Virginia Shark Fishing

This post has been provided by Bryan – a tried and true Virginia shark fisherman.

Virginia Beach Shark Fishing

Virginia Beach is one of the main places that I fish in Virginia. I fish a lot off of the piers because beach access is limited in this area. I fished Virgnia Beach Fishing Pier in August of 2008 and it was very productive for monster black tip sharks. It should be mentioned that shark fishing is not permitted off of Virginia Beach Pier, but you can’t help what bites your bait. We landed about 30 out of 40 blacktips. The largest was about 6′ but I didn’t have the equipment to weigh the fish, but I am sure it would have broke the state record. The best fishing spot in Virginia Beach is Little Island Fishing Pier, known as Sandbridge Pier. You have plenty of beach access and that is where the big boys run.

Sandbridge Beach Shark Fishing

Off of Sandbridge beach I would use at least a Shimano 30w LRS which holds 580 yards of 50 lb. mono. and a heavy 5’5″-6′ rod. The best bait that I have used in Virginia beach is live or chunked bluefish and spanish mackeral used the same way. Virginia beach is limited on sandbars in this area but Sandbridge is located on the southern point of Va. beach which is deep water and very swift rip current and sharks love that! July 26th of 2008, I hooked up on a 65lb. Cobia off of Sandbridge pier while penn rigging. The same day, I hooked up on about a 40lb. King Mackerel while penn rigging. The reason I say about 40lbs. is because while reeling the fish to the pier it exploded out of the water, and could not figure out why. Well needless to say, when I got it to the pier, I only had half of a fish and the one half was 20lbs. It was about a 61/2 ft. bull shark that cut this fish in half. All in all, Sandbridge is one of the best places that I have ever fished.

Baby Blacktip Shark Pier Fishing

Bryan Lester Monster Cobia

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  1. Jennifer says

    Does anyone know of any reputable VA shark fishing charters?

    • the pic i see here are not of sandbridge pier or vb pier
      neter us the green trash can you see in back ground
      also bothe piers are not built like the ones in pic

  2. That pic is at colonial beach VA he caught that off of sandbridge i was with him when he caught it but brought it back home to show a few people..

  3. hey i am new to virgina could you help by givein me some hints on what to use for bait when shark in on a pier email at if you cam help thank you

  4. To Josh. Figuring out what type of bait to use is the easy part. The equipment rods/reels, lines, and hooks can be the more complicated. All you really need is any piece of cut fish and you are in business.

  5. Come on man killing small sharks, not a true angler

  6. Ryan Taylor says

    Anyone in va serious about shark fishing please contact me im new to the va beach area and looking for some local players to shark fish with I moved here from south Florida and not a fool when it comes to big game fishing it’s a different ball game up here I would appreciate any help or tips / spots or anyone who wants to fish hit me up I have the equipment and a freezer full of bait looking at buying a yak this week 513-550-3785 Ryan

  7. Hi I’m newly into shark fishing and looking for other fishers to join and try out different spots I got gear if anyone wants to meet up please don’t hesitate to talk to me. 5203905817 josh

  8. All in all, Sandbridge is one of the best places that I have ever fished.

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