While all hobbies are great, the best hobbies have additional benefits. For instance, they allow you to spend time with your family, relax, or to get into shape…

Which, by the way, is what’s what hobbies for your health are all about! Healthy hobbies aren’t just fun. They have long-term benefits for both you and your family.

If you missed our first Hobbies for Your Health post, check out our article on Running.

Now get ready to dive into the nearest swimming pool!


10 Reasons to Start Swimming

While there are more than 10 reasons to start swimming, here are a few of the very best.

1. To Beat the Heat

In most places, summertime means hot weather. Right now, for instance, a tiny fan is blowing warm air into my office as I attempt to simultaneously cool myself off with a limp piece of paper. Sound familiar? Well, swimming is the perfect solution. Jump in a pool and beat that summer heat! (And I’ll do the same)

2. For Your Heart

Swimming is one of the best exercises for your heart. It strengthens the heart muscle and, because of its relaxing nature, is beneficial to people who have difficulty engaging in other forms of exercise. This makes swimming ideal for beginners who want to get into shape but aren’t ready for more strenuous exertion.

3. To Save Your Back

Swimming is the most injury-free sport there is. For this reason, it’s often recommended to patients with back problems or other injuries.

4. To Sit Up Straight

Swimming develops muscle strength while improving posture. Repeat after me: Start swimming and sit up straight!

5. For Your Swim Suit

Less important than your health–but still important–is the way you look. Why? Low self-esteem affects nearly everything–from your friendships to your job performance and so on. Swimming is a great way to get into shape while simultaneously improving your confidence.

6. To Relax

Besides yoga, swimming is one of the most relaxing exercises out there. There’s something about the water that calms even the most high-strung of workaholics. Try swimming after a tough day at work and watch the stress float away.

7. To Become a Shark!

As a kid, I loved the water. Why? Because I was a shark! Okay–not really. But this is one of the best reasons to go swimming with your kids. Kids love using their imaginations and the water gives them place to roam free. So be a shark. Be a whale. But whatever you do, be creative!

8. To Become a Better Runner

If you’re already active in another sport, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of cross-training. Whether you’re a cyclist or a dancer, swimming can benefit your performance in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

9. To Compete

It doesn’t matter whether you join the swim team or compete with yourself by timing your laps. Timing yourself is a fun and rewarding way to mark your progress in the pool. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but do find that competitive streak within.

10. It’s Fun!

This one might be obvious, but swimming is a ton of fun! Not only do you get into shape, beat the heat, and de-stress–but you get to have fun while doing it.

So bring out the pool toys, strap on the water wings and step up to the diving board. Swimming might just be your new favorite hobby! Swimming combined with other sports sounds like a good idea too!


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