Quite simply a yo-yo is a toy consisting of two equally weighted discs of wood, plastic, or metal, connected by an axle, which is then connected to a string. A loop knot is used to connect the string to the axle allowing the yo-yo to ‘sleep’ when thrown. The other end of the string is connected to the middle finger.

Yo-Yos date back to nearly 400-500 bc where the Greeks used them for the exact same purpose they are used for today, entertainment. In the 1990’s yo-yoing saw a major resurgences of popularity. Now every year in Florida yo-yo contests are held, where the best of the best are pitted against one another. See the video below where Hiroyuki Suzuki gains the title of champion.

Think you have what it takes to take on this yoyo master? If not just pick it up as a hobby. Once you get the hang of it there are several yoyo tricks you can show off with. The best part about a yoyo is they’re cheap and fit right in your pocket. What are you waiting for? Check out our yoyo buying guide below!

When you’re just getting into a new hobby its always best to do your research. The NotSoBoringLife.com YoYo Buyering Guide is your ticket to that research.

YoYos have been an evolving product and now have different shapes and technologies built into them. This buyers guide will discuss the different yo-yo characteristics and then cover some beginner and intermediate yo-yos.

Yo-Yo Shapes:

Classic Yo-Yo Classic Shape:
This shaped yo-yo is where it all began. It is also known as the imperial or traditional shape. It is characterized by the narrow string gap and is known to be the best looping yo-yo of all three shapes. It is by far my favorite as they are sleek and fit well in the palm of the hand not to mention your pocket so you can have your yoyo handy at all times.

Butterfly Yo-YoButterfly Shape:
The butterfly yo-yo is essentially the classic shaped yo-yo but its been inverted. This gives the butterfly a very wide string gap and makes it extremely easy to land back on the string which is essential for doing many yo-yo tricks. It’s not a bad idea to start with the butterfly while you’re learning tricks so the frustration factor doesn’t set it. These types of yoyo’s won’t fit in your pocket as easily as a classic yoyo but is certainly worth considering for a beginner.

Modified Yo-Yo Modified Shape:
The modified yo-yo is also known as the Modern or Proyo shape. Its really a combination of both the classic and butterfly shaped yo-yos. The rounded rims make for a smooth landing back on the string and its slim profile make to a breeze for looping tricks. The best feature of this shape is its additional weight which increases the sleep time up to 8 minutes in some cases!

Yo-Yo Axle Types:

Fixed Axle: Fixed axle yo-yos have absolutely no moving parts. The axle spins on the string. They were traditionally made out of wood or plastic and generally found on only the classic shaped yo-yo.

Transaxle: The transaxle yo-yo has outer and inner parts which move independently from each other. Simply speaking the outer part is the transaxle which spins around the inner fixed axle. The string is then connected to the outer axle. This configuration gives the yo-yo good sleeping characteristics, making tricks easier than the fixed axle yo-yo. Transaxle yo-yos excel at sleeping and string tricks.

Ball Bearing: Ball bearing yo-yos are similar to fixed axle yo-yos but it used ball bearing between the inner and outer axles. This type of yo-yo is more responsive and better for looping tricks.

Clutch Transaxles: These type of yo-yos have a transaxle and a clutch built right into them. This gives them the ability to spin at high speeds, but as it slows down the clutch kicks in and returns the yo-yo back up the string before its out of momentum. The most common clutch transaxle yo-yo is the brain or power brain yo-yo. They essentially do the work for you.

What to Buy:

Beginner Yo-Yos:
Duncan Speed Beetle – $9
The new Speed Beetle is the next evolution of the looping yo-yo. Using a high-speed ball-bearing for incredible tricks and Friction Stickers for perfect response, the Speed Beetle comes with two different sets of spacers for maximum versatility. Designed with input from World and National Champions.

Yomega Power Brain – $12
From Yomega’s experimental technology division, comes the next evolution in revolutions. Announcing the gamma edition of the Yomega(R) Brain(TM) series – the PowerBrain(TM). This yo-yo contains a smooth, piston-like 4-way synchronized clutch system that engages simultaneously. This new system delivers prolonged spin time and super smooth automatic returns. It is the most advanced auto return technology ever created. With the PowerBrain(TM), Yomega(R) proves once again that it crushes the learning curve in yo-yo play.

SuperYo Triple Play – $10
Play in the shape you choose: imperial, butterfly, pagoda. Triple wrap string. Brass axle.


Duncan Freehand Zero – $18
The Freehand yo-yo was the first yo-yo created in the world that doesn’t need to be tied to your hand! With its patented counter-weight system, you can let go of the yo-yo in mid-trick, making the impossible look easy.

The Freehand was developed with U.S. National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown, inventor of Freehand-style play. The Freehand has an extra wide Butterfly shape, and special Friction Stickers for smooth play and perfect response.

Used by more high-level 1A and X Division players than any other yo-yo, the Freehand is the best there is.

Yomega Maverick – $40
The Maverick is the most expensive yoyo featured in the yoyo buyers guide, but its for a reason. This yo yo is the best!
[phpzon asin=”B001WOL09I” country=”US” trackingid=”nosoboli-20″ templatename=”asin”]

Yomega Fireball – $9
Thanks to its patented transaxle system, the Yomega Fireball has long been a favorite of aspiring pros from around the world. Its ability to deliver high speed, ultra smooth spins over three times longer than ordinary yo-yos has single-handedly revolutionized the sport of yo. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level players. 100% fun guaranteed!


  1. nice post.. really original.. it’s nice to see some truely fresh content these days!!


  2. Cheers, Classic shape is my favourite kind of yo-yo aswell 😀

  3. The hot yo yo when I was in school was the Duncan Turbo Bumble Bee. Check it out.


    I had it and it could sleep for nearly a minute!

  4. the best is the modified, then you can do all of the tricks. it is good for the string and the loop tricks. good post.. ty :mrgreen:

  5. i cant sleep my Speed Beetle

    • speed beetles r made 2 loop, not sleep. it should sleep though since i have it and it sleeps. try loosening it by untwisting the sides so u get a wider gap. :mrgreen:

  6. Hey i like the post :mrgreen: i have the FH Zero and it is wicked good. i really like it

  7. here is a better guide
    sunset trajectorys, Relic, loop 720s are nice as well

    Begginer 1a:
    lyn fury,kickside,freehand zero
    Intermediate 1a:
    Dark Magic, Xcon , Silk , Milk, and speeder

    advanced 1a:
    one drop yoyos are my favorite, another great one is the G5 or 888, and pyros are nice

    3a: anything prefferably plastic because yoyos often hit together

    offstring/4a: aquarius or hayabusa 2 greatest OS yoyos made

    5a: anything

    Goodluck and Practice 😀

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  8. Hi, I’m kinda new to the Yo Yo’s, I got this fire thunder yo yo thing. It used to be able to stay down without coming back up but now it comes back up like a power brain, i also don’t know how to put new strings in.

  9. theyoman says:

    some of my favorite yo-yo companies (which i have NOT used) are:

    custom products
    B.I.S.T. (Best Italian Spinning Tools)
    Tom Kuhn

    These are some of the best companies that i know of

  10. but i am in egypt where to get any of these
    here in egypt they dont pay any attentiont o yoyos
    and i cant find any1 that can really help me learn yoyo
    after a long search i only found a brain yoyo which will not allow me to learn or preform any tricks exept the loops
    it only sleeps for about 8 sec
    so plz can any1 help i just wanna yoyo

  11. bLacK_HearTz says:

    hey ive got the dark magic yoyojam.It usually spins for 2 minutes or shorter and i know i is a short time but after 1 week it only spins for 1 minute or so.Y???can anybody give a tip..

  12. bLacK_HearTz says:

    anwys,what is the best looping yoyo that i can get in singapore under $15???
    Is it speed beetle???

  13. im intrested in buing a yoyo but i dont’n know what to buy. i want some thing that is esey to wind and very sensitiv but i is duraboll and can be used for many difrent levels and kind of trick cause im just using it for fun. ❓ 🙂

  14. hey what shape is the fire thunder?? is it any good????

  15. yoyofor school says:

    I am thinking about starting a Yo-yo course for my 5th grade students. My incoming class evidently has focus and persistence challenges (and a few autistic kids too). Thought Yoyo might help spark some motivation. Any suggestions for good beginner yoyo’s? I see lots of vocabulary I could use, but could always use suggestions? Which yoyo is easiest to maintain and perform? I’ll need to teach them everything so that I can incorporate it into state approved curriculum. I could use some advice.

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  19. YoYos have been an evolving product! It has always been my favorite game together with run 3 unblocked

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