7 Great Summer Reads

There’s a reason reading is number 1 on our list of most popular hobbies. As our reading hobbyists know, reading allows you to temporarily escape from your ordinary life and enter in to an entirely new world. And summer is the perfect time for relaxation and escape! The weather is nice, so you can sit … Read more

How Robots Are Helping People With Disabilities

Since “robotics” is one of our 200 + hobbies, I decided to research a bit more about the mysterious (to me, at least) world of robots. What I found was some exciting research about robotics and people with disabilities. I have to admit that I was fairly ignorant about the world of robotics. After researching, … Read more

5 Steps to Overcoming Shyness–Using the Internet

It’s no surprise “socializing with friends and neighbors” is one of our most popular hobbies. Humans desire interaction–we rely on one another for everything from comfort to letting each other know when we’ve got a piece of lettuce stuck in our teeth. Socialization is necessary and, as any shy person knows, we suffer without it. … Read more

Tutoring Children: Volunteer or Paid?

Are you passionate about children’s education? Are you training to become a teacher? If you’ve checked out our article on 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Volunteering you may have already decided that tutoring children is the perfect volunteer match for you. If not, there are still several reasons to consider it. When you were … Read more

People Watching – A Hobby For Everyone

At the end of a long day, sometimes what you want in a hobby isn’t necessarily something that will keep your hands and body busy, but more something to relax to, something to lay back and stir the mind. You’re not always ready to come home and throw down on the chess board or jump … Read more