George Lucas – Bicycling, Home Repair, Model Kit and Prop Replica Building…Squirrels?

Okay, so most of George Lucas’s hobbies are pretty standard. But squirrels? According to this source, one of Lucas’s favorite hobbies is “keeping the local squirrel population fed.” While it may be a unique hobby, it’s also, dare we say, absolutely adorable.

47. Keira Knightley – Film, Spending time with Family & Friends

Actress Keira Knightley claims she doesn’t have much time for hobbies because she “works too much.” (Quick! Someone send her a link to NotSoBoringLife!). However, when she does find time, she enjoys watching film, going to the cinema, and spending time with family and friends–preferably all at once.

48. Jerry Bruckheimer – Photography

Bruckheimer may be a successful film and television producer, but he got his start with the art of photography. Bruckheimer claims he was always interested in film, but began taking photographs as a side project. And of course, we all know what happened after that.

49. Nicolas Cage – Buying Houses (Okay, Castles)

Nicolas Cage is a talented actor with a penchant for buying houses. He owns a ton of interesting and unusual houses, including the medeval castle Schloss Neidstein and the Midford Castle in Somerset, England. Cage also owns what he calls the “most haunted house in America.”

50. Spice Girls – “Acting”

If you don’t know why the word acting is in quotations, you haven’t seen the Spice Girl’s movie “Spiceworld.” While the film was successful with Spice Girl fans, critics absolutely hammered the flick–and with good reason. To give you a better idea, it was nominated for 7 awards at the spoof film festival “Golden Raspberry Awards” where they won for “Worst Actress.” There’s an example of a hobby that apparently didn’t go over so well.

51. Matt Damon – Philanthropy, Politics

After actor Matt Damon recently dissed Sarah Palin, (describing the possibility of her becoming president as “like a really bad Disney movie,”) you’ve probably figured out he’s into politics. He’s also appeared on Hardball, discussing the war in Iraq. In addition, Damon supports the charities and organizations ONE, which fights AIDS and poverty in third world countries, Greendimes, and Not On Our Watch.

52. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Water Sports, Computers

Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t just a stud American race car driver and the son of racer Dale Earnhardt Sr. He’s also, according to USA Weekend, a “sensitive son of a flinty stock-car racing legend,” who “struggles with his dad’s success.” Awww. Oh yeah, and he’s also into water sports and computers. We’re not sure exactly what watersports or what he does on the computer (one can only imagine) but we’re sure glad lil Dale has some of his own interests separate from papa.

53. Bon Jovi – Driving Cars, Baseball, Exercise, Football, Family-Time

So mega rock star Jon Bon Jovi enjoys “driving cars.” It doesn’t say “racing cars,” so we can only assume this means responsibly driving to the grocery store at a reasonable and safe speed. Sure sounds like fun Bon Jovi. To his credit, he also enjoys spending time with his family and working out. He may be an old man, but he’s certainly in great shape.

54. Jennifer Lopez – Yoga, Decorating, Tennis, Shopping

Like Madonna, singer Jennifer Lopez absolutely depends on yoga to keep her fit and looking fine (and of course relaxed too). And it’s working for her–Lopez has received the sexiest woman in the world several times. We’re sure the shopping and tennis doesn’t hurt either.

55. Ben Stiller – Being a Trekkie

It’s no surprise that one of comedian Ben Stiller’s hobbies is being a hardcore trekkie. We knew he was a nerd–and we love it! Ben appeared on the TV special “Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond” and has referenced the show in some of his work.

56. Kevin Garnett – Soccer

Kevin Garnett, one of the NBA’s best all-around players, is apparently a fan of soccer. Garnett has been spotted attending Los Angeles Galaxy games as well as the Chelsea Football Club of the English Premier League.

57. Nicole Kidman – Playing Nintendo

It may or may not surprise you that Nicole Kidman’s hobby is playing nintendo–but it’s true. The Oscar award winning actress apparently loves the game “More Brain Training From Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain?” and has even agreed to work as their spokesperson.

58. James Patterson – Philanthropy, Reading

Bestselling author James Patterson loves giving away his cash–and we love that about him. Patterson started the James Patterson PageTurner Awards and has reportedly given away over 600,000 to those who spread the enjoyment of reading.

59. Rush Limbaugh – Football

Rush Limbaugh is a huge football fan–so much so that he had a brief stint as an analyst on ESPN’s Sunday NFL countdown. Of course, ole Rushy screwed himself over big time when he made what many took as a racist comment about a “black quarterback.”

60. Reese Witherspoon – Collecting Antique Linens, Flea Markets, Yoga, Snowboarding, Cooking, Crafts, Reading, Hiking

Yikes, Reese. Have a bit of free time lately? Seriously, if we could give one celeb the NotSoBoringLife Award for Hobby Excellence, it would go to Reese Witherspoon. The actress enjoys everything from snowboarding to collecting antique linens. Great job, Reese!

61. Maria Sharapova – Russian music and food, Dancing, Reading, Movies

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has her fair share of hobbies besides tennis. In her off-time, she enjoys dancing (jazz, specifically) as well as reading and watching movies (she loves Sherlock Holmes and her favorite movie is Pearl Harbor). Maria also loves eating–so do we, Maria. So do we.

62. Ryan Seacrest – Wine Tasting and Collecting, Eating Out

Ryan Seacrest is a major workaholic. Seriously. Someone needs to get Dr. Phil on the Seacrest situation asap. However, he apparently does have a few hobbies outside of work, including chugging wine at the end of a hard work day–or maybe we’re just being harsh. Yes, we’re sure Seacrest drinks his wine with all the sophistication he can muster up.

63. Gwen Stefani – Fashion

Singer Gwen Stefani is the owner of the clothing line L.A.M.B., an acronym for–get ready for this–Love Angel Music Baby. Yikes. It’s like she took every cheesy word she could think of and combined it into one super word, which incidentally spells yet another cheesy word, lamb. But hey, the clothes are cute. At least she knows where her strengths lie.

64. Daniel Radcliffe – Gymnastics, Football, WWF

When Daniel Radcliffe isn’t pretending he’s a wizard or prancing around naked on stage, he’s apparently either doing gymnastics, playing football, or protecting the environment. Unless they meant WWE, the World Wrestling Entertainment–we’re not sure. Either way, Daniel Radcliffe has some, let’s say, diverse interests.

65. Alicia Keys – Classical Music, Playing the Piano, Philanthropy

Besides being a great singer, Alicia Keys is, apparently, a great person. She works with a variety of charities and organizations, including Keep a Child Alive and Frum tha Ground Up. In addition, her musical career began at a young age when she learned to play the piano. Her favorite classical composer is Chopin.

66. Gisele Bundchen – Volleyball

Gisele Bundchen isn’t just hot (though you’ve gotta admit she’s, umm, pretty smokin’ hot). But she’s also a volleyball enthusiast. Gisele admits that before she became a model she wanted to play volleyball professionally. But we’re not worried–we think Gisele’s career choice worked out for her just fine.

67. Gwyneth Paltrow – Learning a Foreign Language, Yoga

When she’s not naming her kids after fruit, Gwyneth Paltrow is bending over backward and speaking Spanish. Honestly, we’re not surprised Paltrow is a yoga fan–her long-term friendship with Madonna can attest to that. What we didn’t know was that Paltrow enjoyed learning foreign languages. But apparently Paltrow has indeed spent tons of time visiting Spain and has learned to speak Spanish.

68. Tyra Banks – Painting, Rollerblading, Skiing

Who knew model and television host Tyra Banks was an artist on canvas as well as behind the lens. I’ve yet to see one of her paintings, but I’m sure they’re every bit as wacky and fun as Tyra herself. Rollerblading and skiing are among some of her other favorite hobbies. Go Tyra!

69. Serena Williams – Movies, Football, Reading, Acting, Spending Time W/ Family and Friends

Tennis legend Serena Williams is a down to earth girl–though we could have suspected as much. Serena apparently enjoys nothing more than hanging out with friends and popping in a DVD–or watching the NFL game. Sounds like she’s our kind of gal!

70. Eva Longoria Parker – Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian Waxing isn’t the sort of thing we here at NotSoBoringLife usually consider a hobby. It’s not on our list of most popular hobbies and it’s certainly not something we do for fun. But hey, if sexy actress Eva Longoria Parker wants to make a hobby out of removing the hairs from her crotch, well, more power to her!

71. Ellen DeGeneres – Voice Acting

Comedian and actress Ellen Degeneres does more than make people laugh on her daily talk show, “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” She’s also moonlighted as a voice actor, most notably as Dory in the animated film Finding Nemo.

72. Sarah Jessica Parker – Knitting

“Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker reportedly knits between takes during filming. Parker’s friend and costar Kristin Davis apparently introduced her to the hobby, and she’s been knitting up a storm ever since. And we can’t blame her–it’s one of our most addictive hobbies.

73. Katherine Heigl –Kickboxing, Yoga, Drawing

Like a lot of actresses, Katherine Heigl enjoys practicing yoga. But she also apparently enjoys kicking ass. What can we say? It’s hard not to admire her for her love of kickboxing. Of course, Heigl has an artsy side too and apparently enjoys drawing as a way to relax.

74. Regis Philbin – Baseball, Football

Television host Regis Philbin has long been known as a sport’s store owner who have been selling quality products over a decade. He is most notably a fan of the New York Yankees as well of the the Notre Dame Fighting Irish team. If you kneed any sport gear Regis store is the perfect place for Sourcing sports and leisure accessories.

75. Tom Clancy – Politics

Author Tom Clancy has been known as politically conservative, donating as much as $256,000 to the Republican. After 9/11, Clancy defended Islam and appeared on the O’Reilly Factor, saying that U.S. left-wing politicians were partly responsible for the attacks due to what he called the “gutting of the CIA.”

76. Rachael Ray – Charity Work

Cooking star Rachael Ray is famous for her cutesy phrases–EVOO for extra virgin olive oil and the always annoyingly delightful “yum-o,” so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her charities name is–you guessed it, “The Yum-O Organization.” Whatever your opinion on the name, there’s no doubt Rachael is doing good work. The “Yum-O Organization” is dedicated to helping children eat healthier.

77. Cate Blanchett – Environmentalism

Actress Cate Blanchett cares–and she wants you to too. Last year, she became the ambassador for the Australian Conservation Foundation’s online campaign www.whoonearthcares.com, a site dedicated to convincing Australians to express concern about climate change. Now that’s a hobby that makes a difference!

78. Heidi Klum – Ballet and Jazz Dance, Flea Markets, Traveling, Skiing, Spending time with Family

Heidi Klum has it all–she’s beautiful, successful, and it appears she also has an abundance of hobbies! From ballet to flea markets to skiing. Of course, Heidi says her all time favorite hobby is spending time with family.

79. Carrie Underwood – Beauty Pagents, Softball,

Believe it or not, prior to American Idol, country singer Carrie Underwood was just one of us “regular folk”–except, of course, she’s always been freakin’ beautiful. As proof of that fact, I’ll have you know that Carrie was Miss NSU runner-up in 2004. But she has a good heart too–Carrie participated in the 18th annual City of Hope Celebrity Softball tournament for charity, an organization which benefits researche for life-threatening diseases.

80. Jon Stewart – Crossword Puzzles

Jon Stewart, the king of fake punditry, is an absolute crossword puzzle fanatic. He appeared in the film Wordplay and, get this–he even proposed to his wife through a crossword puzzle created by Will Shortz. Now that’s dedication to a hobby!

81. Justine Henin – Skydiving

Retired professional tennis player Justine Henin appears to seeks thrills on and off the court, citing skydiving as one of her favorite hobbies. From our estimation, Henin has picked one of the most intense hobbies on our list. Way to go!

82. Judd Apatow – Tennis, Spending Time With Family

Producer, director, and screenwriter Judd Apatow is a dirty, dirty man. His movies–Superbad and Knocked Up to name a few–are full of filth and vulgarity. And yet, they have heart and are also, by the way, completely flippin’ hilarious. So it comes to no surprise that Judd’s favorite hobby is spending time with his family. That is, of course, when he’s not on the tennis court hitting the ball around.

83. Kate Moss – Charity Work

Oh, readers. You have no idea how deliciously tempting it was to include “doing cocaine” as Kate Moss’s favorite hobby. But alas, we went with “charity work” instead. To be fair, Kate has been involved in several charities, including Breakthrough Breast Cancer and SamundRuby. We’ll get you next time, Kate.

84. Patrick Dempsey – Antique Collecting, Home Remodeling, Skiing, Racing

Patrick Dempsey is our kind of guy. He’s hot, talented–and completely random. Let’s just say that most guys don’t necessarily have interests as varied as racing in the Panoz GT Pro Racing series to, you know, collecting antiques. But hey, we’re not complaining. We love a guy with eclectic hobbies.

85. Charlie Sheen – Baseball

Once again, we’re trying to be nice, so we’ll leave of Charlie Sheen’s other hobbies, which include “sleeping around” and “injecting cocaine.” Instead, we’ll stick with baseball. After all, Charlie was the star pitcher and shortstop of his baseball team.

86. Drew Carey – Photography, Sports

Funny man Drew Carey is known as a sport’s fanatic. He’s a U.S. soccer fan as well as a devoted fan of the Cleveland Browns, Indians. In addition, Drew is an occasional photographer for the U.S. National soccer team and sells his images under the pseudonym Brooks Parkenridge. Clever, Drew, but you didn’t fool us.

87. Steve Carell – Online Poker (Video)

We’re leaving off what Steve Carrel says is his favorite hobby–*ahem* pornography–and including the one we assume he’s more serious about (or is he?). Steve says he’s addicted to online poker and that “most of the money that I’ve earned has been spent online.” Is he joking? Maybe. But we’ll never know for sure.

88. Lorena Ochoa – Waterskiing and Reading

Golfing pro Lorena Ochoa isn’t just the world’s number one ranked female golfer–she’s also a waterskiing enthusiast and an avid reader. Lorena Ochoa has our seal of approval (not that she needs it of course).

89. Jonas Brothers – Playing Guitar, Bowling; Making Movies, Jogging and Working Out; Music, Songwriting, Baseball, Collecting Baseball Cards, Tennis

Besides melting young girl’s hearts, the Jonas Brothers appear to have a variety of interests. Of course, there are 3 of them. Click on the link to see which hobby belongs to which brother.

90. Howie Mandel – Spending Time With Family

All right, so Howie Mandel may spend most of his day with dozens of models surrounding him (hey, every guy’s dream, right?) But at the end of the day he wants nothing more than to relax and spend time with family. And we think that’s great–of course, the models aren’t bad either.

91. Wolfgang Puck – Skiing

Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck enjoys getting out of the kitchen every once in awhile to go skiing. “Particularly,” he says, “while I am here in beautiful Colorado. I love the fresh air and the mountains.”

92. Zac Efron – Golf, Skiing, Rockclimbing, Snowboarding, Playing Piano and Guitar

High School Musical star Zac Efron isn’t just the “poster boy for tweenyboppers” (as declared by Rolling Stone). He’s also, well, a well-rounded dude. Golf, skiing, rockclimbing, making thousands upon thousands of young girl swoon –what doesn’t Zac do?

93. Annika Sorenstam – Cooking

Professional golfer Annika Sorenstam takes her hobbies quite seriously thank you very much. Prior to the 2003 golf season, for example, she worked 8 hour shifts in the kitchens of Lake Nona Country Club. Annika also occasionally participates in cooking demonstrations during LPGA tournaments.

94. Ashley Tisdale – Spending Time With Her Dogs, Shopping

Unlike Zac Efron, High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale doesn’t have a ton of hobbies. From what we can find, she enjoys spending time with her dogs, shopping–pretty much doing the regular things any young girl likes to do.

95. Gordon Ramsay – Football

Chef and “Hell’s Kitchen” star Gordan Ramsay wasn’t always into food. Alas, he was once a football player–and a good one at that. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Gordon injured his knee, “smashing the cartilage during training.” This led him to a career in cooking, which, we think, is working out all right.

96. Jennifer Love Hewitt – Rollerskating, Horseback Riding

Are Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tyra Banks best friends forever? Well, we don’t know–but they sure should be! Why? They’re our two rollerskating celebrities. We can just imagine them rollerskating down the street together, hand in hand. Of course, if Jennifer would like, she could always ride a horse instead…

97. Lauren Conrad – Fashion

Lauren Conrad, star of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” really really really wants to be a fashion designer (imagine pouting and feet stomping.) In an interview, she told reporters “Fashion design is what I’ve always wanted to do, so when I get to do it every day, it’s fun, I get excited. My hobby is my life. Hopefully it continues.” Hey, we love a girl who loves her hobbies! “My hobby is my life” may become our new motto.

98. Vanessa Williams – Singing, Dancing, Sports, Computers, Socializing

Vanessa Williams is a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and actress. In addition, she was the first African American woman to be crowned Miss America. Not only that, Vanessa has great taste in hobbies! The singing and dancing was somewhat expected, sure–but the sports and computers are, we think, great additions to her hobby list.

99. Tina Fey – Environmentalism

Tina Fey may look like Sarah Palin, but she’s got a hobby all her own. Tina is a dedicated environmentalist who says she both recycle with the help from a local rubbish removal company and drives a Lexus hybrid. We love celebs who have hobbies that help the earth.

100. Paula Deen – Acting

Paula Deen is a star in the kitchen–but that’s not all. That’s right–acting is one of Paula’s hobbies. She even acted in a movie with *swoon* Orlando Bloom (oh yeah, and Kirsten Dunst too). The movie, Elizabethtown, was Deen’s acting debut. Of course, her cooking wasn’t left behind entirely. Deen’s character, the aunt of Bloom’s character, cooked up a storm in the movie.