Must Have Pipe Accessories

There are only 3 must have pipe accessories for the beginner pipe smoker. Don’t worry these accessories are extremely cheap. You should be able to purchase these for about $10 but will help you enjoy the hobby that much more. A pipe rack or humidor are nice to have accessories but are not completely necessary.

Pipe Cleaners

If you followed my recommendation to smoke an aromatic tobacco then you’ll certainly need a nice supply of pipe cleaners. Aromatic tobacco tends to smoke much wetter than other tobacco. Pipe cleaners are absolutely indispensable. There are 2 types of pipe cleaners. The soft or fluffy type that will dry up any moisture that is created from saliva or the tobacco as it’s burned. The second type is a bristle pipe cleaner that will dig out any deposits left behind.

Wooded Matches or Butane Lighter

You obviously need some way to light your pipe. The cheapest route is to purchase a box of wooden matches with a more stylish option being the purchase of a butane lighter.

Pipe Tool

Czech Pipe ToolFor about $6 you can get this handy tool called a czech pipe tool. It’s a reamer, tamper, and pick all in one. The pipe reamer is used for smoothing out the “cake” which, is hardened tobacco build-up that accumulates in the pipe. If the cake gets too thick, the bowl may crack. A rule for thumb you’ll want to trim down the cake to about the thickness of a nickel. Never completely remove the cake, as it protects the pipe and makes it smoke cooler. The tamper will be used in packing your pipe or tamping down the hot ashes during a smoke. The pick is used to clean out the stem.

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