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Top 10 Causes of Accidental Death

Life is full of accidents. From spilling your milk to elbowing your loved one in the night. These particular accidents however result is something much worse than a black eye. These are the top 10 accidents that could land you 6 feet under.

10. Electrocution
~500 Deaths / Year

There is about a 1 in 10,000 chance you’ll inadvertently join the some 4,500 inmates who have died by electrocution. Better be careful next time you’re changing the light bulb.

9. Getting Hit by a Car
~1,100 Deaths / Year

Didn’t your mama teach you to look both ways before crossing the street? Think twice next time you step off the curb and expect someone jabbering on their cell phone to give a damn.

8. Firearm Discharge
~1,150 Deaths / Year

Yah, you have the right to bear arms. Just put a lock on it! The odds of your kid getting whacked by a loaded firearm are about 1 in 5000.

7. Complications with Medical Procedure
~3,000 Deaths / Year

Going under the knife? Better make sure Doc is on his game before you let him rub on your innards.

6. Choking
~3,200 Deaths / Year

Know the Heimlich maneuver? You might consider learning since 3,200 people died from choking on a gobstopper or a piece of fillet mignon. Who knows you might just be a hero.

5. Drowning
~3,500 Deaths / Year

Swimming, bathing, boating, or any other activity to do with water results in thousands of people accidentally drowning to death. Maybe Steve Jobs should market iGills.

4. Fire
~3,700 Deaths / Year

Dying in a fire would really have to suck. Being burned to death has always been one of my worst fears. The odds of dying from smoke inhalation, a falling beam, a back draft, or just plain burning to death are about 1 in 1000.

3. Poisoning
~9,500 Deaths / Year

People just love to overdose on their drugs. This also includes accidental poisonings like swigging some Windex or Clorox. My wife and I called Poison Control a couple years ago when our 2 year old downed half a bottle of KY Jelly. Thankfully all that did was give her “the runs” for about a week.

2. Falling
~15,000 Deaths / Year

Bob Saget cashed in on the #2 accidental death with America’s Funniest Home Video. I guess it really is surprising how many people fall off a ladder and through a plate glass window to meet there demise. Your odds of doing the same are 1 in 218!

1. Car Crash
~44,000 Deaths / Year

No real surprise here. If you’ve been driving for 5 years or so you’ve probably been in an accident. Thankfully for you it wasn’t fatal. Wonder how much longer until Moller comes out with their flying car?

Moller Flying Car