Explore New Hobbies–Take An Educational Course!

School and fun don’t always go together. Ask any student and they’ll be sure to tell stories of the boring lectures, endless cram sessions, and piles and piles of homework. But there’s a reason more and more adults are enrolling in class–yes, even after they get their degree. It’s because taking an educational course is … Read more

Writing Resources

Writing is one of our 50 most popular hobbies, so it’s no wonder a Google search for “writing” yields over 500,000,000 results.  So what makes writing so popular, anyway? At its core, writing is a form of expression as well as an important way to record our history. The earliest forms of writing were found … Read more

Intro to Drawing

If you’re looking for a new hobby, why not consider drawing? It’s diverse, artistic, and relatively inexpensive. Plus, there are a variety of free tutorials available on the web (and who doesn’t like free?) So if you’re thinking about adding drawing to your growing list of hobbies, look no further! This intro to drawing is … Read more

Intro to Building a Dollhouse

Why Build a Dollhouse? Dollhouse assembly is a great hobby for collectors, parents, and crafting enthusiasts alike. It takes little more than 2-4 hours on average and at the end of the project you’ll have a beautiful completed dollhouse. If you’ve never done anything like it before, don’t worry. After reading this guide, you’ll be … Read more