List of Hobbies

Thanks for stopping by to checkout the giant list of hobbies. If you are sitting at your computer, bored out of your mind, looking for a new hobby give this list a try. It’s the easiest way to find a new hobby.

Also check our list to make sure your current hobbies are on the list. If you’ve got an awesome hobby not on the list, leave us a comment telling us what your hobby is and we’ll add it to the list. We didn’t generate the world’s largest list of hobbies by ourselves you know. Also feel free to contact me to tell everyone about your hobby. We’re always looking for people who love their hobby and want to tell the world about it.

Before you get started, we’re in the process of writing a little about each hobby so you can explore it further. Ultimately we’d like to have them categorized by time required, indoor/outdoor, space needed, thrill factor, etc. Obviously that’s a lot of work so it may take a while. Nevertheless the list is a great reference for anyone looking for a new way to spend their day. Enjoy.

  1. Aircraft Spotting
  2. Airbrushing
  3. Airsofting
  4. Acting
  5. Aeromodeling
  6. Amateur Astronomy
  7. Amateur Radio
  8. Animals/pets/dogs
  9. Archery
  10. Arts
  11. Aquarium (Freshwater & Saltwater)
  12. Astrology
  13. Astronomy
  14. Backgammon
  15. Badminton
  16. Baseball
  17. Base Jumping
  18. Basketball
  19. Beach/Sun tanning
  20. Beachcombing
  21. Beadwork
  22. Beatboxing
  23. Becoming A Child Advocate
  24. Bell Ringing
  25. Belly Dancing
  26. Bicycling
  27. Bicycle Polo
  28. Bird watching
  29. Birding
  30. BMX
  31. Blacksmithing
  32. Blogging
  33. BoardGames
  34. Boating
  35. Body Building
  36. Bonsai Tree
  37. Bookbinding
  38. Boomerangs
  39. Bowling
  40. Brewing Beer
  41. Bridge Building
  42. Bringing Food To The Disabled
  43. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity
  44. Building Dollhouses
  45. Butterfly Watching
  46. Button Collecting
  47. Cake Decorating
  48. Calligraphy
  49. Camping
  50. Candle Making
  51. Canoeing
  52. Cartooning
  53. Car Racing
  54. Casino Gambling
  55. Cave Diving
  56. Ceramics
  57. Cheerleading
  58. Chess
  59. Church/church activities
  60. Cigar Smoking
  61. Cloud Watching
  62. Coin Collecting
  63. Collecting
  64. Collecting Antiques
  65. Collecting Artwork
  66. Collecting Hats
  67. Collecting Music Albums
  68. Collecting RPM Records
  69. Collecting Sports Cards (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey)
  70. Collecting Swords
  71. Coloring
  72. Compose Music
  73. Computer activities
  74. Conworlding
  75. Cooking
  76. Cosplay
  77. Crafts
  78. Crafts (unspecified)
  79. Crochet
  80. Crocheting
  81. Cross-Stitch
  82. Crossword Puzzles
  83. Dancing
  84. Darts
  85. Diecast Collectibles
  86. Digital Photography
  87. Dodgeball
  88. Dolls
  89. Dominoes
  90. Drawing
  91. Dumpster Diving
  92. Eating out
  93. Educational Courses
  94. Electronics
  95. Embroidery
  96. Entertaining
  97. Exercise (aerobics, weights)
  98. Falconry
  99. Fast cars
  100. Felting
  101. Fencing
  102. Fire Poi
  103. Fishing
  104. Floorball
  105. Floral Arrangements
  106. Fly Tying
  107. Football
  108. Four Wheeling
  109. Freshwater Aquariums
  110. Frisbee Golf – Frolf
  111. Games
  112. Gardening
  113. Garage Saleing
  114. Genealogy
  115. Geocaching
  116. Ghost Hunting
  117. Glowsticking
  118. Gnoming
  119. Going to movies
  120. Golf
  121. Go Kart Racing
  122. Grip Strength
  123. Guitar
  124. Gunsmithing
  125. Gun Collecting
  126. Gymnastics
  127. Gyotaku
  128. Handwriting Analysis
  129. Hang gliding
  130. Herping
  131. Hiking
  132. Home Brewing
  133. Home Repair
  134. Home Theater
  135. Horse riding
  136. Hot air ballooning
  137. Hula Hooping
  138. Hunting
  139. Iceskating
  140. Illusion
  141. Impersonations
  142. Internet
  143. Inventing
  144. Jet Engines
  145. Jewelry Making
  146. Jigsaw Puzzles
  147. Juggling
  148. Keep A Journal
  149. Jump Roping
  150. Kayaking
  151. Kitchen Chemistry
  152. Kites
  153. Kite Boarding
  154. Knitting
  155. Knotting
  156. Lasers
  157. Lawn Darts
  158. Learn to Play Poker
  159. Learning A Foreign Language
  160. Learning An Instrument
  161. Learning To Pilot A Plane
  162. Leathercrafting
  163. Legos
  164. Letterboxing
  165. Listening to music
  166. Locksport
  167. Lacrosse
  168. Macramé
  169. Magic
  170. Making Model Cars
  171. Marksmanship
  172. Martial Arts
  173. Matchstick Modeling
  174. Meditation
  175. Microscopy
  176. Metal Detecting
  177. Model Railroading
  178. Model Rockets
  179. Modeling Ships
  180. Models
  181. Motorcycles
  182. Mountain Biking
  183. Mountain Climbing
  184. Musical Instruments
  185. Nail Art
  186. Needlepoint
  187. Owning An Antique Car
  188. Origami
  189. Painting
  190. Paintball
  191. Papermaking
  192. Papermache
  193. Parachuting
  194. Paragliding or Power Paragliding
  195. Parkour
  196. People Watching
  197. Photography
  198. Piano
  199. Pinochle
  200. Pipe Smoking
  201. Planking
  202. Playing music
  203. Playing team sports
  204. Pole Dancing
  205. Pottery
  206. Powerboking
  207. Protesting
  208. Puppetry
  209. Pyrotechnics
  210. Quilting
  211. Racing Pigeons
  212. Rafting
  213. Railfans
  214. Rapping
  215. R/C Boats
  216. R/C Cars
  217. R/C Helicopters
  218. R/C Planes
  219. Reading
  220. Reading To The Elderly
  221. Relaxing
  222. Renaissance Faire
  223. Renting movies
  224. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals
  225. Robotics
  226. Rock Balancing
  227. Rock Collecting
  228. Rockets
  229. Rocking AIDS Babies
  230. Roleplaying
  231. Running
  232. Saltwater Aquariums
  233. Sand Castles
  234. Scrapbooking
  235. Scuba Diving
  236. Self Defense
  237. Sewing
  238. Shark Fishing
  239. Skeet Shooting
  240. Skiing
  241. Shopping
  242. Singing In Choir
  243. Skateboarding
  244. Sketching
  245. Sky Diving
  246. Slack Lining
  247. Sleeping
  248. Slingshots
  249. Slot Car Racing
  250. Snorkeling
  251. Snowboarding
  252. Soap Making
  253. Soccer
  254. Socializing with friends/neighbors
  255. Speed Cubing (rubix cube)
  256. Spelunkering
  257. Spending time with family/kids
  258. Stamp Collecting
  259. Storm Chasing
  260. Storytelling
  261. String Figures
  262. Surfing
  263. Surf Fishing
  264. Survival
  265. Swimming
  266. Tatting
  267. Taxidermy
  268. Tea Tasting
  269. Tennis
  270. Tesla Coils
  271. Tetris
  272. Texting
  273. Textiles
  274. Tombstone Rubbing
  275. Tool Collecting
  276. Toy Collecting
  277. Train Collecting
  278. Train Spotting
  279. Traveling
  280. Treasure Hunting
  281. Trekkie
  282. Tutoring Children
  283. TV watching
  284. Ultimate Frisbee
  285. Urban Exploration
  286. Video Games
  287. Violin
  288. Volunteer
  289. Walking
  290. Warhammer
  291. Watching sporting events
  292. Weather Watcher
  293. Weightlifting
  294. Windsurfing
  295. Wine Making
  296. Wingsuit Flying
  297. Woodworking
  298. Working In A Food Pantry
  299. Working on cars
  300. World Record Breaking
  301. Wrestling
  302. Writing
  303. Writing Music
  304. Writing Songs
  305. Yoga
  306. YoYo
  307. Ziplining
  308. Zumba

I hope you’ve enjoyed this huge list of hobbies. It didn’t get this big without your help. Feel free to share the list with a friend or the readers on your own site or share it via Facebook!

330 thoughts on “List of Hobbies”

    • are you serious!? After sandy hook, aroura theater, and Va tech, how can you say that?! you are as insensitive as a rock, and you have the brain of a slug.

        • Thank you ! Guns are not the problem its nuts holding a gun. Guns are what made this country free and its guns that will keep it that way. Responsible gun owners always get the shit because of a hand full or idiots.

          • Right! I mean with all the smoke it is killing more people of different types of cancer, than dumb people with guns. 87% of the USA smoke while only 43% own guns. Now being generous let’s say 50% of those people are dumb people with guns. On the other hand, 100% of those smokers no matter how hard the try, get smoke in the
            air. You could be sitting on your bed with the window open and a little bit of smoke gets in your window, no that happens every day for the next three years, you lungs are tarred. But there are people walking in smoke, constantly. So many people suffer. And Trump won’t do nothing to stop it. America is a free country because of our soldiers. What did those soldiers use? Guns. The second amendment states citizens of the United States have the right to own guns. Guns created this country, and they will keep it in tack.

          • Yes, and those that don’t smoke even have to deal with it. That second hand smoke really irritates me to no end.

          • CIGARETTES . What hope have we got with all the pollution America puts into the atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide from all the industries and then there’s all the Methane from 73% of the population that are morbidlly obese .

      • Wow CLAIRE, propaganda and ignorance consumes you. Perhaps you should keep your judgemental and uninformed mouth shut.

      • Wow Claire…first of all, his comment was written way before Sandy Hook. Secondly, just because there is terrorism and people shooting up schools, doesn’t mean people can’t be active gun collectors/hunters/range shooters. It won’t make him a murderer. You’re one of those people who wants guns banned….it’s not the gun, it’s the person holding the gun. With that your logic, you’re saying you could kill someone if you held a gun because “it’s the gun”. Smh

          • Ryan… I live in Alaska and if we couldn’t hunt we would go broke because prices are so high here in the villages and we have to live off the land! Hunting is a necessity!

          • What about people who eat meat in general? If you eat meat from a market or restaurant aren’t you at least an accessory to murder by your reasoning? What if you don’t eat meat at all but still use products that use animals in there manufacture? Shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, glue, other food products. The list is endless in today’s society. Are you responsible for the death of these animals by using these items and supporting the industries that create them? This reasoning is flawed at the most basic level. I can appreciate your dislike of hunting in all it’s forms but it is most certainly not murder or even close.

          • Ok the dictionary definition of MURDERER: “a person who commits murder; a killer.”
            -Technically a hunter is a murderer but in a “good” sense because they actually USE what they kill for what they NEED. The word hunter is used to take out the fact that what the killer is doing isn’t bad because it is NECISSARY.

            ACCESSORY: “someone who gives assistance to the perpetrator of a crime, without directly committing it, sometimes without being present.”
            -In other words, A person who eats the meat IS NOT AN ACCESSORY to the killing. The “crime” being discussed is not the “harvesting or eating of the remains”, it is the actual killing and preparation of it.
            IN FACT, I would like to add that the activity of hunting STARTS OFF AS A MURDER UNTIL THE MOMENT THE REMAINS HAVE BEEN HARVESTED. The harvesting of the remains prove the need of the action, there fore making it a “necessity to life”. Not a crime.

          • I use to live in the country in CT. I would freak out when I heard the gun shots going off in the woods. I would be so sad to think of the deer being shot. That was until I saw the deer that next winter eating my plants. The deer heard was so skinny and starving to death. It was at that time it hit me. The hunters were doing the heard a favor. Less deer and more for the others. The hunters take home the deer and eat them. Food for the winter. Guns are part of our American rights.

            Jacq from Cali.

          • A person doesn’t need a gun to kill someone they can kill someone by other means such as knives even bare hands, ropes, chains ect. Just because someone has a collection of guns doesn’t make them a murderer it makes the a collector. They would only be a murderer by killing other people not just collecting them ffs.

          • No Michael you are wrong and so are several others in these comments. America has one of the highest death rates & the highest crime rates in the world and the highest percentage of those deaths are from guns. It is THE GUNS that cause deaths not the idiots who run around with them. In countries where guns are strictly controlled they have the LOWEST crime rates & the lowest death rates. These are easily verifiable facts. Many Americans have misinterpreted the right to bear arms thinking it means they have the right to carry guns & rifles and whatever they like at any time for any reason. In fact that was never the intention. Anyway – not wanting to get into a huge debate I just want to point out it’s silly to attack people who are against rampant gun ownership – they are concerned for the welfare of their fellow Americans. And they have the facts & statistics behind THEIR argument not the other way round. America needs to implement better gun control – that is a stone-cold fact. Having said that, the guy who wants to collect memorabilia is not doing anything wrong. Just want to state that.

          • No they are not In Canada we have guns. We have laws like you have to be trained, background check, waiting periods and a country full of people that respect all life not just the few. This is not to say we don’t have nuts but we also give them same nuts a license to drive a vehicle. So lets ban the nuts.

        • Monkey see monkey do.
          Do you think that a country that has in god we trust on it’s money should be allowed to have a slingshot let alone a aircraft carrier.
          Oh and voted in Trump, uses a term as wininist team wtf is wininist ?
          Artificial Cheese what’s all that about .Hands out oxycodone for menstrual pain.
          A Police force that uses the socially deprived as target practice.

          • Dear Terry.

            I will use small and simple words, so you and any other idiot can understand: You are wrong.

            I HAVE done the research. Let’s clear a few things up:

            DEATH RATE: “The death rate is the number of people per thousand who die in a particular area during a particular period of time.” []

            Murder Rate: “List of countries by intentional homicide rate per year per 100,000 inhabitants. The reliability of underlying national murder rate data may vary. The legal definition of “intentional homicide” differs among countries. Intentional homicide may or may not include infanticide, assisted suicide or euthanasia.” []

            Check out:
            Play with the columns labeled ‘Rate’ and ‘Count’ and you’ll see numbers can vary. The Count is the actual # of people while Rate is # of people for every 100,000. So, for Rate Column, USA comes in at #94!! But for Actual, USA is #8. To understand, for every 10,000,000 (10 million) people ONLY 488 are murdered.

            HOMICIDE Rate: “Intentional homicide is defined as unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person. Scope, coverage and timeliness of the data. Scope. Data represent the number of homicides per 100,000 population as captured by different sources of national and international administrative statistics.” []

            As of 2016, the US has 101.05 guns for every 100 people, the next closest score is Serbia with 37.82!!! For Firearm-related deaths, there are LESS THAN 12 (11.96) per 100,000 people!
            Of these, only 4.62 were homicide (murder), 7.10 was SUICIDE, and the other 0.24 was either an accident or unknown. So again, out of 10,000,000 only 462 were murdered, BUT 710 other people killed THEMSELVES!! The other 24 people that are dead were either gun accidents or unknown (but still gun-related).

            Let’s look at some other countries. Remember we have MORE guns in this country with LOWER homicide rate. Rates are per 100,000 people while guns rate is per 100 people.
            Honduras= Total is 67.18 with 66.64 HOMICIDE, and 0.41 suicide, 0.13 accident/other. Their gun rate? Between 9.9 and 11.64 guns per 100 people!!
            Brazil= Total is 21.90 with 20.70 HOMICIDE, and 0.5 suicide, 0.6 accident/other. Their gun rate? Only 8.6 guns per 100 people!!
            Mexico= Total is 7.64 with 6.34 HOMICIDE, and 0.44 suicide, 0.86 accident/other. Their gun rate? ONLY 15 guns per 100 people!!

            Try this one:
            The UK (one of the lowest, if not THE lowest European countries) with a gun rate of 2.8 guns per 100 people still had a total rate of 0.23, Homicide of 0.06, Suicide of 0.15, and 0.02 of others.
            The meaning? Out of 10 million people there are 23 dead: 6 murdered, 15 suicides, and 2 other, but there is 280,000 guns. See? Guns are not the problem. Cain killed Able with a ROCK. It’s a Society problem. It’s a HEART problem.

            Speaking of hearts, according to the CDC data: In 2014, 2,626,418 people died. Of these deaths, the 15 LEADING causes of death were as follows:
            1. Diseases of heart (heart disease)
            2. Malignant neoplasms (cancer)
            3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases
            4. Accidents (unintentional injuries)
            135,928 people which includes 461 from firearms = 0.339% of ALL Accidents
            5. Cerebrovascular diseases (stroke)
            6. Alzheimer’s disease
            7. Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
            8. Influenza and pneumonia
            9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis (kidney disease)
            10. Intentional self-harm (suicide)
            42,826 people which includes 21,386 suicides from firearms = 49.937% of ALL Suicides
            11. Septicemia
            12. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
            13. Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease (hypertension)
            14. Parkinson’s disease
            15. Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids
            What about those that are Murdered?
            15,872 and out of that 11,008 are by firearms. It all boils down to this: an estimated 362,464,532 people is the U.S. with an estimated 290,000,000 firearms and only 11,008 people are MURDERED. That is a 0.003796% chance of being murdered by a gun. You have a higher chance of bowling a perfect game (11,500:1), golfing a hole-in-one (5,000:1) on your birthday (25,000:1), injured from fireworks (19,556:1) or shaving (6585:1) or chain saw (4,464:1) or mowing the lawn (3,623:1), or even FATALLY slipping in bath/shower (2,232:1).
            So long story short: if you are worried about death, being murdered by a firearm (0.003%) is the least of your worries; if, however, you’re worried about being murdered (0.604%), there’s a 69% it will be with a gun.

      • Maybe because he is a respectable man who likes collecting guns, not the 1 in 299 million that’s a sociopath. Get educated, bud.

        • actually, 1 out of25 people are sociopaths, but you are right in the fact that a very few margin of them would collect guns for harm.

        • What is a Sociopath
          A sociopath is someone who lacks the ability to care for the feelings of others. This can make a sociopath very dangerous, because if you do not care for the feelings of others, it’s more easy to hurt or exploit people. Sociopaths generally don’t feel remorse when they hurt someone else.
          You lie just for the hell of it. Sociopaths are often chronically dishonest, lying simply to see if they …
          You know something is immoral, and you don’t care. As Stout explains, sociopaths can learn the …
          You know you’re being hurtful, and you don’t care. A sociopath does not feel empathy for other …
          You’re impulsive and reckless. Stout suggests that, for sociopaths, boredom is prevalent and …

      • I collect Civil War memorabilia as well as American Revolution memorabilia. Am i a sick freak too Claire because i like collecting American Historical items as well as books. Get a life Really. Not everyone that collects certain things is a crazed lunatic or racist.

        • But how can you prove you are NOT a crazed lunatic. Anybody with half a brain can use “collecting” as a disguise to cover activities of an insidious nature. How can we be sure you do not have a hidden agenda. As for the idiot who brought up the fact about gun collecting not being on the list who cares. But here is a question for anybody, how many gun collectors have had there collection stolen and then the guns used in criminal activities? Or how many gun collectors have had there own guns used by their family members to disastrous results?

          Only idiots collect guns and I do not care of any pathetic excuses used to justify the cause of collecting weapons. Especially when the primary purpose of a gun is to kill!!! What other purposes do guns have?

          • “Especially when the primary purpose of a gun is to kill!!! What other purposes do guns have?”

            I really have no idea why I felt the need to reply here since this is a pretty old argument, but that quote there struck a chord with me.

            How about the security knowing that you have the tools to defend yourself and your family from a potentially overbearing, and eventually oppressing government? What about their “hidden agendas”? This isn’t an “excuse”, it is a reason. Part of the purpose the 2nd amendment exists is to help ensure that the population of the nation has the means to rise up against forming tyranny if it occurs. That doesn’t stop the gov from becoming such, and owning guns doesn’t embolden people to fight oppression, but it does give them the means should such a day ever occur. Let’s hope that never happens, but it is a security blanket for the common citizen. Not everyone would have the means to move away if a nation’s government became unacceptably oppressive, and no one should be “forced” to endure such if they don’t wish to allow it.

            Yes, guns are designed to kill, but you don’t need one to do the deed. Humanity has been finding ways to kill their fellow humans since day one, and the tool used matters not. If someone wanted to kill another person, and a gun wasn’t available, they’d just find another means if they really wanted that person gone bad enough. The gun does NOT kill people on its own. It takes an operator to fire. By that logic a simple kitchen knife, or the vehicle you drive to work every day could be just as deadly as a gun. You going to ban those too? It is the flaw in the operator that leads to a gun’s misuse. What the US needs is more responsibility and better treatment for the individuals suffering from mental illnesses, trauma, loss and more. Most major deadly events involving firearms (and this factor is worldwide) are committed by people with issues such as these and they didn’t get the help they needed before they made the terrible choice to do what they did.

            I personally am not a gun owner, but I respect those who are one for the RIGHT reasons if they are responsible owners. Ownership of a weapon such as firearms should be limited to responsible owners only, but there’s no way we’d ever be able to implement means to monitor such a thing. Taking them away entirely, however, isn’t the answer. See above reasoning for that. You don’t take away something from other people just because a few bad seeds slip through the fingers of regulations. Again, using that logic, motorized vehicles should be banned because of all the drunk drivers and reckless drivers on the roads, they cause plenty of deaths too do they not? My argument isn’t based on what is designed to do what, but the factor of irresponsibility involved in the operator/owner of the object potentially used to kill someone. The tool used in the act doesn’t feel, it just does what the person in control of it makes it do.

      • Way more people get killed by drunk drivers than by guns in the United States. Does that mean nobody should be allowed to drink or buy alcohol? Give me a break. Gun violence is actually the lowest its ever been, it just gets more media attention now.

        • Again, throwing around “facts” that are simply not true. the biggest killer in USA is firearms. By a country mile. People are actually “not allowed” to drink and drive – did you not know that. Yet they can drink and own a gun. They can be drunks & drug addicts & ex-cons and Own a gun.The primary purpose of a car is to transport people. The ONLY purpose of a gun is to kill people. So your comparison is irrelevant anyway. Gun violence is still higher than any other western country and about to get worse now Trump has pretty much opened the floodgates.

          • Car accidents not firearms kill more people in he U.S. Look it up. People can drink and own a car and a gun and it is ILLEGAL to operate the car AND ILLEGAL to carry or operate a gun when intoxicated. And ex-cons (felons) are NOT allowed to own a gun or be in any place that has a gun in it. Please look up your facts before posting comments as it makes all your points moot.

          • Okay TERRY. The way you speak about guns you’d think they had their own minds! Like what even! And yeah btw the people behind the guns that make their own decision to go shooting up schools are the people who are messed up. Not the gun! (In reference to your previous comment:”THE GUNS that cause deaths not the idiots who run around with them.”) Remember! Guns aren’t alive! Other wise it would be people like your self who would vote insanity and get the *gun* it’s freedom. Cause ya know it’s a free country and all

      • This is a hot mess. I feel bad for you Claire and the rest of you people who feel it is okay to persecute someone who swings a different way. I for one agree that there should be limitations on guns but not a total ban because I would like to see America’s children grow up in a world where terrorist attacks and shootings aren’t a normal think like they have come to be. We need to empower America’s children because they are our future.

        • Muppet.
          Your worried about America’s children. What about the rest of the world when you Chimps vote in a complete cock like Trump.

      • If guns kill people, I guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat.
        – a 14 year old girl who isn’t stupid like some of you other people

      • It would be everso nice to add,Moaning narrow minded gun slinging morons.these people are sick in the head,brainless thugs.from a nice law abiding gentleman of the United Kingdom.reply if you wish.but i dont bite or read any of your crass bribble.put your guns diwn and start building communities not barracading them.chew that.

    • I know! My father collected guns and knives My son got teh knife collection and is carrying on. There is one I found and gave my Daddy when we were in the woods when I was really young its a case and about 2.5 inches long. We have just a few civil war items one is a gigantically long barrell. Another family member got the gun collection but oh yes we kept a few. Collecting anything is a personal choice. Protecting your home is a must for the repliers!!!

  1. How about singing? Solo, choir or ensembles? Paid or free. A good hobby for those with a musical bend and a decent voice (or not). Just need to have a passion for it.

    • There are many types of folkdancing, not just square. For example, contra danincing, sponsored by the San Diego folk heritage Society. There are also the many ethnic dances, Irish, Scottish, Israeli, Greek and more. Then, of course, there are more traditional ballroom type dances and American dances such as swing, disco, waltz, fostrot, mambo and so forth.

    • ok, again, we have another idiot online. first of all, try saying that to your mother. second of all, try saying that to a sandy hook, Va tech, or aroura theater shooting victim. im guaranteeing they will not be pleased in the least bit with scum like you.

      • So, Claire, am I understanding correctly? Since people are the ones killing people, not the guns – since they can’t kill by themselves – then does that make all of us that do own guns or collect guns or weapons crazy people who are going to go out and kill people? Really??? Where is the common sense anymore? Do people really think that collecting guns will make people safer? Seriously? There are some seriously brainwashed people who don’t think about what they are saying. I’m not just pointing fingers at you, Claire, but I just can’t understand how you can feel this way. Most of the people in those examples you gave have said in statements to the press that they are in support of owning weapons, and guns in particular. Get your facts straight and start thinking…really thinking!

        • Guns kill people. Diana – I think Claire is being a bit ridiculous but the idea that it’s perfectly ok for everyone to own guns because guns dont kill anyone is also ridiculous. Just saying. Maybe you should think. Really think.

          • Maybe you should think! *really think* because you obviously don’t know anything about guns or else you would know that just because you have a gun you aren’t some murderous pond scum! It means safety, protection, and the ability to fend for your self. Have you ever thought why we even have the 2nd amendment?! For protection!!!!!

      • He’s the idiot huh? Just because people own guns, knives, etc. does not mean they are criminals. I happen to own guns and knives for hunting and self defense. You sound like another liberal who has been brainwashed by the mainstream media. Do your research or shut your mouth.

        • Melodye I can agree with you!!! I live in Alaska and if people came here without a gun or knife they wouldn’t last to long because either bear or moose would get them.. And you always need to defend yourself from the crimes around. If everyone had guns and protected themselves there wouldn’t be so much violence in America I believe.

        • guns are important for safety in the wild but can be deadly if in the wrong hands. there should be more restrictions on guns but they should not be eliminated

      • You didn’t mention 9/11 THATS stupid and insensitive and am upset. Go cry somewhere and then realize guns are why you don’t speak german.

      • Again, Claire, you refused to look at when the comment was written…it was written well before Sandy Hook, and just because there is terrorism, doesn’t mean innocent normal people need to stop with their gun/knife/weapon collection just because there are idiots in the world.

      • its really nice to see people like you standing on the graves of victims to try to make others see your point. liberals need to actually look up facts before they speak.

      • Claire, everyone dies at some point. Hate to break the news, but saying the gun is what kills people is the exact same thing as someone saying a the baby is the reason a child is aborted. Nope, its two people having sex and conceiving the child. Its the same thing as saying because a person was hit by a car, it was the cars fault. I mean, last i checked a car cant move without someone behind the wheel and a gun cant fire without a finger behind the trigger. A baby cant tell someone no while they abort it. Personal accountabiliy. Thats what people need to learn. Thats the exact reason a person goes to jail for killing someone, not the murder weapon. If its really the guns fault people were killed, answer me this. Why doesnt the gun go to jail then instead?

        • You insolent fool. Did you even go to elementary school. Just because everyone dies doesn’ t mean they want to. Actually the gun does go to jail, its called taking the gun away, which happens when you murder someone(and are caught). PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT REAL, THATS LIKE SAYING THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT IS YOUR FAULT, ITS NOT. You are so right, people do kill people, but guns help a lot. Name the last time a school was massacred by a toe nail clipper. Exactly. Moral of the story is, dont eat apples with ketchup. Oh, also. DONT BE AN IDIOT LIKE STUPID INCANDESCENT NINJARUNNER WHAT A LAME NAMEj

      • I think teaching could be a hobby. If you teach or tutor for free, it could definitely be a hobby. And, in case anyone argues semantics, you are still teaching even if you don’t have a teacher degree or certificate. (not all parents have teacher degrees or certificates, but they teach their children many things.) (Some parents more than others, some things taught might be worth more than others)

  2. seejay..why is cigar smoking not considered a hobby to you, this world is fine. hdiwehdewih is right it’s been going on for ages. It’s similar to collecting fine wines. I frequently go to cigar bars with friends (even by myself), and smoke a fine hand rolled cigar from $6 to $30. A lot more goes into it then just lighting up some stogie, there’s tons of flavors in a cigar that make it truly enjoyable hobby. The cigar itself is a thing of art, each one hand rolled differently by somebody who’s been rolling cigars there entire life passing the tradition down to there children, truly amazing.

  3. What about taxidermy, Sculpey/Play-Doh, letter writing, and organization?

    Based on a lot of the comments on your list, I think you may need to define ‘hobby’. Some of the things on your list – volunteering, for example – are really more serious than the usual connotation of ‘hobby’ suggests.

  4. You got that right!!! I am a guy that likes to be active any chance I can get, however even though there are some hobbies on this list I am interested in, it interferes according to where I live. It’s not like I can hang glide off my

      • Beekeeping is a serious part of a bees life because all beekeeping has created a false environment for all kept bees and as a result bees find it very hard now to live in the wild so, I would wrestle with the thought of beekeeping as a hobby because when you change hobbies what happens to bees
        But we do, need beekeepers because they are dying out and so are the bees which is not good for humanity or any other life form.
        But it’s nice that Jason remembered the bees, I am also aware this is a two year old post but hey the situation has not changed for the better

  5. Golf, airplane piloting, cycling, bicycle repairing (give them to charity for kids who can’t afford a bike). As to ice skating, here in Canada it’s not a hobby, more of a national fixation.

  6. Sledding, surfing, volleyball, flower-arranging, flower viewing, skating, martial arts, knife-throwing, picnicking, comic book collecting, grilling, teaching…

  7. Have you already listed decoupaging, Stenciling and greeting card making under something else? Or are they new ones you can add?

  8. Paint animals. Do collages of animals. Chop up animals and make art out of them(kidding- of course). Do a puppet show with animals as puppets. Teach your dog to paint(somehow). Learn the art of animal speak(ya i’ve really talked to animals on occasion- don’t tell anyone). I guess what i’m trying to say is that you don’t have to limit yourself to 1 or the other. One CAN combine hobbie/ interests’.

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  10. Wow so many negative comments. Instead of complaining about what wasn’t included why not give thanks for an awesome list and the time it must’ve took to write and gather all the information. Well I will. Thank you for taking the time to create this list. You did a great job and it’s much appreciated.

  11. What about snail racing fish breeding watching or animal breeding in general venom collecting drying flowers mummification and feather collecting 🙂 Lol thank you ^.^ adding more to the list I appreciate it thank you

  12. I have a hobby that might be unusual i collect the foil of off of K-cups

    I carefully cut around the foil on the Kcup with sharp exacto knife
    It make a perfect round foil then i put the foil in a sheet that holds coins,
    and each company such as Green Mountain Timothys etc has it’s own
    place in my collection have tea coffee hot chocolate foils

    If anyone has used K-cups instead of throwing them out send them my way

    Thank you,
    Gary Morris
    542 pelletier court
    canada L3X 2N7

  13. You need to add cryptography, while it is a proffesion, it can also be a hobby. Cryptography is the study of codes. So you could take in this hobby to create your codes and use them between you and your friends!

  14. Also you might want to add Semaphore the communication between others through the use of 2 flags. Like you see in the movies with those red and yellow flags.

  15. You all need to stop bitching about guns and people killing and start looking at the real problems in this country like how the government is full of shit and lie to us everyday or the fact that obama ran this country into the ground or the u.s. Being trillons of dollars in the hole and no one doing anything about it they want us to fight about gun control so all eyes are off them.

    • Let’s not forget all the people claiming that cops are racist because people want to be stupid and be criminals and try to fight against the law then go riot because their own was killed and it was considered racist. People should look at the facts that cops are here to defend us and keep us safe and honestly I don’t care how cold-hearted this sounds, some of those people would already be dead if the cop hadn’t defended himself anyways. They constantly did horrible illegal things. If they aren’t dead they’re in jail and I do believe we should bring back the death penalty and public hangings. Maybe that would bring some sense into people.

  16. great list
    you forgot casting pawprints with resin
    polystirene carving
    shed renovation
    wicker weaving
    specticle collecting
    doily making
    competitive eating
    rag doll making
    freebie collecting
    glass blowing
    tshirt making
    loom bands
    shoe polishing
    bottle cap collecting
    and sign language
    i still havent found a good hobby……..:(

  17. I don’t know! This list has almost nothing compared to the vast number of hobbies actually out there! But sitting down and actually typing these many hobbies is really a good effort! Would anyone please suggest other good hobbies? 🙂

  18. Had been actually trying to find just a traditional shower
    enclosures during which I stubled onto this fabulous site,
    didn’t even know there were such a thing as a ‘steam shower enclosure’, fantastic, may very
    well just may have to acquire one

  19. Haha! I love reading internet comments, they crack me up. Maybe that should be a hobby 🙂

    Great work, that is a very extensive list. It must take a lot of time to come up with all that stuff…

  20. I collect rocks and pens since I was younger.. and apparently purses now, that I don’t even use. (ha) Here recently, I’ve been collecting idiot drivers antics on video and yoga to get away from that bull crap..
    But I need a new hobby or two… maybe do what Claire is doing.. waiting around for someone to comment on guns, ammo and other weapons, just to comment on it to be an a** to point out useless information and make assumptions on someone “just because”. You know, be another a**hole the world doesn’t need on the internet hiding behind a keyboard!! Hey, can’t beat’em, join’em!

    Thanks for the collection of things to do..

  21. You have an awesome list of hobbies! i have already done some of this list. And now i can add more on my list..and I agree they’re perfect picks for my me time hobby and family hobbies! Me and my family want to try out each of them..This has nothing to do with this, but you might want to add this on your list of hobbies. This book is great for kids and adults…It contains different kinds of butterflies and moths with finely detailed illustrations of 100 species of butterflies and moths. With colored pictures , this coloring book can also serve as an inexpensive butterfly identification guide. That can help you learn more and use your creative side..

  22. There have been a lot of hobby suggestions made that haven’t gotten onto your list. Is the list frozen now?

    One thing, I wanted to add Skeet and Trap shooting. I finally noticed that Skeet was there but slightly out of order. A few around 239 are out of alphabetical order.

    Very picky I know, but I suggest that “Jump Roping” might be changed to “Jumping Rope”.
    Also, you might consider adding whittling, day-trading, and various card games (Bridge, Solitaire, etc.).

  23. Mudding
    Camp fire stories / smores
    Bonfire / lamb roast
    Project car/ truck/ atv
    Have a Barn sale
    Collect farm animals
    Visit different fairs and festivals
    Fundraise for class/ school / charity
    Be a big brother or sister
    Join a club or organization
    Join a fraternity or sorority
    Write children’s books
    Have a car wash or bake sale
    Make gifts for people
    Be a Girl / boy Scout troop leader
    Go to camp / be a camp leader
    Learn a new dance, old dance, line dance or folk dance
    Read about your ancestors or ethnic group
    Learn about life in another country
    Download google earth and visit the seven wonders of the world on your computer
    Browse Wikipedia and read about your hometown

  24. What about building a house of cards, it’s really tricky, and requires concentration but can be really fun. It can be as simple as a small house of cards to recreating real life buildings with them!

  25. Amusement Park Enthusiast
    Architectural Model Building
    Film Festivals Enthusiast
    Lip Reading
    Punkin Chunkin
    Restoration (home, car, boat, art, antique, etc)
    Short-film Directing
    Youtube Pranks

  26. You should add the hobby conlanging to this. A conlang is a constructed language, and can be created for stories, for the purpose of keeping secrets, or just for fun.

    I’m creating my own language right now and this hobby will keep you busy for months, or even more. It’s really fun to create languages, dialects, and entire new culture. You could have the culture and history go back hundreds of thousands of years, the possibilities are endless.

  27. how about bug collecting , circuit board repair, small engines, clay pigeon shooting,….I myself colect antique tractors,coins,keys,bottles,fossils,guns,books,arrow heads.when I was young i moved to Alaska and made a living making due with what the land provided.Trapping, Blue tick Hound training (mountain lion treeing and rabbit dogs) . I’VE grown too old to continue my dream, therefore I’m passing down my skills to my grandson and my land to my son and his boy.(350 acres)

  28. Substitute “Warhammer” with miniature wargaming. There’s a lot of other miniature wargames out there. You could even argue that Warhammer is being dethroned.

  29. It’s spam – they post a bland comment that could apply to any website. The only purpose is to spread a link to their website which is selling something.The link is their user name shown in blue.

    I would also like to suggest cheesemaking, but it doesn’t appear the webmaster is reading comments as the spam hasn’t been cleaned up.

  30. 1. Rifle shooting?
    I’m on a team and it’s great fun. Really relaxing too. Sometimes tricky to find clubs near you though.
    2. Watch collecting?
    This is my friend’s hobby. He’s got a youtube channel about it and everything which is pretty cool.

  31. Hello everyone, thank you for this huge list of hobbies.. we all know that some hobbies are convertible or a stepping stone towards a part job then eventually becomes a full time job when fully ripe. How I wish there will be a SURVEY among thousands of users.. which hobbies which gives the most or likely be converted to a part-time or full time job in a smaller or big way… probably ranked.. Example, hobby on photography or videography when becomes skill can earn some money. People who are jewelry fanatics when the skills becomes ripe becomes a stepping stone towards a pro into jewelry business.. and many more.

    I hope this website can conduct one…

  32. Smoking really????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Well then lets add chronic drinking and drug abuse?????
    Bullshits…. bullshits everywhere

  33. A few more to add:
    ANSWERING QUESTIONS FOR A WEB SITE such as Yahoo!Answers,, Quora

  34. you cant ever eliminate guns completely. Remember the Prohibition of alcohol you dumb bop. How did that work out? Exactly you zonkey ass donkey

  35. How about syrup making, as in collecting sap from Maple Trees and boiling it down to syrup? It’s a very fun hobby practiced by many in the north/northeastern U.S. and in Canada.

  36. Wow at least one site is useful like this one. Now I have plenty of projects to complete and I’ll never be bored again!!!! I’VE BEEN BLESSED!!!!

  37. This is actually quite useful. The list was extensive enough for a lot of people to get ideas and come up with what they could occupy their time with. Sometimes peoples hobbies can change through no fault of their own. Life experiences and accidents can stop childhood or long time hobbies and force someone to find something else so this is useful.

  38. My hobby is to play snooker, it keeps me refreshed and also it is a very good brain storming game. It is the most toughest game to learn but also too much fun. It increases my concentration and also relaxes my mind. I remember once I played snooker for 18 hours continuously at a club in Pune, on a off day ofcourse, haha.

  39. How about starting your information on each hobby by inserting a definition of the hobby, then you can fill it in as you go, but the reader would have, at least, some idea of what it is.

  40. I think you could condense the list a tiny bit by grouping together things like playing the guitar and playing the violin into “Playing an instrument” with a bit about some different instruments: that type it is [percussion, string, woodwind, etc], qualities of the sound it makes [high pitched, deep tones], ease of carrying [hand carry, need a truck, etc] and so forth.

  41. I think I invented a new hobby: I would take stained glass designs, use carbon paper to transfer them to artists textured paper, then paint then using acrylic paints. I liked it because I had the design already there and I just chose the colors [often metallic]. I liked it that there was not blending of colors because of the black line between, but you could add textures/colors on top of the base color. What do you think: is this a new hobby?

    My son paints 40K army figurines and sells them. Airbrushing, dry brushing, and a lot of detail painting are involved.

  42. Things I do you should try: #1 Put water on your hand, make sneezing noises and then empty the water on someone. #2 Dress up as a cow, walk into a steakhouse, and start crying really loudly. #3 Declare that you’re a flying toilet in outer space on national tv. Then hide because you’re too ashamed of yourself. #4 Put googly eyes on everything in the fridge, (without anyone knowing of course) and watch as someone opens it. #5 Sit here and read this and then wonder why you wasted your time reading this.#6 Write “Free Gumballs” on a piece of paper, and tape it to a gumball machine, and watch. #7 Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding. Go in public and eat from the jar. See how many people look at you with a disgusted face. #8 Flirt with either people WAY younger or WAY older. #9 Sit in the middle of a neighborhood street in a lawn chair reading a news paper, if a car comes by wait for it to honk at you then stare at it. (Bonus: pull out a air horn and honk back at it) #10 When you’re at school look at the cameras either with an evil look or wave at the security guard. #11 Say, “Ello!” In a French/robotic accent repeatedly whilst following someone and see how long they can take it. #12 Go to target and hide in the toilet paper aisle and grab peoples legs then hide again. #13 Go up to strangers and compliment them on something they are not wearing (ex. a sweater vest). #14 Peel potatoes then try to Juggle with them. #15 Go in town, put your earphones in and blast music in them. Then out of nowhere (In a store or on the sidewalk) Start dancing like a crazy person #16 Search up what your recent dreams have been about, like the significance. “Why was there cheese in my dream?” #17 Inconspicuously, go behind someone while they’re distracted, pop a balloon, and see how much they hate you afterwards. #18 When you walk past parked cars with people in them, use their window as a mirror… #19 Take a piece of bologna and just, well you know, eat it. Then take another piece and oh my goodness, that’s right, eat that one too. #20 Go to Chick Fil A in a chicken costume and get mad at people for eating your friend Bob. #21 Act really happy, and then get angry at the first person who talks to you. #22 Put a blanket on your dogs and just watch them try to get it off them. #23 Cough during a romantic part of a movie.See how many people snap their heads back and look at you. #24 Look some one in the eye for four seconds, make a weird face, then run away. #25 Print flyers that have the words “Lost Unicorn” and put a picture of a narwhal up. —Olive #26 Buy a book, hamburger, blanket, coke, and skittles. Give it to a homeless person while smiling. #27 If someone knocks at your door knock back and see how long it goes for. #28 In somebody’s house/flat turn as many things as you can upside down without them noticing. #29 Get all the mattresses, pillows, and blankets in your house, pile them up, then go to sleep on it. #30 Go up to a mannequin in the mall and start talking to it like its human. #31 Stare at a person with your eyes looking huge, and when they notice, yell “Gerald it’s really you!” #32 Go Trick-Or-Treating on Christmas Eve. See If They Give You Candy Canes. #33 Poke people in the sides and see how long it takes for them to get annoyed. #34 Answer everything as “because I’m batman and I can do whatever I want.”. #35 Climb a tree ,and wave at people in cars …..see how many wave back [tested] #36 Keep drumming with your pencils or fingers, getting constantly louder to see how many people stare at you to shut up. #37 Ask Siri how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. #38 Walk up to someone and normal start talking to them in a made up language. #39 Put a line of potatoes across the street and see what cars do about it. #40 At lunch, bring coffee in a coke bottle (make sure its cold). Ask your friends if they want some. If yes, give them the bottle, and watch. #41 Eat the rainbow, See the rainbow, Feel the rainbow. (Throw Skittles at people). #42 Grab one grape in a grocery store and go to checkout. See their response. #43 When you are bored yell”FREE STUFF”and everyone will come your way. #44 Poke someone until they smack your hand away… As you like get harder and harder too. #45 Go to Walmart and pretend to talk to someone on the phone then describe a person close to you on the phone. #46 Watch how annoyed people get when you end each sentence with “Yo”. #47 Follow a person around wearing cool spy glasses, and murmur your observations into your shirt collar. #48 On a small piece of paper write, “I’m watching you.” Then slip it into someone’s locker. #49 Get an Apple. bite a chunk of it. go to the apple phone store. put the bit apple in front of the worker and complain someone bit your phone. #50 If someone is taking a photo, stand near them so you get in the photo without them noticing. #51 Switch names with someone on the 1st day of school and see how long it takes the teacher to find out. #52 Run around your school/workplace and try to hug everyone you know will somewhat tolerate it…i did it earlier but no one wanted to give me a hug ~[-.-]~ #53 Go to Walmart and yell, “Marco!” and see if anyone yells back,”Polo!”. #54 Get piece of paper, write turn over on both sides and give to someone dumb. #55 Find hell long video on YouTube, report it for Sexual Content so the moderators have to watch the entire thing… #56 Go into the grocery store and start having a deep conversations with fruit. #57 Switch all your brothers underwear with girl underwear and hide all his pants. #58 Replace the contents of your sibling’s wallet with monopoly money. #59 Follow someone in a store and comment on everything they put in their shopping cart. #60 Put mints in your mouth, walk into a wall and spit them out like they are broken teeth. #61 When its dead silent in your classroom,raise your hand and insist that it is too loud. #62 Tape a party popper to a door and the string onto the wall then wait until someone opens that door. #63 Watch the Elf movie then convince your parents your a elf until they agree. #64 Randomly burst out laughing during a really silent time, go on! Break the awkaward silence!!! #65 When talking to a person stare at their forehead until they start freaking out. #66 Run around on the street with a large loaf of bread. When someone comes wack them on the head #67 When on a test,flip the page REALLY LOUDLY so everyone knows you’re ahead of them. #68 Watch Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief and wonder why Grover gets all the hot girls. #69 Go into the bathroom and wash your hands multiple times. (Make sure there are other people) Look at someone else with a dead serious face, and wash your hands again.#70 Put rocks in an iPhone box and glue it shut then put it on the side walk. #71 Hide in a cabinet in Ikea, and slam the doors closed every time someone tries to open it. #72 Stare at someone and then when they realize it and looking at you back ask them why are they looking at you. #73 Have an older sibling? Dare them to do a challenge, Have them sit down and put their hands on a table, Place glass cups on both hands. Then leave. #74 Write a book about life from the perspective of a shoe and give it to your friend for Christmas. #75 When someone knocks on your door open the door and act like they are not there and look around for someone and then close the door. #76 Realise that if you do some of these ideas you will probably get arrested.

  43. All you gun hating idiots, when someone gets shot, you blame the gun instead of the owner. When a pitbull kills someone, you blame the owner instead of the dog…
    Now which of the two acted on its own to kill someone, the dog or the gun?

  44. Pen turning is a great hobby. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years now and love it. You can sell the pens or make them for gifts. You’ll need a mini lathe and a few tools, but not that difficult to master.

  45. There are so many hobbies that aren’t on the list. And also so many duplicates. Like its written differently but still the same concept. Instead of writing songs or music, change it to ‘composing’. And you want to show the difference between writing songs and writing music, change it to like ‘composing musical scores’ or ‘composing song lyrics’. Most of the hobbies that are listed are vague. It would be great to provide more details to it. For example, what exactly do you do in the internet? Or a short description would be good too. Can you also please improve the comment section? Like adding hide button or putting the ‘Post comment’ at top, after the article

    These are the list of hobbies that aren’t included that I could think of:
    Island hopping
    Food tasting/ food trip
    Wine tasting
    Whale watching
    Wall climbing
    Writing stories/poetry
    Road trip
    Watching Let’s plays video on twitch/youtube
    Movie/Drama/anime marathon
    Marathon (sports)


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