List of Hobbies

Thanks for stopping by to checkout the giant list of hobbies. If you are sitting at your computer, bored out of your mind, looking for a new hobby give this list a try. It’s the easiest way to find a new hobby.

Also check our list to make sure your current hobbies are on the list. If you’ve got an awesome hobby not on the list, leave us a comment telling us what your hobby is and we’ll add it to the list. We didn’t generate the world’s largest list of hobbies by ourselves you know. Also feel free to contact me to tell everyone about your hobby. We’re always looking for people who love their hobby and want to tell the world about it.

Before you get started, we’re in the process of writing a little about each hobby so you can explore it further. Ultimately we’d like to have them categorized by time required, indoor/outdoor, space needed, thrill factor, etc. Obviously that’s a lot of work so it may take a while. Nevertheless the list is a great reference for anyone looking for a new way to spend their day. Enjoy.

  1. Aircraft Spotting
  2. Airbrushing
  3. Airsofting
  4. Acting
  5. Aeromodeling
  6. Amateur Astronomy
  7. Amateur Radio
  8. Animals/pets/dogs
  9. Archery
  10. Arts
  11. Aquarium (Freshwater & Saltwater)
  12. Astrology
  13. Astronomy
  14. Backgammon
  15. Badminton
  16. Baseball
  17. Base Jumping
  18. Basketball
  19. Beach/Sun tanning
  20. Beachcombing
  21. Beadwork
  22. Beatboxing
  23. Becoming A Child Advocate
  24. Bell Ringing
  25. Belly Dancing
  26. Bicycling
  27. Bicycle Polo
  28. Bird watching
  29. Birding
  30. BMX
  31. Blacksmithing
  32. Blogging
  33. BoardGames
  34. Boating
  35. Body Building
  36. Bonsai Tree
  37. Bookbinding
  38. Boomerangs
  39. Bowling
  40. Brewing Beer
  41. Bridge Building
  42. Bringing Food To The Disabled
  43. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity
  44. Building Dollhouses
  45. Butterfly Watching
  46. Button Collecting
  47. Cake Decorating
  48. Calligraphy
  49. Camping
  50. Candle Making
  51. Canoeing
  52. Cartooning
  53. Car Racing
  54. Casino Gambling
  55. Cave Diving
  56. Ceramics
  57. Cheerleading
  58. Chess
  59. Church/church activities
  60. Cigar Smoking
  61. Cloud Watching
  62. Coin Collecting
  63. Collecting
  64. Collecting Antiques
  65. Collecting Artwork
  66. Collecting Hats
  67. Collecting Music Albums
  68. Collecting RPM Records
  69. Collecting Sports Cards (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey)
  70. Collecting Swords
  71. Coloring
  72. Compose Music
  73. Computer activities
  74. Conworlding
  75. Cooking
  76. Cosplay
  77. Crafts
  78. Crafts (unspecified)
  79. Crochet
  80. Crocheting
  81. Cross-Stitch
  82. Crossword Puzzles
  83. Dancing
  84. Darts
  85. Diecast Collectibles
  86. Digital Photography
  87. Dodgeball
  88. Dolls
  89. Dominoes
  90. Drawing
  91. Dumpster Diving
  92. Eating out
  93. Educational Courses
  94. Electronics
  95. Embroidery
  96. Entertaining
  97. Exercise (aerobics, weights)
  98. Falconry
  99. Fast cars
  100. Felting
  101. Fencing
  102. Fire Poi
  103. Fishing
  104. Floorball
  105. Floral Arrangements
  106. Fly Tying
  107. Football
  108. Four Wheeling
  109. Freshwater Aquariums
  110. Frisbee Golf – Frolf
  111. Games
  112. Gardening
  113. Garage Saleing
  114. Genealogy
  115. Geocaching
  116. Ghost Hunting
  117. Glowsticking
  118. Gnoming
  119. Going to movies
  120. Golf
  121. Go Kart Racing
  122. Grip Strength
  123. Guitar
  124. Gunsmithing
  125. Gun Collecting
  126. Gymnastics
  127. Gyotaku
  128. Handwriting Analysis
  129. Hang gliding
  130. Herping
  131. Hiking
  132. Home Brewing
  133. Home Repair
  134. Home Theater
  135. Horse riding
  136. Hot air ballooning
  137. Hula Hooping
  138. Hunting
  139. Iceskating
  140. Illusion
  141. Impersonations
  142. Internet
  143. Inventing
  144. Jet Engines
  145. Jewelry Making
  146. Jigsaw Puzzles
  147. Juggling
  148. Keep A Journal
  149. Jump Roping
  150. Kayaking
  151. Kitchen Chemistry
  152. Kites
  153. Kite Boarding
  154. Knitting
  155. Knotting
  156. Lasers
  157. Lawn Darts
  158. Learn to Play Poker
  159. Learning A Foreign Language
  160. Learning An Instrument
  161. Learning To Pilot A Plane
  162. Leathercrafting
  163. Legos
  164. Letterboxing
  165. Listening to music
  166. Locksport
  167. Lacrosse
  168. Macramé
  169. Magic
  170. Making Model Cars
  171. Marksmanship
  172. Martial Arts
  173. Matchstick Modeling
  174. Meditation
  175. Microscopy
  176. Metal Detecting
  177. Model Railroading
  178. Model Rockets
  179. Modeling Ships
  180. Models
  181. Motorcycles
  182. Mountain Biking
  183. Mountain Climbing
  184. Musical Instruments
  185. Nail Art
  186. Needlepoint
  187. Owning An Antique Car
  188. Origami
  189. Painting
  190. Paintball
  191. Papermaking
  192. Papermache
  193. Parachuting
  194. Paragliding or Power Paragliding
  195. Parkour
  196. People Watching
  197. Photography
  198. Piano
  199. Pinochle
  200. Pipe Smoking
  201. Planking
  202. Playing music
  203. Playing team sports
  204. Pole Dancing
  205. Pottery
  206. Powerboking
  207. Protesting
  208. Puppetry
  209. Pyrotechnics
  210. Quilting
  211. Racing Pigeons
  212. Rafting
  213. Railfans
  214. Rapping
  215. R/C Boats
  216. R/C Cars
  217. R/C Helicopters
  218. R/C Planes
  219. Reading
  220. Reading To The Elderly
  221. Relaxing
  222. Renaissance Faire
  223. Renting movies
  224. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals
  225. Robotics
  226. Rock Balancing
  227. Rock Collecting
  228. Rockets
  229. Rocking AIDS Babies
  230. Roleplaying
  231. Running
  232. Saltwater Aquariums
  233. Sand Castles
  234. Scrapbooking
  235. Scuba Diving
  236. Self Defense
  237. Sewing
  238. Shark Fishing
  239. Skeet Shooting
  240. Skiing
  241. Shopping
  242. Singing In Choir
  243. Skateboarding
  244. Sketching
  245. Sky Diving
  246. Slack Lining
  247. Sleeping
  248. Slingshots
  249. Slot Car Racing
  250. Snorkeling
  251. Snowboarding
  252. Soap Making
  253. Soccer
  254. Socializing with friends/neighbors
  255. Speed Cubing (rubix cube)
  256. Spelunkering
  257. Spending time with family/kids
  258. Stamp Collecting
  259. Storm Chasing
  260. Storytelling
  261. String Figures
  262. Surfing
  263. Surf Fishing
  264. Survival
  265. Swimming
  266. Tatting
  267. Taxidermy
  268. Tea Tasting
  269. Tennis
  270. Tesla Coils
  271. Tetris
  272. Texting
  273. Textiles
  274. Tombstone Rubbing
  275. Tool Collecting
  276. Toy Collecting
  277. Train Collecting
  278. Train Spotting
  279. Traveling
  280. Treasure Hunting
  281. Trekkie
  282. Tutoring Children
  283. TV watching
  284. Ultimate Frisbee
  285. Urban Exploration
  286. Video Games
  287. Violin
  288. Volunteer
  289. Walking
  290. Warhammer
  291. Watching sporting events
  292. Weather Watcher
  293. Weightlifting
  294. Windsurfing
  295. Wine Making
  296. Wingsuit Flying
  297. Woodworking
  298. Working In A Food Pantry
  299. Working on cars
  300. World Record Breaking
  301. Wrestling
  302. Writing
  303. Writing Music
  304. Writing Songs
  305. Yoga
  306. YoYo
  307. Ziplining
  308. Zumba

I hope you’ve enjoyed this huge list of hobbies. It didn’t get this big without your help. Feel free to share the list with a friend or the readers on your own site or share it via Facebook!


  1. Why is gun collecting, weapons collecting, Civil War, etc not on this list?

    • are you serious!? After sandy hook, aroura theater, and Va tech, how can you say that?! you are as insensitive as a rock, and you have the brain of a slug.

    • Why not put sex, bar hoping and pillow fighting.

    • I know! My father collected guns and knives My son got teh knife collection and is carrying on. There is one I found and gave my Daddy when we were in the woods when I was really young its a case and about 2.5 inches long. We have just a few civil war items one is a gigantically long barrell. Another family member got the gun collection but oh yes we kept a few. Collecting anything is a personal choice. Protecting your home is a must for the repliers!!!

  2. Sven Marcus says:

    What about gift wrapping?

  3. Lindie Jenkins says:

    You know you forgot cartoons and comics

  4. How about singing? Solo, choir or ensembles? Paid or free. A good hobby for those with a musical bend and a decent voice (or not). Just need to have a passion for it.

  5. Square dancing.

    • imelda pearce says:

      There are many types of folkdancing, not just square. For example, contra danincing, sponsored by the San Diego folk heritage Society. There are also the many ethnic dances, Irish, Scottish, Israeli, Greek and more. Then, of course, there are more traditional ballroom type dances and American dances such as swing, disco, waltz, fostrot, mambo and so forth.

  6. what about knives and grenades???

    • ok, again, we have another idiot online. first of all, try saying that to your mother. second of all, try saying that to a sandy hook, Va tech, or aroura theater shooting victim. im guaranteeing they will not be pleased in the least bit with scum like you.

      • Collecting weapons doesn’t mean he’s scum or a murderer. Plenty of perfectly nice people collect weapons.

      • So, Claire, am I understanding correctly? Since people are the ones killing people, not the guns – since they can’t kill by themselves – then does that make all of us that do own guns or collect guns or weapons crazy people who are going to go out and kill people? Really??? Where is the common sense anymore? Do people really think that collecting guns will make people safer? Seriously? There are some seriously brainwashed people who don’t think about what they are saying. I’m not just pointing fingers at you, Claire, but I just can’t understand how you can feel this way. Most of the people in those examples you gave have said in statements to the press that they are in support of owning weapons, and guns in particular. Get your facts straight and start thinking…really thinking!

      • He’s the idiot huh? Just because people own guns, knives, etc. does not mean they are criminals. I happen to own guns and knives for hunting and self defense. You sound like another liberal who has been brainwashed by the mainstream media. Do your research or shut your mouth.

    • Grenades sound sorta suspicious but hells yeah for knives. I collect butcher knives.


  8. day dreaming :)

  9. I collect matchbooks…..some of them are quite original… little pieces of artwork!!

    • Clara Barton says:

      Doreen, I appreciated your comment “like little pieces of artwork!” Is it hard to collect matchbook these days?

  10. Hypnosis, Bell Collecting, GLBT Rights, Electronic Cigarettes, Internet Radio,W icca, Astrology, Tarot Reading.

  11. Censored says:

    u forgot teaching

  12. lil`dimplez says:

    How about pilates???:)

  13. seejay..why is cigar smoking not considered a hobby to you, this world is fine. hdiwehdewih is right it’s been going on for ages. It’s similar to collecting fine wines. I frequently go to cigar bars with friends (even by myself), and smoke a fine hand rolled cigar from $6 to $30. A lot more goes into it then just lighting up some stogie, there’s tons of flavors in a cigar that make it truly enjoyable hobby. The cigar itself is a thing of art, each one hand rolled differently by somebody who’s been rolling cigars there entire life passing the tradition down to there children, truly amazing.

  14. Gaming, mythology,

  15. where’s squash and cardistry??

  16. What about taxidermy, Sculpey/Play-Doh, letter writing, and organization?

    Based on a lot of the comments on your list, I think you may need to define ‘hobby’. Some of the things on your list – volunteering, for example – are really more serious than the usual connotation of ‘hobby’ suggests.

  17. You got that right!!! I am a guy that likes to be active any chance I can get, however even though there are some hobbies on this list I am interested in, it interferes according to where I live. It’s not like I can hang glide off my

  18. theozzyexpress says:

    you HAVE to take a look in to the ring and hook game. Look it up!

  19. gold panning

  20. Golf, airplane piloting, cycling, bicycle repairing (give them to charity for kids who can’t afford a bike). As to ice skating, here in Canada it’s not a hobby, more of a national fixation.

  21. How about boffer fighting. It’s a great hobby! (

  22. Irish Dancing!!!!!!!!!!

  23. turtlesXD says:

    Kunai thowing and being a ninja

  24. JubeCube says:

    Don’t forget my personal favorite: Sculpting!

  25. I don’t see basket weaving or just weaving cloth.

  26. Ha ha, I thought that too. Hey people, I don’t see making a movie (not a professional one)

  27. One should be foot reflexology/massage.

  28. What about baton twirling or color flag!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could yall even forget those

  29. watching people, reading forums and laughing hard my fav :)))
    telephaty telekinesis trying to contact aliens

  30. My favorite was Web Design. Now its my job. :D

  31. Lemonspunk says:

    What about doing comedic voiceovers while speaking in accents?

  32. montgomery says:

    You need to add pickleball.

  33. Yes! Me too!

  34. hockey!! and are you by chance the fml perdix?

  35. gotta put skiing in there!!!

  36. gotta get skiing in there!!!

  37. I am almost 30 years old and everybody tell me that i must have hobbies, not only my work… I think that i can find something here!

  38. Pole dancing or belly dancing are fun hobbies to learn. Also, learning how to shoot a gun, several types of guns should be fun. Growing food/herbs is also a good hobby

  39. Sledding, surfing, volleyball, flower-arranging, flower viewing, skating, martial arts, knife-throwing, picnicking, comic book collecting, grilling, teaching…

  40. Fell walking, anyone?

  41. Snooker! :)

  42. Anonymous says:

    How about debate than?

  43. You can add stocks on the list too.

  44. Latch hook rug-making!!!!

  45. latch hooking

  46. rollerblading, rollerskating, dog training

  47. i like animals and art whould animals be good or art i need help

  48. balloon popping,can openning,chalk eating,tai chi,”wheres waldo?” ing,candle burning,recycling,door knob collecting,singing in the shower,social networking(facebook,pintrest,twitter,email,etc)

  49. Add:
    Writing Lyrics
    Web Design
    Web Referring

  50. and volleyball. that is my fave sport and its not up there.

  51. Have you already listed decoupaging, Stenciling and greeting card making under something else? Or are they new ones you can add?

  52. Paint animals. Do collages of animals. Chop up animals and make art out of them(kidding- of course). Do a puppet show with animals as puppets. Teach your dog to paint(somehow). Learn the art of animal speak(ya i’ve really talked to animals on occasion- don’t tell anyone). I guess what i’m trying to say is that you don’t have to limit yourself to 1 or the other. One CAN combine hobbie/ interests’.

  53. baking, hair styling, folk dancing

  54. Playing Board Games like family board games, go board games, is my hobby. Besides I also like neurotaintment. Your list give me idea to add new hobbies.

  55. A programmer says:

    My hobby: Programming!

    You MUST add that to the list.

  56. hairdressing!!!!

  57. Sherryl Treen says:

    What about collecting Tarot cards and Tarot reading?

  58. Don’t forget about Bull Whipping and what the kids r doing now Shufuling

  59. Add playing bingo

  60. what about Rollerblading ??

  61. I really enjoy making lotions, body butters, facial cleansers, sugar scrubs, etc.

  62. LongboardGoddess says:

    What about Longboarding/Skateboarding

  63. I’m determined to do almost all of these.:)

  64. Hacky Sack! Wondering around in parks and creeks, metaphysics and road trips!

  65. Wow! That is a great list of hobbies! Thanks for doing the work to get all this on one page for people to review. Very helpful!

  66. I didn’t see Racquetball on the list.

  67. What about whittling ? widely practiced because there’s nothing so absorbing, relaxing or challenging!

  68. Chavonne H says:

    Wow so many negative comments. Instead of complaining about what wasn’t included why not give thanks for an awesome list and the time it must’ve took to write and gather all the information. Well I will. Thank you for taking the time to create this list. You did a great job and it’s much appreciated.

  69. Flea Markets….

  70. This is such a great list!! Thank you :). Also, what about watching anime?

  71. Really awesome list! I enjoy Poetry and Molecular Gastronomy :)

  72. So many hobbies, so little time! ;) Miniatures, Miniature Gardening and Dollhouse Miniatures, if I may add.

  73. i think you made some of these things up

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  75. beer coaster collecting esp. Germany

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  77. What about snail racing fish breeding watching or animal breeding in general venom collecting drying flowers mummification and feather collecting :) Lol thank you ^.^ adding more to the list I appreciate it thank you

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  79. Gary Morris says:

    I have a hobby that might be unusual i collect the foil of off of K-cups

    I carefully cut around the foil on the Kcup with sharp exacto knife
    It make a perfect round foil then i put the foil in a sheet that holds coins,
    and each company such as Green Mountain Timothys etc has it’s own
    place in my collection have tea coffee hot chocolate foils

    If anyone has used K-cups instead of throwing them out send them my way

    Thank you,
    Gary Morris
    542 pelletier court
    canada L3X 2N7

  80. It’s spelled Rubik’s cube, not Rubix. It’s the guys name who created it.

  81. You need to add cryptography, while it is a proffesion, it can also be a hobby. Cryptography is the study of codes. So you could take in this hobby to create your codes and use them between you and your friends!

  82. Also you might want to add Semaphore the communication between others through the use of 2 flags. Like you see in the movies with those red and yellow flags.

  83. Handy Andy says:

    You all need to stop bitching about guns and people killing and start looking at the real problems in this country like how the government is full of shit and lie to us everyday or the fact that obama ran this country into the ground or the u.s. Being trillons of dollars in the hole and no one doing anything about it they want us to fight about gun control so all eyes are off them.

    • Let’s not forget all the people claiming that cops are racist because people want to be stupid and be criminals and try to fight against the law then go riot because their own was killed and it was considered racist. People should look at the facts that cops are here to defend us and keep us safe and honestly I don’t care how cold-hearted this sounds, some of those people would already be dead if the cop hadn’t defended himself anyways. They constantly did horrible illegal things. If they aren’t dead they’re in jail and I do believe we should bring back the death penalty and public hangings. Maybe that would bring some sense into people.

  84. great list
    you forgot casting pawprints with resin
    polystirene carving
    shed renovation
    wicker weaving
    specticle collecting
    doily making
    competitive eating
    rag doll making
    freebie collecting
    glass blowing
    tshirt making
    loom bands
    shoe polishing
    bottle cap collecting
    and sign language
    i still havent found a good hobby……..:(

  85. The person says:

    I don’t know! This list has almost nothing compared to the vast number of hobbies actually out there! But sitting down and actually typing these many hobbies is really a good effort! Would anyone please suggest other good hobbies? :)

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  89. Amazing to see how many different things there are to do, crazy list!
    For me I love yogalates!

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  93. what about collecting torpedos, chainsaws and ninja stars? Some considerable hobbies

  94. How about Salsa Dancing? Couponing?

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  99. What about Movie watching?

  100. Good to see zumba there. My wife loves it. I am more of a soccer fan.

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  102. Refereeing my kids’ arguments. lol

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  104. i luv my hobbies i lik basketball!!!!!!

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  108. polina robio says:

    like it

  109. i build banjos, dulcimers, guitars and my first lap steel guitar as well as rustic furniture and bird houses.

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  113. Which one is your hobby?

  114. Puzzles! :)

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  118. Right ! I love these hobbies too!

  119. What to cal a person who had hobby of collecting antique eletronics.

  120. Why isn’t training to be a ninja a hobby or collect straws?

  121. Why isn’t training to be a ninja a hobby or collect straws? Iol

  122. I believe what you typed made a ton of sense. But, what
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