Surf fishing for sharks from the beach

Surf fishing for sharks is one of the most fun, rewarding hobbies and my favorite hobby. Shark fishing is one of the least appreciated types of fishing especially when you’re doing it from a beautiful sandy beach. Most people think of sharks as ‘creatures of the deep’ or ‘man eaters’, but they are actually some of the best sports fishing to be had from the beach or boat. If you’re looking for something to do while enjoying the beach, fishing for sharks can provide an adrenaline-filled experience and a picture worth 1000 words.

For me, it all started at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. My dad and I had setup one night on an incoming tide. We were inexperience just hoping for the big one. As the tide was coming in we had to move the poles back to stay dry. As soon as I pulled the bail back my hand felt like it was on fire. When I realized what was going on I could no longer hold the line. Screaming my fool head off my dad grabbed the pole, lock the bail, and set the hook. SNAP! The pole broke in half and needless to say we never saw the creature of the deep. All that to say, fishing for shark on Hilton Head Island is some adrenaline pumping fishing!

Introduction to Surf Shark Fishing

Oz landing a massive Mako shark in Texas
Oz tail roping a giant Mako shark in Texas

With 5730 miles of coastline in the United States, there is plenty of water for sharks to roam. Sharks are found along all coastlines in the US, but Florida and gulf coast states see the majority of these magnificent creatures. The Pacific coast has their fair share of sharks cruising the beaches. These sharks are generally the larger shark species (including the Great White Shark).

Millions of people visit coastal regions for vacation every year and little know that fishing for shark is even an option. Let’s face the facts. There are more sharks on the beaches than anyone would care to recognize. You would be amazed at the number of sharks swimming among beach goers. What’s important to remember is that sharks don’t purposely bite people. We aren’t a natural food source for them. The majority of bites you hear about on the news are caused by being at the right place at the wrong time. Let’s say you’re out swimming in the waves and below you a school of bait fish has just surrounded you. You don’t know it but the 6ft Blacktip or Spinner shark was in the area and has just found its meal for the day. Unfortunately for you, you accidentally got bit! Beach shark fishing is truly wonderful because you can enjoy the beach and all its beauty, and at the same time have the chance at experiencing one of the greatest creatures that roams the waters. Not to mention an adrenaline rush that is second to none. Keep reading this guide to learn about the best shark gear, the best locations to shark fish, what to use for shark bait, and how to catch and release one of these powerful beasts.

Buying Shark Fishing Rods, Reels, and Tackle

If you’re planning to do some shark fishing and want to stand a chance at catching a large shark, you’ll need the right shark gear. The 3 main components we’ll discuss are the rod and reel, main line, and tackle which includes shark leaders or shark fishing rigs, shark hooks, and weights to hold your shark bait in the surf. Throughout this guide we’ll assume you are targeting sharks 4′ and up. Sharks smaller than 4′ can be had on smaller tackle which normal surf fisherman typically use.

The most critical part of all your shark gear will be tackle. This is where the shark meets your line, so using quality leaders and hooks will pay off and lead to more hook-ups. Before jumping into this section let me give you a run down of how a shark reacts to a hook in the mouth. Sharks are opportunists. If they see a hunk of bloody meat they are going come by and pick it up. Once they do they are going to swim off with the bait hanging from their mouth. If there is no resistance they’ll begin to eat the bait, but as soon as they feel any resistance or fight left in the bait all hell will break out. Generally speaking a shark may begin spinning or whipping its tail in an effort to get away or stun the bait. Your leader is going to take the main brunt of this abuse. If you main line comes in contact with the shark tail at any point in the battle you can kiss him goodbye.

Shark Rod and Reel

penn senator is perfect shark fishing rod and reel combo
A Penn Senator makes for a great shark fishing rod and reel combo.

You’ve only got two choices when picking a shark rod: spinning rod or bait cast. A spinning rod is a great choice for anyone only shark fishing a couple times a year. You can fish for bait or sharks with this type of rod, so it’s a great choice if your budget is of concern. The drawback to using a spinning rod is that the drag will probably melt down after catching couple big 6′ blacktip or spinner sharks. Purchasing a $30 spinning combo isn’t going to handle a fight from the oceans top predator. My recommendation would be a $40-$50 spinning reel capable of holding 300-400 yards of 40lb test line. This reel isn’t even close to top of the line but really is the minimum you should consider when targeting bigger sharks. When choosing a rod to complement your reel stick with heavy action rods that are 10′ or longer. A good $50 – $100 rod is exactly what you’re looking for here. The other option is the bait cast reel. This is the type of rod you’d use if you were fishing from a chartered boat. They can range in price from $100-$2000 but will handle 10′-15′ big dogs that are cruising the beaches. The main drawback of this type of reel is they are hard to cast and can’t be used for general bait fishing. Generally speaking this type of rod and real is better for an intermediate shark fisherman who will be fishing a dozen or more times per year. A good combo in this class is the Penn Senator 113 or 113H and will run your around $100.

Main Line

Your reel will be 98% main line. Here again you have a couple choices depending on your budget: Monofilament or Microfiber. Monofilament is the cheaper of the two but you’ll sacrifice the amount of line you can spool on the reel. Monofilament also isn’t quite as abrasion resistant as microfiber. You can expect 300-400 yards of 40lb monofilament to cost around $10-$15. This is a good choice for spooling the Penn Senator 113 as it has a high line capacity. If you decided the spinning combo best meets your needs I highly recommend the microfiber. You’ll be able to increase your line capacity almost two fold and get the much need abrasion resistance. It will cost you another $20-$30 but you’ll land more fish and it will last much longer than the monofilament.

Shark Fishing Leaders and Rigs

stainless steel leader, weight clips, crimps and swivels are must haves to build DIY shark rigs
These basic components make up shark fishing leaders or rigs.

A 400 lb stainless steel cable is highly recommended for all shark leaders. Some people have reported good success with piano wire as well. All hooks and swivels should be attached with crimps with similar ratings. To build several shark leaders it is cheaper to purchase the material individually and make them yourself. This also lends itself to using multiple hooks on a single leader in case the bait is quite a bit larger. However for the weekend fisher its probably better to purchase a couple pre-made shark leaders off the internet before your big weekend. These leaders should be a foot longer than the shark you plan on catching. It should have a drop for a hook, a weight, and a swivel to attach to the main line. Generally speaking you won’t find this type of heavy duty tackle in any bait shop so plan ahead. The stainless steel leader is NOT attached directly to your main line. It’s highly recommended you purchase a spool of 100lb monofilament leader that will connect your mainline to your shark leader. This leader should be 5-10 yards long. This will provide a nice shock leader as well as protection from any tail whips that your main line will encounter during the fight.

Hooks for Catching Sharks from the Beach

You’ve got 2 choices when it come to shark hooks: J-Hook and Circle Hooks. I primarily have used J-Hooks because they work. However they tend to lodge themselves deep in the mouth which can make for an interesting scenario on the beach when trying to remove the hook. Circle hooks will lodge themselves in the corner of the mouth making hook removal a breeze. Many people seem to think that using circle hooks results in several missed hook-ups. Shark hooks sizes range from 10/0 to 14/0 for sharks up to the 6′ range. A couple of years ago I saw a couple guys using a hook as large as my forearm. They were targeting Tiger and Bull sharks with whole 30 lb Jacks.

Circle hooks, J Hooks and spider weights key to landing a shark
From left to right: Circle Hook, Spider Weight, and J Hook


A weight is very important because it will keep your shark bait locked in place as the surf tosses it about. This can be quite difficult the bigger your bait gets. I generally use a spider weight as they tend to lock into the sand really well. I buy several different sizes and will load them up 2 or 3 at a time depending on the conditions at the beach. This way when you’re shark fishing the weight is in the sand and your line is pulled tight, so the hooks are dangling in the water. Now if you get a bite you’ll see it on your pole instead just losing your bait. A good hook size for this rig really depends on what type of bait your using to catch your shark bait. For shrimp, squid, or fishbites you’ll want to use a good 2/0 hook. If you’re using mullet or other live or cut bait consider using a 3/0 or 4/0 hook. Generally speaking you’re going to catch much larger and gamier fish with this type of bait such as blue runners or jacks.

Finding or Catching Shark Bait

There are several different ways to get a hold of some decent shark bait. The worst feeling in the world for a beach shark fisherman is showing up at the beach with all your brand new shark gear and not knowing if you’ll be able to catch shark bait. Here are the 3 best ways to find shark bait for you next sharking trip.

Catching Shark Bait

Using lightweight tackle or your spinning rod discussed in the shark fishing gear section are perfect for fishing for shark bait. You’ll want to rig your line with a double drop leader. Basically it’s a 2 hook rig with a clip for a weight at the very bottom of the rig. This way when your fishing the weight is in the sand and your line is pulled tight, so the hooks are dangling in the water. Now if you get a bite you’ll see it on your pole instead just losing your bait. A good hook size for this rig really depends on what type of bait your using to catch your shark bait. For shrimp, squid, or fishbites you’ll want to use a good 2/0 hook. If you’re using mullet or other live or cut bait consider using a 3/0 or 4/0 hook. Generally speaking you’re going to catch much larger and gamier fish with this type of bait such as blue runners or jacks.

6' spinner shark landed in Ormond beach florida
6′ spinner shark landed on the beach

One other method to catching bait and/or shark bait is the cast net. Throwing a cast net really takes a little while to learn to throw, so don’t get frustrated. I tell anyone trying to learn to throw a cast net to stay out of the water. Practice dozens of throws in your backyard in the grass, and then before making your first throw in the water, practice in the sand. Once you can get a 5′ – 10′ range and the net opens up wide you’re ready to start hunting bait. A trained eye can see bait skimming just under the waters surface. A good pair of polarized sunglasses help a lot, but are not mandatory. You could even get online contact lenses and wear them. You’ll see little “V”s on top of the water. You want to try to get in front of them and let them swim into your range. Stay very still and be patient. Live bait is the absolutely best way to catch perfect shark bait. Some also have had great luck blind cast netting in the water. I hope you’re in shape if you employ this method as it’s very tiring.

Begging for Shark Bait

There are loads of forums and fishing sites around where you may be able to find someone kind enough to supply you with extra shark bait. Lots of shark fishers catch loads of bait in a day and will freeze them. Fresh bait is always best but when you’re trying to increase your chances of catching a shark you want to have anything in the water.

Buying Shark Bait

I met a couple of guys that drove from Jacksonville to fish at my Ormond Beach spot. They were using a whole Jack Crevalle for bait. I asked them where in the world they were able to land such great shark bait and the responded with the Jacksonville Fishing Piers. Makes sense. There are people always fishing on those piers so if you can head down the day before and find a lucky fisherman who landed a nice piece of meat there’s no harm in offering him $5 or $10 for his catch. I’ve also been lucky and found whole bonito in a couple bait shops. Calling around to see if they stock this type of bait is best. One last place to try are the fishing docks. Lots of shark charter boats have stock piles of extra bait. If you’re lucky enough, you might just be able to land some fresh shark bait.

Types of Shark Bait


I’m not totally sure the best place to catch Bonito as I’ve never caught one. I know tons of this fish are caught offshore I’m just not sure if they can be had from the beaches. I have seen these guys in the freezer at bait shops. Consider yourself lucky if you can use the bonito as shark bait.

Bonito: Best used chunked or whole with a couple hooks

Jack Crevalle

Jacks can be had from the shore. These guys are pound for pound one of the funnest fish to catch. They’ll put up a great fight and then make terrific shark bait. Live mullet or other live bait are great for Jacks.

jack crevalle
Jack Crevalle: Best used chunked or whole


LadyFish are touted as mini-Tarpon and for a good reason. They jump like crazy and put up a great fight. Shrimp, FishBites, artificial lures, and live bait all work great for catching ladyfish.

lady fish
Landfish: Depending on size, use whole or halved

Blue Runner

I’ve had great luck on the Atlantic fishing for Blue Runners. Live or cut mullet seem to be their meal of choice. Puts up a pretty good fight.

blue runner or bluefish
Blue Runner: Use whole or halved depending on length and size of shark being targeted


Whiting primarily feast upon shrimp or sand fleas. The bull whiting are pretty fun to catch, but anything smaller can be tough to determine if you’ve even got a bite especially with the waves. These guys should be your last choice for shark bait. Something is always better than nothing.

whiting or croaker
Whiting or Croaker: Almost always used whole


I know the guys in Texas have much better luck finding stingrays in the gulf. I’ve fished for 5 years here in Florida and haven’t hooked on of these guys. Up in Hilton Head, SC I have hooked up with some very large stingrays. The intercoastal waters of central Florida are teeming with stingrays. I’ve used them as shark bait but with very little luck. I’ve read many reports of folks in TX catching monster sharks on whole rays.

Rigging Shark Bait

Rigging your shark bait is vital to hooking up with a shark. You can hook them through the eyes and fish just the head or you can hook them through the tail and fish them live. There are actually several different ways to rig your shark bait but I’ve only shown the method I prefer. Here’s a picture of a very nice bluefish rigged up as shark bait. If you notice I’ve got 2 hooks on this rig of stainless steal leader. The bigger the bait the more hooks you need. This bluefish is around 18″ so 2 hooks were needed for good coverage. I feed the hooks through the mouth and out the gill. Place the first hook (closest to the main line) just below the gill. Then place subsequent hooks 1 – 2 inches from each other. If you’re using a piece of cut bait you’ll only need a single hook.

rigged bluefish for shark fishing
Two hooks rigged on a Blue Runner

The next step to rigging your shark bait is critical! Make sure you bring some wax covered twine or zip ties. This method is used for two reasons. The first is to keep the shark from stealing your bait. As the bait sits in the water the skin will become soft and will tear easily. When a shark picks up the bait there is a good chance he’s going to mouth it for a while before the hooks are in the sweet spot. The second reason to secure the bait in this manner is to ensure the hooks are perpendicular to the bait. Imagine for a second the shark picks up your bait and happens the bite down right on the hook. More than likely the hook will lay flat on the bait and you’ll miss the hook-up. My method for securing the hook to the shark bait is pretty simple. Cut a 20″ piece of twine and lay it out flat. Now place the bait in the middle of the twine with the hooks facing up. Take the two ends wrapping it around the bait and through the eye of the hook. Now flip the bait over and tie a square not. If you did it right the hook should automatically be pulled perpendicular to the shark bait. You shark bait should end up looking like this.

shark destroyed blue runner
The aftermath of a shark eating the Blue Runner

You may consider fishing for sharks with live bait. Its a little more tricky since you’ll need everything setup before you catch your first piece of bait. You’ll need a single hook leader and you’ll probably want to use a circle hook. The best place to hook a shark for live baiting them is probably aft of the dorsal fit on the top side. This should keep him alive for quite a while and give him an injured look which is sure to attack the big boys. Have a tip or see something I missed? Want to ask a question? Just drop a quick comment below and I get back to you before your next big shark fishing trip.

Deploying Your Shark Bait

You’ve really got 2 choices when it comes to deploying shark bait. You can cast it out or you can kayak it out. I’ve also convinced a couple friends to use their surfboards to deploy shark bait, but this method is not recommended. On the particular day we did deploy our shark bait with a surfboard, we got a hookup before he even made it back to the beach! They never knew shark fishing could be so much fun πŸ˜‰

Casting Shark Bait

Casting shark bait can be quite difficult since you’ve got to throw a pound or more of shark bait that is connected to a 6′ leader with an 8 oz. leader. What you need to remember is that sharks have an incredible sense of smell and have no problem coming into waste deep water. If you can only cast your shark bait 10-15 yards don’t worry. Walk it out as far as you can, just make sure you are in the gut (between sandbars). Once you get good at casting you should be able to throw a hunk of shark bait 30-40 yards. If you’re casting a Penn Senator 113 or similar bait casting rod you’ve got a whole new challenge. Keeping your reel from ‘bird nesting’ is a must. There is nothing worse than getting a huge spool of line all tangled up and wasting precious time with which you could be catching bait. A lot of times a big tangled mess means cutting the line and starting over. You can’t afford to be cutting 50-100 yards of your spool. My first suggestion would be to tie on a weight and practice on the beach for several minutes. Once you feel comfortable add a little more weight. Remember a 6oz weight and a 20-30oz hunk of meat weighs a lot! You’ll eventually get the hang of it and it will be quite easy to cast. If you have major issues with casting I have another suggestion. Loosen the drag as light as it will go and throw it has hard as you can. With the drag enabled at all times it will not birds nest at all. IÒ€ℒm sure this is not good for your reel, so it’s best to learn to cast properly. One other safety concern to mention when casting shark bait. When your heaving a ton of weight from the end of the pole the line as a tendency to slip in your fingers. You can get a deep cut on your fingers if this happens. Consider using some surgical tubing or a leather glove when casting. There is nothing worse than nursing a deep wound when you’re going to be on the beach all day.

Kayaking Shark Bait

Kayaking your shark bait is the best way to haul out those large baits. Two recommended kayaks are the Scrambler XT or the Frenzy. Both are made by Ocean Kayaks and are great for kayaking in the surf. If you get serious about shark fishing and buy a extra large reel you can haul out your baits several hundred yards and go for the big boys. Additionally they are quite fun to play in the waves when the fishing is slow. Once you’re happy with your placement you can walk back to the beach and place your rod in a holder. I recommend a 2-3″ PVC type rod holder about 4-5′ long. This will keep your reel out of the sand and the corrosive salt water. Also having the rod this high will keep the line out of the sand therefore prolonging the life of your main line. Once its in the rod holder be sure to loosen your drag. You want it tight enough so the waves don’t pull it out, and loose enough that a shark won’t realize he just picked up a dinner.

How to Catch and Release Shark from the Beach

Your setup on the beach with your brand new shark gear and you just caught and rigged up the best shark bait you could find. You waded out and casted your bait in the perfect location and got back to dry land and set your pole in the rod holder. Surely you remembered to loosen you drag all the way so your pole isn’t pulled in the water when that 6 foot blacktip cruises by your shark bait. Now it’s time to do what fisherman do best. You wait. And you wait. Then in an instant your pole will double over or your clicker will start singing. In that instant you’ll be hit with an adrenaline rush like none other. It’s time to do battle with the biggest and baddest predator the oceans will ever see. Get to your pole ASAP. At this point the shark has just picked up the bait and is off to devour his freshly plucked meal. From the time you hear that clicker you need to start counting. When you get to 10 it’s time to set the hook. As fast as you can start loading up the drag to a predetermined drag setting. Make sure you reel in all the slack and then set the hook as hard as you can. Now the shark is going to start peeling some major drag. Keep your eyes on the water because if you’ve hooked a blacktip, spinner, or mako shark you may see him jump out of the water. As he’s peeling drag don’t try to stop him. Let him wear himself out. Your goal at this point is to keep the line as tight as possible. If he turns and swims back towards the beach you’ve got to reel in that slack as fast as possible. It may also help to run up the beach to get that slack line tight again. Eventually you’ll start gaining line back. Then you’ll see your 100lb leader surface. At this point, you’ll want to have a friend handy to hold your pole or be the daring one and grab the shark by his tail. You’ll want him to be in less than knee deep water before trying to pull him by his tail onto the beach. You need to have a pair of 16″ channel lock pliers handy in order to retrieve the hook. Pull the shark by the tail onto the sand. You’ll need to work quick so no permanent damage is done to the shark. If you can’t get the hook out in a couple of tries cut the leader and leave the hook behind. The hook will rust out of his mouth in a couple of days and he’ll be perfectly fine.

releasing shark on the beach
Removing the hook and releasing a Blacktip shark

Snap a couple of pictures and pull him back in the water. You’re going to need to walk him out quite a ways (knee deep water) and get the water flowing over his gills again. If he is unresponsive keep pulling him back and forth in the water. You’ll know when it’s time to let him swim free.

Please be mindful there are new shark fishing regulations that have been passed into law in 2019. Sharks being released should not be brought out of the water. Please review the Florida Wildlife Shark Webpage for more details.

Shark Fishing Locations

Finding a shark fishing location isn’t really all that hard. All you need is a little sand and a lot of water. The two most popular states to shark fish in are Florida and Texas since they have loads of both. They also have a lot more sharks along their coasts than other states, but that’s not so say that South Carolina, North Carolina, and all the way up to New Jersey don’t have their share of shark. Florida leads the nation in shark bites because there are more sharks per capita than anywhere else, BUT just remember you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to get bitten by a shark. As with all types of fishing you really have to go where the shark bait is. I was a weekend shark fisher so I was always having to catch my bait before I actually started fishing for sharks. If it took me 3 hours to catch bait the morale was low. Finding a beach near an inlet or by some sort of structure can do wonders for bait and sharks. Also find a power plant near the water. Power plants tend to cool their reactors with the ocean water and pump the warm water back into the ocean. The outlets are usually several hundred feet offshore but the bait and shark fishing is second to none. That’s why I drove 3 hours to fish in the Jensen Beach area. One word of caution when it comes to finding your perfect shark fishing location. Fishing for sharks when there are 100 people around is a bad idea. Find a beach that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. If you do have to fish in a very populated area my suggestion would to be fish early in the morning or in the evening when the majority of people have left the water. The first time your line burns a little kid because a 6′ blacktip made a screaming run on you, you’ll thank me. If the shark you hook up with is larger than the tackle you’ll probably end up several hundred yards down the beach.

Florida: Best the world has to offer

I shark fished for nearly 5 years in the Central Florida area. This would include the Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and Cocoa Beach areas. I also checked out Monster Hole at Sebastian Inlet. Occasionally I would drive about 3 hours south to the Jensen Beach / Juno Beach area in hopes to hook up with a bull, tiger, or lemon shark. Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky. It is also rumored that Key West is some of the best around. I’ve read stories of the great hammerheads tearing a 200lb tarpon to pieces. If I had to make a suggestion on the best Florida beach to catch a shark, try Ormond Beach. This beach is great for shark because hardly anyone visits, and fisherman own the beach in the morning. This is the beach where I caught my first 6′ blacktip and kayaked through a huge school of tarpon. Canaveral National Seashore (CNS) is also a great option for shark as it is also not very populated. You’ll have to pay a $5 fee to get into the park, but you get restroom facilities. Also make sure you check the space shuttle launch schedule as the park is closed when it’s on the pad. I personally haven’t had much luck here, but have read many fishing reports saying that sharks frequent these waters.

Texas: Some of the biggest sharks the gulf of Mexico has to offer!

I could really use some help with the texas shark fishing section.

What I do know is that the Galveston shark fishing is down right addictive. There are several Texas charter boat captains out there who target sharks. Also the Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) is home of some of the greatest Texas shark fishing I’ve ever seen.

North Carolina: Sandy beachs with crusing sharks

Cape Hatteras Light house, which is called Cape Point, is one of the easiest places to shark fish and rated the best location to shark fish on the East Coast due to the sand bars and the guts that run thru them. The sandbar runs off the north side of the point and continues around to the south side. At low tide, it runs out about 500 ft. When I first started out, I had no kayak, and low tide I was able to walk big tuna skirts out on the sand bar and heave over into the third gut, which drops off into about 12-25 ft.of water. I don’t recommend walking the bloody bait out if there are any sharks around. The best shark fishing experience I have had is anywhere from the beginning of June to the end of August and as far as my opinion, set up about 4 hours before dark and fish all night. The best equipment for this location would be to use a reel that will hold upto 500 yards of 50 lb. test and a heavy action 5-7 foot rod. I generally use a 30 foot, 300 lb. stainless steel liter with a 10/0-14/0 hook(all depending on the size of fish that you are trying to catch), 5 foot up from the hook I use a 14 oz. breakaway sinker. The rip current off of the sandbar when the tides are returning can be a pain. What I mean by breakaway is when I am hooked up the sinker will break loose from the liter line and I am fighting all fish, no dead weight. I use this method for 4-8′ sharks and it has proven to be very productive for me. If your preference is surf casting versus kayaking the bait, then I would use a heavy action 12′ surf rod capable of throwing 6-14 oz. of lead. The reel would have to hold at least 350 yards of 30lb.test and the only surf casting reel that I know of is a diawa 50 sha. It’s got a heavy drag line and is built for durability. The only downfall I have about surf casting is trying to throw a monster chunk of bait, and at Cape Point, the sharks generally run 5-12 feet and it does not take long to spool a surf casting reel. That is why I recommend having your ducks in a row if you are planning to fish Cape Point for sharks.

Virginia Shark Fishing

Baby Blacktip Shark Pier Fishing
Bryan Lester Monster Cobia

Virginia Beach is one of the main places that I fish in Virginia. I fish a lot off of the piers because beach access is limited in this area. I fished Virgnia Beach Fishing Pier in August of 2008 and it was very productive for monster black tip sharks. It should be mentioned that shark fishing is not permitted off of Virginia Beach Pier, but you can’t help what bites your bait. We landed about 30 out of 40 blacktips. The largest was about 6′ but I didn’t have the equipment to weigh the fish, but I am sure it would have broke the state record. The best fishing spot in Virginia Beach is Little Island Fishing Pier, known as Sandbridge Pier. You have plenty of beach access and that is where the big boys run.

Sandbridge Beach Shark Fishing Off of Sandbridge beach I would use at least a Shimano 30w LRS which holds 580 yards of 50 lb. mono. and a heavy 5’5″-6′ rod. The best bait that I have used in Virginia beach is live or chunked bluefish and spanish mackeral used the same way. Virginia beach is limited on sandbars in this area but Sandbridge is located on the southern point of Va. beach which is deep water and very swift rip current and sharks love that! July 26th of 2008, I hooked up on a 65lb. Cobia off of Sandbridge pier while penn rigging. The same day, I hooked up on about a 40lb. King Mackerel while penn rigging. The reason I say about 40lbs. is because while reeling the fish to the pier it exploded out of the water, and could not figure out why. Well needless to say, when I got it to the pier, I only had half of a fish and the one half was 20lbs. It was about a 61/2 ft. bull shark that cut this fish in half. All in all, Sandbridge is one of the best places that I have ever fished.


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  5. im going to port aransas texas for vacation .. i grew up on the coast near galveston, texas.. i have equipment.. just need new tips.. on some shark fishing .. my little boy wants to see one.. .. i always used squid for bait… any ideas that could help.. and do i still have too wade out to my chest to cast wayyy out…. thanks bruce..

    • Cut or live mullet has always worked really well for me when shark are in the area. This is also a good bait since most of the other big gamefish like mullet as well. If mullet isn’t available any larger cut bait or squid will work.

      I would only walk out to my arm pits if I could hit the first gut with the cast. Sometimes when you’re throwing large shark baits it can be difficult to cast due to the weight of the bait. If you’re throwing squid or cut mullet I was just give it a good heave into the first gut.

      Good Luck!

    • Joe Reynard says

      Squid tends to be a deep water bait and while it is commonly sold at most bait stores, it is relatively unproductive. You’ll have much better luck with cut-bait. I’m sure you catch a plentitude of small fish using shrimp. If you want to catch a big shark, I use the heads of eith bluefish or mullet. I tend to go with a #9 circle hook, and 5 foot wire leader 80lb test or stronger. The wire leader is very important. One whip of the tail and a shark can cut through a 40lb shock leader no problem. A weight slide with the slide above the wire leader and sliding on your shock leader works best and attached to it a pyramid sinker of the right sixe for the current you’re fishing in. If you want more info feel free to email me at I’ll be happy to explain in more detail as to the actual tackle I use.

    • Georgia guy says

      No need to wade out if you have someone or see someone who is willing to run your bait out for you with a Kayak/Jetski/small boat from the shore πŸ™‚ I personaly use a Kayak! As for bait, i dont use squid. I use mullet or any bait fish I catch in a cast net on shore. Just cut em up and rig em! I used to live in Galveston, I worked at UTMB and went to school there! I now live at Jekyll Isle GA, which seems to be filled with sharks. God I love it! I heading out again in about an hour πŸ™‚

  6. Casting shark bait??? Don’t you guys use the non return sliding clips there? Works like a charm to get big(1kg-8kg) baits out.
    Tight lines

  7. Hey wats up man i am staying in port orange right now and have been trying to catch sharks with my friends for the last 3 or 4 months. I used to do alot of shark fishing in Edisto Beach, SC which i am going to do some this weekend there actually. I have yet to catch a descent shark here yet. We caught about a 3′ blacktip the other day in the intercoastal of daytona beach. We have been fishing the ponce inlet also but haven’t come up with any shark yet although we have gotten a few red fish. Im looking forward to going to SC this weekend because a few years back we caught an 8′ bullshark and i have yet to go there when we have haven’t caught large numbers of sharks. But anyways i got about another 3 weeks in daytona beach before i have to move away for work. maybe you could email me a spot to hook up into a shark at or something lol. anyways nice info on the site.

  8. i live in st pete florida and fish alot from piers…i have caught a few little bonnets even a 2 ft black tip but nothing too big. i really want to catch something of decent size i have been trying a few months now only caught 1 lil one since…but i was using lady fish one day and something almost took my pole in it was on my bait caster and i drag just took off. dont no what it was but it took 3/4 of my 12in lady…i am still waiting to land a big one though this site was alot of help
    tight lines

    • Hey Kylen,
      Just wondering if it is ok to catch and eat a shark. It would be my first time to catch a shark and eat one… but i been doing a lot of research on this and i am noticing it goes both ways. I do pratice catch and release up here in wisconsin, i only keep what i eat. i’ll be coming down to st pete/ clearwater this March, is the fort de soto beach pier a good location to fish for black tip or any sharks in general?
      Thanks for your time,


      • Seth Gragg says

        Sure you can eat shark. It’s actually easier to prepare than any other fish out there. When you land the shark, immediately hang the fish tail downard or place it on a decline. and cut the tail to bleed the shark. I normally cut the belly skin off and simply cut them into steaks. Cook the steaks with the skin intact. When they’re cooked, the skin will come right off….good luck!

  9. OMG you are wreking the ocean did you know that by killing the sharks you are killing the ocean !!!!sharks kill desesd fish which if the sharks dont kill them will infect everything !Dont you kno that its common sense 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 ❗ ❗

    • I think saving the sharks is the least priority when it comes to making our world a better place. What about the whales? The deer? Global Warming! The next ice age!! oh no πŸ˜† What about AIDs, starving children, homeless people?

    • buschwacker says

      πŸ™„ ur a f*****g idiot just because we catch them does not mean we kill them its called catch and release did you not read the beginning of the website i am proud to say i belong to a saltwater fishing club based out of corpus christi, tx and when it comes to fishing shark its all catch and release so the shark can keep on living and i can keep on fishing you treehugger get a life

      • concerned observer says

        wait… how do you catch and release on a beach? ❓

        • i tag em and photo em. usually sharks over 6′ almost always need a tail rope if you r by yourself like i usually am. as for letting em go, its pretty much the same concept as any other fish, u wanna keep em in a little water while ur taking pics…etc. take em out to the 1st gut. hold em like they are swimming. support their body. move em bk and forth till they come to. i usually revive em for around 5 minutes. just gotta be careful not to get tail whipped or worse bitten on the “let go”. once u hv done it a few times its not that hard.

    • No one here has said anything about killing sharks ,,we just catch them for the fun of it…..dumb ass

    • You are an idiot. Shark fishing is not for food, it is for sport. Just like you driving down the parkway in your Prius on a sunday morning.

    • boowooo just couse u dont have the guts to try the extream

    • steely mcgee says

      ummmmm if they ate a dying fish with some illness wouldnt the shark then get the same sickness?????? i mean please think about that kind of stuff dude πŸ’‘

    • chad kessler says

      I have both swam with sharks and harvested sharks for the dinner table. My best catch yet has been a 6 and1/2 ft. Blacktip. What a beautiful creature and a great tasting meal. I did a sharkfeeding dive in the Bahamas. Quite impressive.
      To those of you who do not agree with harvesting sharks for table fare have to do a little more studying of the term we call conservation. Just like any species on this planet, overpopulation of sharks can become more of a liability to humans and sharks alike. To many sharks can mean to little food for them and possibly an increase in human/shark contact. I don’t know if any of you have ever seen an attack up close and personal and I’m sure you don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong not every shark is out looking for a human meal but it has been proven that if their food supply deminishes they more likely to strike at the human kind. A balanced harvest with seasons and bag limits will, in the long run, serve both humans and sharks a better chance at survival. Not all shark fishermen are like Captian Ahab! Most of us are more conservation minded, as are most hunters and fishermen, than the non and anti’s of the sport.

  10. Stop fishing sharks, dive with them!

    • marcdane says

      It is not sportfishing, but commercial fishing that is the problem!!! We have a right to harvest fish from the sea to feed our families!!! Learn about the over harvesting from commercial fishing before you talk.

  11. As long as you practice catch and release, nothing wrong with fishing sharks.

    • amen to that brother, and no one will change my mind on it either. a lot of these idiots on here dont realize some of us are volunteer workers for NOAA/NMFS as we tag the sharks caught and document all the specs of the shark for migratory research. but f#$k em. let em whine. they have NO CLUE what they are talking about. keep catching and releasing. i know i am.

      • C Hooymans says

        You think you know everything, but I doubt it. Calling people idiots really says a lot about you. And your self-centered approach to life also says a lot. You seem to be just another arrogant American in my books. Just part of the problem and that’s too bad.


    • lbihyperfish says


      shark fishing from the surf is sick, been doing it for years. Once the stripers stop hittin in the summer i always throw for sharks. I always use bunker heads on a 10/0 circle hook and obviously a 100 lb leader. Best time i would have to say is at night. I have also pulled monster bullshark out of the barnegat bay . doesnt take much just big bait and a gnarly setup . i dont eat sharks haha unless im goin for mako offshore , u guys from texas are fukin dumb

  13. Hey all you stupid and boaring sportfishermans…
    i hope you will see you all again in hell. You are going to kill the beautiful underwaterworld in all our seas. What are you going to do, when there are no more fishes to eat in the seas??? Are you going to catch human beeings, for your kick? Sportfishermans are the most ****ing and disgusting kind of human beeing. I know why you are doing this….look down in your trouser, then you will understand…. once again the lord is watching you…the hell is waiting just for you!!!! 😈 😈 😈

    • I usually don’t reply to these sorts of things but your response disturbs me. . here in nc to keep a shark it must be 54 inches in length. (excluding spiney and dogfish) This equals 4 ft 6ins. Plus you can only keep 1 a day. There are lengths and limits that you must follow for other fish also. Wildlife officials have their jobs for a reason you know. If you break the rules you can get a ticket (and a big ticket at that). And I have you to know shark is very very good. I love to fish and you post is very unneccessary. I also love wildlife. People like you don’t think before you speak. You need to do your research before you open your mouth.

      • want to fish says

        i see that you are from NC. i am going fishing in nags head for shark, it is my fist time. where would you say that i should go and how far out and what bait. i am going labor day weekend. thank you for anything that you can help me with. russ

    • im no bible thumper but if ur going to say the lord is watching and u believe ,in the first book it tells u what u can and should eat. that being said i believe people like you are the ones that that probably think the government will protect you in a crisis and that our rights to bear arms should be taken away im an avid hubter and fisherman theres nothing sweeter in this life than watching a sunset or sunrise munching on what the good lord has provided for us aaamen kill it and grill it they call me click

    • Well well another idiot, moron , tree hugging, “you are going to hell” puke who understands little about everything. I love fishing and if I am not mistaken, many of Jesus’s followers were also fisherman. Was not Peter a fisherman? Did not Jesus in the bible, tell his followers to cast there nets here in order to catch fish? Oh by the way, most sport fisherman release there catch, like I do. So before you go shooting your mouth off, get the facts straight! Also, read your bible a little more to really understand it.

    • igfamstr84 says

      listen hear lord what kind of name is that anyway fishing has been around eversince the beginning of time if im going to hell for fishing your going to hell for taking the lords name in vein also did you know that there is a law against you freaks for harrasing fisherman and outdoors man i bet not

    • you know I think that the extreemist attitudes in these postings are really to bad. nothing wrong with eating shark also nothing wrong with catch and release. As far as the name calling is concerned it indicates a emotional response. Not a considerate and reasonable response. I am sure many motivated people will call me names and argue hard for there position on this issue but my opinion is an opinion and just as valid as any one elses. Obey the Local fish and wild life regulations and most anglers whill do well. I let you know how the shark tastes after I find one about 2-3 foot. stay away from the biggies as the mercury levels are alot higher typicly.

      tight lines

      • I just bought a new center console and interested in fishing Charleston Harbor. Do you know a good place to fish for sharks there? I would really appreciate it. I am from the upstate and not very knowledgeable of Charleston.

    • I know many people who successfully fish for sharks, and 99% of the sharks are released unharmed. These same fisermen are also avid conservationists. Weekend get-togethers include holding charity tournaments and cleaning up the beaches. I think you are confusing things like the Japanese whaling atrocities with what we do. Certainly there are shark fishermen who give a bad name to all of us, but realize that we hate them just as much as you. From your comments, I’m going to guess that you’re a vegetarian, but do you despise anyone who eats meat? Too many times I hear about “killing animals”, but these same people eat store-purchased meat. Where do they think meat comes from? Millions of animals are killed every day for food, like it or not. Why not protest KFC or McDonalds? I have fished all kinds of fish species for 30years and I’ve kept/killed less than a dozen or so. Don’t be so quick to overgeneralize people. And don’t be so quick to call Americans arrogant and then preach to us about ethics and morals.

    • jesus was a fisherman…

    • Honestly? By What Authority? Jesus is the way to salvation (John 3:16) and he helped the disciples fish!! (John 21:6). I think you better do your homework before telling people they are going to hell for fishing.

    • Get fucked idiot.

    • Firemission says

      comment back after a deer runs into your car and God forbid someone dies, hunting is to ensure a appropriate balance because to many deer or fish will cause them to eat up their food source and cause over population. when that happens it cause the population to starve out and can potentially cause more damage to future generations. I bet you didn’t know there are actually more deer in America now than in the 70’s. Commercial fishing is another story completely. When thinking about future animal generations these creatures reproduce not a linear rate but an exponential rate that’s ^2,^3,^4 times than the previous year. We love the outdoors just as much as you, most likely more because I bet we spend a lot more time out there than you do. All this information is on sites like the natural life and game sites look it up please.

    • schoolteacher says

      you need hooked on phonics brother.

  14. check out this fishing website.. i thought it was pretty cool

  15. I have studied marine biology all my life, so naturally I am interested in sharks. While I believe in conservation and that shark fishing (even catch and release) should not be encouraged, I don’t believe that telling people that they are going to hell is going to help change their minds. People who make rash statements like that drive away future conservationist, and make people who are trying to help the cause look crazy and irrational. Please make educated statements when trying to help sharks, because otherwise you are just making it worse.



  17. theres nothing better than catching your first shark of the night then cutting it up and chumming for more!

  18. Ever fish the beach off Destin. I’ve tried for shark on each and every vacation. Gotta go to destin since thats where the condo is. I spend more time at night sittin in the sand than I do with the family. I yak the bait out about 250 yards with no success. Sand bars are gone so forget that. Help is needed here.

  19. CLINT MCCOY says




    • i have 2 shimano 6500’s that i have been using for sharks in florida. what lb braid and how many yds do you think is best to use for these reels?


    • what do you think about the Shore Shot Bait Caster?

    • You sound like a knowledgable guy and conservationist.I was considering sharkin from shore near central florida east coast toward the end of january. Is this a poor time to try it? And any input on how to get any good live bait outside of fishing for it. Do you think there would be any decent tackle or bait shops? Or would any charter joints be willing to lend some good info or sell you live bait?

  20. Excellent Site, Some really great useful info here. I am currently in Iraq but in GA i fish for Shark usually nearshore or on the river or sound (sound = bay for you yankee’s). I catch them mostly in 3-4ft range. I posted some pics yesterday (7 Jan 08) at a site I will update weekly at but this is a pretty cool site here, plus it is number 1 in google ranking.

    In GA Atalntic Sharpnose and Bonent Head need only be 30 inches to keep the other species need to be bigger.

    NOAA has an advisory out against keeping or targetting SandSharks so I avoid them and always do catch and release with them.

    Always better to do catch and release anyway except what you will eat.


  21. Im hitting up panama on spring break with some friends and plan on being myself and doing unusual things like shark fishing so what would you guys/gals suggest? I know i will probably have acces to a yak and be using a uglystick with a spinning reel

    • Garrett,

      Panama City Beach is a great place for catching some big sharks. I’m pretty sure their was a world record mako caught there a few years ago off the pier. Catch you some big bait and yak it out, and let the party begin πŸ˜‰

  22. how do you find out what sharks you can catch i am close to the jersy shore and deleware can anyone help ? email me at :mrgreen:

  23. lets talk texas for shark fishing! i fish high island! yak baits out, i use 6/0 reels, wind on leaders, with single strand wire to top it off! try to use cow nose rays or bull mullet for bait. i catch bull shark,black tip.lemon sharks, and some smaller hammers!! if anyone interested in joining me sometime let me know!!i tag most of my sharks but eat a few!! lets keep this site g rated and share experiences of this wonderful sport!!!! thanks mike!!

    • I’ve fished high island for years now and really done quite well from time to time…….except for the nudies its pretty good fishing lol I’m headed out to High Island sometime at the end of June for the weekend, have you been out lately and seen anything good in the surf? Thanks, Justin :mrgreen:

  24. Looking for a partner or someone that likes to shark fish the first week in June around Ormond, Daytona, Ponce, or Flager. I have yak and a couple of big reels. It just hard to yak your bait out and watch poles not to mention landing a 6ft+ by yourself. If interested drop me a line.

  25. any shark hunters from tx???

    • i am. i live in freeport. fish bryan, quintana and surfside all the time. use exact same techniques as u do mike. great minds think alike. lol

    • I fish all over the Texas coast. Have caught a handful of sharks…some from the beach and some from a kayak. All released unharmed. Amazing creatures.

  26. Bob DeBruyn says

    I am a shark fisher have fished the pass to high Island going to fish around bob hall and padre. do you know or tell me a spot i might have better luck, I am rigged for the big boys



  29. wade watson says

    I live in Austin Tx, I have been trying to get geared up for fishing in the Port Aransas area, I am looking for any tips, or locations that might help me get started.

    • Sam Roberson says

      Wade, I live 30 miles from Austin in the lost pines near Bastrop, but I grew up in Corpus Christi. Love fishin nueces bay,c.c. bay,port “A”,aransas pass,baffin bay,the land cut,and off shore.first thing you need to do is get your tackle down there,salt water tackle is very limited in A-town. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime !!! HAPPY TRAILS 😈

      • wade watson says

        πŸ˜€ Sam, we are gonna do it hard in june. I apriciate your advise. IM not sure what weekend,but I have a good feeling.If you want to hook up I will let you know the weekend and destination when we figure it out.LATER DAYS!!!

  30. Pipe smokers AND shark fishermen?
    I love you guys!

  31. hey man i actually just got done fishing in hilton head island and im trying to look for a way to cook this shark. i hear that if you take too long to clean it they just urinate all over their skin and meat. how can i tell if its already pee’d all over itself? by the way what spots do you fish at down here on the island?

    • For cooking sharks I first make sure it is legal size. I am catching a lot of Atlantic Sharpnose in the 3 – 4 ft range off Savannah GA. I just gut them and cut them in to steaks about 1-2 inch thick. Then i marinate them for a few hours atleast (overnight is not bad if you have time)in italian salad dressing. marinating them like this will take out any of the strong ammonia taste that might be from urination. Of course keep covered and refrigerated while you marinate them. I experiment with different marinades and Lowreys also makes a good lemon pepper marinade for seafood.

      Pictures of me preparing them and some shark steak photos and recipes are on my website at

      I do encourage and practice CPR for sharks or “Catch, Photo and Release” to keep them alive and protect the life cycle of sharks.

  32. Does anyone in West Palm Beach, FL have any shark fishing tips?

  33. What is the best shark bait that u can buy out of a store accept sprimp?

    • Occasionally you’ll find whole bonita in the freezers at some bait shops. Other than that frozen mullet will be your best bet.

    • Depends where you’re fishing. Try and use what the sharks normally eat in that area. Ray is very successful where I fish.

  34. Bob Schwiegeraht says

    Can you put me on to some good beaches or shoreline shark fishing in Hilton Head?

    • ❓ any sugg ?

    • Anywhere on Hilton Head Island is going to be great shark fishing and surf fishing for that matter. I’m telling you now though, stay away from the life guards. If they see you pull anything scary out of the water, you’re done. They have a major tourism industry to protect. Head out early in the morning or after their shift in the evening.

  35. 😎 Just got back from Florida and had a great time. The water was a little rough with some strong currents and muddy. Had a tough time catching bait with all the pup sharks around but did get some. Never did get my 6+ footer but did catch around 20 3-5ft sharks. Had a great time for the most part.

  36. 😑 ok look. All you stupid treehuggers need to get a life. Sport fishing is one of the most exciting things you can do. And there are sooooo many fish in the ocean, it is absolutely impossible to “catch all of them.”

    If you aren’t interested in fishing…stop reading fishing websites and fishing posts…and leave us anglers ALONE.
    I hate it when people tell me how stupid fishing is…..its not. It is a sport.

  37. To all of the green peacers, tree huggers, tofu eating sissy butts,especially the one on here that calls himself lord.Eat you tofu, we will have juicy fried grouper, shrimp, tasty venison, and all of the other tasty animals the REAL lord himself put on earth for us to enjoy!! You know Jesus himself caught a few fish in his day, and even fed them to many others! And you think you will see us in hell?? I don’t think so. I have asked the true lord for true salvation, good hunting and fin filled water to fish! Have fun sitting in trees, eating tofu and spending all of your time worried about others!


  39. First off, great site. I’m laying here watching the sun come up from the condo at south Padre Island, about to go out on my first surf fishing trip and I appreciate the info. I went through about twelve pages of google results before I found your site, the first that actually had any valuable information from actual fishermen.

    I hadn’t planned on trying to hook a shark, but I have one rod and reel that will probably be big enough so I think I’ll give it a shot. I have a bay boat and spend most of my time on the flats but my boats in the shop this morning so I thought I’d try out the beach.

  40. Dan Riley says

    Great website. I’ve learned a lot from reading this article. I’ll be on the atlantic coast of Florida in two weeks and I’ve just about go all my stuff together. What do you think of using an inflatable row boat instead of a kayak? Just for the sake of saving $$$$$. Walmart has a decent sized one for $30. I think I’ll cover the floor of it with 1/2? plywood for added stability. What do you think about this idea?


    THE BITE IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™„

  42. yes i like your shark fishing information its very help full well my question is i fish in brigatine new jersey every year and i fish of the beach and i would like to fish for big sharks would you please tell me what kind of rod and real should i buy for black tip tiger and bull sharks off the surf and also will bunker or mackeral bought from a store work well for big shark bait thankyou

  43. Surf fushing for sharks may be fun, but not when fishing around swimmers. I think those who do are inconsiderate of the swimmers, particularly when children are involved. I know I would not appreciate it if my children are swiming and someone cast their line to attract a shark! If you are going to Shark fish from the surf do it where swimmers are not near.

    • There should be a mutual respect when it comes to fisherman, surfers, and swimmers. There are shark in the area whether you like it or not and regardless of whether or not someone is fishing for one. Obviously the fishermen have a responsibility to ensure everyone remains safe, but the swimmers (kids too) need to use some common sense.

    • I don’t know anyone who would target sharks where people are swimming. I’m sure they are out there, but that’s not the sort of folks I associate with. If the fisherman is there first, I certainly wouldn’t go swimming. You may not realize that whether there are fishermen there or not, the sharks are there. They aren’t just lurking in the deep ocean. They are in the shallows in much larger numbers than you probably care to imagine. They’ve always been there. For the most part, they aren’t interested in humans. Most attacks are mistaken identity by the sharks.

  44. I realize there are sharks in the area, but when people have been swimming in the area, and someone camps out and starts fishing enticing bigger game to an already populated beach of swimmers is quite rude. What I am saying is find a less crowded beach to surf fish from.

    • sharkin in close says

      Well OJ its like this its kinda hard to just pick a beach to go and shark fish off of when its covered by hundreds of people, but if theres commen sense used when fishing for these predators then i think we can all get along toghter…but when your fighting a monster in the surf and you ask people to get out of the way and they ignore you…despite the warnings well then it becomes there own faught if somthing were to happen…courtesy goes both ways so…if people are not gonna respect the times to get out of the water when we are fighting a big fish well then there are going to be problems so we will respect the swimmers lifestyles as long as they respect ours anywyas the sharks live here and theres rarely any problems so the next time you see somone setting up to fish just slide dwon the beach a little or ask them to move down a little.. its as simple as that……..goodluck and watch out for jaws…
      Greg the sharker…

  45. Hey guys!This site is really awesome…..I was fishing as a child in Greece butmy caughts were never bigger than 20″.I was always looking for some big ones,especially sharks,but they didn’t seem to even exist there…now that i finisced school I would really want to catch something big….dreaming of a great white…

  46. I’m game for some shark fishing in Texas. I recently moved to Houston and have enjoyed the few times that I have made to go fishing in the surf. Let me know when you are headed out again.

  47. helllo all…I live down here in CC i go to school here…and I am a fishing WOMAN…I love to fish and its pretty much my life…so anyone wanna go sometime just let me know…we go down PINS alot and fish off big shell…ttyl!! πŸ˜†

    • Call me sometime in San Antonio on my cell 210-378-2786 just got back this weekend from Port A caught 4,5,and 6ft shark and 3-3ft shark and a couple of spanish mackeral.

      Claude in South SA

  48. Here is a link to a video of a 12 tiger shark caught and released this August.

    Best of Luck!

  49. hi over here in aust we catch shark all week if you wonted to the normal size shark we get is 9ft 12ft about 600m off the beach and use 130lb rod and 16/0 penn senators and if you wont 21ft sharks you got to vic that is were it is at we hold the record for the biggest shark on rod and reel and sa is good as well

  50. I have been shark fishing for years and have tried many different reels and from years of experience here is a quick list of great shark reels on a budget. My first choice has got to be the best reel I have ever owned for the money. The Fin Nor OFS95 out performs most Penn Senators. With 525 yards of 80 lb Power Pro and consistent drag pressure of 35-45 lbs of drag without any problems can stop some big boys.. Last week we landed a 9 1/2 foot hammerhead and he didn’t even get more than 300 yards of line off that reel. for $170 and 50 yard casts you can’t go wrong. Now on to next level. The Penn 12/0 Senator packed with 1500 yards of 100 lb Power Pro with about 100+ yards of 130 lb mono top shot. That is the biggest reel I have used and I haven’t found a shark to challenge it yet. πŸ˜‰ And last but not least the Holy Grail of monster shark fishing, the Penn 16/0 Senator! I own one but don’t even fish it.. When I get spooled on my 12/0 then I will pull it out. lol. Anyhow, save yourself years of hassle and give these reels a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you have some extra time your welcome to check out my blog. It’s a work in progress but will be full of shark fishing content within the week, from making shark leaders, free shark tagging program, shark conservation and so on. Hope this helps someone out. Good Luck and Tight Lines to all! πŸ˜‰

  51. Krystal Sim says

    READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shark fishing is horrible. Gory and horrible. Sharks are on the brink of being extinct and all you can do is go on and on about how fun it is? At least RELEASE them once you catch them! Then, you’ll still be doing your hobby right? But you’ll be doing it in a more effective way. So please change your way right now. Please. Don’t you dare catch and kill another shark again, ya hear me?

    • You idiot. On the brink of extinction?? Site your facts please…

    • The majority of shark fishermen catch and release. You’re probably thinking of the shark finning that goes on in the Far East.

    • what the hell is wrong with you? are you some dumbass tree hugger? of course it is catch and release!!!!

    • Hello Ms. Sim,

      This is a Pro- Catch & Release Forum.

      Your opinion and concern is greatly appreciated!

      Thank you

    • Krystal,

      You should inform yourself before making outlandish, emotional outbursts. The object of sport fishing is exactly that, sport. We do not kill the fish we catch and certainly sharks are released. On the other hand, those mother f—— that comercially kill sharks just for their fins need to be bombed and sunk out at sea and then we will see how brave they are.

    • stfu !lady r u dumb or something

    • these people that are doing this kind of fishing always RELEASE THE SHARKS AFTER THEY CATCH THEM!!! i know this because i go fishing with many fishermen who love to catch sharks! and everythime we release them back into the sea!

    • walter daughtry says

      Bite me bitch

    • i completely agree…sharks are endangered and to even harm them is not doing the world any good. there is loads of scientific evidence to prove this, so yes sharks should be left alone

      • Shark fishing is great fun. What better way to enjoy the beach and ocean. Sharks are magnificent creatures that deserve our utmost respect. And I must say they are quite tasty. They would eat me in the water, I’ll eat them on the land.

  52. I am going to be doing some shark fishing about the central east coast of Florida next week. I was wondering if the sharking is any good here during the winter time?

    • Larry Kunas says

      Head fo Juno beach , Singer island area . Jan-March the blacktips gather by the thousands , along the Fla east coast. They are just behind the waves , so you don’t have to cast out very far .

  53. Just wondering…if you are chumming the waters close to shore doesn’t that make it kind of dangerous for nearby swimmers? πŸ™„

    • Land based sharkfisherman do not use chum. The sharks are already there. They use a piece of bait like the majority of surf fisherman. Have caught and released hundreds also tagged quite a few for reasch

    • part time surfcaster says

      We don’t chum. Why? Yes, it does endanger swimmers, but most shark fishing is done at abandoned beaches or, if you have to go at a populated beach, at night. When chum is put in the surf, it just comes back with the waves, right back in your face, failing to attract anything but the birds.

  54. I will be living in the Corpus Christi area this summer, and plan on doing as much shark fishing as possible. I have all the tackle needed, but I do not own a yak. If anyone who owns a yak needs a fishing buddy feel free to let me know.

    • Seth Gragg says

      It’s a bit of a drive, but I have a yak and I’m planning a trip next weekend to mcfadden beach in Port Arthur….let me know if you’re interested.

      • Well I won’t be down there for another month or so…I’ll probably have a yak by then though. Regardless if you would like to get some fishing in let me know. My e-mail is I’ll probably be fishing almost everyday.

  55. justice simonetti says

    shark fishing is cruel and wrong, to fish for somthing so endangered is heartless. Sharks are a very important part of the oceans ecosystems. Most of the shark species are on the endangered species list. Pleas refrain from making it look like a “cool” and fun thing to do. Pleas do not fish for sharks every animal deserves a chance.

    • part time surfcaster says

      It’s a very cool and fun thing to do. Actually, I have a trip coming up in a few weeks. I hope I get at least a 4 footer.

  56. You people are so cruel! 😈 I would never hurt a shark
    πŸ˜₯ they are going endangered because of us :!::!::!::!: they have a hard enough time mating as it is because we are fishing them out.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • part time surfcaster says

      Ash, ash, ash….sharks mate fine. They don’t take that long to reach sexual maturity. Your mating skills, on the other hand….. The villans aren’t the sport fishermen, its the commercial fishermen. Vent your rage to them, not us.

  57. I don’t seem to understand why ppl are get so offended about shark fishing… listen up numbskulls! its a catch and release which most of us believe in. We catch for the rush and thrill and we release coz we love the species. We aint killing the shark.

  58. Ash – Shark are not endangered. They are the fastest reproducers in the ocean. They are getting thin in and around Asian countries because of their value to that culture. Off the coasts of the USA they are growing in huge numbers as well as in many other areas worldwide. Being in the minority of stupid frickin people must be comforting to you since you openly express your ignorance.

    • C Hooymans says

      No need to be such a dick to people who find your “hobby” somewhat barbaric, because it is, Sharks ARE in serious decline worldwide. And they are slow breeders compared to most fish so check your facts before you blowout all over someone.

      • You people are misguided in your disdain for shark fishermen. Most of us are the biggest conservationists you could ever know. Shark finning is the barbaric practice. Sportfisherman release almost all of the sharks they catch. Do some research before you paint us all as “cruel animal butchers”.

        • I agree with Dave and Jim.

          C. Hooymans, you may have your heart in the right place…
          But, these men and women who ‘sport fish’ DO mostly ‘catch & release’ style fishing.

          And, there are better ways to get your point across.

          Try asking questions about fishing, some of these ‘sport fishers’ might even find themselves siding with you on many of the important issues that you and many others are concerned with.

          Who has more influence on “fishing trends”?

          Are they not a part of the cycle themselves?

          Many believe that taking the life of an animal brings you closer to that animal…and since I am a betting man, I am willing to wager that the information you may get from most ‘sport fishers’ is worthy of taking note of.

          More money and research is spent on both research and general interest funded by these “cruel” people, to identify population declines, so that steps are taken to increase numbers of the breed. It is done for selfish reasons, oftentimes because people want to be able to continue to fish for that particular species.

          But is does help more that you think.

          Yes, there are a few bad apples here and there. There are also laws and fines in place to deal with them accordingly.

          Finally, many of the issues we are concerned with are mostly due to commercial operations, which are greatly unregulated. Mainly off of the coasts of China, and Southeast Asia. Pollution is another major factor, don’t forget.

          Some of the greatest, and toughest men and women in the history of the world were often, hunters, fisherman and conservationists. We wouldn’t have anything left in the United States or Europe if they hadn’t been!

          The US is one of the most active countries working to create, and enforce laws to protect our coastlines, and oceans worldwide, look around online to see the thousands of outdoorsman/sportfishing groups and organizations, whose funding and activism has greatly influenced the world.

          Two Ears, One Mouth — Opinions Vary, Do Your Research.

    • jim_-j no there not u frickin idiot do some research and you will find that every where people are killing sharks and there depleting as much as any where else stupid

  59. Bryan Lester says

    I’ve been shark fishing for a while, mainly out of Va beach, Sandbridge, hatteras, and cape point. I am extremely big in shark fishing, but I do practice and believe in catch and release, although black tip is a very tasty meal! Did you know that when you are eating a fish sandwich from mcdonalds, you are eating black tip shark? For the equipment that I use and have had best results with is a shimano 30w lrs reel with a 5’5″shimano tallus rod lined with 50 lb. salt water sufix tangerine with a 30 foot 250 lb. stainless steel liter. It is not made for casting most of the time, the bait is kayaked out anywhere from 100-250 yards and preferance on bait would be mullet, bluefish, tuna heads and skirts. But my all time favorite is… spanish mackeral, live or chunked. Generally I use a 10/0-14/0 hook with a 14 oz. break away pyarmid sinker 5-8 ft. back from the bait so your bait will stay on the bottom so when tide changes or rip current decides to occur you will not run into the problem of slacking line or line drift. Another rod that I really enjoy using from the surf is a penn 14/0 lined with 100 lb. sufix salt water tangerine rigged the same way but double 14/0 hooks wired to the top of a tuna head but that’s only for the big boys. I have caught numerous mosterous blact tip sharks from pier and surf and bull sharks as well. If you have any questions you can email me at Have fun, fish hard and may the sharks be with you.

  60. Im going Folly island right outside Charleston South Carolina next week for a bachelor party and I am wondering how to catch some good size sharks. Last time I was there I caught a bunch little sharks all under a foot. I have a 10 foot penn rod and reel ready to go. Curious about what rigs to use and bait. Any advice would be helpful.

  61. sharkin in close says

    Hello all…..My name is Greg and im a local shark fisherman from carolina beach N.C. We catch some real monsters here there are some really big fish that come on shore during the summer months. We have caught black tips up to 150# plus and large Bulls and Tigers that would blow your mind…good fishing here so if your interested in some large fish let me know we can hook up and go im free anytime and love to catch a few a night. I work on a chater boat so bait isn’t a problem and like i said there are some real monsters here just looking for others who wanna go….let me know until then tight lines and good luck!!!!!!
    The sharker….Greg

    • Brandon M. says

      Sharkin in close…..I’d be interested in fishing with you. I went shark fishing for the first time last june. Caught some “nice” blacktip down in the St.Helena Sound in Beaufort, SC. After that, I was hooked, I went and bought 6.0 and 9.0 Penn Set-ups for this year. The only problem is… I’m still inexperienced. My email is

      • sharkin in close says

        Well Brandon….looking to try and go next weekend if the weather is right, hopefully it will be…if your still interested in going give me a holler…if you let me know by e-mail and give me your# ill call you just bring your food and drink Ill have planty of bait and rigs…oh and you should bring your rods too….i have a few but in fishing for monsters you can never have enough tackel…anyways let me know if your up to it. Me and a buddy are gonna give it a shot hopefully they be here they were last year this time!!!
        Tight lines….Greg

  62. Bryan Lester says

    Whats up tight lines just got back from Hatteras we thought it was a little early to do some sharking. We orginally went for strippers and some ealry spring reds. Which we did hookup on some good strippers but that got boring. So I grabbed the yak and then went to Hatteras marina and got some fat albias and some tuna carcasses and then went yo work. well at first it was slow but when high tide came in it was on.We endedup with theree nice fish we hade 2 bulls and a sweet tiger. We had one bull that went 7’4″ and the other went 6″ the tiger went 8’2″ we got some awesome pics wen I figure out how to post them I will. Well if there is anybody that is in Hatteras the last week of May or who wantsto learn more about land based shark fishing email me at I have been shark fishing for about 13 years now out of VA beach and Cape Hatteras. And rather shark fish then eat be safe fish hard and may the sharks be with you.


  64. President Obama will save the Shark!

    Those poor little disenfranchised sharks…

    • Bryan Lester says


  65. Anyone surf fish @ Emerald Isle? Will be there the 30th looking for something instead of just the Pier. Any info would be very helpful.


  66. Thanks for puting together all the info on shark fishing. I normally fish for redfish/jacks/grouper/snapper/whatever…but thanks to your site I’ve had good success catching sharks from the beach. I have been using my fly rod to catch ladyfish for bait and it’s been a blast landing blacktips and sandbar sharks in the 3-5 foot range. can’t wait to land al larger one!(All that I’ve caught has been successfully released) Great website!

  67. Is that pic of you? Thats a pretty large Mako.

  68. Been fishing the surf in HHI for 20 years and never caught anything of substance, other than stingrays by the dozen. I’ll be there in 3 weeks and give the mullet a try. I’ve always just used squid.

  69. just left hhi caught a 4ft lemon with squid. Had heck of a time trying to release

  70. Timber Ghost says

    Hello. I am going to Bob hall pier In port A. And i am trying to find some place to buy fresh Jacks or LadyFish. Can any one please tell me where i can find any? Or maybe how to catch my own. I have been there about 12 times and i haven’t had any real luck yet.


  72. ERIC LUDWIG says


  73. Josh Reeve says

    I shark fish in P.C.B FL. we use a 12/0 reel with 150lb. power pro braided line, 14 ft. steel two hook leader, and a spider weight. The bait we use is king mackrel or bonito, while more expensive the king seems to be a more effective bait. Another trick we use, we will cover the bait with a womens panty hose, this helps to keep the crabs and small baitfish from devouring your bait. we use a kayak to paddle the bait out several hundred yards and drop it and then you wait. Our biggest to date was an 11 ft. mako. It is a ton of fun and lots of patience.

  74. Thanks for the advive. I just caught a 19 ft mako yesturday

  75. Shallowwater-Steve says

    Ineresting blog you’ve aquired here.:)

    Though there seems to be those who for whatever reasons have found it inspiring to set their rage upon the general bloggers with concerns of catching sharks from the beaches here in Texas.
    My past experiances have not justified their comments. It seems most of them however well thought out their concerns are an accumilation of generalized misunderstandings as a whole. Surf fishing for any saltwater fish is FUN and can be as inexpensive or expensive as one cares to indulge in the sport.
    Its not all about the catch, though many go for just that.
    I’ve fished and camped with some interesting families who find the beaches in Texas very family friendly.
    Surf fishing does not require chumming the fish, as is done often times from deep water fishing trips.
    The fish and sharks occupy the same area of water as most swimmers do because its easier to catch food when your able to limit its exscape routes. The shore being a route most fish can not cross.

    During the summer and fall months is normally a good time to try your hand at this sport. When the water temps average from 77 to 90 degree’s.

    The higher the water temp. between these two sets of numbers the more active sharks become, So the more food they often hunt for food.

    If the water is high enough to cover the fishes gills it will hunt in for food. Since most sharks are long and relatively slim it can get into waters you normally might find swimmers playing in, from 2ft. to 6ft. Most larger sharks however feed in waters from 6ft. to 16ft.
    During the spawning season however lemon sharks will not feed as to not eat their own new borns.
    They will lay along the sandbars holding their own against the current while they give birth.

    At this time you can easily catch pups on shrimp/squid/and cut bait very close to shore.

    The ones to do venture into deeper waters aren’t so fortunate, Due to the higher incidents of being food for hungry males.

    The sand bars that many swimmers cross while swimming are like highways to fish and sharks alike.

    Normally during the summers months to catch larger shark one would fish roughly 250 yards to 300 yards from shore.

    Its not that the fishermen knowing endanger swimmers by fishing these waters as some fear.

    Its the fact that the swimmers without knowledge place themselves in danger by their actions.

    The fishing line though small, Has within its capacity not only to catch a fish but when exposed to the saltwater and sand has the potentual of becoming something akin to a knive when tenion is placed upon it by a fish and fisherman.

    And since most fish including sharks use the surfs current to help break free from their hooks,
    swimmers often become targets without the knowledge of the fishermen.

    Until someone gets hurt.

  76. topwaterpro says

    lets say im fishing from the beach, how far out do i have to get the bait. does night and day make a difference

  77. I have been using a 6oz weighted grouper rig with an added treble hook. attached to the top of the leader I had added a 20 oz bottle with glow sticks inside. the bottle keeps the bait off the bottom but allows it to stay in place and not so affected but the tide with the weight. the glow sticks have been great for us at night locating our line and positioning. Dead menhaden have been our primary source of bait but do catch the occasional blue and stick him on there.

  78. Disgusting.


  80. sue you for what?
    po hippys!

  81. Try checking out the texas shark fishing site. It is all about fishing from the beaches. Look up Sea Wold and Sea Lion.That is my mate and I. Here in the Caribbean there is a small group of us who does the same thing. we use a small kayak to take the bait out between 150-300 yards. We then wait for the big ones. They only usually come in at night.
    So far the biggest has been an almost 9 foot long lemon shark but we know that there are 4 meter sharks out there. We use a half a tarpon as bait or a big chunk of sting ray. The bait is usually in the region of 3lb – 8lb in weight.
    Tight lines.

  82. jackson McMeekin says

    shark fishing is wrong if you kill sharks the second domminent species will take over but I dont mind people who catch and release sharks so please please as a shark lover do catch and release.

  83. When are the people in this land going to “wake-up” and “grow-up”? The “thinning of the heard” has been going on since the dawn of time! Politicians put “Endangered Spiecies” status on Fish and Game so that when they are done arguing about what you and I are allowed to do “lawfully”, they can then hand out “special-permits” to their buddies for the sole purpose of their enjoyment! We’ve seen this with “Gators” and this will soon happen with “Jewfish”! Why bitch and moan until only the “politicians” and their “friends” and “Families” are the only ones allowed to fish for “SHARKS”?

  84. Back to the subject at hand a “Live Ladyfish” Trolled on the top off of a bridge with an outgoing tide produces AWSOME results for Blacktip, Bullshark, Tiger shark, Baracuda and Tarpon! A fresh Vermilion Snapper will attract shark and stingray. Grunts make great bait and produce good results on top and the bottom depending on the particular application of your fishing environment. Get outside and Have Fun!

  85. Beside the point, some “MORONS” don’t even have enough sense to release a “KILLER WHALE” even after it’s killed 3 times!

  86. πŸ™‚ I’m going shark fishing for the first time this week

  87. Most of the bad comments are most probaly for PETA and HSUS supporters.

    I would like to know if a Penn 220 with 150lb braid is to small of a reel for shark fishing?

    • If anything, it’s too heavy. Use that heavy line and reel and the shark will come skipping across the water.

      If you want to fish for monster sharks then it’s okay but from the surf, all you’ll need is a 3.0 or 4.0 reel or a medium spinning reel and a 7 or 8 foot rod. The five foot black tip I caught in the surf was caught on 12 pound test line with a 12 inch wire leader while fishing for bluefish in the surf.

  88. hey i just moved to NC and i herd of people going shark fishing and i was wondering is there a site that says and shows what is needed and how to get set up for shark fishing if you would please tell me and once you get a shark on to shore what do you do to get the hook out of its mouth if i want to release it and is there any place that any1 knows around NC/SC border that is a good place to go fishing at and thanks for your help and there is some great info thank again

  89. Smartone says

    Uhhh. Before you start commenting on other people’s comments, you should learn to spell because you don’t sound very smart when you are insulting people and misspell the words. For example, “loose” and “lose” are completely different things smart person. Also, putting your message in all caps and insulting people is very inconsiderate.


  91. I agree with using mullet head for bait had 6 or 7 foot blacktip launch out of the water with it!

  92. St. George Island, Florida (Appalachicola area) I caught a five foot black tip which was hooked no more than 50 feet from the beach while fishing with cut bait for bluefish. It took about 30 minutes to subdue him and I released he back into the gulf. People kept telling me to kill it but I explained that sharks are a necessary part of the ecosystem and help keep the oceans clean. He was a beautiful animal and was unharmed upon release.

  93. How’s the shark fishing and what’s the word out on fishing forshark on Surfside Bech in Freeport Texas

  94. I’ve just got into fishing at the age of 38 do you believe it? have a 7′ MH 1-oz 15-50lb DAIWA BEEF STICK ROD WITH a OKUMA CLASSIC CL 300 REEL SOMETIMES ILL US MY PENN PEER .209 REEL ON THE ROD.and I have a 6’0″ medium (15-30lb.line) Shakespeare STURDY STIK ROD with a Shakespeare T20l0 reel. I got them both at ACADAMEY,ARE THEY GOOD E NUFF FOR ME TO USE ORSHOULD I LOOK 2 GET ANOTHER KIND OF ROD AND REEL SET UP? I DO MOST OF MY FISHING OFF THE BEACH @ surfside and off the jetties,I took it upon myself to get the 2 rod and reel sets I have because while at the jetties sometime. And on my other rods it would feel like I gota bitethenit feel like I was just hung on a rock,and id just be reeling my hart out at least trying to.and just when ima bout to reach for my blade to cut the line and re rigg. It just like a fish had itand spat it out,id reelit inwiththe hook and sinker intact,so I went with heavyer poles and lines,# 1 what causes that to happen and #2 agin are the rod and reels have now ok?

  95. Please does n e 1 respond 2 this web page,ineed info asap,I’m raiseing 6 kids with a wife,I can’t afford to spend money playing the guess n game on rod and reels,my wife will alow me 2 spend some money on fishing gear #1 cause she see that I like it,and #2 I could b out doing all sorts of foolish things but I choose 2 spend all (not most) but all of my spare time with the kids,her and FISHING! GOD BLESS HER. SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

    • Here’s a tip – start using your kids as bait. Sharks really dig them, and it will instantly cut down on your bills.

      And make sure you wear gloves. I suggest Trojans!

  96. love your work all that you left out was i need to know the quickest way to kill it after its landed i know your all about catch and relese but just this once i want a good pair of shark jaws plz help S.O.S

  97. shark fishing is wrong

  98. You guys need to come to South africa and visit our Wild Coast. We often hook up to really big hammers, bull, ragged tooth and even great whites. This is off the beach/ rocks. Make the trip, it’s really worth while.

  99. walter daughtry says

    i will do what ever i want it is fun !!!!!

  100. i don’t have any idea if anyone can help me, i am trying to find a guy Robert Collins, was a sharkfisherman on bob hall pier in the late 70’s early 1971, he was my first love and it’s been 40 yrs i would love to find him again…

    • Uh-oh….i caught a Tigershark once that had a swallowed a drivers license with that name on it….

  101. Release/No Harm/No Kill says

    Sharks have evolved over 450 million years to be among the ocean’s top predators. They can take many years to reach sexual maturity, almost 30 years in the case of the sand bank shark. Larger sharks may only produce two young in a breeding cycle and only one of those is likely to survive. Shark species often only breed every other year and some have a long gestation period (up to two years). This low reproductive rate means that depleted shark populations can take a very long time to recover, if they recover at all.

  102. How far are you padalling the bait out?

    What bait are you using?

    What gear are you using?

    Whats the best catch?

    Sounds wicked! I’ve had the idea of padalling a big hook with some big bait about a mile off sure to see what would come along, but all my mates thinks its crazy.

    Would be interested in what your using to get the big ones.

    Matt. Australia

    • is the group im part of, you only need to get your bait out a 100-200yds. I use a Penn 6/0 reel with 50lb test and have landed some nice 150lb+ sharks. As far as catch Hammer heads and Tigers are your prize catch. Blacktips, bulls, lemon, and mako all put up awsome fights!

    • The distance to paddle baits depends on the structure of the beach you are fishing. Some beaches drop off quickly, while others don’t. I would suggest going on Google Earth and observe the beaches you are fishing and look for sandbars, drop-offs (light to dark water), inlets, reefs, and buildings (like powerplants “warm water discharge”).

      For bait, use bloody oily fish like Mackerel, Jacks, Bonitos, Bluefish, Ladyfish, Stingray, and other fish. Check with the local laws to make sure you can use the above for bait.

      Gear depends on what you are fishing for. If you are fishing for sharks 7ft and under, you can catch them on large spinning reels. If you are hoping to catch a 500lb shark, then 12/0, 14/0, 80w, 130. I would strongly recommend starting small and working your way up.

      I think a 1000lb Great White, Mako, or Hammerhead is the ultimate from the beach. Tigers are cool, but don’t fight much.

      You can check out my website: for tips & techniques on how to properly shark fish or email me at Or search “blacktiph” on YouTube for videos.

      Joshua Jorgensen

  103. Shark fishing is not fun it is horrible and murderous. many sharks can not leave water or their skeleton will collapse and kill the shark due to gravity. if you attempt to catch these sharks you are only killing them. The shark is not some mindless killing machine, we are. every year more than 100 million sharks are killed due to humans while at the same time only on average about 4, 5, maybe 6 people world wide are killed by sharks annually. Due to different forms of shark fishing there have been loss and devastation of shark populations around the world. Experts estimate that within a decade, most species of sharks will be lost. Stop this stupid killing of sharks, sharks instead need our help, you would not kill a panda, yet the shark populations for shark in general and certain species are worse off than the panda so why would you kill a shark. If you care about animals then stop this, if you care about the ecosystem then stop this sharks play a vital role, if you care about man-kind stop this many developing countries depend on sharks for food and resources. please stop shark fishing in any way possible. If you still believe in shark fishing or what answers then email me, i will tell you anything you want to know.

    • Jacob, I bet you are pro choice, aren’t you. You lefty environmentalists would walk through fire to save a magget, but at the same time defend a woman’s right to exterminate her innocent unborn child. Sport fishermen and hunters respect nature and are the best when it comes to conservation. People will still be shark fishing long after you are gone…get used to it.

      • DANISDUMB says

        you spelt maggot wrong. just saying.

        • IagreethatDanisdumb says

          Would you like to try being a shark?
          And how are you an expert on Jacob all of a sudden? We all have different views on things, it doesn’t matter if he saves maggots or whatever he does. He’s expressing his views on the exploitation of sharks and you’re finding ways to insult him through totally unrelated topics. If you don’t agree, then simply state that, and why. It’s the same as if I were to say something terrible about your mother. Completely unnecessary and immature.

          • TrueAmerican says

            I agree that you and jacob are both dumbass tree huggers. If you dont like shark fishing dont read the thread, im sure you got better things to like protest against our 2nd ammendment or some other liberal horse shit

        • You are murderers says

          You honestly have no clue what you are atually doing to the earth when you kill these sharks. i dont give a shit about any other animals but sharks are so important u dont even realise. soon sharks will be gone which means larger pratory fish will increase such as groupers and snappers which will then over graze on smaller alge eating fish. this will result in sea weeds over growing that will smother and eventually kill corral if that continued the only life that will be left in our oceans would be jelly fish alge and bacteria. so think about what that would do to ur later generations . You know what the sad thing is, you only fish for sharks cause you are scared of them. YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • What happened to facts? says

            Wow, the lack of facts are stunning from the “save everything” crowd.
            – First off, we aren’t catching whale sharks from the beach people. The sharks skeleton will not collapse and crush it due to gravity.
            – I have yet to see anyone purposefully kill a shark when shark fishing from the beach. In fact I don’t think I have even heard of happening.
            – If your intent is to convince fishermen not to catch sharks, then you need to do a little more research on your target audience. Telling them that with the removal of sharks they will then have access to more and bigger grouper and snapper is plain stupid. Grouper and snapper are some of the best tasting fish and are specifically targeted by these same fishermen.
            – An explosion of grouper/snapper will cause the collapse of the oceans ecosystem and end the world? I don’t think so. Based on your assumption that fishermen have the ability to wipe out the worlds shark populations, they also have the ability to control the grouper/snapper population. By extrapolating out your hypothesis, you have just proposed a solution to all the starving people living near the coast. Can I place a standing order for grouper sandwich and fish taco’s now please?
            – Fishermen don’t target a species based on fear, they target the species based on the challenge or what they would like on their plate. If your fear theory were correct, then you and those like you are what would be the sportsmans choice of game. Your misguided and ill-informed flock of followers are what really scare sportsmen.

    • I’d kill a Panda if I could, and I eat everything I kill. I would also suggest stapling baby kittens to the targets on the 25 meter zero range to help toughen up these touchy feely guys.

      • I’m a fisherman and a conservationist with all due respect while I have been fishing from a pier in ft Walton beach fl , I witnessed 2 small sharks killed just for the sake of killing them. I have to say I was totally and utterly disgusted at what I saw. They were killed for no reason other than being a shark near a couple of mindless idiots. They were grown men killing the sharks. The piers should be better policed since that’s where they get killed. They also catch stingrays and cut off the barb. I also saw one of them catch a blow fish and because it swallowed the guys hook he stood on the fish them yanked it put as hard as he could then kicked it back into the water. I watched it sink with a trail of blood following right behind it.

    • I beg to differ! Last time I caught (and ate) a shark, I had a blast!

    • ohhhhhh booo hooooo,, go ride your bike to work and pack your poo droppings when you go camping ,,,

    • Well , Jacob , let me tell you something . I’m 75 years old , and have been fishing all my life . I’ve caught all kinds of fish , and have eaten , or released 99% of them . Tuna are drasticly reduced in numbers , but I’ll bet you still approve of their capture . Sharks are excellent eating , when cooked properly .Almost no one is going to kill a large shark , and just take 5 lbs. of meat for a single meal .As with all things there is a small percentage of fishermen who just don’t care . They are the same ones who break all the other rules as well . I whole heartedly agree with you that sharks should not just be killed , for sport , or for their fins . There is nothing wrong , with catch and release . Actually I tag and release . Try it . You may find that you like it .

    • StreetRacer says

      SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! The only law it that we can not fish for sea mammals other then that everything else is fair game. Yes we can not keep great whites but we can still hook them, fight them and let them go. Other sharks actually make for some good eating. I absolutely hate people that make such a hissy fit over someone fishing or hunting but at the same time what they eat is ok because it comes in a package. Well that package of ground beef came from a cow that never had a chance to live free and it was killed in mass along with its family.

      We don’t keep more then our friends and family can eat, when we see that we have enough, we quit. And shark makes for a great barbq!!!! So grow up and stop preaching what you learned at Berkeley!

      • part time surfcaster says

        Actually, the law says you can’t specifically target whites. Luckily, there are other sharks in their habitat that many people fish for, so people still can catch them…as long as they are released unharmed.

  104. Larry Kunas says

    Great website . Very informative . One thing that I did notice is that when you rig your dead baits , you end up with the hooks facing the head . Since all large fish swallow smaller ones head first , these hooks are facing the wrong direction . This is just my opinion , but it makes sense to me . Obviously you are having hook-ups , but I think the percentage would increase if they were faceing the tail . I do this and generally have no problem in hooking the fish . Landing them is sometimes another story . You also asked for info. on shark fishing up north . Many years ago a group of us , fished for sharks , in the surf , at Oak Beach (Located on Jones beach) on Long Island N.Y. We caught mostly sandbars , in the 7 to 8 1/2 ft range . We used eels for bait , as they were crab resistant . Hope this is helpfull . Tight lines , Larry

  105. Leaving this Sunday , for Dog Island , Florida . I have a date with a few sharks , for the next 2 weeks . My brother-in-law , Denny , has a fishing camp in Caribelle , on the bay . It’ll be our headquarters.

    • Larry Kunas says

      Well , I’m back from Florida . Missed several strikes , just wasn’t in the cards , I guess . Did catch nice red fish , though .

      • Larry Kunas says

        Just returned from Florida , again . This time I caught an array of bulls , blacktips and sharpnose sharks . Good overall fishing trip.

  106. Can I go shark fishing with you?

  107. loltreehuggers says

    You guys that think shark fishing kills the shark seriously need help. You know that the shark gets hooked in the mouth right? And then once realesed…it’s completely fine. You’re such a moron. Get your head out of your ass and quit being ignorant.

  108. Just wondering why a bunch of save the shark dumb asses are on here stating their opinion. This is where I came to find out how to fish for sharks and what baits to use. All of a sudden we have save the sharks protestors on here. Are you guys going to rally also against the save the deer foundation for people who hunt them. If you don’t like the conversation go to another website and watch bambi and finding nemo. We can provide day care for you idiots too free of charge, maybe we should sing twinkle twinkle little star to you and you might feel better. Every shark that is killed another 100 or so are born. People have been fishing for sharks for over 300 years and you say they will be extinct. Give me a break guys, you don’t have anything better to do than to hate on people who enjoy doing something that they like. If your so against certain things why don’t you go and try to stop prostitution that causes diseases worldwide and see if you can stop that. For many years people have tried with no success and this will be the same thing, your not going to stop people who like to fish for shark so get used to it, go change your diapers and watch the teletubies or barney, oh, and don’t forget your pacifier and cookies and milk.

  109. What are the best times of the year to shark fish off of the beach on the Gulf Coast?

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  112. What are the best times of the year to shark fish off of the beach on the Gulf Coast?

  113. Lance Monlux says

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to post something about CHUM! When I started using chum my strike rate doubled. Here is a tip on making shark chum. I target small mullet which you can find swimming on the surface in residential canals at high slack tide. 8-10 ft cast net is sufficient (any fish you can catch in the net or with sabiki rig will work for chum). A mullet net is best but a bait net will work too. use a Oster blender to grind the chum. After burning up several motors I realized that a more powerful motor would be needed. I had a 1hp Sears router and that did the trick. I used a piece of plywood and mounted the router on the bottom and built a wood frame box to support the rig. Drill a hole in the middle where the router bit is chucked and comes through. You can get a 1/4 inch drive bit for a cordless drill at harbor freight and with a little grinding on a grinder it will fit the oster blender chuck. With a little adjustment the height can be set when you chuck in the bit so that the blender sits flat against the plywood when on the bit. You will need to screw on a wood or plastic stop so the blender does not spin when turned on. I catch a cooler full of mullett and save the best ones for bait. and cut off the heads of the rest and smoke the bodies. The heads make the best chum because of the blood in the gills. I fill the blender 1/2 full of water and fill with heads until the water is almost to the top. About 8 sec. and you have a mullet smoothie. I found an old blender at a thrift shop the same size as mine, (which should be the largest Oster model), and removed the blades and use a 1gal ziplock bag stuffed into the spare blender with the top of the bag wrapped over the lip. pour the smoothie into the bag and lift off the overlap and lift up enough to zip the bag shut. Place in the freezer and you have the magic ingredient to attracting all fish, especially shark (get a commercial chum bag). When you catch the shark cut the tail to bleed it out and then filet the meat off the skin and mix a brine that will float an egg and soak meat for 8 hrs with ice added to the brine (this will remove the uric acid from the meat). Wash meat and soak for 8 hrs in filtered or distilled water (to remove excess salt). While meat is wet rub with brown sugar, a light sprinkle of garlic salt, smoked or regular paprika, and pepper. Place in an oven on warm till the surface is dry and your meat is ready for smoking, freezing, or frying. I am retired from a social service job and don’t have the greatest retirement income and can not afford to buy good tasting fish like salmon, grouper, and snapper, but give me a properly prepared black tip steak (smoked, baked or fried) and it will match up to the aforementioned. I’ll never run out of fish steaks , thanks to my CHUM GRINDER. If you have any questions about the construction or use of the grinder please email me @

  114. I personally think hiring a charter boat service is actually a very good step for getting the most variety of fishes and sharks. OffshoreHustler has always helped me in having a good fishing experience.

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