So you have a friend–let’s call her Betty–and Betty is planning a trip to Europe. She doesn’t have a lot of money–just enough for transportation, food, wine (…almost a necessity), and lodging. Now let’s say Betty buys her plane tickets without looking around online, without investigating much, and she ends up spending some ridiculous amount on plane tickets alone. Sure, Betty has fun on her trip–but not nearly as much as she would’ve with those extra bottles of wine! Finding cheap plane tickets takes a bit of work, sure, but it’s well worth the effort. So if you’re planning a trip to Europe–or to (nearly) anywhere else–listen up. These tips could save you some serious cash.

Be flexible with your travel date

When searching for tickets online, enter in a couple different dates to see which ones come up the cheapest. Trust me, there is a difference! Mid-week–like a Tuesday or a Wednesday–tends to be cheaper than traveling on, say, a Friday. In addition, if you don’t mind traveling in the fall or winter, it tends to be a lot cheaper than traveling in the summer. Plus, you beat out the busy summer crowds!

Also, if you have the option to book your flight in advance, do so. The moral of the story here is this: Always, always plan ahead!

On the other hand, if it is last minute…

Check for last-minute discounts! Airlines will sometimes discount their last minute tickets if the seats just aren’t filling up. This is near impossible in the summer months, but it does occasionally happen.

Check for Promotions

On the same note, check for promotions. Your local newspaper might advertise as will the local televised news. Of course, the internet is often the best place to look for a promotional airfare, so spend some time clicking around and see what you can find.


Buy your tickets through a consolidator, where the tickets are bought in bulk and sold at a discount. Search online for “ticket consolidator” or check the travel section of your local newspaper.

Travel Packages

These aren’t always worthwhile, but they can sometimes save you money. Check to see if there is a cheap hotel + airfare package if you’re planning on staying at a hotel. If you’re concerned about lodging, of course, check back here soon for information on finding cheap lodging when you travel!

Happy traveling, and happy hobbies!


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