Top 10 Causes of Accidental Death


Life is full of accidents. From spilling your milk to elbowing your loved one in the night. These particular accidents however result is something much worse than a black eye. These are the top 10 accidents that could land you the best funeral plan and a visit from long-lost neighbors you haven’t seen in a decade.

10. Electrocution
~500 Deaths / Year

There is about a 1 in 10,000 chance you’ll inadvertently join the some 4,500 inmates who have died by electrocution. Better be careful next time you’re changing the light bulb.

9. Getting Hit by a Car
~1,100 Deaths / Year

Didn’t your mama teach you to look both ways before crossing the street? Think twice next time you step off the curb and expect someone jabbering on their cell phone to give a damn. There are always 24 hour towing services that can help you if ever you get in accident. If you are involved in a car accident the most logical solution is to call immediately traffic lawyers Melbourne to help you getting an agreement with the parties involved.

According the car accident reports in Massachusetts released on February 15 by the National Safety Council found that traffic deaths in Massachusetts rose by 13% from 2015 to 2016, more than double the national average of 6%. There were 399 people killed on Massachusetts roads in 2016, up from 354 in 2015. Across the United States, it was the deadliest year on record since 2007, with 40,200 fatalities from car accidents. The 6% increase in deaths follows a 14% spike from 2014 to 2015, marking the greatest increase in traffic fatalities since 1964.

8. Firearm Discharge
~1,150 Deaths / Year

Yah, you have the right to bear arms. Just put a lock on it! The odds of your kid getting whacked by a loaded firearm are about 1 in 5000.

7. Complications with Medical Procedure
~3,000 Deaths / Year

Going under the knife? Better make sure Doc is on his game before you let him rub on your innards. And if someone is negligent and it results in your loved one’s death, then you can consider suing for wrongful death so they can be held accountable.

6. Choking
~3,200 Deaths / Year

Know the Heimlich maneuver? You might consider learning since 3,200 people died from choking on a gobstopper or a piece of fillet mignon. Who knows you might just be a hero.

5. Drowning
~3,500 Deaths / Year

Swimming, bathing, boating, or any other activity to do with water results in thousands of people accidentally drowning to death. Maybe Steve Jobs should market iGills.

4. Fire
~3,700 Deaths / Year

Dying in a fire would really have to suck. Being burned to death has always been one of my worst fears. The odds of dying from smoke inhalation, a falling beam, a back draft, or just plain burning to death are about 1 in 1000.

3. Poisoning
~9,500 Deaths / Year

People just love to overdose on their drugs. This also includes accidental poisonings like swigging some Windex or Clorox. My wife and I called Poison Control a couple years ago when our 2 year old downed half a bottle of KY Jelly. Thankfully all that did was give her “the runs” for about a week. The experts at fort myers addiction centers can help the victims overcome addiction in case that’s the problem.

For those people who still want to their lives around by overcoming addiction, they can seek the help of renowned recovery centers, like this Austin based provider, for instance.

2. Falling
~15,000 Deaths / Year

Bob Saget cashed in on the #2 accidental death with America’s Funniest Home Video. I guess it really is surprising how many people fall off a ladder and through a plate glass window to meet there demise. Your odds of doing the same are 1 in 218! If you have experienced serious injuries in a fall caused by the negligence or carelessness of another, an indiana injury lawyer can help you get compensation.

1. Car Crash
~44,000 Deaths / Year

No real surprise here. If you’ve been driving for 5 years or so you’ve probably been in an accident. Thankfully for you it wasn’t fatal. Wonder how much longer until Moller comes out with their flying car? If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident, make sure to contact a top rated injury lawyer in hartford ct to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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    • It’s more interesting to note that most gun deaths are suicides, followed by drug related, and many of those are gang related. Guns are used to prevent death and crimes at a much higher rate.
      many of the so called child deaths are actually 18-19 year old gang members shooting each other.
      The chances of a child being accidently killed by a gun are small. Back yard swimming pools are the most likely place for a child to die accidently, in states where they are prevalent. When guns are used to prevent a crime/assault/robbery, they are only actually fired less than ten percent of the time.

      • Brian, I studied several of the death statistics charts presented by Google and found none of your assertions to have any relationship to reality. Where is your integrity? It would probably be a huge benefit to your life if you take a look at why you make things up.

    • I found the numbers used here by the website author and they are out of date. The REAL statistics for accidental deaths in 2006 involving a gun total 642 (all ages) of which 247 were under 25 years of age. Be careful in trying to separate kids from adults in the death statistics because the government only has categories for age that include adults mixed with kids.
      “All ages”
      “Under 1 year”
      “1-4 years”
      “5-14 years”
      “15-24 years”
      “25-34 years”

      • Its kinda hypocritical when people suddenly get all vigilant when some random kid accidentally shoots itself because some stupid parent was not careful, while the rest of the world is dying en masse of all other silly causes, and then take it out on all the law-abiding gun owners that form an innocent wall of protection against criminals (who will have a gun no matter what law is passed). Take away the guns from the citizens, make the lives of criminals easier… Yes it is sad when kids shoot themselves, but it is just as sad when you get shot because you could not protect yourself.

  1. Who provided you with your statics on the number of deaths due to someone discharging a firearm? Using your number of 1,150 accidental deaths per year due to someone discharging a firearm AND assuming that all of those deaths were children (which they are not) then the rate of probability of accidentally death by gun shot for children is 1 in 52,946, not the 1 in 5,000 you claim. This assumes a child population (0 to 14 years old) of 60,888,062 per the US Census bureau (July 2007). Since all of the 1,150 deaths per year are not children then the probability is even lower! If I wanted to play fast and loose with the numbers like you or your source I could say that a “child” is 0 to 18 years old and increase the population to over 82 million further dropping the probability. But defining a child to include 18 year olds just to sway statistics would be unethical.

    Please source your statistics or correct your information.

    • I am assuming the accidental discharge of a firearm is for all ages, and I think the numbers are a bit skewed. Can yo ustate your source? I will say this about children and firearms. Most children who accidentally shoot themselves do so in the head or upper body. Anyone know why? Because their frightened parents were too idiotic to teach them gun safety and to know not to look down the barrel. Bet you teach your kids not to do drugs though, right? An ounce of ignorance….
      Teach your children that guns are not violent actors, pit bulls are. Let me lay my gun on the counter and leave the room…did it shoot you while I was gone? Let me leave my pit bull alone with you while I take a trip to the john. Hmmm…which one is more inclined to make a choice on it’s own? Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my gun.

  2. Wow…really sad. But really great information especially if you’re writing a book like me! thank you for your help! πŸ˜† πŸ˜€

  3. It’s interesting to note that the Violence-prevention/anti-gun groups are always screaming about how we should ban (or at least lock up) guns to protect our children yet the NRA, through it’s “Eddie Eagle” program, is the only national organization that teaches children gun safety. More children’s lives have likely been saved by “Eddie Eagles’ See a gun? Stop! Don’t touch! Call an adult!” than all the spouting by the “Brady Bunch” types. Ignorance kills children because of their natural curiosity. Teach them about dangerous things they may encounter in the real world and you will be protecting them from accidents.

  4. I wonder how many die each year from stupidity, either their own or that of others. Make that stupidity with guns, cars, swimming pools, cell phones, actions or reactions, decisions, boats, medication, drugs, alcohol, and the list goes on……………..

  5. I think you all should know that statistics change annually. These may have been the right stats for the year the writer is doing but they are not up to date. I also think you should know that these statistics are not accurate and no statistics are because these are reported. Think about how many more deaths are caused by these that go unreported or misclassified. Statistics are simply a guideline that gives us an idea. Then you have to think about other causes that did not make the list: complications from disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Then you have natural causes “old age disease”, etc. Think about it. What truly is the number one cause of death? The answer is life. No matter what you do, it can kill you without warning. You wake up and go do something and the next thing your loved one knows-they are planning your funeral and calling everyone.

  6. 1 out 5000 is very high when it comes to children shooting themselfs. most b/c there are BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of chilred in the worls so ha!

  7. If you would like to help put an end to accidental shootings go to or . It’s a small company in Knoxville tn. They make the only ejectable chamber block.I own one for all my semiauto handguns,ARs AKs 12ga and pump shotguns. They WORK!

  8. Left wing nonsense. 7500 people are killed by gun violence. About 22000 are suicides. The figures you posted above are nonsense.


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