50 Most Popular Hobbies

Do you have any popular hobbies? When I meet someone new, one of the first questions I ask is “Whats your favorite hobby?” Most shrug and aren’t to sure they even have a hobby. They quickly divert the question back to me where I rattle off a list of the hobbies I enjoy. However, if most people took the time to think about it they would realize they have several hobbies; most of which are located on our 50 Most Popular Hobbies list.

50 Popular Hobbies

So there we have it! The 50 most popular hobbies. How many hobbies do you have?

Unfortunately for all of us hobbies take time. The majority of Americans spend 50 hours at work slaving for a paycheck. That only leaves about 20 hours a week for a hobby or in most of our cases a list of hobbies. With only 20 hours its best to choose popular hobbies you can do in parallel.

For instance you could pack up the family and take them camping. At the campsite you could swim, fish, read ghost stories, go hunting for dinner (since you didn’t catch any fish), cook up your fresh squirrel, and take a quick hike before it gets to dark. Around the campfire you could play some music and get some much needed sleep. If I counted correctly you’d have done 20% of the 50 most popular hobbies all in one weekend!

Of course there are many other hobbies which are considered to be a little bit more extreme, such as online gambling, bungee jumping, or sky diving. These often cause a major adrenaline rush which generally puts them in the extreme hobbies category. They are still popular choices, especially for vacations.


  1. these are tooooooooo boring!!!!!!

  2. every one should have one hobby, so that wen ever they want to to kill time it a great thing to back upon instead of keeping your mind empty….everyone should have one hobby:)

  3. Kimberly Madden says:

    I have several hobbies. I like to crochet, reading, computer and camping.

  4. m carlsen says:

    playing chess..

  5. I sometime envy all of this. If i want to pick up something(like I would love to build one of those wood models of buildings you guys get there) I can’t because it’s unavailable here. I could go visit friends but the public transport sucks big time(I’ll probably have to climb onto some guys face if I take a bus, then there’s the robbers, who shoot first steal later). I could buy something online, but I don’t have a credit card and even if i did not all products are available for shipping and even if they are the excise duty makes them way too expensive. Also I don’t have a job cuz the only ones i can get(with my current lvl of education, which is 10+2, I’ll graduate in another few months) will pay not more than 100$ even after working everyday for 13 hours straight. So at the end of the day all I can do is sit on the computer while banging my head against a wall. Btw I’m from India. Can any of you guys get one of those build yourself architecture models if you’re ever coming down here?

    • Dhruv you can look for a soft wood there to work with, get a hobby saw, glue , and build your own, much more fun in the end. good luck ether way my hobby is building model ships, some take up to a year to finish.

    • Dhruv, if it’s not too late, I would like to do a trade. I’ll bring you your hobby if you show me around your Country (on my dime, of course). I wish to travel back to India again, only this time by myself, but I obviously need someone over there to meet me. A connection, if you will. Hopefully you will receive this message, even though the original request from you was years ago.

  6. TexasBill says:

    Interesting list; of the 50 activities listed, I found only a handful I would actually classify as hobbies. The rest are pastimes, sports, or other forms of avocation. A hobby is much more than merely what one does away from work: it is an activity in which one participates for personal growth as well as pleasure. One learns from a hobby, whether it’s a skill like needlepoint, macrame or building ships in a bottle, or an in-depth knowledge, such as one acquires as a collector, gardener or gourmet cook. There is also a creative aspect, as in amateur astronomy or photography where one becomes adept at the using the tools of the trade, so to speak.

    You really need to re-examine your list. Many activities that should be on it are missing and the overwhelming majority of the activities shown are not hobbies at all.

  7. My hobby is reading online about popular hobbies. I do it everyday.

    • Megan Gomez says:

      Iknow right me too but i do it like a pattern. One day yes one day no and so on and so on but sometimes i skip xD

  8. Music is one of the most popular hobbies and social networking. Im sure there are more but they are not on the list!

  9. Christy says:

    This doesn’t help me I need a hobby for summer so I don’t get bored nothing here to help ****************

  10. schnitzel says:

    Sleeping is not a hobby!

  11. MrIndianTeen says:

    Slving a rubiks cube :)

  12. anubhav says:

    what are job opptunity in india…..can get a respectable pay?????
    plz answer to my query….

  13. the hobbies are vary from one person to another and the region one from.but i agree with your top 50 choices.

  14. I didn’t think sleeping was a hobby. If it is that is my favorite one. I need a real hobby that will hold my interest. I was looking for some suggestions. I like to step. That is dancing. I would like an intellectual hobby. Anyone have any good suggestions?

  15. I have several hobbies. All quite creative. I like to read, write, draw, take photo’s and perform in the community theater :)

  16. I like gardening.It’s cheap n fasinating!

  17. I came to this site as a general reference to spark more ideas, not necesarily for my own hobby but to find alike pastimes my husband and I may share!

  18. i love travelling from one place to anothere

  19. dancing makes our body fit and strong

  20. doing ketche (felt) is my hobby. you can create beautiful things with ketche, like bags, vests, ipad covers etc.

  21. Megan Gomez says:


  22. Whichever your hobby, you can use Odysen to add a little focus and share it with others in your network.

  23. Smucoach says:

    Playing Pool is one of my favorite hobbies
    Karaoke is also so much fun to go out and
    be with friends and act like a rock star haaa

  24. I’m very surprised, no one likes sword collecting?!

  25. Why aren’t video games, board games, cartoons, comics, action figures, teddy bears and Lego in the list?


  27. Saintmark says:

    Since when is sleeping a hobby! Are there any sleeping clubs I can join? Or a class I can take to improve my performance and skill at it? A lot of things on this list are dubious as actual hobbies i.e. sitting in front of a TV

  28. Where is Photography and Gaming?? Computer is on here, but I think Gaming should be a stand alone. And Photography not on the list??? Come on!

  29. Photography is the best.. traveling and reading are good too..

  30. What about stamp and coin collecting, metal detecting, rock/fossil collecting??

  31. LaMesa Cole says:

    Tsk! I agree these are sooo boring! How about asking questions, is THAT a hobby? With the way people are going I would not be surprised if it was. Sheesh!

    I love to travel but as a single mom I couldn’t afford it and living where I am I wouldn’t trust many locals to travel with me or their broad. I don’t care if it is on scooter, boat, train, car, hot air balloon, rickshaw, just let me see the world! I love trains the most! I would love to do oral storytelling even though I am equally good at writing but I would rather write true and factual things, never was about creative writing but I love Lord of the Rings movies (not the book), etc.

    Most people like bowling, swimming, reading, or socializing like me but get unique! For the love of God! Whoever said karaoke, is my new bestest friend! lol I have never tried ziplining but I want to try! I have been horseback riding and canoeing in a foreign country and LOVE IT! Hey trying to do some things to make some money too, so what’s with all of this?

  32. You forgot genealogy. A LOT of $$ is spend each year by ppl looking up their family history. Just a few years ago, the #1 hobby was gardening and the #2 was genealogy. I don’t consider watching movies a hobby. It what lot of ppl do that do not have hobbies. Walking isn’t so much a hobby as a form of exercise and keeping healthy.

  33. Amalendra Saha says:

    I think coin collection and stamp collection are the most popular among all hobbies. Why these two have not been recognized?

  34. I love watching kung fu movies. It is a real shame that I can’t find the ones that I want to watch here in my country. Sad.

  35. Hector has spoken- Don't Panic, I am a hispanic. says:

    50 Popular Hobbies -My edited List

    1.Reading-Always (knowledge is power) and Rosseta Stone is awesome
    2.Watching TV (Boring- Life is too short to just watch TV even if it’s the channels on the “Dark Side”-next channel please)
    3.Family Time (this is your Freaking Duty. As a man, as a husband, dad, pet owner). You better get some chore taskings on your TO DO LIST.
    4.Going to Movies (Ok, may be. It could be but think collectively)
    5.Fishing (oh Yes, no matter where in the world you live, what technique, tactic or method and weather you have to get a stupid annual license or not fishing is a must do. Cooking it goes immediately afterwards)
    6.Computer- Well, well, what do you do in your computer? Pay bills, get emails. deal with the spammers? Music downloads is in another category. Reading? May be play games? (Get a PS4 or learn a new table game.
    7.Gardening- I’ll probably be doing this one when my body parts get older. Is doing the lawn gardening? Yeayah.
    8.Renting Movies- Like wha what? Really? Do you do this? Mmm ok.
    9.Walking- Is for sissies. If you want to get something done go to 10.
    10.Exercise- So many ramifications here. Cardio is a must and at my age the gym. Must find a way to sweat.
    11.Listening to Music- So many different genresout there. So many ways to do this, to create. This is theraphy.
    12.Entertaining- I’ll pay someone else to entertain me. Now family / friend reunions? Yes. BBQ and drinks are a must and so is the dominoe table with the music or the UFC / Boxing match on the large screen.
    13.Hunting? You will not see this puertorican (oh that expalins #12) in some cold temperatures by my own free will in a deer stand at 0500 wating for Bambi to come in while wearing some walmart duck commander attire. However will eat some venison jerky.
    14.Team Sports- Yes specially baseball or softball. For the record GOLF is not a team sport, ^%$# is not even a sport.
    15.Shopping? Is this a hobby? This should be considered a skill o life and not entertaining. Shopping was a hobby to my mom when she was in the Lerners store back in the day with the ridiculous music. Oh this was a torture.
    16.Traveling- Is always a blessing.
    17.Sleeping- Really? Don’t you like NEED to sleep? Well if I was one of those stupid characters in the movies that teenagers tend to watch this days? MMM ok. Vampires do not need to sleep. Well sometimes.
    18.Socializing- This is a skill that you acquire in your lifetime. No, it does’t necessarily need to have alcohol involvement.
    19.Sewing- Wao? I can sew a button or may be some backpack but anything above that I will go see the Korean Lady (nothing racial intended here). The majority of the places that I’ve been to get some taylored stuff has asians. If you end up going to a department store you won’t see this, however the price will be different.
    20.Golf- Mmm ok.
    21.Church Activities- This should be your duty as a Christian patriot. Belive in something.
    22.Relaxing? Pfffff. When my body needs it. Ok
    23.Playing Music-Is always good. While driving and by my self will put some violent stuff to keep me awake. At home? Soft rock, salsa, hip hop or R & B.
    24.Housework- This is a task but you can branch this in different areas; plumbing, carpentry, deco designer, maintnance, gardener (again in the grass?).
    25.Crafts- Sure. Painting, Photography
    26.Watching Sports- This is always good no matter what.
    27.Bicycling. Both race and MTN.
    28.Playing Cards- yes
    29.Hiking- at my age and with the physical challenges? Still can do but have to keep it light in my back and feet. Always good to see something new in mother nature.
    30.Cooking- Don’t wine and cooking go together?
    31.Eating Out- Not a hobby people. This should be considered a priviledge due to your own achivements during x or y period. Or a family activity. Either way do not forget to pay the rent to the one and only afterwards (go back to 10).
    32.Dating Online- Do not need to.
    33.Swimming- this is always good and you can achive so much by doing it.
    34.Camping- RV is top notch. Tent camping is always fun however in my own situation no backpacking here.It must be Basecamp family related. Kayak / canoe camping? Awesome specially with a jungle hammock or hootch.
    35.Skiing- been there, done that, got the T shirt for it, now I am washing the car with it.
    36.Working on Cars- this is working or hobby? If you want to update / pimp your ride well ok. But if you want your whip to function properly get yourself a reliable mechanic. And while I’m at it if you move get also a lawyer and a good doctor.
    37.Writing- Yes
    38.Boating- A must
    39.Motorcycling- Checked and yes
    40.Animal Care- Not a hobby but a display of affection. If you have a pet must take care of it. Make it a family member. Don’t tell me that just because you have to move to Africa or Germany you must leave a family member behind (give it away or put it to sleep). Oh but you are the most straight role model.
    41.Bowling- Sure
    42.Painting- Cool but you’ll need some skills.
    43.Running- Not an avid runner but I try. This is always good.
    44.Dancing- keep the WD-40 at arms reach. And speaking of arms where is the shooting range in this list? Sorry I live in the tree hugging state of NY.
    45.Horseback Riding. Done it a few times. My back can’t take the toll of this anymore.
    46.Tennis- Oh yeah
    47.Theater- MMM done it and it was ok.
    48.Billiards- Hit the pool table Jack!!!
    49.Beach? Duh. And please do not tell me that some lake with freezing water temperatures is a beach. A beach is something that I honestly miss, a place in the tropics where EVERYONE can have fun. BBQ, drink, boating, bodyboarding, surfing, scuba, do some #5 and spend the whole day with your family.
    50.Volunteer Work- Like doing it but this is not a hobby. Is a must do as a responsible citizen.

  36. hobby hunter says:

    I would like to point out that housework is not a hobby! Its a must in order to have a decent home. Walking, again, not really a hobby. How exactly do (most) of us get around the house?! Sleeping is also not a hobby, we all need sleep to function, therefore it is a fact of life, not a hobby…whoever created this list doesn’t think things through very well. Like wise, if i told my father that being a christian was my hobby, he would hit the roof! It is a way of life, not a hobby…

  37. Swimming should be one

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  42. My hobby is playing frisbee with my friends/family. :3

  43. I love to paint, mainly I do dog paintings and dog portraits. You can see examples of my work here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OscarJetson.

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  45. Brooklyn says:

    I was looking for some simple everyday hobbies I could say when asked. These are perfect, so thank you!

  46. Darth Sidious says:

    We have tenis, golf etc. but where the heck is the most popular sport in the world ?
    Football ? I know there is a category “team sports” but really ?
    Pointing out bowling (which also can be played in a team) and leaving football out xD
    Or American football, that has lot’s of fans.

  47. Nanna Martinez says:

    Making Music Videos
    Taking Pictures
    Playing Guitar & Piano
    Making Electronic Music
    Sleeping In Day – Travelling In Night
    These Are Some Of My Hobbies

  48. If these are hobbies, my whole life is just one nig hobby.

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  51. Fathima Rifa says:

    my hobby is reading whats yours?

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  53. paris hix says:

    i like all of the hobbies except fishing and hiking cause they are so boring to do as a hobby

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