Looking for a hobby with a beat? Check out a few of these musical hobbies.


Rahzel, Killa Kela, Doug E.'ve always wondered how the pros do it exactly. Perhaps you've even practiced a few times, your tongue tripping over itself, a garbled mess of speech coming out--speech that sounds nothing like real beatboxing and,...

Jazz Appreciation

I wasn’t born a jazz fan, but I did form an instant “addiction” at age 13. How does that happen to some one? So you heard some music you liked and were told it was jazz, and you wanted to hear more, and you did. Bang! You’re a jazz fan! But that wa...

Playing Guitar

Learning to play the guitar isn't an easy thing for most people. This is why many people choose to invest into guitar classes. However once you become proficient in the basic skills it really becomes an enjoyable hobby. Almost like riding a bike, it's...

Playing Piano

The piano is quite possibly one of the most fun-to-play, beautiful sounding, and popular instruments out there. Many lucky children are taught to play the piano at a young age and continue to play throughout their lives. In cases where they're not...


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  2. Agreed: you know i’ve worn through two vinyls of One More Chance? I’ve got vinyl, tapes and now CD’s of the Bad boy big years. Craig, Total, Faith, Big….I’ve put a lot of P’s in Puffys pockets over the years. Dude owes me SUMMIN!

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  4. Angie – I’m horrible,I haven’t visited here in a long time. But, WOW, the pictures are great! Cory’s little boy is soo cute! I’ll make sure I come back more often.

  5. playing instrument like ancient zither.

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