Looking to start a new collection? Not sure what to collect? We’ve got a pretty good list to get your started, however this list will never be complete as you can literally collect anything and everything.

For some its the thrill of find. Shopping in local thrift or antique stores. Talking with other collectors. But for others it’s all about displaying the collection. Entire rooms dedicated to showing off their finds. No matter the reason humans love collecting things. Check out this list for a few ideas.

Not So Boring Items to Collect

  1. Action Figures
  2. Arrowheads
  3. Barf Bags
  4. Cameras
  5. Coin Collecting
  6. Comic Books
  7. Cork Screws
  8. Guns
  9. James Bond Toys
  10. Knives
  11. Lighters
  12. Marbles
  13. Matchbooks
  14. Pens
  15. Pencil Sharpeners
  16. Paperweights
  17. Phonographs
  18. Sewing Machines
  19. Shark Teeth
  20. Stamp Collecting
  21. Tractors
  22. Typewriters
  23. Thimbles
  24. Watches
  25. Water Nozzles

Do you have a collection not listed here? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!

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  1. John F Harrington sr says:

    how to clean coins

  2. how do u clesan old coins?

    • bob murrin says:

      Never clean coins. It strips away the top layer of metal. Leave them alone, if you want to know their value, bring them to an expert. If you clean them, you will lose 20-80% of their value.

  3. katie4799 says:

    i collect shells and glass figurines

  4. Dust!!!!

  5. I collect fossils, mainly shark teeth, VERY addicting

  6. Music boxes

  7. SABINA MOTEN says:


  8. Collecting antique and vintage Christmas ornaments is a very interesting hobby.

  9. I collected vintage military items.

  10. Calliope says:

    I want to start a foreign money collection, any ideas on how to get started?

  11. I collected business cards throughout the better part of my twenties. At last count I had around 4,000 cards. A lot of my friends and family knew this was a passion of mine and they would pick up cards from their travels and lives so I ended up with cards from other countries, states, etc. I live in the south U.S. and I remember I had some from Italy, Alaska,etc. My memory is fading now. I no longer have the collection because I moved once and left the box behind and found out it had been destroyed by the new tenant. Easy come, easy go, I guess!

  12. I used to collect maps.

  13. I collect Chanel makeup, perfume, and skincare

  14. christina m calzacorta says:

    i recently started collecting world curency, and am really surprised, and happy at the deversity, color, and overall beauty ive discovered since starting this hobby. there are many fine sites on line for anyone interested inthis kind of collecting. i have also collected salt and pepper shakers for most of my life and find this to be very rewarding as well.

  15. Gary Morris says:

    I collect foils from K-cups
    I cut the plastic just below the foil and keep them in coin folder sleeves.
    If anyone out there has such a hobby maybe we can one for one trade.
    Thank You,
    Gary Morris
    542 Pelletier court
    Newmarket Ontario
    Canada L3X 2N7

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