Winter Bonsai Tree Care

You have decided that you want to try your luck with a bonsai tree, so you will need a few pointers to help you along the way. This type of plant requires extra special attention because of the shallow roots. If you live in an area where you have hard freezes during the winter you should take care to put your bonsai tree in an area which is close to the house or, if possible, under a deck or porch. This should be done prior to sundown.

During the winter months you should place each bonsai on a table or bench to elevate it off the ground. Use something such as newspaper to cover the pot for added insulation to the tree. Plastic is not a good idea since this tends to block all of the air. Add some sort of weight to the newspaper to keep it from blowing away. A clothes pin also works well.

During the really cold weather a garage, crawl space, or unheated basement also works quite well to protect the bonsai tree from getting a layer of frost. If you accidentally do get frost you may still be able to save the tree by waiting until you see new growth, then trimming off the damaged part of the plant. You must also remember to hold the fertilizer until you see new buds on the tree. Winter months are not a good time to fertilize because the plants will be in a dormant state. This is a natural protection mechanism the plant has to help it survive during the winter.

Reduce The Amount Of Water In Winter Months

Your bonsai tree will not require as much water in the winter months as it does in the heat of the summer. Watering once every two weeks is acceptable during the winter. If you experience periods of warmer weather, you may need to adjust your frequency by a few days.

During the times when the temperatures are below freezing you may experience water freezing in the soil. This does not mean the soil has frozen, only the water. This is nothing to get in a panic about. Most plants are accustomed to this type of condition. If possible, try to prevent the water from being frozen for a long period of time since this could cause damage to the roots of the bonsai tree.

In the winter months you should allow your bonsai tree to get sunlight whenever possible. Even when they are in a dormant state, the sunlight helps keep them alive and strong.

With just a small amount of care you will be able to keep your bonsai tree safe through the winter so that you will be able to enjoy it throughout the spring and summer. These plants tend to be fairly hardy and can provide you with beauty for many years.