Instead of working all day or wasting time in front of the TV every night why not pick up a new hobby? I started this site as a place to deposit my experiences on all the different hobbies I’ve experienced over the years. I encourage you to find something you’re passionate about and stick with it. Stick with it through the ups and downs of the hobby experience. A lot of times people quit because they get frustrated. All that is important when starting out in a hobby is relaxation. Please note that you may find an occasional post with sponsored content. I hope you find this type of content useful rather than an eye sore.

Nathan Metzger

I’m a former extraordinary rocket scientist (Electrical Engineer), faithful husband and loving father of two. The majority of my time is spent being a father but in my spare time I’ve done some things that most people would never dream of such as wrestling a shark on the beach or playing at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

My First Blacktip Shark

I also have kept a salt water aquarium, grown bonsai trees, played paintball, flown rc airplanes and played guitar just to name a few. The list of my hobbies is long but within the pages of this site you’ll find information and experiences that will aide you in having “a not-so-boring life”.

9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Nathan,

    What do you mean by:

    “former extraordinary rocket scientist”

    Was that a hobby or did you work in defence??

    Just curious,


  2. Hi Nathan:
    My son and you share the first and last name.
    We are origionally from ohio.

    I am also an Electrical Engineer, it is weird how our backgrounds parallel.

    Previously I spent 8 years in Defense
    I am now working a defense contract since Jan 07

  3. Wow. That is certainly weird.

    My dads name is Paul so at least it doesn’t get any weirder.

    The Metzger side of the family originated out of California and don’t know of any roots in Ohio.

    Where did you catch your shark?

  4. Hi Nathan,

    MissileAndFireControl is down at the moment, Ill have to check it out another time, yeah it does sound interesting …

    Are you still designing electronics??

  5. I’m sorry I got the link wrong. Its been corrected and will work now.

    I am still designed electronics for a high tech firm. The build rapid prototyping machines that can manufacture products in 3D.


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