Must Have Pipe Accessories

There are only 3 must have pipe accessories for the beginner pipe smoker. Don’t worry these accessories are extremely cheap. You should be able to purchase these for about $10 but will help you enjoy the hobby that much more. A pipe rack or humidor are nice to have accessories but are not completely necessary.

Pipe Cleaners

If you followed my recommendation to smoke an aromatic tobacco then you’ll certainly need a nice supply of pipe cleaners. Aromatic tobacco tends to smoke much wetter than other tobacco. Pipe cleaners are absolutely indispensable. There are 2 types of pipe cleaners. The soft or fluffy type that will dry up any moisture that is created from saliva or the tobacco as it’s burned. The second type is a bristle pipe cleaner that will dig out any deposits left behind.

Wooded Matches or Butane Lighter

You obviously need some way to light your pipe. The cheapest route is to purchase a box of wooden matches with a more stylish option being the purchase of a butane lighter.

Pipe Tool

Czech Pipe ToolFor about $6 you can get this handy tool called a czech pipe tool. It’s a reamer, tamper, and pick all in one. The pipe reamer is used for smoothing out the “cake” which, is hardened tobacco build-up that accumulates in the pipe. If the cake gets too thick, the bowl may crack. A rule for thumb you’ll want to trim down the cake to about the thickness of a nickel. Never completely remove the cake, as it protects the pipe and makes it smoke cooler. The tamper will be used in packing your pipe or tamping down the hot ashes during a smoke. The pick is used to clean out the stem.

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  1. Do you advocate cigar smoking while fishing? I love to smoke a cigar when I’m fishing, but you have to be extra careful not to burn the line!

  2. Absolutely. The ultimate relaxation! Nothing better than hooking a big shark and toking on your favorite stogie 😉

  3. I have never smoked anything, but I am interested in taking up this hobby…what does this change for me?

  4. to answer you, Chris:

    smoking tobacco is much different than smoking other herbs, mainly pot.
    smoking pot is to get an effect in the brain, my understanding is that smoking tobacco is more of a relaxation thing.

    something to do while your doing something else. for example, right now i’m reading on the internet, so the pipe is next to me and every 20-25 mins i lay back, rest my feet somewhere and take 2-3 tokes, whait another 5 mins and go back to reading more relaxed.

    just my take on it…

  5. Thats how its done! :mrgreen: I have two pipes, both of which I use for aromatic tobacco. I enjoy a nice bowl about twice a week, or while I’m fishing.

  6. I just bought my first tobacco pipe. Its a Medico Medalist and Im extremely happy with it.

    My friend smoked a pipe for a while and I always enjoyed taking a few drags of it.

    I love cherry tobacco. I suggest Black Captin Cherry tobacco. Its my fave.

  7. I feel like trying out a tobacco pipe but I’m only 19, lol. People will probably look at me weird, lol. Is there anyone out there who is around the same age as me and smokes a pipe?

    • Not really. I started with one for my dad’s spare pipes he gave me at 18.

    • I smoked a cigar on my 18th birthday and a pipe on my 19th birthday.

      I smoke a pipe pretty regularly now while my friends still settle for swisher sweets or other cheap cigars. If I’m going to smoke, I want to get the most enjoyment out of it so I stick with pipes.

    • hey dude you should do it for yourself. if your buddies arnt into it dont smoke around them. just sit in your backyard pour yourself a glass of something nice( wine, scotch, brandy good burban whatever you like) take your time and injoy taste, smell, feel. if you dont know where to start just ask a pipe smoker they will be happy to share their knowladge. have fun and savour

    • funny thing about that, I just turned 19 last month, and just took up pipe smoking today. I packed it wrong, but still liked it, and I cant wait to get better at it. And also, it’s not weird; who cares what people who see it think? You’re smoking a pipe! That automatically makes you cooler than them

    • Sebastian says

      Hey chris, I’m also 19 and am thinking of buying my first pipe. I’ve been smoking cigars for a couple of years now and have smoked from a friends pipe on a few occasions. From that experience I can tell you that smoking tobacco is about relaxing, contemplating, and enjoying the smoke not so much the worrying over weird looks. Eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, try out tobacco pipes when you feel like trying out tobacco pipes.

    • yea, I started when i was 17, I’m only 18 now, and I have 4 briar pipes, and a corncob pipe. Pipe tobacco, apart from shisha, is the best tasting tobacco if you ask me. I also enjoy cigars. If you like smoking pipe tobacco, try smoking from a hookah. It is the absolute tobacco experience. Cigarettes are for addicts, if you ask me. The other sorts of tobacco are for smokers, not feens.

    • Elyjah Tamman says

      I’m 18, and I always thought pipes were so classy, so I bought a pipe and started it.

      Embrace it, I consider weird looks a sign of respect

    • I started puffing on pipes when I was 22. I’ve never smoked a cigarette and only puff on cigars with friends when I play chess or poker. Pipes may seem made for the older crowd but are actually well suited to any age. I recommend them highly to someone who wants to take up smoking. It’s relaxing, cheap(compared to cigarettes which are made with really lousy tobacco) and grows with you. I do get funny looks when I’m out on a trail somewhere with my pipe, people say things like, “of my grandfather smoked a pipe”. I get that a lot but my GF LOVES how my aromatic cavendish blends smell.

    • I started at around 16, close to my seventeenth birthday, and I haven’t looked back since. It’s incredibly relaxing, after a long day, to come home and have my pipe(s) to look forward to. Throw on the Barbour, take the dog for a walk and just.. smoke.

      As for odd looks, I actually started smoking a pipe to avoid them. Drinking, it’s not really my thing, and neither are drugs – when I would go to parties in high school I would sort of just sit there, so I began smoking a pipe and just sitting and chatting with friends. Not only that, it’s a great conversation piece; much more interesting than cigarettes or cigars, I like to think.

      And the experience of lighting a well-packed briar pipe, smelling the first notes of your favourite aromatic blend as your flame touches the edges of the tobacco strips – it’s satisfying in an incredibly epicurean sort of way that nothing else can really compare to.

    • I’m only eighteen and I just got one today! I can’t wait to show up to partys with it!

    • I’m 20 now, but smoked a pipe at 19. Yes, it is unconventional, and people seem to give either a confused or impressed reaction.

    • I’m 19 and smoke a pipe! It’s awesome, man.

    • 😆 I bought by first pipe when I was a 18 year old Marine at a tabacco shop in the mall. I bought it to combat the stench of my roomate’s Marlboro habit with a nice aromatic blend. You may get some looks, but screw’em, do what you like!

    • I recommend to start when you’re young. Most people regard pipe smoking as a 40+ thing, so you can change that !

      I’m 17, smoke twice each day. And yes, sometimes people look strange… It’s difficult to explain people why I like it since the Dutch terms for pipe smoking have another, more obscure meaning. (I’m from Belgium). At least, it causes a good laugh. 🙄

      Confront others with your pipe ! I bet they’ll begin to appreciate it. It smells good anyway.

    • hey man im 18 and i bought my first pipe the day i moved into college and that convinced my roommate and a buddy of mine to buy one the same day now we all chill outside our dorm and smoke and we dont get weird looks

    • yes im 18 about to turn 19 and i been smoking a pipe since i was 8 yes stupid of me but i really enjoy my pipe my fav is vanilla and very often old english once a month depending how that month went. but put it in your pipe and smoke it lol.

    • Yea, I’m 18. I smoke cigarettes, but for halloween, to add a bit more atmosphere to my Sherlock Holmes costume I borrowed and smoked one of my Grandad’s old pipes. Now I’m really keen to take it up more regularly.

    • i just got my first pipe a couple days ago at age 19. It’s a cheap corn cob to “test” things out and i got some Donegal Bay tobacco. Its alright, but i think it was just the tobacco i didn’t really find the liking here. Overall, i’m ready to get a different blend, what would someone think is a great aeromatic to start out with?

    • I got a pipe and tobacco when I was 16 in Italy smoked it for a year but then it fell out of my pocket whilst walking the dog and never saw it again now im 18 and want to start again.

    • Im from the UK, Im 18 and smoke a pipe. My mates are cool with it, in fact, a couple of them took up pipe smoking thanks to me saying it was enjoyable. So there are a few people your age who smoke pipes 🙂

    • Austinhughes says

      JUst got one today I love it

  8. To Joel,

    I’m 22 but I started at 18 when my grandfather gave me my first pipe. I don’t remember any weird looks, but then again I was somewhat engaged with my pipe. If you truly wish to try smoking a pipe then go for it, don’t let what other people think or do scare you off.

  9. Google
    make A Tobacco Pipe, you’ll get replies like:

    • If you have been puffing for a while a get the idea to buy a highend pipe but nothing you find is exactly what you are looking for I recommend making your own. I made a very large sitter out of a 200 year old piece of plateau briar. I kept the top the natural briar bark. It get loads of comments from my pipe smoking friends and they have even offered large amount of money for it, upwards of $1000!. I’m not kidding! I only paid $48 for the briar block and invested about 8 hours into making it. I took my time and finished it with carnauba wax. I got the EXACT pipe I wanted, dimension and all for a fraction of the price I was looking to spend for a pipe of this size.


  11. I collect pipe tamps. Does anyone know where I can find some,

  12. I don’t get the big deal about age when it comes to smoking a pipe. I’ve been smoking pipes since I was about 16, and enjoying a good smoke from a briar pipe is a pleasure you don’t need to wait for. I have about a dozen pipes now, including a couple of high-end pipes that my dad gave me. Smoking a pipe shows you know how to get the greatest enjoyment out of tobacco. A pipe smoker isn’t an addict. I’ve never smoked anything but a pipe (a cigar every once in a while, but a pipe is generally much smoother). My pipe smoking friends started around the same age I did. At college, everyone I know likes to puff on a hookah – it’s a natural progression to a briar pipe. And besides, a briar pipe is a lot more portable than a water pipe. Try good-quality aromatic tobacco: You’ll like the taste and aroma. Smoke slowly to avoid over-heated smoke. You’ll see what happens. People like the scent of pipe smoke, and I know quite a few guys who’ve tried it just because it smells good. My current girlfriend LOVES it when I light up my pipe. Tre

  13. I just turned 18, but I’ve been smoking a pipe for about a year now, and I love it! I wouldn’t worry about the looks people give you, just enjoy it. I really enjoy the relaxation it brings, and also it makes me feel classy and sophisticated. So smoke on my friend.

    • Right on, Sam. I get weird looks from people sometimes, but a lot of the time, they’re just a little surprised to see a 20-something guy with a pipe in his mouth. Sometimes, I hear people say how good my pipe smells and how they should give a pipe a try. I think the gawkers are sometimes jealous! 😆

      The relaxation of a pipe is unlike anything else. What first drew me to the pipe was the aroma of the smoke and the cool look of a well-made pipe. What inspired me to try it myself in my teens was the satisfying pleasure of lighting a bowl and puffing on it to savor the flavor. What keeps me coming back to the pipe is the variety of flavors, the slow ritual, and the pure relaxation. You can’t smoke a pipe in a hurry (and who would want to?).

      Hey, Sam – how’d you manage to smoke a pipe before you turned 18? Tre


  15. I got this cheap pipe from a market. its made of metal and plastic in some sections. obviously it isn’t the same thisng as smoking from a wooden one. will it work for a while or is it just a waste of money?

  16. I’ve given up smoking for the fact that cigarette tobacco is exposed to chemical additives. Does pipe tobacco often contain chemical additives? I would like to pick up pipe smoking for relaxation, but I would avoid it unless I can find “organic” (usage?) tobacco.


    • Commercial tabaccos you see in grocery and conveniant stores typically have chemicals to maintain freshness and an even burn. Pipe tobacco shops on the other hand often buy natural tobaccos in bulk and offer their own custom blends. I prefer to buy tobacco this way and find it no more expensive than the commercial variety. Once you learn to smoke your pipe right, you don’t need chemicals for an even burn. For first time smokers, these shops offer “house blends” which are typically mild aromatics and popular with smokers.

      A good pipe shop is very accomodating to first time smokers and will outfit you with a decent briar pipe, an ounce of their own custom blend, and a handful of pipe cleaners for around $35.00. They know what they are doing and it’s the only way to go if you really want to start off right. If there is no pipe shop near you, go online to They offer good starter kits for around $35.00.

      You really don’t need a $150 pipe until you are seasoned with smoking.

  17. Holy cow. Walmart’s sells big mouth glass jars just like the jars tobacco shops use. Cheap too. They are squareish, have pull off lids with teflon seals, and come in a variety of sizes. A small one holds 3 oz of tobacco and costs $2.99. The mouth is big enough I can dip my pipe in it and take a scoop comfortably. I also superglued a humidor plug to the lid and it doesn’t pop off.

  18. I’ve been smoking out of a pipe since I was sixteen and I’m twenty-one now, and I STILL gets weird looks! I just take it as a complement and feel smug with how awesome I am. Most young people are not really into it, but I’m and old man at heart and I don’t mind the gawks because having a pipe a couple times a day is a pleasant and wonderful thing. I say go for it, it’s better than cigarettes, and I’ve never appreciated cigars. Good luck!

  19. Hey nice information about pipe cleaner types. I didn’t know that there are 2 types of pipe cleaners soft and bristle. I was searching for it so now I will see both the types.

  20. Fishing man says

    Yeah, i only smoke my pipe when im fishing great for relaxing. i go fishing once a week.

  21. How about women pipe smokers out there? I know several young men who smoke pipes, but I’m the only gal I know.
    I love camping with a pipe. Sitting around a fire or oil lamp, watching the stars, and enjoying the flavours.

  22. A.J. Peterson says

    I have been smoking a pipe now for about 15yrs and in Dec 09 decided to buy Holland House Cherry Cavendish. This must be the mercedes benz of pipe tobaccos. It has the most smooth, aromatic taste and is also not too strong. I will definitely advertise and tell all my friends and colleagues what a super smoking pipe tobacco this is. Thank you.

  23. I’m 18 and looking at switching from cigars and buying my first pipe, what would you recommend as a first time tobacco for the pipe?

  24. Kamama K Yeager says

    Among my people (Chickamauga Cherokee, who, by the way, are said by the CNO not to exist any more but here we are) it’s not unusual for a female elder to carry a Prayer Pipe. This is an ancient stone bowl with a bone stem, not a pleasure pipe and the strong native tobacco traditionally used in it isn’t something I would recommend for grins and giggles – NEVER inhale the stuff unless you like turning inside out.

    My great-grandmother smoked a corncob pipe and my pleasure smoking pipe is a regular corncob pipe made not too far from where I live. They do wear out eventually but at five bucks a pop I figure I can afford a new one every few years. As a nicotine addict with health problems, I gave up cigarettes but couldn’t quite lose the smoking habit and figured non-inhaled pipe tobacco would be far more pleasurable and neater, maybe even safer than chew.

    I really enjoy my corncob pipe and even though I don’t live in “the backwoods” I smoke it daily on a park bench in front of my apartment and at my age couldn’t give a rat’s rear who sees me or what anyone else thinks about it.

    The thing is, enjoy the pipe!

  25. I’m 18 too and smoke a pipe! A friend told a friend about it, and he said its better than what most kids do on their 18th birthday- buy a pack of cigarrettes.

  26. im 44 and have never smoked anything before ,but as a young boy i remember my grandfather smoking a pipe and loved the smell . well im not into the idea of smoking and getting throat or lung cancer etc ., and im not saying this not as a knock on pipe smoking so i hope you understand where im coming from .but im thinking of starting pipe smoking as i said earlier i really like the smell of pipe smoke and i like the look of a pipe compared to someone with a cigar .so can anyone tell me is it safe to smoke a pipe, is it possible to smoke a pipe without inhaling (sounds like clinton i know) what tobacco would you suggest to a 1st time smoker . and no , i cant ask my grand dad ,hes deceased .but id like to know what everyone here thinks about the safety of smoking a pipe and if i decide to try it what type of tobacco youd recommend . and again im not being critical of it im interested and id like to try it ,im just worried about it and like to learn more and see if id like to try it or not . thank you for your time and your answers in advance .

    • With heavy pipe and cigar smoking, there is a risk of oral esophageal cancer. This is also a risk with alcohol consumption and acid reflux. Under three bowls, or three stogies daily seems to be a limit for safety. Also, one should avoid alcohol consumption while smoking. With pipes and cigars, lung cancer isn’t much of a risk, since one doesn’t normally inhale. The carcinogens are mainly the nitrosamines in the smoke; these chemicals are also found in smoked and broiled meats. There are risks associated with smoking, as well as alcohol use and–to a lesser extent–eating things like cured meats and oyster sauce (a VERY heavy source of carcinogens, with Health Canada ordering the recall of some brands). If you have hypertension, nicotine (a vasoconstrictor) increases your risk of stroke and heart attacks. Then again, the migraine medication I take (also a vasoconstrictor, but a highly potent one) will kill you from a mild overdose. Smoking or drinking isn’t statistically likely to kill you, but you are MORE LIKELY to get things like oral cancer if you smoke or drink than if you’re a nonsmoker/teetotaler. As with any thing else (sunbathing, sex), you have to weigh the risk to benefit ratio yourself.

  27. My advice is to buy some ‘estate’ (i.e., second-hand) pipes, and thoroughly clean them out with 100% isopropyl alcohol and salt (search for “Professor’s pipe sweetening” online, for directions). You won’t have to suffer that yucky new pipe taste of sap oozing out of the briar. A good practice is to let your pipe ‘rest’ for a week between smokes. Corncobs are good, too, but need a longer dry-out period.

    The aromatics burn fairly hot. They also leave more goop in the pipe. If you like aromatics, a good brand (in Canada) is Brigham’s. I personally like either Solani’s Aged Burley, or Virginia/Perique blends. Check for people’s opinions on what’s good. And welcome to the Brotherhood of the Briar!

  28. hey. I am now old enough for AARP, and have finally put down cigarettes, for the last 10 years. Now, I not only smoke and enjoy my pipes, but wonder why I ever tried to ruin my lungs and my life with those sticks. Within the pipe smoking community there is a gallant enjoyment and sense of relaxation for the cogniscenti. Hell, I was the only one in my ranger batt that could even spell pipe. Eventually one does mature and enjoy the better things in life. Enjoy your pipes in public, enjoy them in private, with and without companions, and be respectful of She Who Must Be Obeyed. After she realizes that you have your form of relaxation chosen, she may actually participate by “helping” you choose “your” favorite blend. To those who are unsure, I would recommend starting slow and low. There is always time to expand and certain times of gift giving are excellant opportunities for your friends to experience a true tobacconists. Perhaps an opportunity for conversion? Enjoy. Experience.

  29. Hi. My dad smoked a pipe alot when I was a kid and I absolutely loved the scent of it. My younger brother is quite fond of pipe smoking, and I occassionally will smoke a flavoured cigarillo – perhaps once a month. I like them sometimes, but I find that sometimes the smoke can be harsh. I’ve always wanted to try a pipe and since I don’t smoke often, it’d be a nice treat. I’m now researching what types of mild sweet tobacco is out there and where to purchase a starter kit. I read the comments here – thanks very much for the suggestions. **43 yr old lady with cats** =^..^=

  30. Can you smoke normal tobacco from the pipe? Like hand rolling tobacco such as drum or others?

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