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Mixed-Up Words

Did you konw you’re a guiens? Jsut the fcat taht you can atllacuy raed tihs psot porves taht fcat. The huamn mnid is so pufowerl it can dcodee tihs txet eevn tguohh eervy sglnie wrod is slepled iocenrtclry. The one cavaet is taht the frist and lsat lertets are pervresed in erevy wrod. Cidrgbame Uitesirnvy cetoudncd a sduty and fnuod taht the biarn deos not raed eevry snlige lteetr, but wodrs as a wohle.

Reading mixed up words is quite as magical as it may seem. After doing a bit of research I found that the Cambridge study wasn’t totally accurate. There are many factors that allow you to be able to read the above paragraph. 27 of 74 words above have not been scrambled because they are 1, 2, or 3 letter words. This helps to maintain the grammatical structure of the sentence. 20 of the 74 words are four letter which means that only two letters have been transposed. Its very simple for a person to decode a 4 letter words. Basically this means that 63% of this sentence is not even scrambled. 15 of the words are 5-6 letters long which are only moderately difficult to decode. This leaves 20% of the words in the above paragraph which are difficult to unscramble. Also when words are in context they’re much easier to figure out what word goes there based on the letters available.

There are several words that have permutations that are much more difficult to decode. For instance if you group all the consonants together and leaving the vowels grouped together makes it much more difficult. I have to admit it’s pretty impressive that you can read mixed up words or scrambled letters even if only 20% of the words are hard to decode but not quite as impressive as I first thought. If you’re interested in scrambling up your own words visit the Word Scrambler.



  1. Very clever. It took me a moment to realize the intended humor. I’d actually heard about that ability before. I just hope most people keep reading long enough to get it, and don’t dismiss it as gibberish.

  2. Perhaps in the future we’ll see some kind of context based compression that uses grammatical structure, word order, and contect clues to compress text even better than LZW. MP3 is “psycho-acoustic” compression; maybe there’ll be “psycho-grammatic” encoding. What’s the true entropy of a document? Of course, a lot of documents available these days can best be compressed by the “delete” key.

  3. Loved the post, and I didn’t notice the scramble unitl the second sentence. I was actually getting ready to look up “guiens”. I was able to read the opening prapagrah, but I’m gald taht you rvetreed bcak to nroaml at the end.

  4. Great post very interesting well worth reading. Amazing really how powerful the brain is and I am sure that the surface of what it can do has only been cracked.

  5. I’m impressed, I didn’t even notice until the 3rd word, then suddenly I realized something was wrong… seems to be a fine line between ignorance and genius sometimes. Love your posts keep it up, and thanks for visiting my blog I wouldn’t have found this interesting gem of a blog otherwise.

  6. This is interesting in that the brain initially needs to be familiar with the original word in order to interpret an incorrect spelling. A young child with a reduced vocabulary would not be able to decode those words, and an elderly person would have issues with being able to let go of the literal spellings in order to decode correctly.

  7. cavaet and cetoudncd, are the words that are ridiculously hard to figure out, you can basically only do that by context not just by reading first and last letters. So yes and no – the longer and bigger the words are, and the more taxing on your vocabulary, the harder they are for your brain to decode when written in that way.

  8. Honestly took me about 15 words to realize it
    im a fast reader
    taht is ralely cool how you can do taht but you hvae to use at lseat fuor ltrets for it to wrok

  9. oh , its really amazing but if ur really a clever try to answer this question : What name do they give to people who mix up words when they write or read ? the person who you can answer this question is really a clever person . try to answer this ?

  10. I raed an Aritcle silumar to tihs in raeders dgiest yaers ago, i alawys fuond it inertsnig how the mnid wroks.

  11. Tihs is asowme! :razz: I LVOE TIHS! how cool is it! if I culod rtae tihs 1 out of 10 it wulod be a 20! I am gonig to sohw tihs to erevy one I konw. :wink: I’m for srue.

  12. suprisingly i can read that faster than i can read normal writing even though i read pretty slow in the first place but it seems easier to read that somehow???? O.o

  13. According to, there is no definite answer as to whether or not this research was actually conducted at Cambridge or not, or even if the research was done. Just throwing that out there…

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    • I totally agree with you!!!! Just because these people think that they are the coolest people in the world, still doesn’t give them the right to swear every second!


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