Mixed Martial Arts as a Hobby

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is on of those hobbies I’ve never even considered. I can’t image stepping into a ring or the dreaded octagon to exchange punches with some of the animals that love this hobby. Watching this sport on tv gives makes me instantly tense. I simply can’t imaging actually participating. Considering some other … Read more

Hobbies for a Rainy Day – Cable Art

This is definitely not a hobby you’ll find on our most popular hobbies page. The next time you find yourself with a couple of hours and an ethernet cable to kill, check this out! It really is amazing what the human mind is able to conjure up to kill time. This hobby is compliments of … Read more

Two Mens Treasure Hunting Hobby

Imagine yourself out to sea with your best buddy. Now imagine looking at a computer monitor for 10 – 12 hours looking for something out of the ordinary.  That’s just what Jim Kennard and Dan Scoville do for their hobby. They basically cruise the water looking for shipwrecks. It turns out they are quite good … Read more

10 Novels You Should Read in Your Lifetime

Since ‘reading’ is the #1 most popular hobby I figured I’d give you guys a couple of novels to chew on. These are the top 10 novels recommended by Random House. Some probably tout these as the top 10 novels you should read in your lifetime. Looking at the list I’ve got a lot of … Read more

Tesla Coils are Cool!

Ever since college I’ve wanted to build myself a toy, but not just any toy. I want a Tesla Coil. Check this out: Who wouldn’t want several hundred thousand volts of electricity bouncing all around? Yah, pipe smoking and shark fishing are cool not to mention my other 4 Not-So Boring Hobbies, but I think … Read more