The 10 Scariest Hobbies on the Planet


Was FDR right when he said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”? How many times have you seen this bumper sticker? It’s really not that hard to slap a bumper sticker on the back of your jacked up 4×4 and think you’re a badass. Some of the clowns rolling around in my neck of the woods adorn their mud-mobiles with bumper stickers and a healthy set of bumper nuts. Even these guys don’t have what it takes to handle the top 10 scariest hobbies. I assure you that any of the next 10 hobbies, bumper nuts or not, will loosen up your sphincter for at least a split second.

10. Sky Diving

Anyone will tell you the scariest part of sky diving is right before you leave the plane. After that it’s just the thrill of a lifetime.

9. Kayak Shark Fishing

Shark fishing from the beach is one thing, but pulling an 8′ shark onto your kayak is completely another which is why we will like to recommend you the best baitcasting reel under 50. Just how crazy do you have to be to let one of these guys pull you around the ocean?

8. Rattlesnake Roundup

The gimmick at a rattlesnake roundup is to go out and hunt down as many rattlesnakes as possible. Every year there are some 20,000 snakes pulled from their dens, weighed in, milked for their venom then cooked up for the masses.

7. Cave Diving

You might not think cave diving would be that scary until you’re there. Its easy to get lost, hung up on the rocks, or just simply run out of air due to lingering a bit too long with breathtaking views like this.

6. Glacier Surfing

Okay. Head to Alaska and find your favorite glacier. Wait around in freezing cold water… for it to break off. When it does, ride the tidal wave on a surf board while the ice chases you down. Holy Crap!

5. Storm Chasing

Getting up close and personal with a tornado isn’t my idea of a good time.

4. Bull Fighting

Matadors and the thousands of yearly participants in the Running of the Bulls festival all have one thing in common. They love the bulls. I just don’t get it. Sure you can dodge him a couple times but eventually he’s gonna slip that horn in your sweet spot. See, I told you we’d loosen up that sphincter.

3. Lion Hunting

Hunting. Not so scary. Becoming part of the food chain…now that’s scary! It just goes to show you how scary nature can be.

2. MMA Fight

Sure these guys are million dollar prize fighters, but there are thousands of kids out there doing this as their hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good MMA match. I just can’t imagine taking a punch from these animals let alone a submission hold where my sphincter starts leaking πŸ˜‰ Several guys I’ve talked to say it doesn’t hurt after the first punch. Give me a break.

1. Noodling

For those of you not familiar, noodling is basically fishing with your hands. A noodler feels around the snake infested water with his hands and feet for a large hole. Then usually goes underwater to ram their fist down a catfish’s throat. The catfish (the largest of which can be 50-70 lbs.), will latch on to the fisherman’s hand, trying to protect it’s comfy home. The noodler then has the task of dragging their catch (still latched onto their arm) out of the water and either onto shore, or into a boat. On the plus side, if they manage do all of this before they run out of air, and then retrieve their arm from the grip of the catfish’s many teeth… well, they’ve got dinner for a week.

If you’re looking for some not so scary hobbies check out the worlds largest list of hobbies.


    • Yet somehow your irrational hippie mind is probably able to justify a stance against the death penalty, even after letting that anti-human bile spew forth from your keyboard.

      Humanists, my a@@. πŸ™„

      There’s nothing wrong with detesting such an activity, but cheering the deaths of humans? I didn’t realize liberals were so bloodthirsty. (Actually I did — they just won’t ever acknowledge their own hypocrisy on the matters of life and death.)

  1. 😈 I liked the lion one. I personally was on the lions side. I hardly think 4 on 1 was a fair fight. Them boys were bad shots. Get some practice before you go out not while your out there. I have to admire the lions perserverance. Coming back was mighty brave of him. He probably figured out that the hunters couldn’t shoot straight anyway. Now you know why Bounty Hunters like me go after human prey. Lions can’t shoot back.

  2. The lion was actually a man eater (all lions are but thats nature) but the lion was proven to have killed a man earlier in the week. So I dont totaly blame the hunters but if they were just hunting for sport against a lion then I hate that. Lions are beautiful animals and should be respected.

    • Even if the lion had killed someone, it was their fault for living in the lions habitat. If you live in Africa expect to see some lions.:)


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