Beer Brewing 101 – A Guide For Beginners

Looking for a hobby that has a great big payoff in the end? Brewing your own beer at home might just be what you’ve been looking for. It turns out that you can brew your own beer at home with a very small cash investment and only a moderate time commitment. The only other thing you’ll need is a space to store all your home made brew once you’re finished.

The basic ingredients you’ll need to make your first home brew is water, malt, hops, and yeast. With water being the main ingredient of your beer you’ll want it to be somewhat pure, however many famous breweries have a very high mineral content. The malt, which is dried out barley, wheat, or rye, is the second main ingredient. This provides your beer with its body, color, and satisfying flavor that beer is known for. Throw in a little hops and you’ve added the spice to the beer. It similar to basil leaves in homemade marinara. Without the hops all beer, whether brewed at home or not, would taste the same. The hops helps to balance the sweetness of the malt. Lastly the Yeast. Its really the magic ingredient that puts the alcohol in beer.

mug of fresh home brewed beer
Nothing better than enjoying your favorite recipe of home brewed beer!

So there’s a brief introduction to beer brewing. In this quick hobby guide we’ll go into the beer brewing process in more detail so you understand how the taste is affected by the ingredients you chose. We’ll also cover what beer brewing equipment you’ll need to get started. After that we’ll cover the actual process of home brewing your beer, followed up by a couple articles on different beer styles and how to evaluate your home brewed beer. Before you know it you’ll be a beer expert.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to start your first home beer brewing project? Just think of how much satisfaction you’ll have when you hand your buddies an ice cold frosty beverage made entirely by you? You might even be able to turn a profit if your recipe is good enough ;)

The Beer Brewing Guide

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