Different Types of Hobbies

There are several different types of hobbies to help you narrow down what you’re interested in doing with your spare time. Some of these hobbies are for the adrenaline junkie and others for the more layed back relaxed type. I would argue that everyone should have a hobby that gets your blood pumping and another to just chill out and relax. Check out these different types of hobbies to help you start narrowing down your next hobby.

Games / Sports

With a couple of rules and a challenge you have a game. Nearly every game has a bit of skill, strategy or chance involved witch is why everyone loves a good game. The great thing about this type of hobby is that some require multiple people, like Tug of War, and others like Solitaire can be played alone. They can be played inside on a rainy day or outside when you really need some fresh air. This hobby type is reserved to board games, card games, and video games.

Extreme Sports

Here are the hobbies for the adrenaline junkies out there. You better be ready for some serious heart thumping action with this type of hobby. Generally speaking your chance of injury is greatly increased with the extreme sports. They are also generally more expensive hobbies to get started. When you’re jumping out of an airplane you want to make sure you have a parachute that is in really good shape. Not something you pull out of storage and ends up being tattered and tangled. Other extreme sports would include rock climbing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and motorcycle racing (just make sure you have motorcycle insurance!)

Random Hobbies

This is my favorite type of hobby! These are the hobbies a bit more out of the ordinary, but make for great conversation and even better hobby experience. Types of hobbies you might find in the random hobbies section would include pipe smoking, bonsai trees, and beer brewing.


When I was a kid the big thing was baseball cards. To date I still have some 10,000 cards stored away for the day my son decides that’s the cool thing to do. I also collected coins from foreign countries that had ships on them. I’ve managed to keep track of them and still have several coins after more than 20 years. My grandfather passed down a mason jar full of half dollars. My favorite neighbor next door has a collection of beanie babies that takes up more room than they’re worth. There seems to be something for everyone. What are you going to start collecting?

Some people aren’t only collecting items, but they’re also looking at it as a future investment option. A great example of this are sports memorabilia and precious metals especially gold and silver.

Outdoor Recreation

If you like spending time in the yard or garden or in the great outdoors in general than these types of hobbies will really interest you.It always raises your spirits to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Other hobbies that that may be included are kayaking, hiking, or spelunking.

The Arts

Some people are just gifted and hobbies in The Arts category will just come natural. Others not so inclined will struggle from day one. That is me. I’ve tried playing guitar for years now, and simply cannot pick it up, even with hours and hours of practice. Some other hobbies you’ll find here are acting, juggling, and perhaps dancing.