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Parasites – What Everyone Ought to Know!

Got Parasites? If so we’ve got 2 great products for you to consider.

Otherwise check out our extensive research on the 6 most common parasites below. We’ve got pictures, their symptoms, and common cures.

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This product is a very very close second to the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. This product also offers a 4 step program and will no doubt do the job. The difference comes down to the Parasite Defense. The Dr Floras parasite defense only has 16 ingredients where the Ultimate Colon Cleanse has 18. Dr Floras offers free shipping and a 100% – 365 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Parasites are literally everywhere! They start out in the nastiest of places, like stool. Then they find their way on to your pets. Once on your pets its only a matter of time before they’re in your carpet, and with no warning they’ve worked their way it to your large intestine. Once parasites make it to your large intestine they can live there for yearsundetected! It’s time for you to take action against these invisible organisms.

Believe it or not, 90% of the world’s population will have a problem with these energy and nutrient draining microscopic organisms. There are over 1000 different types of parasites that can infect a human being. The worst part is that only 1% of these parasites will show up in regular testing run by your medical doctor.

With that said, the parasites most likely to infect you are: Pinworms, Giardia, Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, and Flukes. Each are frightening in their own right. If you suspect you’ve been infected with a parasite read on for symptoms, pictures, and natural cures.

Roundworms – #1 Parasite Infecting Humans

Roundworms Parasites

Here is a staggering statistic: the World Heath Organization reported that about 25% of the world’s population is infected with roundworm. That’s easily over 1 billion people infected by this parasite. Roundworms can grow up to 15 inches inside the intestines and can lay as many as 300,000 eggs in a single day. Once the larvae hatches it only takes about 2 months before they are able to reproduce.

You’ll have many of the same symptoms as the hookworms including ‘flu like’ symptoms and abdominal pain. If you get a swarm of 13 inchers, your intestines will probably become blocked at which point you’ll wish for nothing short of death. Also if you start vomiting be on the lookout! They have been known to be present in the toilet after vomiting or a healthy bowel movement. You can check out an online Canadian Pharmacy to see if they have the medication you need.

As you’ve often heard. A good offense is the best defense. Consider the Ultimate Colon Cleanser today and rid your body of all intestinal parasites.

Pinworms – #2 Parasite Infecting Humans

Pinworms Paraistes

Over 500 million people are infected with pinworms, with the majority of these being children. These parasites will awaken you in the middle of the night by an intense itching around the anus. If you’ve experienced this you’ve likely been infected by pinworms for 2-3 months. Pinworms, also known as threadworms, will sneak out at night to lay their eggs on the fertile skin surrounding your anus.

In order to confirm a pinworm infestation a flashlight can be used to inspect a stool sample. Pinworms will show up as ‘glowing’ and about 1/3″ long. Another method for pinworm detection is a piece of tape on the perianal skin. Press the tape to the skin surrounding the anus and remove and examine it for eggs or worms. Once you remove the parasites, you might want to consider using a lotion made with hemp to help you heal.

Pinworms are extremely contagious and will contaminate family members, bed sheets, clothing, carpet, and under your fingernails. Ensure fingernails are kept short and avoid scratching the anus. Take a shower at least once per day and change clothes and bed linens daily as well.

Pinworms are easily contracted by ingesting pinworms eggs from contaminated food, drink, or dirty hands.

The quickest most effective treatment is Albendazole or Pyrantel. These drugs are prescribed by your doctor. However a colon cleanse product may also be used to rid your body of pinworms and should be used annually to ensure your body is clear of all parasitic organisms.

Giardia -Waterborne Human Parasites

Giardia is one of the most common waterborne parasites. Its immune to chlorinated water and can live in cold water for about 2 months. The reason Giardia is tough to kill is because its protected by an outer shell. As it’s passed through stool it is able to live for a much longer time than most parasites.

You’re likely to be infected by Giardia from swallowing contaminated water in swimming pools, fountains, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, or ponds. Also eating uncooked food or picking up contaminated diapers, bathroom fixtures, or toys.

About a week or two after you’ve been infected you’ll likely experience diarrhea. Don’t be surprised if this is accompanied gas, cramps, or greasy stool.

Treatment for Giardia is Furoxone. This drug is prescribed by a doctor. Here again a colon clease product can be used to flush the parasites from your system.

Hookworms – Terrifying Human Parasites

Hookworms Parasite

Above, on the left, we have a head shot of a hookworm. On the right, we have a ring worm feasting on your intestines. Hookworms enter through the skin, usually through bare feet, and migrate through the bloodstream to the lungs and intestines. The also may be ingested through contaminated food or water.

You may have itchiness or redness where the larvae penetrate the skin (most likely your feet). If they make it undetected into your system you may have a dry cough, blood-tinged septum, wheezing, and a low grade fever. If the larvae make it all the way to your intestines they’ll begin sucking blood at which point you’ll lose your appetite, experience killer diarrhea, and most likely double over in abdominal pain, not to mention anemia.

Hookworm treatment usually includes Albendazole or Pyrantel, which is exactly the same treatment for Pinworms. Anemia will be treated as symptoms arise and it could take up to 3 months for it to resolve itself. A colon cleanser, such as the Ultimate Colon Cleanser is extremely effective in reducing your chances of a major hookworm infestation. It is also possible to cure a hookworm infestation with a colon cleanse, but a prescription drug is the quickest and most efficient method.

Schistosoma – Blood Vessel Parasites

Schistosoma Parasites

These microscopic parasites are also know as blood flukes and are known to the World Health Organization as the second biggest danger to society next to Malaria. They call blood vessels home and can pass their eggs through urine and feces. Hosts are infected by penetrating the skin. Once you’re infected, chances are you’ll never even know it.

If you do it would be a fever, chills, or perhaps a cough. Your body has a severe reaction to the eggs, not the worm itself. Repeated infection can damage the liver, intestines, lungs, and bladder. Once the doc as inspected your urine and stool you’ll be given a drug that will knock these guys out in 2 days.

Tapeworms – The 20′ Parasite

tapeworms Parasites

In the true spirit of parasites, I’ve saved the best for last. Tapeworms are the mack daddy of parasites that can measure upwards of 20 FEET long! If you suspect you have a tapeworm parasite infestation keep an eye on your stool because these guys are so long they tend to break off. As long as the head remains attached in the intestine they will continue to grow. Humans are generally infected by tapeworms through cattle. Tapeworms will bore through the intestinal wall of the cow and lodge themselves in the muscle where you ingest them (I’d get my steak well done, by the way).

If you don’t believe these guys can get to 20′ check out this picture from the Oprah show. Dr. Oz and Oprah are holding onto a huge tape worm. There is no denying that these guys are big and nasty. There symptoms are pretty nasty too. By the way, you know what Dr. Oz recommends?

Tapeworm symptoms are similar to the others including abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and constipation. If you’re looking to lose a couple pounds you might consider letting a couple tapeworms take up residence in your intestines. It is rumored that tapeworms were a core ingredient of some diet pills.

Conclusion About Parasites

Parasites are everywhere. Dogs. Cats. Kids. Adults. There are many things you can do like washing your hands and fully cooking your food that can significantly reduce your risk of getting parasites, but you’ll never be absolutely sure they are gone. That’s why a healthy colon is critical. A healthy colon ensure that your intestines are not a breeding ground for these nasty organisms.

If you suspect you have parasites



    • Llol, I bet they would. I know the Victorians used to eat tapewroms to stay thin, especially when they wanted to squeeze into those corsets. In the end, they just died from starvation though… I think I would sooner be fat, if I’m honest… :shock:

  1. As a qualified tropical disease biologist I found this article an interesting find. Many of the points you make are correct but there are some errors. The top two pictures are both of hook worms (Ancylostoma duodenale), low grade infections of 1-10 worms would probably not be noticed at all, especially in a well fed westerner. They can cause anaemia in heavy infections. Interestingly they secrete chemicals which suppress the immune response and it is theorised that the lack of worm infections in the west is responsible for the rise in allergies (due to the immune response becoming unbalanced). Adult tapeworms do not bore through the intestinal wall, the larval stages domigrate to muscle or even brain tissue. This mostly happens in pigs but can occur in humans, causing many problems such as epilepsy and death. Larval Tapeworm infections of the brain (neurocystercercosis) is one of the major causes of neurological disorders in the developing world. And in your picture of the schistosome the “thing” dangling out of the male is actually the female worm!

    • Hi there N ,

      A bit of a long shot but I wondered if you could help me?
      I have something living in my eyes, I went to Thailand last year for a month and returned at the end of Jan 2007.

      Since March this year I have been problems with my eyes ‘stringies’ is the only way to describe what I have been pulling out of them, long, clear (to begin), sticky, stringies. I first attended my doctors at this time first it was ‘hay fever’, As in previous years I have been prone to a little hay fever I didn’t rule this out. Now I’m regretting it.

      I gave up with my doctor, and took it upon myself to see the optician. I cant remember what he said at that time, but to cut a long story short, I was referred to the eye Hospital . I have since had 2 visits, but neither of the times they picked up anything. I have been tested for sexually transmitted disease’s and I’m presuming whatever it is they test people like me for at this stage. Nothing has shown positive.
      Since then I have took it upon myself again (The national health service is great here!) and Ive collected the black/brown things(Which are what the long stringy things seem to be attached to) the doctors were adamant they were a bits of my makeup, I again proved them wrong to this fact, I’ve took to collecting some of these creature things on cotton buds, I also got one from my doctors which is activated by fluid, Im taking all these to by 3rd Appointment. The fluid one has grown, and looks like slugs. Nice.

      As soon as wake I am made aware of them, I ignore them, however come 3pm daily, without fail, the irritation is so to the point the little sticky things are peeping out the corners in the eye. My left one is allot worse than my right, but both are infected.

      Have you ever heard of anything like this before??????? Advises appreciated. Thanks Em age27

      • did you get an answer to this.. .if you caugh this infection/worm thing in Thailand… western doctors will probably not recognize it at all…

        did you tell them you went to thailand…? did you see a doctor who has practiced in that area at all? (thailand, philipines… etc) ..


      • What happened with your eyes?
        It sounds like you have filaria, which is seen in animals, not often in humans.
        One type is the cause of western Africa’s “river blindness”, so I’d strongly urge you to keep at your doctors.
        Since you seem to be in the UK, why not consult the London School of Tropical Medicine?
        Best wishes,

      • I took a dog to the vet the other day, she was diagnosted with whip worm. The office informed me that people can get whip worm also. One symptom to look for was it affects the eyes. Just something to consider.

      • My daughter had this after getting a new type of contact lens..the eye doctor said she was allergic to the contacts. They gave her a different brand and they cleared up and stop getting those “string” things…that’s exactly how she decribed them. You must be allergic to something

      • Hi there Emma,

        I was just watching this show on TV yesterday and it was called Eaten Alive on Animal Planet. They were talking about all these people that were infected by parasites. All diferent kind of parasites. I’m from Cambodia and theres only a few that I’ve heard of but this amazed me. So to get to the point, there was this one guy that went to Africa and came back to the US for 3 yrs until he realize something was wrong. He was watching TV and his eyes started to get very itchy. It didn’t hurt but it felt like something was there, an eye lash or string or something. He’s a scientist so he knew off the bat what it was. He went to the mirror and opened his eyes wide and he saw something moving across. It was a long white worm. I believe it was called lo lo or la la. When I saw that it scared me. If your problem have been resolved then thats good but if you haven’t gotten any answer yet you might want to ask about this.

        • I resent because it did not sent right the 1st time

          You may have Loa Loa and filariasisave if you have this you must get medical treatment now!! they are transmitted by a type of dear fly but I may also be wrong. there are tests for this.I hope this was helpful. if this is not what you have you may consider seeing a dr that specializing in the flied of parasitic infection.

      • you may have if you have this you must get medical treatment now Loa Loa and filariasis they are transmitted by a type of dear fly but I may also be wrong. there are tests for this.I hope this was helpful. if this is not what you have you may consider seeing a dr that specializing in the flied of parasitic infection.

        BACKGROUND: Sparganosis is a zoonosis that occurs occasionally in humans. The infection is reported in many countries but is most common in eastern Asia. In Thailand, a southeast Asian country, the infection is sporadic. DESIGN: In this study the clinical presentations of human sparganosis cases in Thailand were investigated by means of a literature review. RESULTS: Reports of 34 cases of sparganosis were found. The infections were ocular (17 cases), subcutaneous (ten cases), central nervous system (five cases), auricular (one case), pulmonary (one case), intraosseous (one case) and intraperitoneal (one case). Of these 34 cases, 14 had risk behaviour reported, 12 had a history of drinking impure water, five had a history of eating frog or snake meat and two had a history of using frog or snake meat as a poultice. Some cases had more than one risk factor. CONCLUSION: Most cases of sparganosis in Thailand presented with superficial ocular mass lesions. The major risk behaviour in Thailand is drinking water contaminated with the infective organism. Some cases of serious deep visceral sparganosis have also been reported.

      • I’m about a year too late for this, Nov. 21, 2008 but recently I saw what you’ve decribed on television, USA, and there actually was a worm in this person’s eye. A doctor finally was able to see it as it appeared during an exam. It wasn’t too big a deal for it’s removal. I wish you luck!

    • i need your help my family member has a worm that grows in her body in her back and causes harm can you help me

      • disolve 25 alfalfa tablets in water for hours add to bath then add one cap of sun laundry dertegent to bath buy black african soap parasites hate all these things eat garlic pumpkin seeds and do parasite killing herbs containing black walnut cloves and wormwood also clay volcanic thickley put on the skin will smother and pull out all sorts of parasites leave on until it dries and cracks and then rub it off outside or over newspaper then do the bath if all else fails then you could purchase a black box off line this really lets them have it . terrible experience i am sure this will take care of the monster.

    • Help!!! I have contracted various worm parasites by unknowingly eating contaminated food from Asia. Most have been identified (hookworms,tapeworms,ascais,pinworm)and I am being treated, herbally. I have something in my nose and have been searching for the truth. I have 2 balls one on each side up the nose, it restricts my breathing. Since being ill I’ve started snoring can’t get my breath. I read that if the nose is opstructed there is something wrong. Do you know??? :sad: :?:

      • If you have worms dont use natural stuff. I made a mistake like that too. Took it for 10 days, and now feels like I have something in my stomack and up in the tube. Going for an x-ray on tuesday. Really hope its not parasites. But the symptoms started exactly after I finished that natural stuff.
        Go to the doctor!!!

      • I started a cleasing program in Jan’08. Got Dr. Hulda Clark’s book ‘The Cure for All Cancers’ & read it. Built the zapper and started zapping parasites. She doesn’t say to do this, but I put the zapper right on my sinus’ & nose & throat and gargled with concentrated salt water after and couldn’t believe the junk that came out. I was suprized at how well I could breath, but until then, I didn’t know I wasn’t breathing well. Her book is about parasites and is a very good source if you struggle with your health. I suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome for years, Dr. Clark’s book is the 1st real help i’ve ever had besides suppliments that just kept me alive. I’m still working at it because my case was so severe, however, CFS is no mystery any more. So get on her website & buy a zapper if you don’t have anyone to build it for you and kill that thing out of your head. You’ll need to get a cleansing program, I recommend Colonix by Dr Natura(.com).

    • I know why I am looking and investigating; I believe I am being visited by an unwanted being. It is all gross; but really it could save a life. Just because a doctor told you that everything is normal; it could be just the opposite.

  2. By the way, just so you know ringworm is not a parasite. It is not even a worm. All it is is a viral infection like athlete’s foot…

    • i agree…kind of by after recent studies i have descovered a more detailed view on ring worm, some feel that ring worm is a form of fungi that is created somewhat like athlete’s foot but no, it is not a fungi…infact after two years of studying the female moskitoes i have learned that Ring worm is actually a liquid residue that is in the feces (crap, poop, shit) of the females…and strangly it is only the female. :mrgreen: Enjoy.

      • Sorry round worm tamer; I agree with the doctor. The cause of roundworm has long been established to be a fungus that grows in a ring shape.
        In old times, people thought that it looked like a worm, hence the name.
        Kind regards,

    • It’s possible, alright. They drop tape worm egg sack down the throat of women wanting to lose weight.

      Suckers. They contaminated generations of people to come, handing the parasite over and on down to everyone around them.

      • no this is incorrect what actually happens after giving the person the pill is that they come back in a matter of weeks, months and instead of passing the worm from generation to generation, they actualy use a process that removes all…and i MEAN all waste or acids form your digestive track allowing you to pass the worms out of your body, but it is cool the scientists keep those worms alive to see what type of fat the person had in their body… :grin: :mrgreen:

  3. i worked in an animal hospital and tapeworms were the most common parasite that we saw in dogs and cats. that’s some nasty stuff. you can get hookworms by walking around barefoot outside, so make sure to wear slippers in the summer! and don’t eat poop.

  4. ”It is rumored that tapeworms were a core ingredient of some diet pills”

    INTERESTING but just thinking of those worms can make someone lose weight. I’ll recommend the psychological pill.

  5. I have been seeing a gastrologer for 2 years now because of excessive and rapid loss of weight and other things. My mother thought it was a tape worm but after reading this article it couldn’t be. Thanks for the information.

  6. :shock: well how do you get rid of tape worms people say you are supposed to put a worm glass of milk in front of your mouth and it will crawl out and try to get the milk but is that true ? ~brittany~

    • no that is not true….lmao you have to use luck warm vinigar…somehting in the liquid atracts the little buggers. youwill just like puke them all up….soooo CCOOOOLLLLL
      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • Is this a serious question?? How could you imagine that it could work – someone is having fun with you. Go to a dr and get the right medicine….

  7. This is mightily disgusting! Ewww! Good reminder to be super clean! Hope your son is ok. The little ones are such easy targets for bugs, germs and these guys. ewww again. thanks for the reminder.

  8. ok that was one of the most disturbing articals i could every read my whole body had sivers at the thought of haveng something live in my body anyone else get that feelings i need to puke now bye
    ~ewwwwww :shock:

  9. I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a serious worm paranoia. Ever since I took some biology classes and learned about these disgusting creatures, I’ve had this fear that I have parasites and just don’t know it. I don’t eat raw or undercooked meat, but when I was young I licked my cat’s fur and shared a glass of milk with her…hope I didn’t contract anything!

  10. there’s an article—mind control by parasites at livescience–check it out..
    seems you forgot a few parasites that come with our beloved pets–kittens and puppies.

  11. o.m.g that is gross…but i think i have tape worm. i hope not :shock: :oops:

    i love ian and tom and steve!
    lol forced 2 say that. :roll:

  12. We just added a member to our family a PUPPY! :roll: We saved her life, a beautiful lab, about MAYBE 4 months old, she was running on the freeway with no tags & almost got hit we tried for two days posting pictures and even at the police station but they said the could not do anything and the shelter were closed until Monday ( small coastal town). She was laying on a blanket & what looked like a very small piece of noodle came out of her rear!!!! :shock: I SCREAM put everything in the laundry with LOTS of bleach & hot water, is this maybe just puppy worms?? After this picture I’m over reacting Not touching her with out gloves & have her on lock down in the bathroom until I can find out some thing????

    • well…lol ok btw there is no such thing as “puppy worm” sorry to say but if she/he had no tags they the pup was probably alone for a while and probably ate something that they were not supposed to. so next time you see this you need to get somebody to hold her done and you need to very very VERY slowley pull it out…and do NOT WHAT EVER YOU DO, CUT OR BREAK THE WORM BECAUSE THEN YOUR PUP WILL HAVE WORMS FOR THE REST OF IT’S LIFE, which wont be very long if she has suck a larg amount were they are comming out of her butt…but other than that just go to the vet and tell the vet EVERYTHING that has happend since the day you found her

    • lol dont worry, unless you feel something moving in there AND unless there is a 3ft by 2ft worm in your stomach, then it is just gas

      • Ooops! Your comment unveils the fact that you are NOT a scientist. Any scientist would know better than to make a diagnosis based on such limited evidence. Shame on you trying to deceive people!

  13. Coppertone – We had a smiliar situation w/ a dog that found us. She had little white things coming out of her rear, kind of like rice. I forget what kind of worm it was, but i found meds OTC at a pet store and they were gone w/in 24 hours. Just describe it to them and the puppy will be fine, it’s common among dogs that get fleas. I guess it’s from the dog biting a flea that is infected.

  14. eww,those warms are so disgusting, :shock: I heard some people use those roundwarms to lose weight, cos they can never stop eating,those warms can help them to lose weight whitout deiting, i wanted to use this method before,but after seeing those pics, Im so done with thinking of using it….Gosh they are disgusting!!!!!!

  15. Hi, i fel things uder the skinn all over about every 3 days, i get headacks also. I take applecidar vinicger 2 times 3 table spoons a day, iv takin blackwalnut tinicher cloves crushed in my mouth and wormwood and still feel them all over. what can i do i dont think doctors will listen to me or beleave me, so hope you can help.

    • you need to not freak out so much ok. just listen to what i have to say. first it might just be paranoia, but it might not be. this may cause pain but it will work to get the docs to beleive you. now the next time you feel them you need to either get a friend/ family member that you trust to supervise you and then get a really shar and sanitized knife and cut ever so slightly AROUND NOT ON the spot
      were you feel one then you need to let it come to the cut when that is done EVER SO SLOWELY YOU NEED SOMETHING TO WAP THE HEAD OF THE WORM ON THEN EVERY FEW SECONDS you need to wrap it a little bit more…you dont want to go to fast or you might break the worm then you are, sorry to say, screwed. after you get it outfind something to hold it in the dab up the blood , go to the E.R. then show the doc they will take it from there. :) good luck hope i can help you. :grin:

      • Really Worm Tamer! What are you thinking of?? Recommending that people start cutting themselves up and extracting worms? Who are you that you could even imagine this to be good advice?!

        If this person has worms under his skin, he needs to go to a doctor, who can determine if it is even a good idea to try pulling out a worm, and if so, it can be done under proper sterile conditions. I suspect that the doctor has other, less painful and invasive methods of helping the person!

        I can tell John that I’ve had a similar experience and found that prescription medicine I’d received for whipworms also worked for these guys. For about three weeks, 2-3 mm skeletons crawled out of my skin, easiest to see and collect from my bed in the morning. I took about 8-10 of these to my tropical medicine doctor, who told me that he’d never seen them before. However, that medicine did work for me.

        I’d like to add that I’d also used the herbs that you name, as well as others for two years. My experience is that it does seem to calm them down but just doesn’t seem to eradicate them completely. In the end, I did the prescription medicine with the herbs as a follow-up adjuct therapy for several months. In this way, I’ve been able to get rid of stuff which has plagued me for a decade or more.

        Best wishes,

      • :/ roundworm tamer, really now. those worms are extremely dangerous and to have them removed is a matter of life and death. it should never under any circumstances, ever be done at home. not to mention only a doctor can tell if you have them and they’re most common in mexico. cutting yourself can lead to death too. only doctors know for sure where to cut you so you don’t bleed to death. never ecommend someone do anything medical at home.

  16. This site is totally cool, I been constipated for quite sometime now, but I’m gonna go get that checked out. I love reading this its so informative. Keep up da good work.

  17. hgahahaha its me again about the up the ass thing with that girl i was just joking it was my friend and he was baging her properly in the va-j-j and she really did crap them out and my friend did explote it my friends name is troy matsen and he lives in vernon b.c. canada he goes to clarence fulton secondary :mrgreen:

  18. about the schitosoma thing, it’;s worth mentioning that actually it is NOT the penis- as some people joked-hanging out, it is infact the FEMALE schistosoma that the male schisto. carries around in his gynaecophoric canal. the female schisto is actually longer and thinner than the male.
    enjoy :cool:

  19. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! my brother and i love worms! we r making a powerpoint on them! :mrgreen: :shock: :smile: :cool: :grin: :roll: :razz: :wink:

  20. I feel so yucky now…. ewwww. Feels like worms are crawling all over me after lookig at this website. You mention the doc can give meds for 3 days and parasite is dead? I thought the herbal parasite cleanse kills more parasites the the meds given by the doc. I read the meds kills only 3 different type of parasite but herbal kills over 100 … Is this true?

    • Yea itsz true most herbal medicine are better than the crap they give u at the doctorsz but they wont teach u that cuz doctors are greedy dey just want u 2 keep bying their products. but sum herbsz are found in tropical areasz

  21. This is quite informative, but I still wonder about eating Ramen Noodles considering tapeworms, though in many ways I doubt Ramen Noodles could be contaminated.. Could they? :neutral:

  22. Great job on the photos and the research. I think it is amazing to see what people aren’t aware off. I must state that you only pointed out the worm-type macroscopic parasitres. The definition of a parasite is an organism that gains benefit from some other organism. In that case, mites in your eyebrows, bedbugs feeding on you at night, Lyme’s disease, and many others are parasites as well. I study Plant pathology, so we have to distinguish between pathogen and parasite… Thanks!

  23. My daughter has just found pinworms again in her stool shes 10. Second time in 16 months, I asked the nurse at the doctors office and she said dogs can bring them in on their feet. What’s up with that? The only thing I’ve read is that they live in humans not the outdoors and can only get them from human to human contact. Think this person has a dog phobia?

    • Amazing read folks, i’m particularly interested in how you find out if you have them or not, is there an idiotproof method for this?

      I’m sure we have all felt a itchyness from time to time in the trapdoor, and i’m sure we’ve all had those days where we jsut don’t feel like eating.

      So lets put our heads together and figure out how we can test if we are holding a spagetti party inside our bodies.

      Idiotproof – this only works until they go out and build a better idiot ;-)

    • No, the nurse is actually right. One of the most common ways that children get pinworms is from their household pets licking them, or from the ground or floor where the child during play touches the floor, and later, their mouth.

      This is the reason why it is important to de-worm your dogs and cats regularly, especially if they are in contact with other dogs and cats.

      Kind regards,

      • if you think you have worms go to the doctor. they will take a tiny little spoon and get out some of your fecal matter and look at it to see if you have worms. also if you pass a worm, theres probably more where that one came from so go to the doctor. If there is anyway possible get the worm out of the toilet and put it in a jar or cup to take with you to show the doctor. he will then know exactly what you are working with.

  24. my girlfriend just go a puppy,a staffy cross.. and its 1st poop is infested with worms.. poor little thing,its only about 7 weeks old.i’m hunting down which worm it is.. they kind of look like a circle when they die.

  25. btw if any1 doesnt want to go to the doctor about there pinworm problem. just dont touch your ass, wash your hands at any avalible opitunity, and eat desicated cocoanut (i asume its the fiber that helps.)

    …………..worked for me anyway

  26. I HAVE Read Most comments, and the majority of people are saying random things.

    for example, the Schistosoma parasite is a parasite that lives mainly in Egypt. U get the parasite by getting ur body eXposed to WATER , in this case the NILE!

    I mEAN how many non-Egyptians will get that parasite, By taking a SWIM for a change :wink: . COME ON ! by the WAY THAT CREEPY LITTLE pRotrUding thing is the FEMale’s HEAD ! :eek: Yeah belive me. This particular one Mates with the male and goes on to live in a small Vein near the bladder and lay EGGS ! You’LL find blood in ur URINE by then :???: Dont worry the Cure is 100% effective

    The HOOKWORMS are SO RARE !!!! U’d have to be BAREFOOTED to begin with, and WALKING IN A TROPICAL RAIN FOREST. When was the last time u did That !!! :smile:

    The TAPEWORM that’s an INTERESTING one. U get that by eating NOT WELL COOKED Beaf OR POrK :roll: Eat UR MEAT WELL done and Avoid the Chances please !! :neutral:

    That AlSO goes out for FISH and CRUSTACEANS. SAlaMON and CrabS NOT COOKED ON HIGH Temperatures WILL Get U A NICE Parasite THAT CAN LIVE in UR LUNGS!!!! And then U’ll eXpeRieNCE fOR the first time BLOOD in UR COUGH !!! :shock:

    I’D like to aDD thaT MOST PARasiTES are TRANsmiTed through UNwashed Vegetables, uncooked LIVER :smile:( some people eAT that), MOSquIto bites :cry: , FONdling aroUND anIMALS( DogS, Cats,RAts, PIGS, CATTle, MOnkeYS, BirDS). SO TrY kEEPING ur Self AwAY frOM These BEASTS :mad: !! JUST KIDDING


    IF U EXPERienCE AnY OF THESE SymptOMS U miGht wanna give a QUIck VISiT TO UR DOCTOR!!!

    NAUSEA :oops: ( feel like VOMIT IS On its Way :?: )
    HeaVY DIARRHEA( might SEE BlOOD)
    HEAVY SKIN ITCHING, AftER A SWIM or ON THE sOles OF UR FeeT ( after waking barefooted :mrgreen: ) OR ArouND UR ANUS :!:
    ANORexIA (except CRAzY MODeL WaNNAbees)
    ANEmiA ( u’ll Get A BlooD test OFcourse)

    All these SympToms haVE :evil: COMLICATIONS :evil: . SO PaY AttenTiON TO UR bODY. :smile:

    • you only get it from mosquto bites from a misquito who ahs malaria? Only the female mosqitos drink blood.

  27. i think i have the round worms cuz for some strange reason i have bumps all over my ankles and legs but i thought it was nothing .. But looking at this web site made me THink…

    • flea bites or bug bites most worms in U.S.A. don’t leave bumps on you, especialy not on ankles (no nutrition to feed on.)

  28. At the top of the page Goldstien said sonthin about a pill you could take wwith a tape worm in it.
    They do have those :shock: but its not a tape worm its a round worm :!: its the lava stage of the worm that you take then it hatches inside you stumic and swims into your lower intestine. and that is were it lives. :smile:
    you can then eat any thing you want but you wont gain a pound/ well you wont but the worm will. it will suck out all the nutrients from that spot. when you dont want it any more you just take anouther pill that kills it. :shock:
    im doing a report on it for zoology right know. :grin:

    • I hope that you have not submitted your zoology report yet. There is at present research being done to determine if worms, among them roundworms, are not a “hidden” cause of overweight. The reason is that the worms take all the nutrients for themselves, leaving the person with all the leftovers. Over time, this gives a person nutritional deficiencies – except in the areas of calories, and the person ends up with feeling constantly, vaguely hungry. This causes overeating and weight gain with time.

      It’s not as easy as “just swallow another pill that kills it”. to get rid of them. Roundworms living in the gut, for example, are notorious for migrating out of the intestines as the poison/medicine passes, returning afterwards. This is the reason for the famous stories about worms coming out through the mouth when the medicine is taken – they are trying to escape through every available path.

      Other types of parasites can encapsulate themselves in shells or the intestinal wall, for example, as long as the anti-parasite medicine is in the blood or intestine. This ability to “hide” makes treatment very difficult. Some types must be treated more than once (first to kill the adults and a few weeks later to kill the hatched-out eggs) and the person forgets to take the second dose, or worse, the treating physician is not aware of this. There are even documented cases of antibiotic resistance, which is very worrying.

      So, please, do not mislead yourself or others with the idea that parasites can be used for slimming or are easy to get rid of. They should be avoided in every possible way; prevention is the the best cure.

      Kind regards,

    • In Mexico at the border towns, you do buy tapeworm diet pills. You can get it from any pharmacy, and comes with two pills. One is the tapeworm egg. You take it and when you maintain the weight you want, then you take the second pill. I believe it is cyanide or some form of it (sorry I don’t really know it in English) and it is supposed to kill the tapeworm and you just poo it out. Many of my friends have done this but it is risky (as everything in this world). It’s also a problem when they don’t actually die or have young ones. Cyanide also is dangerous; North Korean spies take cyanide when they are caught so they don’t release information (but not sure if they do this anymore). Tears of my Soul is the book for the cyanide account.

  29. I really wish you people, (ETHAN JAMES REBECCA DANI) :mad: would stop wasting space with meaningless comments. SOME PEOPLE NEED THIS SPACE FOR HELP. I don’t know any of you E J R D take the 10 year old with pinworm for example or the poor woman with worm eye. :!: :sad: THANK YOU ROUND WORM TAMER YOU ARE SUCH A BIG HELP!! :!: :!: :razz: I need some:

    For a while I wasn’t able to eat a regular 2,000 calories a day i think and was very weak and dehydrated and went to therapists and doctors and hat CAT scans and blood drawn but now, I eat SOOOO much more than that and I could but probably don’t exceed 2,000 calories per/d. Could I have had a tapeworm and since rid myself of them :???: :???: :?:

  30. This kind of thing scares the crap out of me. I think i need a lot of help now because i am so scared that i set my alarm and get up every 2 hours to have a shower in hopes of getting rid of pin worms. (however, i probably don’t even have them!) :eek:

  31. I’m hoping someone, particularly a doctor or “Round Worm Tamer”, My dog has been diagnosed and treated for two different types of intestinal parasites, the most recent was hookworms. She was treated for coccidia first and cured and then turned up with hookworms a few monthes later. She is currently being treated to remove the hook worms. I have a few questions, first, how is she getting these worms?? and secondly, I know that hookworms can be passed from dogs to humans, what is the likelyhood that she has passed it to me and what can I do to avoid it? What are some warning signs I should look out for? should I be tested for these worms? please respond!! Im worried sick!

    • Dear Worried in Chicago,

      The hookworms are in the grass, just waiting for any warm-blooded creature to happen by. They crawl in through the skin, and then migrate through the body to the intestinal tract. This is why it’s important to de-worm your dog regularly – isn’t it always outside every day?

      Yes, you can get them from the ground or from your dog. Symptoms are usually vague, like slight to strong nausea, bloating during the evening or just a general feeling of discomfort in your abdomen, and more fatigue than normal. At the site where the hookworms have penetrated the skin, there is usually a reddening for a few days, people call this “dew itch”.

      Yes, it is a wise precaution to get yourself checked and treated if your dog has (had) it. You might ask the vet what he/she thinks about your being tested as well.

      Hookworms are fairly easy to treat, so no need to worry, just stay on top of this by staying alert and going in for treatment as needed.

      Kind regards,

    • Thats why I dont have dogs :razz:

      And knowing people who do, and “kiss” their dogs all the time :shock: ………..blah…..
      Just think that 5 min ago dog was licking his behind, gross.
      I wish people whould stop doing that……..(im not saying that u do it, just had to say it)

  32. Errr…Round Worm Tamer…I Dont know what you where on when you sugested ‘Cutting the worms out’….DONT!

    It would probably be more harmfull than haveing the worm :shock:

    Just go to the doc at the first sign of ANYTHING worng with you. Were not all monsters :mrgreen:

  33. :shock: well i know i have pin worms now…..maybe it was something i ate at camp last year……it was the summer time and a lot of bugs were out this year in the wooded area were i was staying….. i was in a cabin though but i still saw bugs, such as: spiders, bugs i never heard of, and another one i just forgot…. aslo it could have been in my bed at camp were i was sleeping at. i went to the doctor and they told me i had pin worm but they said i can treat and i caught it in time. they made me takes pills so far. they said it would help but i only see maybe i little progress……how long does it usely take for this pin worns to get of my anus? aslo do they go anywhere esle in my body? can it harm me?

    • Pinworms seem to stay in the colon. You should take the medicine that your doctor gave you, then there should be a follow-up check a few weeks later. It is not uncommon to need 2-4 courses of treatment, but if you follow the regime, there is a good chance of your being completly rid of them.

      It has long been believed that pinworms give no other symptoms than locally but new research suggests that it does, unfortunately. My experience as a semi-professional is that it does for some adults, and quite often does in children.

      Something that you can do to help yourself get rid of the pinworms is to cut out all sweets and sugars during the treatment period, as all types of worms thrive on/love sugars and sweets – almost more than we do!

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

  34. my husband just told me that when he went 2 the bathhroom he found 2 worms. he hasnt had any itching or been sick or anything.could it be pinworms

  35. reply to comment about the stringy bits in the eyes i thought everyone got that i do all the time and it goes black when i wear mascara all my friends say the same i thought it was just eye mucus that protects your eyes from dryness i pull it out and it tickles its not a worm lol

  36. I think all the worms and stuff are gross but it really helped me out on my science homework. I would not like to get the worms and stuff but i feel sorry for people who have them. :roll: :oops:

  37. Hi. Does anyone know of a parasite that mimics the “itchy butt” symptom of a pinworm infection? I have a family member who thought she had contracted a pinworm infection from one of my kids three months ago. She went through 3-4 doses of the Reece’s Pinworm medicine without effect. She’s gone to her physician several times and he said the infection must surely be gone and to stop taking the Reece’s Pinworm medication because of potential effects to her liver.

    She’s going absolutely crazy and doesn’t know what to do! Does anyone know what kind of specialist treats parasite infections? Would this be an infectious disease doctor? She went to a GI doctor and he said he doesn’t deal with pinworms.

    Thank you for any ideas……

  38. I often feel as if something is moving around in my intestines. Have had constipation problems for years, tried multiple products with no success. Could all this be attributed to parasites?

    • Go to this site and follow the links. You’ll see some shocking pictures. I’m not selling thier system one way or the other, I’m still investigating but they have some pictures you’ll be interested in even if they make you sick to look at.

  39. Don’t give up. No matter what doctors have told you! You know your body the best and try not to go crazy in the process; if you sense there is something wrong; keep a log of all that bothers you.

  40. I have scars where I haven’t had any cuts . I believe that these scars have been caused by some sort of living organism. Is there anyone that can help me. I need help.

  41. In 1987 when I was 21 yrs old, I went to Greece and Turkey.
    While I was there I got severe diareah.
    I know this sounds crazy, but I had it for months and never went to the Dr.
    I was loosing weight fast and loving it. I lost 20 lbs in one month. No pain,
    just very watery stools all the time. Eventually it went away.
    At one point I went to a naturapathic
    Dr. who did some blood work and told me she could see some sort of parasite
    in my blood. I then went to a regular MD and she said it wasn’t a parasite and
    it could have just been fuzz or something on the microscope glass. :???:
    I then took some ticture that was for blood parasites. I had severe itching mainly in my legs. It was making me crazt type itching.
    Also, about 20-30 little red blood blister bumps came to the surface of my skin,
    mostly on my abdomen, but other places, like my arms also. l I thought it could
    be some sort of parasite trying to come out because it didn’t like the ticture.
    I went back to the MD, she said I was having an alergic reaction to the
    ticture I was taking, she gave me some kind of med to stop the itching.
    Now, I am 42 year old and I still feel like something isn’t right in my abdomen.
    Sometimes, like last night, I feel something large moving in my abdomen. I
    know what it feels like to have something move inside of me, because both my
    children were very active while they were in my womb, and that is what it
    remind me of. Please, not a joke, someone tell me who to go to for this.
    Oh, also, the only sickness I ever get is something wrong with my lungs. Last year I got pnomonia and it lasted two months. And just lately within the last
    month I am feeling like it’s hard to get a good deep breath. This scares me.
    Also, Could I have passed something to my children while the were in my womb?

    • Okay, maybe they didn’t like my language in the last comment I made. But Sister, you can find out how to attack that organism. There are herbs available at health supply stores and matterials available to tell you how to use them. Don’t wait for your doctor because thats not the business they’re in. “The Cure For All Diseases” and “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” are a couple of titles. Start Googling internal cleansing and colon health. What you have is probably what you think. KILL IT, EXPELL IT and be well. Good luck and good health to you.

    • yes it is possible you could have passed it to your kids if it was something that was dormant in you. I did. I have a cutaneous larva migran and several other opportunistic infections that have been with me for over a year. I got it from either a bug bite or from someones dog. I passed it to my baby. I was pregnant at the time and all three of my other children. if you picked it up from your travels then thats the best case senario you can backtrack. no doctor in the us will belive you unless he is possibly a parasitologist because they do not believe parasites exist here. They are simply products of other idiot teachings. They know as much as the last doctor that taught them.

      parasites are hard to get rid of you need to make your body unwelcome to them. garlic, applecider vinegar, parasite cleansing ,liver flushes, kidney and metal cleanses will help your body defend itself. you need to build immunity. I lost 50 lbs like it was nothing after my son was born. i am now anemic and its only been a year. i have a number of issues that will only get worse with time. i am working on purging this scurge from my body i just dont know what it is: viral, bacterial fungal, worm. it may be all. other opportunistic infections jump on board when your immune system is weak. get blood tested for bacterial and, leishmania, strongyloides infection. does your skin crawl or itch?

  42. this website really helped me fingd interesting facts about parasites when i did my 6th grade science project. I got a 98! :smile:

  43. its funny cus i actually think my dog has ring worms. or something. im haveing a hard time figuring it out. but as suprising as it is. this is SUPER intresting! :!: :lol:

    • safeguard jefferies sells it cheaper than anyone in stores or online watch the safeguard website video and it will educate you on WORMS you can catch from your pets .

  44. How do you know if you have worms or things in your eyes like paracites..
    could you die from any worms there are?and is there a paracite that lives in your eye and is ling and clear maybe a worm?? :?:

  45. How do you know if you have worms or things in your eyes like paracites..
    and is there a paracite that lives in your eye and is ling and clear maybe a worm?? :?:

    • I read an article once that said there are maybe 900 some species of parasites in existence and around 85% or so of us living in the West (its supposedly more in the developing countries) are host to some. So they recomended a cleansing method which (they weren’t selling the products, which went a long way towards making me a believer) involved fasting and a list of suppliments available at health supply stores.

      • Another article says 3000 species. Anyway, this site won’t allow me to post a link so Google kitchen+doctor+parasite+cleansing. You will find a treatment. From the stuff I’ve been reading we’ve all got them and they give us all kinds of diseases but if we take responsibility for our own health we can live parasite, and thereby disease free. Then we can cover the globe up with people and figure out what to do about that. :eek:

  46. There are many species of Hookworms. There are 2 that infect people and only one of these is found in the US. The hookworms that infect dogs do not survive well in humans. Even if you do get one from your pet it will not live long in your body. Helminth reproduction is dependent on ground contamination from feces. So you don’t have to worry. The introduction of plumbing and flush toilets has made accidental infection with human worm parasites almost impossible in the modern world. So don’t worry. If you don’t want worms in your body you are very very very safe from getting them.

  47. oh god.
    I have giardia which seems simple compared to these parasites…but it is awful. For 3 months, I have felt like I am on a boat. I have a CONSTANT dizziness, nausea, it feels like a hangover. Doctor’s antibiotics helped at first, but it’s back after just a week. Do you have ideas? This is unbearable.

    • YES ! You need some mebendazle , you can get it over seas on line Austrialia is the best not INDIA ! The Best place is a clinic where they push you in and out really fast .Just tell them you took your stool sample to the VET and he said your dog had parasites …But it was your sample and you didnt tell your vet and you need some Mebendazole …evry 2 weeks till you can feel them No Longer …Do you have wet ears all the time ? That is one of the symptoms and craving something sweet .Take the Mebendazole every 10 DAYS ! and No anti biotics and buy some Probiotics Jarrow is the best and the other is Nature Made keep it all in the Fridge ! Even if it say’s you dont have to .

  48. This is not funny a all if you are the one infected with
    these creatures. Anyone here experienced or is experiencing
    parasites plus candita and unbalanced ph?
    Parasites and candita in gum from root canel dead tooth and
    later extraction of tooth, but just being eaten up and gum
    still itching, burning, draining after extraction since Sept 2007.
    Dentist oral etc etc see nothing. Doctors see nothing.
    x rays show nothing. Guess what microscopic
    HELP :shock: :shock: Natural dr. told me that it was p and c
    and is treatimg me

  49. Good luck with your western doctors. They don’t think like that. Well, maybe we’re starting to take notice, but it seems to me we’re worth more money to them when we stay sick so why discover the culprits as long as they don’t cause immediate death. The thing that baffles me about all these parasites I’ve been reading about on this site and others (some of them miniature Loch Ness Monsters that live in the colon) is that we’ve been cutting open cadavers for centuries. Is the colon part of the anatomy that everyone including scientists likes to leave the hell alone? “Oh, don’t cut that thing open, throw it off to the side. It’ll stink like crazy!” Sorry, that’s the kind of stuff I think about. Call me stupid. :neutral:

  50. I’m just starting to learn about cleansing but it seems to me the people that are in to it are using herbs, teas, fasting, and I’ve seen a device that sends a mild electical current that we can’t feel but is supposedly enough to kill many of these little buggers. I’m investigating it now because yeah, I feel an occasional tickle in my ears, eyes and nose. I work in the woods and I encounter lots of creepy-crawlers, plus, there are all sorts of mites, bugs, and critters that like hosts that have skin, blood and flesh that are everywhere. We know this world is a whole lot more than meets the eye. And, no, I’m not going to ask my doctor about any of this. I think most of them would roll thier eyes and tell me it was B.S. But, there’s alot of folks, it seems to me, that attribute ALL illness and disease to parasites, toxins or a combination thereof.

  51. unfortunately many people have parasites, whether bacterial, viral, fungal or helmiths and dont know it. they cause many things to happen like eczema, itching, bloating. The lady with the eye issue probably has some sort of filarial worm. There are so many parasites out there aside from these five. Dont think you cant get them because you live in the USA. We are in a new age of travel. OUr military people come back and mingle, immigrants mingle. ITs a fact of life. You are probably infested now, some even live in your hair follicles. take a close look and watch your hair move without any breeze. As long as you coexist peacefully. But some cause cancer so…you decide. a good idea is to cleanse regularly and eat fresh and clean fruits and veggies and if you eat meat make sure it well, well done (avoid beef) sits in gut too long. check out if you are so inclined. Im not promoting it but I buy products from them that work for me.

    • I need some help-I have gone to several doctors and ent-they have performed all kinds of test. I am anemic and they say that they can’t fine anything. Oh, I lived in an apartment that had nasty carpet and it was reported that the occupant before me had a dog and a bird. I know he had a dog the frames on the doors where ruined. Anyway I notice the white casing with a dark area at the tip when I blow my nose. My chief compliant is a itch and pain in the back of throat. the ents’ said that they don’t see anything on the cat scan. I ask for a biopsy to know avail. Could I have some form of hookwork or round worm digging in the back of throat. If so help? What can I do? The doctors want even try to figure it out and I’m frustrated with this itching and pain in my throat. I thank you for your help

  52. A good site for info on this is They have forums on Parasite support, Ask Dr Sutter, Zapper support, Ask Humaworm forum, Ask Barefoot herbalist, etc. Also much info on the Hulda Clark books and methods, such as liver flushes, bowel cleanse, etc.
    “Cure for all Diseases”, “Cure for all Cancers”, etc.

    You can ask questions and read about many different products people have tried, what has worked for them, etc.

  53. Umm Well I saw what looked like pinworms in my well im kinda embarassed to say, but now Im afraid to take go to the bathroom or pretty much even take a shower luckily I took one yesterday and I want to go to the bathroom to confirm If I have them before I make the embarassing announcement to my parents to get the pill but im afraid to go to the bathroom to even see if I have them im soooo scared. help :sad:

    • Go to WAL GREENS and get some PIN X it has Parental POMATE in it …yes just like dog dewomers .And wash your bedding everyday .Do not shake it off the bed roll everything up slowly .Wash everything even the toliet after you use it .And scrub your finger nails all the time .

  54. Do Not Drink any kind of SODA it makes you PH really bad Never drink POP without eating .If you even think you have a parasite problem dont drink any at all just TEA with out SUGAR WHITE TEA by STASH is the Best it even cures MRSA ! And dont for get the FIBER Kellogs has a New FIBER CEREAL better than Fiber One .Has more Fiber .You Must have LOTS FIBER and Lots of WATER .and Probiotics all the time and saurkraut and good whole foods to keep a good PH in your Colon .And doing a Gall Stone flush is very healthy .I had black Circles under my eyes and as I did the flush the next day it went away and my back pain and I felt 20 years younger .Remember to drink Aplejuice for 2 weeks prior to make the clay like stones soft and another flush 2 weeks later and then every 6 months.

  55. As a school child i found this very educational.(even though i found it VERY :eek: disturbing and disgusting.)next time could they be not so.. graphic.

  56. About fours ago my left arm became swollen and infected and i was admitted to hospital were i was given anti-biotics directly into my viens.The doctors never found out what had caused it. but twodays into the treatment it felt like i had tiny creatures swimming about in mt arm. The anti-biotics worked the swelling went away and i was fine.Now 4 years later I have started to get the feeling of tiny little creatures swimming about under my skin again, but i now have the feel all over my body. does anyone know what this might be?….. Don in the Uk

    • You might have some type of skin parasite as I believe I do also. I keep getting these itchy spots that pop up out of nowhere and I swear they are moving around under my skin. I too went to the doctors and they told me it was cellulitis or some such nonsense. They gave me an antibiotic which did nothing because I still get the sores and itching that never seems to stop. It really drives me crazy late at night. has some info on the symptoms of skin parasites check them out and good luck. I’m still doing research on the topic.

      If anyone out there has any info that would help please post it.


  57. “if you live in the United States your chances of getting parasites are greatly reduced”

    Don’t count on it. There are a lot of crazy sick people in the U.s> who have made a living out of infecting others with parasites. The chances are in reality that all of you have parasites same as any other country.

  58. Just the same as they cheat you on you electric bill or manipulate you computer software to piss you off, they collect and grow parasites in the U.S. and purposfully infect everyone for kicks. America is not as clean a country as you think… : \

  59. HELP!!!! I have parasites hookworm,ascaris,pinworms,tapeworm and god only knows waht else. I am taking herbal stuff and know all about the Cure for All Dieseas, zapper, and stupid MD doctors misdiagonis. I have something strange in my nose. Two lumps one in each nostral realy blocking my breathing especially at night. I’m snoring and can’t get enough air. They have become worse, big like they might pop. I’m sceared. Does any one know what this is???? :sad: :?:

  60. well to be truthful my anus has been itching for months. i have tried yeast infection medication, hemmroid suppositories and creams, benedryl ointments…. nothing seems to help. the hair on my head has begun to fall out an an alarming rate. i decided to go to my doctor who took one awkward look at my backside and wrote me script for antibiotics,, “it looks red in there” yea no shit i’ve been scratching and pinching at it for months! i’m ready to take the foot file to it in the shower. this is rediculous.
    when i mentioned pin worms, he discounted right away saying :not in this country: then sent my to his buddy the gastroenterologist who would like nothing more than to explore the deep recesses of my colon, then venture deeper into the twisty turny paths of my intestines, luckily i get a nap during this adventure.. but what the hell do they think they will find after the near deadly regiment of laxitive party down the night before.. i’d have to eat some more uncooked meet for them to come back. our little friends had wild night of water slides. there could be nothing more living in my body after the laxitive overdose. my sons are starting to get symptoms now.. truly what is the best way to approch this with a doctor,,, or is it even necessary> is ther an over the counter treatment we coud begin. <screw these guys, i’m sick of playing the game :”well see you back in a week with this special cream so you can let me know how its going” that will be another 20 $ copay”

  61. You must have metal(s) in your body? Lead, etc. That you are unawre. You have some sort of parasite, mine itched too like that. Probably Candida Albicans now because of the antibioics you took. Google Candidia albicans to see more, 22 symptoms, and leads to other dieseas if it gets cronicly out of control. I had Candidia too! Doctors don’t tell you! Just with the Candidia they have more business $$ with you and they don’t tell how to get rid of this. Ha! Ha! Don’t you love them MDs! I went to whole foods grocery pick up a pamplet on candidia, there is a special diet, to help kill it. I had to tell this to my doctor. What are the doctor’s being taught :?:
    Before you stay ill for years, and infect your entire family go to
    Dr. Clark the Cure For All Dieseas read the book. I wish doctors would read this book! These things are nothing to play with, they can hurt you inside, and cause other dieseas. And if you have one kind of worm, you may have many other kinds unknowingly, like me. Take some herbal blend to kill them and just watch the toilet. The herbal blend will not hurt you.:grin: Just Do It Good Luck!!!! :grin:

  62. i think my dog has roundworms, we found one in his poop yesterday and the vet cant get us in yet, and after reading this…is it possible for him to pass them to me? eek

  63. I have been feeling sick for about 3 weeks now. I ended up in the hopital at one point because of very severe stomach pain. the doctors did numerous tests on me and found absolutely nothing. they said everything including the blood work looked good. I have had the worst stomach pains I have ever experienced, nausea (only actually vomitted 2 times), very tired more than usual, bowel movement problems, lower back pains and on again off again headaches. my stomach pains seem to get worse after I eat… which makes me not want to eat. my stomach growls but I sometimes can’t even make myself eat because of the pain. a friend mentioned maybe I have a parasite from when I went to the lake. my symtoms started about 7-10days after returning from the lake.
    please help… is this a parasite?? if so how do I get rid of it?
    thank you!

  64. Rule of thumb: Don’t listen to any doctors. They are all corrupted. Or more accurately… Human. “You’re blood work is looking good.” is a classic “I’m a random dumbass

    posing as a doctor, statement. Stop relying on Humans for anything especially ones working in alleged professional establishments. The world no longer functions and

    never really did. We are all mercenaries in a barbarically maintained society. The sooner you stop relying on other the better off you’ll be. It’s very possible you have

    had parasites even before you went to the lake. You could have a nematode. Scroll back a few and look at my previous comment. I’ll list it here.

    Comment by willie
    2008-09-07 18:10:30
    “if you live in the United States your chances of getting parasites are greatly reduced”

    Don’t count on it. There are a lot of crazy sick people in the U.s> who have made a living out of infecting others with parasites. The chances are in reality that all of you

    have parasites same as any other country.

    Reply to this comment

    Comment by willie
    2008-09-07 18:12:55
    Just the same as they cheat you on you electric bill or manipulate you computer software to piss you off, they collect and grow parasites in the U.S. and purposefully

    infect everyone for kicks. America is not as clean a country as you think… : \

    To get rid of parasites eat grains, pasta, rice, vegetables. Take multivitamins. Eat meant like black people charred but not too much. You think black people eat charred

    food because they’re black. Think again. They were infected with parasites because they are black like many other things bad done to them. They have adapted

    intelligently to their assaults from other racists races.

    Want to rid your body of all your parasites right now?? Here is how. Buy a pound of vitamin sized hot peppers. The really hot kind. Get the ones that are small. You’re

    not going to chew them unless you can stand it. Swallow them like pills with a glass of water. It’s easy. Better hang over a bar or a rail or something cause look out, by

    the time you finish half a pound of peppers or so soon you’ll have worms of all sizes coming out of every hole in your body. Butt, mouth, nose and eyes. Oh by the

    way don’t panic when the worm squeezes past your eyeball and shoots out of your head.

    Anyway we have got to stop all these sick crazy people running the system and infecting us with not only parasites but diseases, Burning us in showers with super

    hot water, stressing us on computers, controlling our appliances and slowing killing us all from the comfort of their air conditioned office building somewhere in the

    country fat greasy slob in a cubical laughing at the misery they have inflicted on you.

    Good day…


    Like Sci Fi. has the newest Science Fiction saga!

    “Welcome to Star City”

  65. I forgot to mention that the peppers and pasta will be taken off the shelf when they find out what you all are buying them for. The sick crazy people have control of just about everything. If they see that you are buying pasta and rice and peppers such to get rid of your parasite they will start taking these item from the supermarkets. Be quiet and subtle when you buy them and don’t make it obvious.

    Also the parasites that come out when uing the peppere method might be big. like a few feet or so they should come out quick so don’t panic and try not to choke. I know it isn’t easy. And try not to get freaked out by the unnerving sounds they make when they emerge.


    —— Don’t read this last part if your nervous and planning to expell your parasites! ——-

    Screeches, chirps and critter sounds are what they make like those things on indiana jones and the temple of doom when Willie was walking through the cave and the insects were all over her.

    In addition these parasites are, ehem, in… intelegent also. gulp. They are not dumb worms. They are so intelligent in fact that aliens from other planets think we are barbaric for killing them, trying to expell them, and not letting them live in us.

  66. Well maybe I should just throw this extra part in. Don’t uhh… Don’t hurt the little guy if you see that it looks like a stick man with arms and hands and feet. One time when I died in my van that I lived in my parasites came out of my body thinkking I was dead but I revived and sitting on the van chair was little people. They looked like bony little stick men and it was sitting on the chair shivering and groaning praying that I woul’dnt kill it.

  67. Oh, and they are sentient and emotional too. (That’s why the aliens don’t like us for hurting the poor little parasite…)I tried to build up a case againsts the parasites for us basically saying that they are volunterring to become subject to the environment in our stomac just as a hiker is subject to the condition of the woods and could be bitten by a snake or something.

    Oh and their are large scary parasite communities in the sewers. “Why cant they just live there instead of my stomac?” I argued to the alien judge. lol

  68. :evil: :idea: :oops: thanku for the great pics i really enjoyed them
    lots of great help and info :lol:
    Keeep up the great wrk!!!!! :twisted:

  69. IMORTANT – I will mention now that it is a risk to try the method mentioned earlier. The two main risks are

    1: large parasites exiting orally and blocking airway – however unlikely.

    2: parasites exiting rapidly the other direction throught small and large intestines then anally. This could cause clogging of the intestines and indigestion. Be careful when sing the pepper method.

    Take it easy and stay out from harms way.

  70. So I decided to take my ass to the doctor and they said I might have one of these parasites, scared to death. IM 19! I never thought I could catch something like this! And god only knows how long I could have had it. Im getting rid of my pets and being more cautious about the foods I eat, this is such a helpful sight thank you soo much! :smile:

    • Even people without pets, or not even being arround them,get worms. Microscopic eggs can blow in the wind, and end up as dust in your kitchen counter, or your room, even on your bed, take that! If you keep your pets on the heartworm med it should get the other types as well, and keep them heatlty.

  71. OMG, can ringworms be spraed???? I need to know, I for some rason get orms a lot, y? Can ringworms b spead others? hat r te signs???? HELP……… :!: :???: :shock:

  72. I am positive that I am infested with parasites. But have no idea what kind etc. My suspicion is tapeworms. I believe this because I have lots of movement ALL over my body. Often Feels like I’m pregnant. There is movement in my butt checks, my arms, belly and all over. Does anyone have any decentsuggestions on what I should do? (besides cutting myself!)I have endless problems with my health. etc. etc.

  73. oh you made me feel weird ya i am lurning about these nasty thing in school and doing reaserch hay what is a real parisite????? :?: :sad:

  74. omg i am also learning bout these in skewl and also saprophytes and epiphytes i thought i knew alot until i read this and the pictures were evan grosser as i cant believe how long they can be :oops: :oops: :oops: yuck glad i dnt hav them :lol:
    O parasites cant always harm u like nits are parasites and so are fleas there are also plants that are parasites too.

  75. Do I ever love this site!!!
    I wish to share with you my story, so if ever ther is someone in the same situation, maybe it’ll be easier for them!

    For about 3 months now, my son, who was at the time 9 months, started to run a little fever with extrem diarhea (12-17 a day, just a big explosion to would come from the top of the diaper and would leak down his legs). Slowly he stopped eating solids and went all the way to stopping to take his milk. He was not a happy baby anymore, he’d cry all the time, would sleep very little at night. If ever he was playing quietly, at some point he’d just start yelling and fall to his tummy and look all cramped up. I have taken him to my family doctor, she did a stool sample but never return with any results… I took him to the ER 4 weeks ago because his rectal temp was up to 104… At that time, the doctor did a blood sample and told me that he had an ear infection, gave me antibiotic and off you go! 4 days later he calls me back and says that my son has blood poisonning and needed a different type of antibiotic. 3 days after the new meds were given to him, the temp just started to rise again, he’d be all grumpy again… Meanwhile, I have another child who is 9 years old. She complains of tummy cramp, having lots of loose stools, not feel rested when she gets up in the morning… I don’t do anything about it. I let time go by since the doctor says there is nothing else wrong about my sone, time will fix it.
    Comes this Friday, Nov.7th., 9h at night
    We’re all in the living room, watching a movie (my son asleep in my arms). I watch my 9 years old daughter, she just keeps on scratching her genital. I tell her to stop, to go get wash. If she wants to do that, she needs to go do that in her room. She tells me she can’t help it, it’s just soooo itchy. I send her to go get a good wash, and come back to watch the movie. She just doesn’t stop with the scratching. She tells me that it’s so nasty, it comes an go, but when it comes back it burns and hurts. I hask her if she would let me have a look “there” to see if maybe she would have a vaginal infection. She says yes please. So I go put my son in his bed and ask my hubby to come with us just in case I need help. We lay her down on the bathroom counter, and assume a “froglegged” position.
    I looked and I couldn’t see anything. So I ask hubby to get better lighting while I get some saline water to “disinfect”, to help the itch go away… Hubby comes back, we’re ready. Lights and then OMG there they were!!! At first, it look just like a tiny little sting of white thread… but it moved! YUK.
    I took 2, put theme in a jar and then call the 24h health line. The nurse tells me that there is no need to go to the hospital, in the morning, go to the drugstore, tell the pharmacist you need worm pills and make sure you wash your house tops to bottom, especialy the kids toys, bedding, carpets…
    So Saturday, nov. 8th (my birthday, for real), I go take a trip in town, go get the meds for the whole family, we strip the house down, we rent a carpet cleaning machine, we wash all mats, livingroom furniture… Do all the laundry that exixts in the house…
    That night, when hubby and I sat down to finaly rest, we discovered that we both had itchy butthole, both were extremely tired and weak all the time (even when we got up in morning; but we blamed that on the baby…)
    Today, Nov.10th, my son has no longer any diarhea, is in great mood, sleeps a lot because of all he laked, eats like he’s never eaten before…

    So the moral of my story, if the doctors says there is nothing wrong with you ( or kids or whatever), and you think there is… More than likely you’re right.

    I hope my “discusting” story will help someone!
    best regards!

  76. I am learning about this at school and we watched a movie on patasites and so many people vomited and the classroom was yuck! I fell sorry for the poor people who have any of the above ^^^^ parasites, how much pain would they be going through. :sad:

  77. Two months ago I was sent to the doctor. They gave me a checkup and CAT scan; I was diagnosed with severe constipation. I drank five bottles of ammonium citrate (laxative) and was sent home. I had had trouble breathing, bloody stools, was in lots of abdominal pain and such. After taking the medicine I lost 10 pounds, but have gained back five of them so far. The symptoms began to clear up, except for the bloody stools, and for a week I felt fine. Then the problems came back, not in the same amount of pain, but they still came back. I have had severe stomach problems, nausea, bloody stools, itchy anus, etc. ever since. My immune system has lowered so much that I get sick all the time and the teachers at school are beginning to get angry at me, believe I’m skipping out on school.

    The pain comes and goes as it pleases, but then I noticed white stringy stuff in my stool. I know I have worms, and I believe it’s tapeworm. I even know how I contracted them. The doctor bill was very expensive, and I don’t think my family has the money to go back for another check up with doctors who don’t believe me and the economy. I’ve hinted at my parents that I believe I have parasites, but haven’t said it clearly and plainly. I don’t want to bother them with my problem and I was wondering if there was just a normal medicine that didn’t cost that much that I could use. I’m 13 years old, I’m female and I really need your help. The pain I’m experiencing is becoming a little too much for me and I’m not scared about all the disgusting ways to get rid of the parasites.

    • Hi Child,

      The meds you need to get rid of them does not requier a prescription. All you need to do is to go see the pharmacist and tell him exactly what you said in your post: “in my stools, there are white strigny stuff”. Righ away he will give you the med you need.
      Be precise: does it look just like a little white thread? (like what we use to sow). Or is it bigger than that…

      You need to know that what you’ll take will need to be taken again 2 weeks after you first dose. It only a one shot treatement…

      good luck!


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