Tesla Coils are Cool!

Ever since college I’ve wanted to build myself a toy, but not just any toy. I want a Tesla Coil.

Check this out:

Who wouldn’t want several hundred thousand volts of electricity bouncing all around?

Yah, pipe smoking and shark fishing are cool not to mention my other 4 Not-So Boring Hobbies, but I think I’ll have to add 1 more thing to my list of things I’ll do before I die.


  1. Wow! Very cool! Exciting yet scary. I don’t think my friend who was hit by lightning would enjoy this too much.

  2. Yes, very very cool car, I’ve looked it up and stared it at it a lot. One day. One day. 😎

  3. , she said, lets meet on the playground” attitude is spinning wildly out of control.”Jared, Have you presented this same position on any of Tom Ascol’s blog posts? If not, why?

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