Fall Bonsai Tree Care

The care for a bonsai tree is worth the outcome. If you take good care of your bonsai tree year round, you will be able to enjoy this lovely plant for years and years. If you live in a colder climate, you may have to pay extra attention to your bonsai tree in the fall and winter months.

fall bonsai care

Picking a New Place

If you have been growing your bonsai tree outdoors in the summer months, you will need to find a new place for your tree indoors when the weather starts to turn cold. The best place for a bonsai tree indoors is near a window that gets bright, but not direct sunlight. You will also want to keep your bonsai tree away from heating and cooling vents. The tree can take a little cold weather, but you will need to move your tree indoors before the first frost of the season.

Taking Care of Your Bonsai Tree

Once you have moved your bonsai tree to its winter place, you will need to take care of it just like any other indoor plant. You will need to check for dryness of the soil. If the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch, you will want to water your bonsai tree. To water, you can place your potted plant into a pan with two inches of water. Soak the plant until the soil is moist. Then remove from the water and drains.

If you get salt and mineral buildings on the surface of the soil, you can water from the top of the plant to let these minerals drain through. You will also need to fertilize your bonsai tree ever other month in order to keep the plant flourishing. Do not fertilize the tree when it is in bloom.

Pruning your bonsai is another very important aspect of caring for a bonsai tree. You will want it to maintain the plant shape. There are different styles of shapes to choose from, and all you have to do is prune it in the style of your choice.

Make sure that during the cold, dry winter months your bonsai is in a room that has some humidity in it. You can increase humidity in the room for the plant by setting the plant into a decorative tray that is filled with pebbles. You will add water to the pot to a level that is just bellow the bottom of the potted plant.