Grip Strength

Simply defined Grip Strength is your ability to grip an object. It may be a stair rail, a hammer, or bag of groceries. With a extraordinary amounts of grip strength you’ll be able to accomplish some pretty amazing things. Bending nails or tearing telephone books just to name a few. Those type of activities will be covered in the Feats of Strength section of this guide. Grip strength really breaks down to 3 different types of grips that the human hand is capable of: the Pinch Grip, the Crush Grip, and the Support Grip. This guide will cover these 3 types of grips and provide exercises and training resources.

Here’s what’s covered in this guide:
Amazing Grip Strength

Introduction to Grip Strength

Grip Strength is critical for rock climbers and martial artists. Competitors of the World’s Strongest Man contest have a intense workout specifically designed for grip strength. There are also several professions where people use primarily their hands and have developed vast amounts of grip strength. My grandfather was a mail carrier and possessed some very impressive grip strength.

Grip Muscles
Hand muscles necessary for grip strength

Depending on the grip necessary to hold and object different muscles are used in the hand. This guide will cover the exercises necessary to build those different muscles and overall hand strength. Most of you reading this guide probably have no desire to be like the guy at the top of this post, but hand strength is more than being a ripped muscle freak. Hand strength is very functional with every day activities like carrying groceries to shaking hands. Take some time and read this guide, add it to your daily work out routine. Your hands will thank you.

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