Hobbies for a Rainy Day – Cable Art


This is definitely not a hobby you’ll find on our most popular hobbies page.

The next time you find yourself with a couple of hours and an ethernet cable to kill, check this out! It really is amazing what the human mind is able to conjure up to kill time.

This hobby is compliments of the brilliant minds of fresh99.

Coming from a man of many hobbies this truly is a work of art. The sky is the limit on this one as there are so many different ways you could run with this. If you twist your wires right, this just might be one of thoseĀ  hobbies that make money.


  1. Heh.. I used to make things like this in electronics lab in college.. Mine were functional as well, though.. the feet plugged into the breadboard and made him part of the circuit.

  2. ethiernet, maybe not. looks like a year’s worth of solid-core silver wire with a pvc dielectric jackets. expensive as today’s precious metal’s market prices go. i’d make a gold wire earrings pair if i could only get them to come together!


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