Pipe Smoking – Learn How To Smoke a Pipe

pipe smoking captainHave you ever been walking through the park and smelled the wonderful aroma of someone smoking a tobacco pipe? Have you ever considered taking up pipe smoking but didn’t know where to start? In 7 short articles you can learn how to smoke a pipe!

I encourage you to take the time to read through the Not-So Boring Guide to Pipe Smoking which is written especially for pipe smoking beginners. The guide is 6 pages and will help you choose your first pipe as well as choosing your first pipe tobacco. We’ll also cover which accessories are a must have for your tobacco pipe and which are just nice to have down the road. Once you’ve got all your pipe smoking gear we’ll discuss how to pack your pipe the right way. Once it’s packed it’s time to light it up and puff away. All the information you need to start smoking pipes is just a click away.

Introduction to Pipe Smoking for Beginners

Smoking pipes is really all about relaxation. Since tobacco was discovered its been a favorite pastime of men and now some women find themselves smoking a tobacco pipe. There are really only 3 ways to smoke tobacco: cigarettes, cigars, and the pipe. The tobacco pipe is the only option which gives the smoker a lasting sense of pleasure and a total state of relaxation.

A pipe is similar to a fountain pen or a fine time piece. It’s truly is a thing of beauty. Some even call a well-crafted pipe a work of art. It’s a pleasure to hold, inspect, perhaps tell a story about, and demands a certain amount of respect.

What you’ll find over time is that smoking a pipe is actually an art and a science. The first task to learn is packing your pipe. Once it is packed with your pipe tobacco of choice, lighting it evenly is the next challenge. Learning to actually smoke your pipe will also take some time. Don’t be afraid though, learning these skills is not a painstakingly long process nor are they hard to learn. It just takes some understanding and patience. The rewards of properly smoked tobacco pipes is a wonderful aroma and a great taste, not to mention a relaxed state of mind.

The Rest of the Pipe Smoking Guide

Art of Smoking a Tobacco Pipe

Now that you've got your favorite style of corn cob pipe, the best smelling aromatic tobacco you could find, and a couple of simple pipe accessories let's figure out how to put it all together. One other quick requirement I would suggest is a park bench...

Breaking In a New Pipe

This post written by Mr Brizzi. A common complaint of new pipe smokers is the hot pipe, and tongue bite. Together, we will review a few points which hopefully, will result in easing that problem. Years ago, it was unheard of, to simply purchase...
Buying a Tobacco Pipe

Buying a Tobacco Pipe

Buying your first pipe is probably going to be the easiest thing you do while learning this great hobby. The reason it's going to be so easy is because I'm recommending you purchase a corn cob pipe for your first smoke. There are only a couple of different...

Buying Estate Pipes

This post written by Mr Brizzi. So, you outbid me on the Estate Pipe. Great! Congratulations! It finally arrives. Your smile beaming, and then... What the..? The pipe was never cleaned. The bowl is caked with dried out carbon and cat fur or sand....
Buying Pipe Tobacco

Buying Pipe Tobacco

Do you remember your first cup of coffee? Did you drink it black? My guess is that you started out with cream and sugar or maybe even one of the flavored creamers. Then as time progressed you backed off the creams and sugars, so you could really appreciate...
Must Have Pipe Accessories

Must Have Pipe Accessories

There are only 3 must have pipe accessories for the beginner pipe smoker. Don't worry these accessories are extremely cheap. You should be able to purchase these for about $10 but will help you enjoy the hobby that much more. A pipe rack or humidor...

Pipe Collection

This post written by Mr Brizzi. If you'd like to contribute please contact me. Expensive pipes, can be a blessing, or somewhat less than, a blessing. At one time, I built up a smoking collection of 62 pipes. My office had pipe racks all over the...

Review of MacQueen Pipe - Classic Churchwarden

Colin, from Macqueen Pipes , provided me with this pipe for an unbiased review. OK, before I even use a pipe for the first time, I take a good look at what I am about to smoke. This pipe is a classic churchwarden style, which means it has a long,...

Tips and Tricks

Everyone wants to get better at anything they do. This is especially true with smoking pipes . Sometimes you may have learned how to do something wrong and have just done it that way because you didn't know any better. Well this article on pipe smoking...
Tobacco Pipe Parts

Tobacco Pipe Parts

5 Parts of a Tobacco Pipe A pipe is a very simple tool used to hold burning tobacco. The smoke released from the burning tobacco is then drawn through a small tube and into the pipe smokers mouth. As simple as a pipe seams there is an incredible amount...


  1. ADRIAN R. says

    very good article, even for the experimented smokers, like me. i left the cigarettes and come back to pipe, my first love. you present a well structurated encyclopedia for pipe smokers with many things to learn of! thank you for your effort, i am pleasant surprised.

    • Thank you all you pipe smokers . I was a cigarette smoker up to 4 weeks ago , I am 67 years old and have been smoking a pipe for 1 month and i just love it.never felt better . love reading your comments . health risks .yes we know .i have done alot worse things than this ,i drive a car . that is a risk i take every day

  2. I have become addicted to water pipes (or “hookas”) – I love to great flavor blends that people come up with!!

    • Me and my wife went to Egypt a few years ago we blasted our way through quite a few hookas…. they were pretty cool, we bought one back with us along with some stuff to smoke, but never used it.

      My younger brother bought one back from Turkey when he was around 14, he did use it, for around a year…. to smoke cannabis. My dad eventually found it in a cupboard with hundreds of cigarette filters (he broke up cigarettes to mix with it).

      There are a few bars that have hookas now, though smoking is being banned in all public places (in the UK) in a few weeks, I assume that applies to hookas also…. shame really….

    • I have become addicted to smoking shisha as well! !
      very sociable activity! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I cant believe your promoting smoking!!

    Im trying to give up cigarettes at the moment, its really hard… I have to say I am sad to be giving up in a way, I will really miss it, but its not something I would recommend…. I know pipes probably are not as addictive, but still a bad plan….

    • Elmer Fudd says

      If you’re trying to quit smoking…then stay out of smoking websites! ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Masterofsparks says

      Just dumped the cig’s with no problem and the first thing I noticed was what a relaxing thing a nice bowl is with a great aromatic blend it really relaxes you. Cigarettes never gave me that satisfaction

      • Ive smoked a pipe off and on for some years now, and i always knew they were relaxing. But i never thought about it , till a friend of mine told me he thinks more broader when smoking a pipe…huh, you know, …he’s right, you really do think broader thoughts while having a bowl. Lol. Just thought I’d share that. Good day.

    • ZoomZoomSpeed6 says

      *sigh* I smoked a pack a day for 10 years and quit cold turkey. I still use dry nasal snuff as I have daily for the past 6 years and thought I may enjoy a pipe as well, and surprise, I do. I have yet to inhale the smoke from a pipe as that seems almost a shameful insult to the tradition of pipes and I have NO trouble WHATSOEVER laying it down and not lighting it again for several days. I was NEVER able to do that with cigarettes.The only comparison I see between the two is burning tobacco is involved, aside from that they are worlds apart. Just because Y O U personally are having a hard time quitting does not mean you need to play mommy and scold people for discussing the proper way to smoke a pipe.Why did you come on a page about smoking to begin with if it bothers you. There is no need to play crusader because of your personal addictive difficulties. Allow people to discuss and enjoy their hobbies without your unessecary soapboxing.

  4. I love the aroma of pipe smoke! Wouldn’t want to try smoking it myself though… it’s quite a hit isn’t it? I wonder if you can buy “aroma of pipe smoke” incense at all?!? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Pipe smoking is a delicous habit i left for cigars years ago…i am going to give it a second run…this time i’ll use good tobacco and pipe, as opposed the pharmacy quality stuff I used to play with.. If the pleasure police come after me, they’ll have to pry my wood pipe from my cold dead fingers.

  6. I smoke the nargile sometimes. It’s awesome outdoors on a summer evening…or at the beach. Sometimes the authorities come to investigate thinking there might be something illegal going on. Never had any real problem though. There are lots of great flavors now. My favorite is double apple, but I like rose too, and mint and bubble gum and tutti frutti. I got many different flavors when I was in Lebanon and I keep them in our humidor which my husband hates. He says their cloying aromas compromise his Cohibas. I think we need a second humidor.

  7. Steven Levine says

    I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I’ve recently begun smoking a pipe for about an hour each morning. I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and that hour of smoking a pipe is far more relaxing than any medication I’ve ever encountered. I am very saddened by the decline in pipe smoking, and I hope that it will experience a resurgence when the current mood of global prohibition subsides.

    • Edification Jason says

      Yes indeed! The cigarette crowd has really ruined one of the most enjoyable plants on earth for most people. Pipe away! You’ll never regret it. And you’ll live 12% longer, according to the Surgeon General’s 1964 report. (Of course, nobody really knows for sure, statistics lie.)

    • I too have never smoked a cigarette and the smell of most give me a headache. I however can puff my pipe all night long and it let’s me relax and clears my mind. Pipe puffing is a far cry from smoking cigarettes in my opinion. Some cigars have appealled to me in the past but nothing has really stuck(Ashton cigars are very nice tho).
      Pipes are more of a hobby then an addiction. I can go without my pipe for days if need be without killing anyone. It’s really a peaceful yet VERY interesting pasttime. Don’t knock it until you’ve given it and honest try…

      Puff in peace everyone…

    • What kind of tobacco do you ise in that pipe. I have also bought a pipe but no idea of the tobacco for it.

  8. Glenn D. says

    I have smoked a pipe once and it not only tasted good but it was amazing in all respects. i found this article to be very informative and i will definitely use some of the tips givin as i am a beginner at pipes.

    Hookahs on the other hand i know very well. I love how it tastes and smokes and it is amazing as well. I wish it wasnt so hard to set up and clean though. Oh well. Good things are never completely free ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. how about doing an article on all the different types of pipe tobacco. what’s the best time and place for each type and so on. I used to smoke this one brand that had a picture of a toad on the container…boy was that stuff good. good luck with the site.

  10. Great article. I love the smell of pipe smoke!

  11. dudewhodoesntwannadieearly says

    Is there any “natural” tobacco that does not have any added chemicals?

  12. uhh cancer?? hello you nim rods. ok what have we learned here? to smoke. thats gr8. i think ill start now. not!

    • Dude, you are the nimrod. Why, because you try to help us “nimrods”.

      Understand something here please! Everyone does thing that they enjoy. And, these things may not be conducive to superb health (like people who eat bad foods and too much of them for instance!). But, the fact of the matter is just that; it is something done to enable one to enjoy their life, enjoy their time, enjoy something for what it is. If pipe smokers get cancer, so be it. But honestly, you do not hear about that much. SO MIND YOU OWN FRIGGIN BUSINESS BUSYBODY!

      Only a fool will waste his time trying to change people around him that do not care about what it is that the person has to say.

      • That’s right, fast food will kill you far faster then puffin’ a pipe a few times a week. Have we not all seen ‘super size me’? The maker of the film ended up with perminent liver and kidney damage from just a month of so of Mcdonalds. There sure are a lot of old pipe puffers out there tho!:)
        Pipes are a mature hobby of course where mediation is required…
        I for one HATE cigarettes in every respect…they are FILLED with chemicals that are far more dangerous then natural tobacco…

        • True I mean there are like 80 year old people who have been smoking a pipe for 50 years and they are just fine Cigarettes are the things you need to watch out for. Pipes and natural tobacco are just fine.

    • Here’s a thought. Why don’t you mind your own business?

  13. This is a very good primer on tobacco pipe smoking.

    Actually, I think that pipe smoking may have a bit of a resurgence soon as cigarette smokers and even snuff tobacco users start looking for other “outlets” that may (or may not) be less addictive. The interesting thing is that because of the variety of tobacco available and the amount of “labor” involved in tobacco pipes, it has less addictive properties as an activity as opposed to just throwing a cig in your mouth and flicking a lighter.

  14. hi i just say this thing and am doing a paper on glass pipe arrtwork, and how the artwork represents bringing back the original ritual/ elegancy of smoking a pipe. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find books about the history of pipe smoking, or pipe smoking in the middle east, that would be awesome

  15. You guys are crazy to think that pipe smoking is not as addictive or harmful compared to cigarettes, etc. Although, it does smell pretty darn good when I walk by it, and it sure does look cool. But those are dumb reasons to ever smoke! Anyway, I could care less if people want to try and commit suicide the slow way, except for when it comes to my pregnant self and my infant being around random smokers who want to stand in doorways and obvious walkways and then blow smoke in our faces. How inconsiderate! I’m just saying that you should educate yourselves just a BIT before you decide what’s more or less healthy for your bodies. That is all. Go in peace. :OP

    • What are you doing on this site anyway, this is for smokers, It is our freedom to smoke if we want. If you don like the smoke in you face like i tell all them freedom busters like your self, hold your breath or get a mask and leve us alone.

    • Hehe, have you ever seen any pipe smokers in those door ways? Yes if you are pregnant you should not smoke, or smoke around your children.

    • Unlike Cigarettes you don’t inhale pipe smoke as it is about 2-5 times more powerful then a cigarette smoke you taste the smoke not swallow it. Since you don’t inhale the smoke you don’t absorb it anywhere near as fast and its not even addicting I smoke a pipe and I can and have put my pipe away for days and even weeks at a time with no cravings at all. Then just pick it up again when ever Natural tobacco is not really that harmful its all the added stuff they put into cigs that make them so addicting and harmful. And there are major differences between cig tobacco and the natural pipe tobacco.

    • Terry L Belden says

      Why bother those that enjoy a good smoke. What brought you to a pipe smoking website. You are obviously not a smoker, why seek out confrontation. Seems like you take a lot of tactics from today’s so called tolerant liberals. Worry about your life and let the rest of us live ours.

  16. Most premium pipe tobacco is all natural. The drug store variety and the flavored kinds have added chemicals. I have a feeling that these chemicals that are a added to cigarettes are whats really causing the harm/addiciton.

    When i smoked ciggs i couldnt go without one for too long. Now with my pipe i go for days without any problems what so ever. Cigg tobacco is SO unnatural. Calling cigarettes tobacco is like calling a Mcdonalds hamburger patty a “steak”.

    While we are on the subject. For all of you who whine and cry about pipes being bad for your health. Do you eat meat? Do you drive a car? Do you drink? You realise those things are very bad for your health, are known to cause cancer, destroy the environment, blah, blah.

    Thank you for your concern, but how about you mind your own beezwax. Last time i checked this is america, we can make our own decisions thank you very much. I dont need any extra taxes or laws against tobacco to help me decide. Infact, studies on pipe smoking have shown that pipe smokers acutally live LONGER than non-pipe smokers. The added benifit of ENJOYING youself, and RELAXING actually extends your life.
    Too bad the busy-bodys wont enjoy that benifit, they are too busy making sure everyone else is just like them to sit down and relax.

    maybe cigarette smokers wouldnt be regualted to smoking in doorways if there were proper indoor facilities. until that happens, just hold your breath and deal with it. You seriously think taking one breath of cigarette smoke while passing by will do anything to your health? Do you live in a bubble or something? The water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breath.. all contaminated… Ha, i bet you use a cell phone too.. awesome..
    Pipe smoking is NOT as harmful, and NOT as addictive as cigarette smoking. Its a fact. Ive actually gone out read articles and educated MYSELF thank you, unlike you who just assumes all tobaccos are created equal. Have you actually done any reading on the subject? Do you even know how long people have been smoking tobacco without any problems? i didnt think so…


    • TOUCHE’ Pipe Smoker!

      btw, started doin’ it after my father, 1961

    • I am already addicted to a light burley custom pipe tobacco my local tobacco shop sells. It leaves a heavenly afterbite on my tounge that I savor for hours. Once it begins to die off, I just got to have another bowl. But, heck it’s only $2.99 an ounce.

    • I would like to comment on this. I am a pipe smoker and have been a pipe smoker ever since I was a teenager. My Dad also, before me, was a pipe smoker. He was British. I always enjoy the British tobaccos, as they are stronger and more pure. Most that I like, are non-aromatic!
      You mention that the “drugstore” varieties of pipe tobacco had added chemicals. This may be so. However, I cannot afford to buy any other. I cannot send over to Great Britain to buy any, as the cost of shipping it would be too much. Also, I think now, it is illegal to ship across the ocean by mail!! I cannot afford to buy pipe tobacco via the internet. I am on a tight budget. Pipe smoking really, is the only fun that I have!! Especially when I go out on my bicycle! But I cannot find good tobacco locally, like I used to smoke when I was a kid. I used to be able to buy DeNobili (An Italian type made of cigar clippings), they no longer make it. I cannot find other flavored tobaccos like the Walnut, and other types. They don’t have them any more!! I can hardly find the Prince Albert (which I used to use only for mixing with other tobaccos), so … the only choice I have is to buy from the “drugstore”!! I have another problem too, which is of the last year or so. They have raised the tax on all tobacco products in this state. What I used to buy in the local “drugstore” for about 8 or $9, now costs me about $26 dollars!! I have to now hold back on my smoking of pipe tobacco, though I enjoy it immensely. But the cost keeps going up, and the tobacco varieties is going down!! What can a pipe smoker do??

      • George Jones says

        Wow, Your mention of cigar clippings brought back memories. Iโ€™m 83 and my grandpa lived with us when he was about the same age and I was about 6. He loved to smoke pipes but my Mom thought they were smelly in the house so they fixed up a comfortable place in the basement with a Morris chair and a book shelf for his smoking paraphernalia. I loved to sit on his lap and listen to stories of his days as a locomotive engineer on the Milwaukee Road. I clearly remember the tobacco he smoked because for years we had large empty tins filled with other things all over the house. He liked Granger and something called โ€œBlack Rose Cigar Clippingsโ€. I always liked the smell of the cigar clippings. One day I hounded him to let me have a puff. He did and I immediately started to salivate. I got so sick to my stomach I had to run upstairs and outside to throw up in the grass. I had no more desire to smoke anything until many years later. Mom was mad at Grandpa, but more good than harm came out of my brief foray into pipe smoking.

      • http://www.smokingpipes.com/tobacco/tinned/ they have some pretty inexpensive stuff on here.

    • Good post hopefully that will help the non pipe smokers see why we do it and that it is not that harmful.

  17. These articles inspired me to buy a pipe, which I now have, so thanks!

    Does anyone know any good websites to buy pipe tobacco from in the UK? If anyone has any recommendations then it would be much appreciated.

  18. So many people have negative things to say about it, of course it’s obvious they’ve never enjoyed a pipe before. Unless your smoking like twenty bowls a day which literally means your sitting in actual smoketime for like 20 hours, there is no way pipes are worse than cigarettes, point two you don’t inhale, my lungs feel great after a pipe not all congested like a night out drinking where one could kill ten or more cigs easily. I recently stopped smoking cigs and though I have smoked pipes for many years now I still see myself as a beginner. You know the champion pipe smoker in the world is a dutch lady who can keep that thing going without relighting for over two and a half hours! Thats like watching an entire movie with the thing, if I can smoke it for over half an hour without lighting it again I consider that a succesful bowl. But hell I’m still a beginner so I shall surpass her one day.

    • I have managed to stay 20 minutes without relighting but that was like on a perfect smoking day and it was packed just right.

    • Terry L Belden says

      Ten cigs with a night out drinking, man it’s been a long time since I went out drinking but I remember making sure I had at least two extra packs along.

  19. i like to stuff my big pipe with weed every day and smoke the whole thing.
    especially in the morning, it helps with my anxiety, back pain, headaches, nasea, foot pain, stretching my muscles, nerves, tired eyes, and diet cokes.

  20. I just started smoking a pipe, well trying. Is it supposed to last 5-10 minutes only?

    • Depends on the size of the bowl, and the particular quality of the tobacco. Some tobacco mixtures are more dense and last longer. I’ve known a pipeful to last over an hour, but that’s rare. A pipeful will last much longer than a cigarette, anyway.

      An odd thing is that you’ll get more of the aroma from a small bowl than a large one. If you see the old churchwarden-style pipes, with very long stems, they have a small bowl at the end – as did all clay pipes. You would probably get most aroma from one of those church wardens. There’s a great film, Treasure Island (made in 1950 but in colour) which has terrific scenes of pipe smoking, using those church wardens. The natural, authentic way the pipes are smoked (could never be done now, actors would be too self-conscious) really takes you back to the eighteenth century.

    • Lol if it goes out relight it even experienced pipe smokers have to relight at least once mine will go out 2-3 times during a smoke just relight and puff some more lol.

  21. dima–Your’s probably just when out, which is normal. You will need it to relight a few times, especially if you are a beginner. When you are more experienced, you can make it last for a good 40 minutes or until the tobacco has reached the bottom of the bowl.

  22. I am only 16 years and i know everybody will start screaming here that i am a juvenile but i still love the aroma of good pipe tobacco and its nice flavour and also the relaxation and know you all say that its is very odd a juvenile smoking pipe well for me its more than smoke its the way of life and the best way to relax.
    P.S.- i am from lithuania

    • Thats nice to hear and I am only 18 and I would like to start to. I tries cigerettes and went so green i couldn’t even stand up. I tried a pipe and it was actually enjoyable, I mean i actually liked the experience ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I’m only 18 and I smoke both a pipe and cigars. Life doesn’t last forever, so I might as well enjoy it while I can.

      • If your going to smoke the pipe is the way to go its classic cool and not really addicting or that harmful for you. And your lungs will still feel good after a smoke a bowl a day or a few times a week won’t hurt just make sure you try something mild to start with and make sure its good quality and not gas station tobacco I suggest getting some from here http://www.smokingpipes.com/tobacco/tinned/.

  23. I smoke a pipe about once a week and was just wondering how bad the effects are of this. I rarely do it more than that and wanted to know if anyone could help me out.

    • mars bilters says

      it depends what you put in it, herbal tobacco can be put in it. i smoke a pipe every day and recommend neat cannabis, this in my opinion is the healthiest way to smoke a pipe. i’ve not not smoked tobacco for ten years, and no longer have a smoker’s cough, plus i smoke less, and don’t smoke because i need to but because i enjoy it, remember to always clean your pipe, and defend your right to smoke the best medicinal in it!

  24. Mystic Mouse says

    Hi All!

    I cannot believe that the art of pipe smoking has been so degressed in the last half century! I am a biochemist, so as to the health concerns – well, the fact that one doesn’t inhale is quite beneficial! I am actually a cigar afficionado; however, with the price of quality cigars these days, the obvious alternative when I decided to quit smoking cigarettes was a pipe. I, as most, have always had those wonderful memories of walking into a room where a family member or neigher was enjoying a pipe and enjoying it with them – not wanting that wonderful aroma to end! The whole pipe thing is very new to me (although I’m now 40 years old); I just bought my first pipe a couple of weeks ago (a real cheap plastic thing that is wet and ugly); today, I bought a VERY fine Italian made pipe that cost me nearly a hundred bucks! Why would I do this? Like I said, I have enjoyed cigars most of my life, and I would pay a good $30 for a really decent cigar (although my neighbour works for the Canadian Embassy in Cuba and brings me back more Cohibas than any American buisnessman could dream of!); I love the class of an elegant pipe; I love the smell of pipe tobacco smoke drifting around a room; I love the feel of a pipe! I am so enjoying this experience as a beginer pipe smoker. I know now, I can quit smoking cigarettes (cause they’re gross compared to a pipe); I will still lite up a beautiful Cohibas – but who wouldn’t! As for all the health risks of smoking a pipe – well, it’s a whole lot better than smoking cigarettes; as both cigars and pipes, one doesn’t inhale – and one usually smokes a great deal less (which is why the big tobacco coorporations do not promote pipe smoking!


    Mystic Mouse

  25. Great site. I’m going to link you from mine. I just got started on my pipe site – so don’t expect too much yet. Come visit!
    I’ve been a pipe smoker for years and I don’t intend giving it up.

    Thanks for this. ๐Ÿ˜›

  26. What a smashing article!

    What with the smoking bans coming into force through most of the ‘western world’, snuff is really taking off again. Ever thought of doing one for snuff?

    Cheers once again for a great article.

    • Greetings. I’m a little bit lost with this website, I don’t know whether it is a foro or not.If so,could any one of you tell me how to register? thanks
      Best regards.

  27. Great site,
    It’s nice to know other people out there still enjoy the finer things in life!
    In these “Reader posts” I see a lot of Nay sayers, preaching about how Awful smoking is, and I cannot help but laugh. Honestly, who goes out of their way, just to badmouth something somebody enjoys? My guess is, they’re rather unhappy, stressful people – perhaps they just need a good pipe break ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Its proven people who smoke pipes live longer then non smokers or cigarette smokers you don’t inhale pipe smoke and it is very very relaxing. Less stress longer life I love smoking my pipe on a nice Kansas evening listing to ole blue eyes can’t think of a better way to spend the evening.

  28. After ten years of smoking cigarettes and non-smoking career of four, i discovered pipe smoking. Awesome! Exotic and relaxing is all i can say about it(with some tongue-bite though-i’m new in this). I now own two estate briar pipes(got a great deal :mrgreen: ), each smoking in it’s own special way. I started with Mac Baren’s Mixture Modern, aromatic, and light tobacco an i’m very satisfied with it.This website offers much needed info for us pipe newbies. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • Try a good Vanilla Cavendish, it will build cake quickly and tastes good in any pipe. The kinds I have found tend to be very moist but are supposed to be so actually don’t let it dry out.
      I go to a tobacco outlet here in Ithaca NY that carries the most amazing Vanilla Cavendish I have every found, it’s like eating candy!:)

  29. I smoke a pipe and I can pick it up and put it down anytime I want. currently I am not smoking but will pick it up again when I feel like it. When I smoke I usualy go through three or four pipes a day. When I want to take a break I just stop smoking for a while. I don’t see how pipes are addictive. When I go to the docktor He says my lungs sound clear, and my blood pressure is better than when I’m not smoking my pipe! So all of you who don’t smoke a pipe don’t be critical because you don’t know what your talking about and your just spouting anti-smoking retoric and knee jerk propaganda.

    • Ya non pipe smokers think they know everything lol I’ll be laughing with a pipe in my hand relaxing while they are stressed out and angry.

  30. Been smoking cigarettes (Marlboro Smooths to kill the smell – yuck!) for several years. Decided to finally pick up pipe smoking. Bought 2 low end – new briar pipes today, 2 for $60. Also picked up an aromatic blend from Barclay and Rex. Good thing I did some research before I went into pipe smoking. Packed it well and lit a fake and real light. After that, no more lighting was needed. I admit I smoked it a little fast, but at least I knew I was going to before I started. I didn’t get a tongue bite (or at least not a bad one) and the tobacco was pleasant. If I did inhale, it was after I pulled the smoke into my mouth and inhaled about half – very little going into my lungs.

    This was perhaps the most enjoyable smoking experience of all time. I cannot wait to sit on a pipe in Central Park while studying for one of my summer courses. I have never been so relaxed and so happy after smoking anything (weed is great for this sure, but I had to stop because it was difficult to function while being high all the freakin time). There was no swimming head or stomach ache like with cigarettes. Just enjoyable, delicious pipe smoke. All I need now is a warm glass of scotch and wait for my pipes to break in (I have 2, I plan on smoking once per day. Maybe I should pick up a couple corn cobs to add to my rotation?

    Thanks for all the information provided on this site. I have found a new, sophisticated hobby that I am not ashamed of. Plus, I don’t have to smoke filthy cigarettes or worry about the smell. This aromatic tobacco is like an amazing cologne ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. MMickels says

    Hello fello pipers, my name is Mitch and i am 22 years old. Today was a very special day for me i bought my first pipe. I went with a Peterson. Let me tell you it was a great expierience the tobacco that the gentleman at the tinder box (cigar, cigarette and pipe dealer in my area) suggested was perfect, the tobacco burnt very dry, crisp, and clean, it had a great taste and an even better aroma. I couldnt be happier when it comes to the pipe either, the man who sold it to me today suggested that i put just a really thin coating of honey on the inside walls of the bowl (this is supposed to help with the break-in period and help coat the inside of the pipe with a good layer carbon cake, it also added some taste too.) I only had to relight the pipe maybe 4 times and the bowl only got warm not really hot. I am very pleased with everything, i know that the pipe needs to sit for 24 hours to let it dry out but i cant wait until i get to pack another bowl of goodness tomorrow. I hope everyone is enjoying their pipe smoking. Take it easy everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. al-literate says

    What gets me is that I can not smoke my pipe in peace, but I can sit outside and inhale diesel fumes day in and day out. I guess those are healthy?

  33. Pipe smoking really isn’t smoking in the sense that you inhale. If you puff now and then, for example I puff about three times a week. I am however active outside etc and even though I’m only 28 my doctor says I’m in perfect health. I tell him I puff on a pipe so he looked in my mouth etc and said all was fine. However snuff/chew is very dangerous stuff. Is puffing a pipe 100% safe? No, of course it has some dangers involved but look at all the authours, scientists, celebrities etc that puffed on a pipe! Name me one that died prematurely from smoking a pipe. Tolkien and Mark Twain smoked HUGE amounts each day, to the point of burning out pipes regularly, did they die from it? nope. Now for those of us who puff a couple times a week, I really don’t think you should worry about getting cancer etc unless you either inhale it or smoke large amounts. Not that it’s a healthy hobby but it is very far from smoking cigarettes or dipping snuff. Just my opinion of course…

  34. ๐Ÿ™„ English Blends
    ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Most drug store brands
    ๐Ÿ˜† High quality cavendish
    ๐Ÿ‘ฟ Cigarettes

  35. Hi all

    Greeting from Vietnam, my name is Quang and I ‘ve justed started smoking piper for more than two months, and as days pass I find it greatly enjoyable experience. It’s not only smoking but also relaxation, sophiticated, and aesthetics…I always admire my pipe and never get tired of it. But my problem is there are no pipe maker or seller here, and tobaco either.

    • So, why not make bookoo [sic-author; “big”] pipe shop? Maybe you can purchase used pipe making equipment from old shops or eBay, and try your hand at pipe making? You may even surprise yourself and become good at it. At this time, VietNam is quiet, no war, and it was a beautiful (magnificently beautiful) country. Many people if they had a chance, probably would opt to smoke a pipe rather than use other tobacco methods. Maybe you could purchase a cloth bag full of tobacco seeds and try to cultivate tobacco plants. Maybe you would in time find your endeavors profitable? It’s a thought. You would not be “working”, you would be doing something you love. A passion. Best of luck, Quang!

  36. I have always loved the smell of Pipe Tobacco. For me it always brings a sense of nostalgia and reminds me of my beloved Grandpa who used to smoke his Pipe around my brother and I. We used to take a jar and “capture” the smoke. Many years later, my husband really enjoys his Pipes and has never smoked them in the house. However, now that I’m pregnant with our Son I have banned him to smoking his Pipes in his Home Office until we can research the effects of Pipe Smoking in the home. I really want to be able to indulge him in his loved hobby, especially since I have always loved the smell. Does anyone know what kind of house cleaning (if any) is involved with an indoor Pipe Smoker? Also, how quickly will it dissapate in the Family Room if I were to let my Husband smoke in there?

    • I don’t think the smoke has any adverse effects if your worried though you could just have him smoke on the porch or something as the smoke will just go up into the air above and disappear.

  37. Joe Kamari says

    …i use pipe tobacco for a years now and lately i found that i should write a book based on my experience..your articles give me ideas on how to write that book..

  38. I got serious about pipes two years ago after I found my old trusty Grabow in my junk drawer. I had just gotten the internet and was having fun with Googling anything I could think of. So, when I Googled “pipes and tobacco” my world “lit up” Up ’till then I had no idea that there was more out there besides Grabow and Bourkum Riff (gotta love the internet!). So now my collection has grown from one to forty pipes (thanks to Ebay) with many tins aging ’til I get to them.
    My wife was kind enough to allow me a couple pipes a week during my commute. I was surprised to find that the smell did not linger in the least after I was done. Even when I picked my wife up minutes after dumping the bowl she could not detect smoke (and me with my trusty Double Mint).
    If you want opinions on good tabac, check out tobaccoreviews.com.
    It’s great to see more and more pipes around town. Proud to be one of them.
    Happy smokes!

  39. I’m 52 and smoked a pipe for over 30 years until I quit over two years ago. Do I miss it? YES!! Ever since I quit smoking a pipe I’m more nervous, nowhere near as relaxed as before, and little things bother me. I was a much nice person when I smoked my pipe and I plan to go back to it soon.
    The reasons I quit weren’t good enough to stop. Sure, you inhale some smoke, but I never had any ill effects from it. I smoked it only a half hour a day–the rest of the day I carried around a ‘cold’ pipe.
    I’m a chiropractor by profession.


  40. “The pipe draws wisdom from the lips of the philosopher, and shuts up the mouth of the foolish; it generates a style of conversation, contemplative, thoughtful, benevolent, and unaffected…”

    -William Makepeace Thackeray, from The Social Pipe

  41. Well to add my bit. Im sure that it isnt really very good for me but i do nothing else wrong in life. I dont frink and I dont take mind altering drugs all I do is smoke a pipe. I have about 25 or so housed in an old victorian pipe cabinet. My favourite are my two Dunhills followed by a Morelli. I really do believe that in this life one only has so long so if you like a bowl of your favourite tobacco just enjoy.

  42. Hi fellow pipe smokers,
    Just wanted to add a few words of advice for the prospective pipe smokers out there. As an ex cigarette smoker I found the biggest mistake I made, to begin with, was to draw far to hard on my pipe. Slow deliberate puffs is the key to enjoying a long relaxing smoke.
    I have found less need to inhale the smoke and believe this to be less harmful to me. Pipe smoking is a delight when mastered.Great advice by the way, and every pipe smoker should check out the internet to find the vast array of beautiful pipes there are on the market. ๐Ÿ˜†

  43. A further comment has just come to mind. Never allow anyone to teach you fear!! Do what you like and like what you do. Also, a lot of you sound a little ‘light wieght'(no offence). I recently read a story, on the BBC web site, about a man who thought it wise to cut down to ten pipes a day! He was 79!
    Enjoy your pipe, and be cautious of what you decide to believe!! โ—

  44. This is a great site I’v been a pipe smoker for years, corn cob pipes are the best I think . Yall take care….

  45. Can anyone advice me on why my pipe gives off a green stain? I’ve only just bought a pipe – yesterday and really enjoy the smoke – Capt Black gold. But I noticed that there is a green stain coming off the filter part which is alarming! Is this normal? Should I be doing some kind of breaking in before I use the pipe? Incidentally it’s a wooden one made in the UK – it says The Albany Pipe and has a number 65 on it. I live in Oman and my tobacconist doesn’t have a clue. He had a few pipes to sell and doesn’t know anything about the wood, etc. Please advice if any of you have an answer. Cheers

  46. I have been a piper for around 3 years now and have around 30 pipes, 10 high grades, 10 medium grades and 10 cheapies. I also have 5 Meers. My tobacco cellar comprises of over 40 tins and a few kilos of bulks.

    I absolutely love this hobby. I smoke between 2 and 4 bowls a day and enjoy each one.

    If you have not experienced your favourite blend from a beautiful pipe, you have not lived.

    Mo, South Africa

  47. Pipes have helped me relax for years now…..my wife (an ex-cigarette smoker, now a non-smoker) is in favour of my hobby to the point that she has bought me pipes as gifts. My Dad smoked a pipe, as did my grandfather. Pipes rule!

  48. ever hear of your oropharynx? this should concern all of you pipe smokers much more than lung cancer! both cigars and pipes are still cause CANCER! TObacco is and never will be a safe past time! please help rid the world of this plant and stop chasing the dragon. of course it feels good smells good etc. however so does heroin, cocaine, marijuana, booze, but the truth is we all know better and hopefully we should pass our wisdom onto the upcoming generations on the dangers we know all to well!

    • Good old Nick hey!!? Certainly not St Nicholas, aka, Father Christmas.
      Are you frightened Nick? We all have a terminal dis-ease, it’s called life! You will only ever do one thing perfectly and that’s to be perfectly dead. When we all reach perfection civilisation ends, so get on with it and stop teaching others guilt and fear.
      Pipe smoking create’s thinking man hey. Enjoy XX

    • Nick you do realize they we are in harm every time we do something watching tv we absorb radiation diving runs the risk of getting in a wreck walking runs the risk of getting ran over. Eating fast food will kill you faster then a pipe will and so on. You can’t live in a bubble your whole life I will smoke my pipe and live a long and healthy life just like many pipers before me and just like many after me peace from Kansas.

  49. (Nick) ever here get the f_ _k lost!!! this site is for pipe smokers NOT FOR HATERS ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  50. Paul Whitehouse (UK) says

    I am 48 years old and have smoked a pipe (falcon mostly) since I was 18 years old.
    I started out as a draughtsman at RollsRoyce back in 1976 and at that time all the old guys smoked a pipe. I love it for the relaxation it provides and I will never give it up. I have a collection of old pipes and a fantastic pipe rack to show them off. I pity the anti-smoking lobby. Sure smoking is not perfect for your health – over eating fatty foods is far more dangerous though!!
    I am slim and healthy and enjoy long walks (with my pipe!!) and also wind surf! I smoke a couple or three times a week when walking the dog and I am at my most relaxed – Love it!!
    Keep up the good work and happy smoking to you all!

  51. I always get the impression that smoking a pipe is “less bad” for the body than smoking a cig.

  52. Bertrand Russell, J.B Priestly, Albert Einstein and Edward Heath were all renowned pipe smokers and they lived to ripe old ages. There was a guy in the newspaper the other day who claims to have smoked a pipe his whole adult life and he was celebrating his 100th birthday!! It just goes to show that you should believe the evidence of your own eyes and not concocted government statistics (by the way Iโ€™m British and I canโ€™t abide the hypocrisy of the UK government that places heavy restrictions on smokers whilst turning a blind eye to the rampant drug and alcohol abuse that takes place in this country).

    I swapped my 40 cigarettes a day habit for occasional pipe smoking a few years ago and Iโ€™ve never looked back.

  53. I too am an ex-cigarette smoker. I first got addicted to dip. Then I picked up cigarettes. I also tried my hand at chew for a while too, but it messed up my mouth. After that I went back to occasional cigarettes when drinking but could no longer stand the smell, especially the next day. I started smoking cigars a few times a week and one of my good friends would often join me for a nice relaxing smoke. He mentioned that he was interested in pipe smoking so I bought him a pipe for this past Christmas. I couldn’t deal with the fact of giving that beautiful thing away without having one for myself so I bought another one. I have to say it is the most enjoyable smoking experience ever. I love to smoke mine with a nice glass of bourbon on the rocks. There is nothing more relaxing. In addition, the smell is pleasant and doesn’t make the room smell repulsive for a week like only a few cigarettes will. Best of all, my girlfriend does not mind at all. She couldn’t stand when I smoked cigarettes, but seems to be very content with my new hobby.

  54. I am no expert, just an average citizen, but I’d like to offer my common sense view on the health effects.
    I am not concerned at all!! Here’s why:
    1. Pipe smoke is not directly inhaled.
    2. Even the small amount that is inhaled indirectly is unremarkable when compared to the smoke inhaled, when one smokes 20 cigarettes a day.
    3. The anti-tobacco crowd will say and do ANYTHING to stop tobacco use. Look at the hysteria over second hand smoke. I am 26 years old. My parents, aunts, uncles, their friends, were raised at a time when everyone smoked; and it was inside, unlike today. Not to mention they all smoked themselves, most of them starting in their early teens. The constant exposure to second hand smoke from the time they were born, combined with their own cigarette smoking from an early age, should have been enough to kill them off by their forties. However, they all seem to be doing just fine. Granted they no longer smoke, but that’s not the point. The point is that the anti tobacco crowd will lie, especially about the dangers of second hand smoke, to get you to quit. They will never admit that the “dangers” of pipe smoking are negligible when compared to other activities like crossing the street, going to McDonald’s or smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

    • St Bruno says

      totally agree with all the above.

    • Ignorance is bliss, right?

      Don’t worry that surgeons regularly have to cut tumours from the tips of pipe smokers tongues, it’s all just anti-smoking lies and propaganda.

      So, none of your relatives have died yet from smoking despite being in their forties?!! OMG! That’s statistical proof of anti-smoking conspiracies and lies!

      I implore you to smoke more. Take one for the planet, chief. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Just wanted to give people a heads up that I am starting a bog and web site dedicated to my love of Pipe smoking. Come on over and join us!!


  56. whomadewho77@hotmail.com says

    hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew about old pipes, i inherited one from an old uncle and it says 1776 on the front with an eagle holding 3 arrows and a grapevine. it has a sheild on it with 13 diamond shapes and 11 stripes. on the bottom it says “Tavern Schooner” with a USA mark and a patent pending mark that has four boxes with letters inside. C, M, T, X are the letters. ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS AND WORTH?

  57. The pipe smoker’s guide has been a good read. I started pipe smoking a couple weeks ago and his tips on selecting a pipe and tobacco have been very helpful. Got my eyes set on a good Nordig or Butz.

  58. Excellent, excellent article. I an going to try and link it to my Facebook. I enjoy cigars and pipes. What an incredible experience on one of those perfect spring days or summer evenings where you sit on the porch, with a pipe or cigar, a nice bottle of Scotch and enjoy the world through your thoughts, memories, and the present. Anti Smokers and their lobby just need to just go away. I am an American and I admit I was an adamant anti-smoker and thought all tobacco was evil. But soon I realized America was and should be based on individual freedom. That freedom is under constant attack now from the far left and the political landscape is perfect for them. Be aware and get involved. Support those businesses who buck the system and proudly proclaim their individual rights and the free market economy. Don’t let Nancy Pelosi (sp?) and the current crew dictate to you their far left views of what is right. To all who read this, smoke well, smoke in peace!

  59. hello,

    is there any one on here that has been smoking pipe for at least oohh lets say 35 years? and if so do you have any health problems related to pipe smoking? is it better to smoke pipe then cigaretts or cigars?

  60. Yes, Matt. I’m 67 and started smoking a pipe at 14. That’s 53 years and they’ve been good years. No problem. I smoke a pipe and cigars, usually about 6 or 7 times a week , if I can find the time. No point in smoking while you work; its a bother and you can’t smoke properly and enjoy it to the full. I’ve done a little study of some famous pipe and cigar smokers and the only ones who died from it were President Grant, of throat cancer at age 63. He smoked 20 cigars a day during the war. And Sigmund Freud was a “heavy” cigar smoker who had oral cancer which resulted in his suicide, assisted, at age 83.
    But consider George Burns, Churchill, Edison, Twain, Groucho Marx, Einstein, and Lord Russell: they lived long lives and died of causes unrelated to tobacco, so far as we can know.
    The key, it seems to me, is moderation, as it is in anything involving reasonable people. Don’t be scared of tobacco; use it sensibly and enjoy it. That’s what its there for.

    • Hey Colin,
      I am 61 and have been smoking cigarettes since I was 16. That’s 45 years. I have had to quit for surgery three times now but I keep going back to smoking. I have no health problems from smoking as of yet but you never know. I am looking for an alternative to cigarettes and was thnking about a pipe and I don’t have a clue where to start. Any words of wisdom??? One thing that seems to be problematic is that I am a female and I have never seen another woman with a pipe. HELP

      • Hi Jo,
        I am a female and I smoke a pipe. There doesnt seem to be that many female pipe smokers. Still, lose your inhibitions and go for it.

    • good answer. I smoked comm cig from the age of 13 – quit when I was 20 and pregnant with my son. Went back to tobacco 13 years later during divorce, this time roll-your-own by mail, suppossidly organic. I quit with Chantix in 2007 and never regret or EVER consider buying commercial garbage to smoke.

      This f…. world right now gets to me. I want to smoke something and I am going to go find some kind of reasonable smoke!

      • Hey – you find an answer please let me know because I am going out of my mind. Really want a smoke right now and I’m presently on chantix and it’s not working for me.

        • Pipe tobacco is a good way to relax don’t worry about there not being many female pipe smokers just don’t inhale the smoke its a lot more powerful then cigarette smoke. Get quality stuff online or at a tobacco store once you get the hang on it, its quite relaxing and enjoyable. Also smoking a pipe is a lot healthier compared to cigarettes since pipe tobacco is natural and doesn’t have the chemicals and added stuff to it that cigarette tobacco does.

  61. I quit smoking cigarettes after 20 years and picked up the pipe a few months ago. Your article was very helpful in selecting a starter pipe and tobacco. Are there any quality pipe tobacco cigars out there?

  62. I thank you for the article it helped me alot. As for those who chastise the rest of us for smoking. Perhaps you should chastise politicians and big business for inducing so much stress in the world. If there was no stress then there would be no need for us to relax with a nice pipe of tobacco or a fine scotch (smile) Yes my other vice. I have looked around for quite a number of years I have traveled to various parts of the world and here is what I have discovered…. NOBODY LIVES FOREVER! So I have adopted this philosphy on life,โ€œLife is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath awayโ€ I for one happen to love enjoying a fine pipe and a scotch as the sun sets each evening. May you all find the same peace I have in those moments….

    • yes! I believe you are right – today is April 15 2009 – my husband and I just paid beyond our withholding $2500 to the federal govmt. I gave up my home rolled Santa Fe Tobacco in 2007 and now crave the calm that tobacco brings. Don’t have a connection for anything around here and guess I will go take up a pipe soon.

    • St Bruno says


    • Amen, brother.

  63. Dreamlander says

    Very nice article. Really enjoyed it. I am a cigarette smoker for 17 years now since the age of 14. I now and then quit for a month or so. This time i just didn’t want to stat again so i bought an expensive pipe ( ๐Ÿ˜ณ not sure if its the correct thing i did). I always wanted to start smoking pipe and give up the cig’s. Waiting for my pipe to arrive this week. Do you believe i should buy a cheaper one also as a beginer?

    • It’s best to buy a cheap pipe as a beginner. It’s easy to torch the bowl rim or overheat the pipe when you begin puffing. It takes time to get the pattern right. Corn cobs, Medicos, or Dr Grabows are good choices. Prince Albert is a good tobacco to begin with. It is mellow, tasty, pleasant smelling, and contains nicotene which will curb your cig craving. Captain Black is another good one.

    • St Bruno says

      GOOD MAN. this is my story to. im finding the pipe are more than suitable replacement. within 3 days i now prefer the much cheaper and more healthy non inhalation pipe. my home smells much better. i save a fortune and will live longer than when i smoked 40 a day. i use my pipe on those moments when i wish to relax. first coffee. post food. evening tv news. its much better. please push on. and DO NOT INHALE. just smoke !!

  64. Hello all. What an interesting article. I came on here to find out how to actually smoke a pipe. I just bought a pipe yesterday so haven’t tried it yet. I have always been a fan of smelling pipe tobacco but sadly it is a dying art and you now have to wander past an old chap smoking a pipe on a park bench to savour it’s marvellous aroma. It looks so relaxing. Also I feel I need to smoke it in private as I am a woman. Are there any other lady pipe smokers out there?

    • There ARE women pipe smokers out there. I remember reading an magazine article about 10 years ago by a leading U.K. businesswoman who was a pipe smoker. She smoked lovely, elegant pipes, I think specially designed for women. A bit of Googling would undoubtedly reward you here.

    • There is a woman pipe smoker posting on the Puff.com forum if you haven’t been there.


      If you feel you need to smoke in private because you’re a woman, you might consider something in dazzling colors like a Butz Choquin Astral. Click through this site to find them.


    • Not me I am 20 years old and I smoke a pipe as long as I live the art will never die my father smokes a pipe as well my great great uncle and my normal uncle do to. nothing wrong with being a women pipe smoker its a classic and classy art for anyone who can do it man or women.

  65. http://www.tobaccoreviews.com is a brilliant site packed full of pipe tobacco reviews (including a few from me, my name there is ‘Contemplative’)

    I started smoking a pipe at age 41, having not smoked anything for the previous 12 years, and having hardly smoked anything but the occasional cigarette or cigarillo before then. I’m 63 now, and smoking my variety of pipes has been a very enriching experience. It’s also undoubtedly stress-reducing. In fact I don’t know how I’d have got through those last 22 years without my pipes and baccy.

  66. I love that you are spreading the love of the leaf. I have been a cigar and pipe smoker for years. I have a blog with reviews of tobacco and info about tobacco pipes here.

  67. I agree just chill sit back and relax and smoke a pipe or bong for that matter!

  68. One Who Has Seen It says

    I have done it all. I used to smoke cigarettes (pack and a half a day)for a few years and even tried smoking a pipe a few times. I enjoyed pipe smoking the few times I did it because of the novelty of it and the aroma. I think I enjoyed smelling the pipe tobacco tin more than I enjoyed actually smoking the stuff. I have also smoked through a water bong that gave a cool, pleasant quality to the smoke. Anyway, I quit smoking several years ago for one reason and one reason only. My friends told me it was bad for my health, but I ignored them. One of my college professors gave a chilling lecture on the dangers of smoking, I ignored him too. The reason I quit is my mother – she said it plainly – I looked like hell and always smelled of smoke. That really stuck with me and I quit, cold turkey. True story! I don’t regret it and here’s why – another true story – I was in the hospital recently for a test and in the bed next to me was a man who was 59 years old, with his wife sitting next to him. He had a tube in his throat that went into his stomach- I know, gross, and you know what’s coming, but please read on. His wife was in there with him and talked with me about his condition – because he couldn’t talk. He had cancer of the throat and esophagus (sp?) and the only way he could eat was through that tube. (I noticed he also had some breakfast powder in a travel bag that his wife probably mixed for him when he was hungry – I guess she had to inject in in the tube?) Anyway, she went on to say he had smoked, and that’s what caused the cancer. She then said that he had grandchildren who wanted to come from another state and visit him, but she didn’t think he’d be around long enough to see them. (This is true – I am not being rude or making this up, I wish I was!) I thought hard about what she had just said – she didn’t think he’d be around long enough to see his grandchildren come visit. Imagine that for a moment -you have children (or child), your whole life ahead of you, and you live just long enough to see your children have children, and then suddenly you are given a death sentence of massive metastatic cancer (self-imposed no less). His grandchildren probably loved him dearly, and he probably had so much to share with them, but he probably won’t live long enough to see them on their next visit – and he knows this. HE KNOWS THIS…… Devastating is too mild a term. If there is any worse horror story to witness, I cannot think of it. I will never forget my brief time in that hospital room a couple years ago, it will haunt me forever. Especially so since I have a young daughter I want to see grow up and I want to see her children, too. I don’t want a death sentence imposed by smoking. You don’t need this. You want relaxation? Drink hot tea every night – endless flavors to choose from, great aroma, decaf or not. Sort of like pipe smoking in liquid form, right? Take it from me, please – I have seen the results of smoking – you have a healthy body to enjoy life on Earth with – don’t screw it up and die a very horrible death because you want to look like Sherlock Holmes or some other fictional character. I hope I have convinced at least one or two people to quit – because remember – it is NEVER too late to quit – your body will thank you for it immediately! It is only too late when they insert the tube in your throat, and then…..

    • St Bruno says

      my sister died at 39 of ovarian cancer. she never smoked anything in her entire life. cancer is the killer. not smoking. diet and exercise are the issues and the avoidance of food additives. carbon from fuel exhaust is a far bigger conduit of throat and lung cancers. you have an argument that can only stand upon the shoulders of giants to be viable. good sir, i bid thee goodnight and safe passage throughout this night.

      • Bravo. Well stated. To quote Malcolm Forbes’ headstone, which he ordered four words engraved: “While Alive, He Lived.”

  69. Pipe Tobacco Safer? says

    Some of these posters say that pipe tobacco is safer because it doesn’t have a lot of additives like cigarettes do. Maybe those mysterious additives cause cancer? Pure tobacco is safer? False! False! False! The cancer causing stuff is in the tobacco leaf itself, and comes out in the complex chemicals and “tar” that is caused from smoking it. Nicotene does not cause cancer, additives don’t cause cancer, the complex chemicals that result in smoking the pure leaf itself is what kills you. So, basically, smoking “pure” tobacco is actually be worse than smoking tobacco with artificial additives.
    Some posters say pipe smoking is safer because you don’t inhale, or don’t inhale as much. False! Lip, throat, tongue, bladder, and stomach cancer are commonly caused by pipe or bong smoking. Remeber, bongs or other filters don’t take out any of the complex chemicals or bad stuff that causes cancer.

    • St Bruno says

      you contradict yourself many times in your statement. firstly claiming the chemical additives do not cause cancer, yet later state that bongs or filters do not take out the complex chemicals that cause cancer. if you do not wish to smoke a pipe yourself due to ill informed beliefs, thats your choice to make. a personal choice, sir do not attempt to choose mine. or i shall spear yee cleanly with my foil like a common pig, and thrust thy soul into thy makers arms. i bid thee farewell good sir…

      • Here, here! St. Crispin’s, indeed! Smite thusly fond upon thine pate!

        • Saint Crispin Day; William Shakespeare; King Henry V, Act IV, Scene III; 25 October 1415, Battle of Agincourt.

          Dost thou non-pipe smoking lout, thinkest us crude, whilst ye conjure thought of harming our custom? Then bleed ye, to thine own death and whimper, for thou lackest bravado and will sufficient to master thine self, so be gone cowardly knave and mind ye nay, everst tread upon our Goodly brotherhood of the pipe.

    • Havamal:

      Only fools
      hope to live forever
      by escaping enemies.
      Age promises
      no peace
      though the spears spare them.

  70. i bought a pipe for a ยฃ1!!!! ๐Ÿ˜› :mrgreen:

  71. Any thoughts on smoking rolling tobacco through pipes? Being a newbie myself, I thought I’d just go out and buy a pipe without doing any research.

    I prefer using the pipe to rolling, but it is any more harmful?

    Why does pipe tobacco have a different flavor?

    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Wow what an ignorant post! Of course those chemicals they add cause cancer. Almost any complex chemical you inhale into your lungs can cause cancer and can promote bad cell health in general. Of course tobacco causes cancer as well, but filtering the smoke the water most certainly reduces the amount of tar. Tar contributes to cancer, pure and simple. Scare tactics are not a good way to get people off of tobacco. What we need is responsible and filtered (through water not fiberglass) tobacco use…

  73. Just enjoyed my first bowl. Amazing. Many more to come.

  74. Great article. Thanks!

  75. I always read about the characters in Tolkiens novels, smoking pipes and all, and it seems quite good…

  76. I was curious if rolling pipe tobacco will give the same effect as smoking it from a pipe. I’m not a cigarette smoker or anything, I just thought it would be a fun experiment to have different methods.

    • St Bruno says

      no. its very rough to smoke like a cigarette. but if you dont inhale and mellow it around your mouth, probably fine.

  77. I enjoy smoking pipe. Perhaps someone can comment on the following or try it. I decided to try cigarette filters (for rollies, yuck) instead of pipe filters in my pipe once and haven’t looked back. It makes the smoking very smooth without interfering with the aroma. I only use a filter once and it doesn’t allow any liquid through, ever! It also allows me to enjoy smoking the bulk of the barrel as it cuts the bite out of the last bit of tobacco. Try it!

  78. I experimented with smoking cigars over the summer and it only lasted a month because I had gotten sick off of one particular session and lost my taste for them. However, I’ve always love the smell of pipe smoke and wanted to try it out. I’ve read the article here from top to bottom and I was just wondering: Would it be a good idea to go into a local smoke shop and ask them for recommendations of pipes, tobacco, etc.?


      • Ron, your words are all true and correct. I will have to say, the major difference in pipe smoking over the years is that older men, observed a time in history when previous generations did in fact know, how to relax. Most, had gone through terrible things such as the Great Depression, War(s) of any conflict of WW2 or since. We understand newspapers, pencils, puzzles, to name a few. The younger people, have the luxury of having “time”, due to their age. We used to muse over questions like, “What would you do, if you had a million dollars?”, when people’s salaries were under $200.00 a week, before taxes. Today, we would need to be multi-billionaires. My point, is that when things are properly understood, the advantage of knowing the value of relaxation is greatly leveraged in favor of today’s younger people. Generally speaking, as a fraternity of pipe smokers, we tend to be listeners and thinkers. We do not blurt comments or speak negatively which years ago.., any grown up would give the kid a good smack. For all the newer persons to pipe smoking, it’s great to have everyone onboard. All of us understands inherent risks, but I have never seen a death certificate that said, “died of nothing”. Shame on them if it did.

  79. I’m a smoker. Actually, sometimes I find smoking is such a great thing and many times I find it a bad habit that harms my body. I know the end will be horrible If I go on. And I know many people died because of smoking. So, Let’s do something good once in lifetime, let’s Get rid of cigarettes then we’ll be fine. I found many People who have a good health always talk ’bout smoking and they consider it a good thing w/o knowing what smokin’ can leave later in their bodies. Take off smokin’ right now to save your life and live longer.
    with love,

    • Who says you’ll live longer? I don’t know the date of my death, do you? I’m an ex ambulance technician dealing with on average 3 or 4 deaths a week over 10 years. I’m sure the dead children never smoked.

  80. St Bruno says

    i was a bad smoker of cigarettes. 40 a day. it was killing me with the inhalation of the smoke. what i find about pipe smoking is the relaxation and satisfaction of a smoke break, but without the need in inhale deeply. after a couple of weeks my breathing became easier and i felt a lot better by not smoking.

    also i am enjoying not paying ยฃ7 per day per 20. the much lower costs and lesser amount spent lighting up saves not only money, but time. also my house is much less dusty and yellow. granted, not perfect yet, but the smell of a pipe is far better and acceptable than that of cigarettes. which are a puritan sin. so great, it as if created only to taunt the almighty in fury on earth.

    pipes rock !!

  81. I have just tried to give up smoking 30 cigarettes a day … and failed ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    I enjoy smoking.. its that simple. 30 cigarettes a day is considered a heavy smoker so for those who smoke a pipe.. what would be considered a heavy smoker??

    Great articles btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. I too am a cigarette smoker (rollups) about to give pipes a try (on order) as a less unhealthy and smelly alternative. I have a question though…:
    I am used to doing things while smoking and am wondering what I will do with a pipe. They don’t seem to be designed for putting down (no legs). Do they roll over, go out or misbehave if you put them on the table while lit?

  83. Very good and useful topics.
    if you are interesting to buy meeshauem pipe, contact us or visit our page: http://www.cafeartin.com

  84. Today may be the day I resume smoking my pipe.
    It’s been four years since I had anything to smoke.
    I’m almost 54 and smoked a pipe since I ws 15 until I was almost 50. Do I miss it? Uh, yeah! Do I feel better since I quit? No, not really. I don’t clear my throat as much, but my mood was much (MUCH) better when I smoked my pipe. I bought good, smoke shop tobacco (Dunhill in the tins, and others).
    By the way, I didn’t gain any weight when I quit. But I miss sitting outside my front porch early in the morning with a large cup of coffee and my pipe. That is the most enjoyable and peaceful place to be.

  85. I have to agree with everyone here who says how relaxing pipe smoking is. I find it easy to believe that it could improve health due to the mental/emotional aspect of RELAXATION. Always being anxious can destroy your health faster than evan cigarrettes. Some people worry so much about their long life span, that they forget to enjoy it. Well, smoker spooks, put that in your pipe and smoke it(lol)!

  86. I agree with T-Train. Even though it may be bad for you in the long term, I really savor the time in my day spent drinking really good coffee, eating really good food, and yes, smoking a bowl of really great tobacco.

    I even wrote a blog post about why I like smoking. Check it out and tell me what you guys think! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I read your blog and visited the site with geo-something. The blog is not bad. Forget the youthful “guilt/shame” factor instilled upon you. Pipes have always been macho/manly. Reading your name, as ethnically Hispanic it appears, I will venture this comment: I enjoy experimenting which flavors of pipe tobacco compliment Spanish cooking, as I love goat meat, ox tails, pernil (roasted succulent pork). I cannot find foods of my youth anymore since Italians have gone so “elegant” of late, so you will find me chowing down at Spanish food places […and I don’t give a rat’s ass, what other Italian-Americans think of this Sicilian kid]. Your blog, as a thought, should include flavors which accentuate the culinary pleasures of delight.

      Finally, I am a direct decendant (so says many, and I refused to accept it, until I started researching on the web, for myself) of Brittius. He was a General, and Consul, of the Roman Empire. He was famous for saying: “Qui obviam ire mihi in pugna, pereo.” Be couragous about your pipe. Oh, what did my Latin ancestor say? “Those who oppose me in conflict, perish.” The guy had “a set of Horns”, and knew how, to use them.

  87. I once had a younger brother, now deceased. He was a health and exercise fanatic. He used to rant that I will die soon, and horribly. Overweight, drinker of distilled spirit, consumer of red meat, combat veteran, non-exerciser, and smoker. I am still here. My poor, and truly beloved younger brother passed away, two weeks past his 41st birthday; Major heart attack, dead before he hit the floor. I miss him terribly, and think of him often, when I smoke my pipe. Nobody knows how much time we are alotted in this life. A bit of moderation, okay. Never forget to live. If I may suggest, everyone should stick that in their pipe, and smoke it.

  88. As with a one hand ear candles relieve spasms of the head.

    • So does, a bottle of Bourbon! If it is a head spasm, you can simply chew half-a-stick, or one tiny piece of chewing gum. We did that when the “slicks” took off (UH-1H Huey Helicopters) and our ears locked, then painfully popped. No gum, a bit of chewing tobacco, snuff, or cigar “flag”, will help relieve same. Stay away from candles unless your motives are something else involving the opposite gender. Maybe I’m too old to understand New Age stuff, but I try. That’s why I give “Old School” knowledge to pass along to the younger generation.

  89. ***HEADS UP!***

    Everybody, get over to: meerschaumstore.com, and read the article, “Pipe Smoking and Health”, by Mark Beale, MD.

    Fantastic piece of writing, Doc! Finally, I found a Good doctor. You, Sir, are a credit to the medical profession! I commend you.

  90. I started smoking a pipe about two months ago.I LOVE IT !! I was a moderate to occcasional cigar smoker and have all but given them up thanks to the Pipe. I have an extremely stressful job and as mentioned in the above posts I do believe the benefits i am receiving from the relaxation I get from smoking a pipe will probably counter the health risks. For those of you who find this funny..think Im crazy…feel I should quit smoking a pipe …i can’t help but wonder why you are even reading my post so BUUUUUZZZZZ OFFFF SKEEETER!!!!!!!

    • Jimmy.., Look above this post of yours…
      Get over to meerschaumstore.com and read Dr. Marc Beale’s great article. It’s right up your alley!

  91. Good on you,congratulations and welcome to the world of pipe smoking ,it’s the best thing I ever did.
    If you are looking for advice and support then check out “PIPE SMOKING ” youtube you will find thousands of other pipe smokers just like yourself new and old .its a great community.keep smoking.

    • Tell him, brother.
      Good for you, Jimmy Z.
      Ron, you just hit an infield double. Nice work.

      • i started smoking a pipe when i was 60, iam 62 now, never smoked till then. i dont smoke much, a heavy week i will smoke once or twice a day for 3-4 days. i havnt measured the amount of tobacco, but i think its less than 3-4 cigarettes. i am sure i enjoy a pipe much more than i would cigarettes.

  92. I was just over at pipedia.org, and Mark Beale, MD, has written a paperback book: Secrets of Enjoyable Pipe Smoking. It is $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Self published (843) 856-3146.
    Hey, Doc.., could we get an autographed edition?

    • How about maybe a discount on a “Check up, from the neck, up”?
      Everyone says we’re nuts for smoking a pipe.
      I am.., so am I.

  93. I’m 55 and completely new to smoking. I told my wife I’d take up smoking a pipe if she didn’t quit cigarettes! I bought a briar pipe and some Marc Baren Vanilla Cream. I was and still am getting tongue bite with it and a bitter after taste, so I took your advice and got a cob pipe and a milder Alsbo Cherry. That seemed ok in the cob pipe, so I switched tobacco to the different pipes. I still get tongue bite with the briar and a lot less with the cob. Smoking time is 20 to 30 minutes I think, although I haven’t timed it. Initially there was some bubbling sounds from the briar, but less so now. How can I get rid of the tongue bite, that is ruining the experience?

    • Mel: Welcome to the pipe smoking fraternity, and slow it down!
      Hot, gurggly briar can mean first and foremost, that your pipe is nowhere broken in. It can also mean the tobacco is too moist. It too, can indicate a shellac finish or finish completely sealing the briar pores. MacBaren, is delicious stuff. I have smoked everything they offer and it’s certainly not that. As far as your liking cherry flavored casings or toppings, that’s part of what the pipe smoking world is all about. Maybe I should write an article on breaking in pipes?
      Cobs are extremely user friendly, and a good choice but don’t give up on the briar.

    • If you are smoking aromatics,don’t.I can’t smoke them .If you go to Youtube type in tongue bite .there is heaps of videos on the subject .
      I found aromatic tobacco gave me tongue bite .Cleaning your teeth and tongue with tooth paste .give smoking a rest for a few hours and it should fix it.
      the good news is . that it does pass .
      I only smoke English blends .don’t get tongue bite anymore

  94. Hey Mystic Mouse, I’d like to interview you if you’re interested. I”m working on a pipe story and you’ve got a good thing going. Let me know!

  95. “Mystic Mouse”?? Who you calling that, you old dried up biddy? If it’s me, I wouldn’t let you interview me, after that comment, stupid.

  96. As we enter the Holiday Season, the time is now, to begin stocking a few of your favorite tobaccos and accessories such as pipe cleaners, etc.
    Relax with your favorite chamber pipe and blends that are old friends. Try to enjoy a new blend or two, which you have never before had. If you are fortunate to have a friend or more, perhaps you might coordinate tobacco purchases and share amongst yourselves to broaden your taste samplings.
    Don’t forget to give some business to the pipe makers and tobacconists, who truly appreciate your business, especially in today’s current economic situation the world currently is experiencing.
    May your briar be sweet, and your smokes, mellow. Wishing everyone a Joyous Holiday Season, which many Faiths share in common, and may you and your Family have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year. Remember those less fortunate than yourselves. Don’t forget to keep your pipe clean, and.., relax.

    [I am currently busy job hunting and with my little WebLog: brittius.com, over at wordpress.com]

    • I grew this giant white beard and dug a red sweatshirt from the attic. This pipe will do splendidly! A Peterson Rusticated XL315. Hmmm.., Ah! Some Latakia. Hope nobody turns me in, to the Union…

      “Ho, Ho, Ho!” {I think I’m onto something!}

  97. I inherited my grandfather’s pipes and am actually holding one of them now. It makes me think of that great smell of tobacco and the methodical way my grampa would pack his pipe, light it, and settle in to his favorite part of the couch. Golf always seemed to be on the TV and hed tell me about this player and that player and we’d have a great time. I was a wee kid, maybe 7 or 8 years old, but I still remember those days fondly.

    I’ve considered going down to the tobacco shop and getting something to put into this old pipe and see if I enjoy it as much as he did. As a former cigarette smoker – I quite smoking 15 years ago – I can appreciate what tobacco can do.

    And then I think about my dad. He’s at the VA right now. He goes once a month so they can keep an eye on his COPD, which, really, is emphysema, directly attributed to his smoking for so many years. He started in his teens and, ironically, quit 12 years ago. That doesn’t seem to have mattered, though, because he still has one lung that doesn’t do a damned thing and another that’s struggling to provide him with oxygen.

    Many of you have correctly observed that cancer can come in a variety of ways and can effect folks who’ve never smoked. Very true. However, smoking increases – dramatically – the likelihood that you will get cancer. After reading about the guy in the hospital who won’t live long enough to see he grandchildren and after considering the horrible misery my dad goes through just to breathe,I think I’ll just stick to holding the pipe and remembering how good it smelled.

  98. I have been smokng Medico pipes for 60 years. I started when I was 19 and will be 79 in January 2011 with no health problems. I enjoy Medico pipes due to the paper filter which is discarded when it turns brown. I have always tried to smoke a tobacco with a pleasing
    aroma so people didn’t object. For the last 10-15 years I have smoking ” BLACK CAVENDISH ” pipe tobacco because it provides a mild cool smoke without any bite. I buy it at any Tobacco & Cigar store. For first time pipe smokers if you stay with it you will need another pipe…you smoke one and rest the other. My pipes and pipe rack did four years in the U.S.A.F. with me..of course those pipes have been replaced many times.

    A perfect evening for me is watching T.V. or reading a book with a scotch & water and smoking one of my many pipes. ENJOY LIFE IT’S TOO SHORT TO UNHAPPY.

  99. Reise ร“ Fearรกin says

    Good day,

    I appreciate the article and the information. Ironically I stumbled upon this site while researching tobaccos for my pipes. I tried a pipe 20 yrs ago, but was not patient enough to enjoy it. I have now found it to be quite a mind relaxing time. I do truly enjoy it,

    I have a couple of inquires if I may:

    When I smoke and entire bowl, or so I assume, I am left with a small amount of unburnt tabbaco in the base of the bowl. Is this normal, or am I not burning it deep enough into the bowl ?

    I live where the weather can be quite severe. Do I need to worry about the ambiant temperature being too cold for my pipe and the heat it produces ? I also have rainy days, but I work outside and smoke my pipe to relax on my break. Is this bad for my pipes ?

    Lastly, I seek a tobacco with a very pleasing room filling aroma. One pleasant to those around me.

    Thank you in advance for helping me expand my knowledge.

    • Andrew Teleki says

      I love smoking my Captain Black for the past 5 years, relaxing watching my favorite TV westerns as they’re being released by Amazon and I too grew up with a family of smokers but just recently I thought about all my favorite actors that I’m watching Richard Boone ‘Have Gun Will Travel’ Chuck Connors ‘Rifleman’ just to name a couple have all died from a smoking related cancer, even though I admire their manly portrayals I don’t want to end up like them, I’m at two minds should I or shouldn’t I give up, that is the question?

  100. i have smoked a pipe for fifty years.i never smoked cigarettes.

    many beginers are turned off by the wet tobacco at the bottom of the

    bowl and the acrid taste that it causes.i devised a simple cure for

    this problem and created a completly dry smoke.i shape a disc from an old bowl and fit it 1/4 inch from the bottom of the bowl of my pipe.i drill a 1/8 inch through the center of the disc.

    this system gives a totally dry smoke and no waste tobacco. B.Y.

    • Boris, I have recently purchased a Falcon pipe which does a similiar thing to your idea. It doesnt look as good as some of my pipes but its a good smoke.

      • boris yadek says

        micheal;thanks for your reply.the falcon is a great pipe and i

        smoked them for many years. they give a dry smoke when new but goo up after a few weeks.i then fit my disc and get a bone dry smoke.
        the irish government passed a law last year which banned smoking
        everywhere.next year breaking wind will become an offense.the
        stasi are alive and well.come back adolf all is forgiven.


    • Hi Boris. i collect pipes and smoke them, i was just wondring what you made the disk out of? i am keen to learn your idea!

  101. john pickles says

    there is a lot of tripe talked about smoking whik link pipe with cigarettes which is a completely ciferant operation

  102. Hi, Could you please tell me which way does the filter go in the pipe, I have C.V. Charcoal filter one side is Green… Cheers

  103. David Moore says

    My name is Mr David Moore, and I will like to Order
    Tobaco Pipe from your company if you have some in stock, could you

    please drop down the types you have or email me your website so

    that i will be able to see those you have .And if i may ask what types of

    credit card do you accept as payment? and what is the % surcharge on

    them? ..Thank you and i look forward to your reply shortly.

    Kind regards…………
    Mr David Moore

  104. You are very right about pipe smoking being an art as well as a science. For many people, including myself, it is a lifestyle.

    As pipe smokers advance in their hobby, they become acquainted with more sophisticated tools to help them care for their pipes and enjoy their experience more. Some of the tips you provide here, plus many more, can be found on the site I put up dedicated to the art of pipe smoking — http://www.pipesmoking.net.

    I would love to see smokers showing off their favorite pipes!

  105. You forgot about hookah, the fourth way to enjoy tobacco. It is entirely unlike cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. It stands on its own. It is the most adulterated tobacco (with molasses and fruit oils often added) and yet the healthiest since the smoke contains no tar.

    • BUZZZZ!!!! INCORRECT!! Recent studies have shown that hookah tobacco contains the same amount of carcinogenic compounds as cigarette tobacco, and may actually produce MORE tar due to the use of additional ingredients. **Anytime you inhale a partially-combusted hydrocarbonate IT PRODUCES TAR! And that tar is ALWAYS carcinogenic! Thats what happens when hydrocarbons combust! Duh!

  106. Derek Wood says

    I smoke tea in a pipe. I took it up to experiment with ways to dry my sinuses as I suffered from chronic, lasting [weeks sometimes] headaches and after many scans and tests my doctors had no suggestions.
    I learned that in WWII tea was sometimes mixed with tobacco to make the ration go further, and non-smoker actors have used tea for effect. I tried various commonly available teas and herbs in various mixtures. I do not inhale the smoke into my lungs, but sometimes – during particularly bad sinusitis attacks – I blow it out through my nose to speed the effects. I have been using tea in this way for over a year. I can confirm that the mild dry smoke from good quality loose leaf tea does help, especially if you mix it with a little nettle tea. It does not seem to be at all addictive as I can go a week or more without wanting to smoke it, and then only one or two pipes in a day. I have not felt any euphoric effects from it.
    If you wanted to smoke something as a substitute for tobacco – either for theatrical effect – or to have the familiarity of the smoking ritual while you give up tobacco – I’d recomend tea, particularly quality Assam tea.

  107. Pipe smoking is not a hobby, if it becomes a hobby it will be injurious to health, let others know this

    • Skydiving is a hobby and it hazardous to your health. So is riding a damn bike. It’s a fact, anything you do in life may kill you. Suck it up and deal with it. You only live once. Experience it.

    • Waking up in the morning is injurious to your health. That is if you wake up at all. A bit of tobacco never hurts. Come over we’ll chat and relax while we enjoy a few Cuban Bolivars. ; )

  108. Would long-time pipe smokers ever consider using e-pipes (electronic)? I fail to see how they are selling at all.

  109. Does anyone collect pipes, I’ve just found a collection in the loft, they’re not probably dating between 10 and 20 years.

    • M, this was almost exactly a year ago, but if you still have the pipes they could be worth a little money. Or a lot. Depends on what you have. There are plenty of sites with pipes like these. They are referred to as “estate pipes”. I would give you my email address, but I don’t want the spam that would come of putting it in a public forum like this. The place that seems to bring the highest $$ is on ebay. The prices there are very inflated. Good for the seller, not good for the buyer. Smart buyers avoid ebay unless looking for something very specific. Good luck!

  110. First of all, to the gentleman in Ireland who said the creation of anti-smoking laws in public is akin to those made by the Stasi, you’re a self-centered ass. I am glad there is no smoking in public places. However, what you do in your own home is up to you. I have always wanted to smoke a pipe but my female friends tell me it is pretentious unless you’re a professor or a writer. I am not sure if this is true. Anyone have a pipe brand they would recommed to a beginner?

    • Brian,
      Like drinking alcohol, one must smoke responsibly as well.
      I started pipe smoking recently and found a descent basket brier pipe for under $30.00

    • I have a big collection of Savinelli pipes. They are absolutely great smokers, there are hundreds of variations to choose from and they can be used with or without filters, and are inexpensive compared to better know brands. I have Peterson, Dunhill, and a few Bjorne pipes, but I only use my Savinellis because they are great.

    • I believe that sailors also can smoke a pipe without beng pretentious and captains as well.

      • Brian,
        Pipe smokinng is not pretentious in the least as I have pointed out in several of my lectures at the university. If you’re unable to attend one of my lectures then pick up a copy of my latest book “Pipe Smoking for Professors and Authors” at better bookstores everywhere.

  111. sorry, I meant “briar” pipe.

  112. I am a cigar smoker. Never tried a pipe. While I only smoke infused cigars and ALWAYS outside my wife complains about the smell. Infused tend to smell better but I’m on the other end of the smell. I have been thinking about a pipe. I find it very interesting how smoking a cigar is “cool” yet a pipe is pretentious. I am a motorcyle guy and it seems as if a cigar is required gear.
    Beyond the pretentious nature of a pipe, why do you think pipe smoking isnt more popular?

    • time and thought. it takes time to prepare the pipe, and it takes thought to care for it and keep everything right. cigarettes, and even cigars are much more simple and take less time.

  113. I love english blends loaded with Latakia and laced with perique that kick my ass silly.

  114. Hi, im 50yrs old, fed up with smoking cigarettes, and have been thinking about giving pipe-smoking a try. For a total beginner, what type of pipe, and tobacco would you recommend that i go for? Also, would i need to purchase any other items besides the pipe and tobacco. Im in the uk by the way. I usually spend around ยฃ40 per week on cigarettes, what would you say it would cost on average for pipe tobacco?
    Your advice would be much appreciated

    • Macatac, like you I got tired of cigarettes after decades of smoking. I took up a pipe about a year ago and have grown to love it. Just went to a tobacco shop, picked up a briar for about $25, a cleaning tool for $3 and a bag of cheap cavendish. As mentioned by others, there is a learning curve but it is not difficult to learn with a little patience. You will learn what works best for you. Smoking a pipe is much more rewarding and peaceful than cigarettes. I’ve found that smoking a pipe is much cheaper as well, though you can spend as little or as much as you like. Enjoy!

    • A corncob pipe is good for beginners a aromatic tabbaco would be a good choice something with not a lot of bite and a decent taste and smell that is mild would probably work http://www.smokingpipes.com/tobacco/tinned/. Good luck

  115. This is a great into for anyone that is looking to start pipe smoking. It’s unfortunate that the popularity of using pipes has fallen in recent decades. I’m glad people are still interested in keeping the tradition alive.

  116. I am glad there is no smoking in public places. However, what you do in your own home is up to you. I have always wanted to smoke a pipe but my female friends tell me it is pretentious unless youโ€™re a professor or a writer.

  117. Hi ,i’m smoking pipe 4year and very injoy for that but there is no original tanbakoo in iran ๐Ÿ™
    You make tanks god

  118. This will make your journey to weight loss hard, if not impossible.
    Keep this in your mind, it will guide you at the right direction in your journey of weight loss.
    These capsules aree easy and convenient to take everyday.

  119. I’ve been smoking a pipe since 16 am 42. With the advent of the Internet this has become a great hobby! For the naysayers and the anti-smoking establishment I say “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!” I recently joined a pipe club and participate in some internet forums. I’ve met guys from all walks of life, it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, the brethren of the pipe brings a certain amount of camaraderie and now my closest friends are pipe smokers. The old saying “He’ll give you the shirt off his back” rings true and I’ll bet he or she is a pipe smoker!

  120. I’d like to grow a beard first similar to Gandalf’s so I can look good smoking a pipe. I’d stick with cigars in the meantime.

  121. David MacIlwraith says

    How do I smoke my pipe without dribbling on my sister? This may sound silly but I need helprayer with this.
    Thank You

  122. I am very happy to discover your post, This is an excellent post. It is really what I wanted to see, hope in future you will continue for sharing such a excellent post

  123. I enjoyed reading your posts on pipe smoking. I hope that many people will read your articles and start this wonderful hobby. Many individuals are missing out on all of the different types of tobacco that is available for them to smoke. Also, there are so many different kinds of pipes available too. One of my favorite pipes is the Savinelli. It has a long history of being one of the best pipes that you can choose.
    Estate Pipes
    I also enjoyed reading your guide on estate pipes as they are one of my favorite pipes to purchase. If you have never tried smoking a Savinelli pipe, you really must purchase one.

  124. Wilber Stump says

    I haven’t touched a cigarette in, oh about fifty-years or so. I smoked pretty much I could put a match to. I tell people I would have smoked the tail pipe on a car if knew it wouldn’t have burnt my lips. Two-things about all that huffing puffing: I never smoked dope of any kind & it was during this period of my young, dumb, & full of _ _ _ life, I picked up a pipe to tryout. Since then, I rarely took up a pipe until recent years. Now, when I do light one up (just got a new faux marble colored one from Amazon), I find to be extraordinarily relaxing. I am not the best at it, hence going over the how-to’s. You are never too old to learn & I qualify in both. So, I wish everyone, young or old(er), who are or about to become a piper, enjoy your “huffing & puffing.”

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