Candle Making Supplies

Once you’ve decided what kind of wax you want to use, the rest of the supplies are fairly easy to come by. However, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before purchasing your candle making supplies. Here are the main things you’ll need in order to successfully make your own candles:

circle and square candles

A heat source:

This one is obvious. An electric stove, for instance, works nicely.


The wicks are a bit more difficult as there are a couple different kinds, the main ones being either:

-Flat: the most commonly used wicks, best for pillar and taper candles. They are also the most popular wicks.

-Square: also used in taper and pillar candles, but work especially well with beeswax

-Cored: these have a “core” that keeps the wick straight, making them best for jar candles, votives, and the like.


Another obvious one, as you need a container to hold the wax. If you’d like, be creative in picking out your container, using different shapes and sizes. You can use old jars you have around the house, or you can purchase a new one at a craft store.


See Guide to Candle Making


Fragrance is not necessary, but it sure can be a lot of fun! Take your time picking out your favorite fragrance. Make sure, of course, that you don’t put too much fragrance in the candle, or the results could be, ummm, bad. More on this in a future article.

And that’s it! The only other thing you’ll need is a match to light it, and you’re ready to go! Is candle making one of your favorite hobbies yet? If not, it will be soon!

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