Shark Fishing Locations

Finding a shark fishing location isn’t really all that hard. All you need is a little sand and a lot of water. The two most popular states to shark fish in are Florida and Texas since they have loads of both. They also have a lot more sharks along their coasts than other states, but that’s not so say that South Carolina, North Carolina, and all the way up to New Jersey don’t have their share of shark. Florida leads the nation in shark bites because there are more sharks per capita than anywhere else, BUT just remember you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than you are to get bitten by a shark.

As with all types of fishing you really have to go where the shark bait is. I was a weekend shark fisher so I was always having to catch my bait before I actually started fishing for sharks. If it took me 3 hours to catch bait the morale was low. Finding a beach near an inlet or by some sort of structure can do wonders for bait and sharks. Also find a power plant near the water. Power plants tend to cool their reactors with the ocean water and pump the warm water back into the ocean. The outlets are usually several hundred feet offshore but the bait and shark fishing is second to none. That’s why I drove 3 hours to fish in the Jensen Beach area.

One word of caution when it comes to finding your perfect shark fishing location. Fishing for sharks when there are 100 people around is a bad idea. Find a beach that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. If you do have to fish in a very populated area my suggestion would to be fish early in the morning or in the evening when the majority of people have left the water. The first time your line burns a little kid because a 6′ blacktip made a screaming run on you, you’ll thank me. If the shark you hook up with is larger than the tackle you’ll probably end up several hundred yards down the beach.

This next section of the shark fishing guide is really going to be work in progress since I’ve not fished in all the different areas of the country. If you are interested in contributing please contact me.

Florida Shark Fishing

I shark fished for nearly 5 years in the Central Florida area. This would include the Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, and Cocoa Beach areas. I also checked out Monster Hole at Sebastian Inlet. Occasionally I would drive about 3 hours south to the Jensen Beach / Juno Beach area in hopes to hook up with a bull, tiger, or lemon shark. Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky. It is also rumored that shark fishing in Key West is some of the best around. I’ve read stories of the great hammerheads tearing a 200lb tarpon to pieces.

If I had to make a suggestion on the best Florida shark fishing location I would recommend Ormond Beach. This beach is great for shark fishing because hardly anyone visits and fisherman own the beach in the morning. This is the beach where I caught my first 6′ blacktip and kayaked through a huge school of tarpon. Canaveral National Seashore (CNS) is also a great option for shark fishing as it is also not very populated. You’ll have to pay a $5 fee to get into the park, but you get restroom facilities. Also make sure you check the space shuttle launch schedule as the park is closed when it’s on the pad. I personally haven’t had much luck here, but have read many fishing reports saying that sharks frequent these waters.

Texas Shark Fishing

This is one of those sections where I could really use some help. What I do know is that the Galveston shark fishing is down right addictive. There are several Texas shark fishing charter captains out there who target sharks. Also the Padre Island National Seashore (PINS) is home of some of the greatest Texas shark fishing I’ve ever seen. Just check out my Best Shark Fishing Picture EVER post to see just exactly what I’m talking about.

Shark Fishing up North

If you fish up north in the Montauk or New Jersey areas and would like to contribute please contact me.

Have a tip or see something I missed? Want to ask a question? Just drop a quick comment below and I get back to you before your next big shark fishing trip.

The Rest of the Shark Fishing Guide


  1. There was a tv show recently about a shark fishing tournament out of Key West, FL. I think there are a lot of charters down there that target sharks. I want to try it sometime.

  2. Hi
    Great site you have here. If you are interested in swopping links let me know.

  3. I lived on Emerald Isle beach, NC, for several years and used to fish for shark in the surf. They are plentiful so there is little waiting with bait in the water after 7pm.

    I frequently fished on the pier during late afternoon and used what was caught for shark bait that night. I don’t like the nasty shark smell but the fun of catching/releasing them makes it worhwhile. The kids really enjoy it too. Just be careful. Its easy to get impaled to a shark while trying to remove the hook. Always fish with at least one other person.


    • Where did you do your surf fishing? Were you any where near the pier? (Bogue Inlet Pier) – I have been there for the past 2 years and have never seen anyone catch anything from the surf. I did hang a 5-6 footer from the pier but didn’t land it due to the time of day (too many people). Any additional information would be very helpful as I’m interested in Surf Fishing in NC as opposed to getting a Charter Boat. Thanks,

      • I live in Emerald isle as well and do some shark fishig from surf. If you wanna meet up sometime and do some fishing ill be glad too. Hit me up @

      • the reason the fishing is sooo bad at Emerald Isle is the net boats, they run to close to the shore, they run up and down it, day and night.
        its really unfortunate, the area was obviously setup for fishing vacations, now, all that can be caught is the smaller fish that can pass thru the net boats, nets.

  4. i fish bolivar texas and high island, cow nose rays are my preferred bait,but live mullet about one to three pounds are best. i use 6/0 penn reels,with 50 pound mono, and 125# wind on leader , and single strand wire leader about 3 feet in length. kayak baits out, i fly texas flag,over jolly rogers!!! enjoying site!! thanks!

  5. I live in Kill Devil Hill, N.C. and I am going to start shark fishing this summer. I just wanted to say thanks for all the good tips.

  6. 😈 Do you still shark fish? If you do we need to hook in June anf try for the big one.

  7. We SURF fish along the texas coast,, IN the 5′ and larger rang, High Island Bulls and BT. galveston side of SLP BT and a few bulls, surfside/SLP are real good for bull sharks, Matagorda good for BT/ bulls PINS anything goes from BT, lemons, tigers, mako’s ,Hammers.., there are also other types of sharks caught in these locations this is just what is mostly common..

    • redrockrancher says

      Hey Dusty and everyone else….I need to know how far to kayak baits out? I fish in surfside and I know there are bulls and blacktips out there, just need to know how far they are. I got an Ocean Kayak and just bought a Penn 114H 6/0 and a Newell 440-5. Penn holds 475yrds of 50 lb test. Newell- 330 yrds of 50 lb. Can anyone help me????

      • i was wondering im gonna be fishing off the cheasapeake bay bridge tunnel and i wanted to know if there was any good shark fishing of the bridge also were could i get a hold of some wire leaders crimps and hooks

  8. Ben heritage says

    This is a great web site. I am looking for a good location to fish for shark in the clearwater or Tampa area. We will be fishing from shore or the skyway peir. Tanks for the great tips. And i look forward to hearing back from you.

    • caroline says

      hi,im trying to see sharks i live in clearwater and dont have a boat any ideas?

      • ya go to fort island trail road in homosassa at the end of the road on the left there is a long peir if you go there at night and chum a little any tipe of bait will catch sharks when you chum and chunk thick the sharks actually swim on top of the water under the dock the olny thing is when you catch a good size shark 4-8 feet you have to walk it to the front of the peir and climb down to the beach hope this helps brian.

    • Hey, I just moved to Tampa and was wondering if you got any feedback on shark fishing locations in the area. I have a 20′ boat so am able to get off of the beach. Any help would be appreciated.


  9. ❓ looking for a good spot in South Carolina to shark fish from the beach or pier any help?

  10. Coty Harris says

    I’m going to Panamaa City Beach, Florida during the week of 4th july and looking to go shark fishing. How is the shark fishing in panama city beach florida?

    • :mrgreen: Go to the main pier it’s open all night and the fishing is great. Take a aqua gem or balloons to float your bait out. There has been some big hammers caught there. Good luck.

  11. BillyK,

    I used to fish about halfway up the beach towards Salter Path, about 1/2 mile south of the water tower across from 1540 Emerald Drive. I would always spray shark attractant scent on my bait so every shark within miles would arrive on-time!

    The only way you can fish on Bogue inlet Pier and catch a shark is by using a Live Fish King Rig with a King Pass or drop rig (not rigged for catching shark). If they think you are sharkfishing they will take your fishing pass and kick you off the pier.

    By the way, Captain Stacy’s Fishing Center in Morehead City (20 minutes north of your location) has a Saturday night “Sharkfishing” headboat trip that goes out from 7pm to 11:30pm. The boat does not go out very far. You use all their gear and basically fight a bunch of sharks for about 4 hours. That’s enough to tire out any reasonable person. There’s also no hot sun burning you up. You’re back in time to get some beer and sleep all night so the next day is not ruined!


    • What size sharks were you landing @ Emerald Isle?

      • I have pulled 5-6′ footers and last night after that nor-easter we had we only caught babies 2-3′ waves were really rough for surf fishing. Gonna try our luck this weekend. I always fish with light tackle for bait fish always plenty around. It is great drums are in now too 60-70 pounders so you never know which one you will get but in the end there is always a great dinner coming your way. We love shark steaks. Clean white meat 1 back bone thats all. It does not matter if you fish day or night but night is best less people crowding you when that line screams. And it will. Gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

  12. Rollin Sorge says

    Is anyone shark fishing on Boca Chica beach and if so, any catches?

    • HI Rollin. If you dont recognize the name already I worked for you at PC. I would like to contact you in referance to this. e-mail would be fine. Good luck with the fishing. Maybe see you next spring. 😉

  13. I’m in Ormond Beach and would love to meet up with someone who knows what they’re doing. The only surf fishing I’ve done is up north, for Stripers mostly, no sharks.

    Anybody around the area?

  14. Bryan Lester says

    I what they call a pier hopper and a beach runner, all I want to do is shark fish, It’s not a hobby it’s an obession. I’m outta Colonial beach Va but fish faithfully in Va beach and hatterras, NC. My favorite location when kayaking bait for sharks off the beach is off of sandbars and deep guts that lie in it. Va beach and NC cape hatteras are the best shark fishing areas I have ever fished on the east coast. Cape point has been rated top surf fishing location on the east coast. Me and the guys are trying to start a shark fishing club off the east coast looking for people to help start it up with us. If you fish east coast and love the thrill of shark fishing email me at There is nothing like the thrill of a big fat bloody tuna head in a gut of a sand bar, just sit back and listen to the drag peel. Have fun fish hard and may the sharks be with you. 😎

  15. Dave Wolfe says

    Your right Bryan, Cape Hatteras is the best place for real big sharks! I’ve been sharkin for quite a few years and have hooked some sharks at the point that could not be stoped! I don’t use the big reels any more as with the new superlines like power pro it’s possable to catch 300 pound plus fish with smaller reels such as the tekota 800 and stand up rods. If your ever down this way stop by the outer banks pier, I’m usually out there on the weekends. Not shark fishing off course as its against the rules. Just “guppy fishing”! Sharkman

  16. Arthur Alintuck says

    I am looking for “head/party” boats for Shark in MA & R.I.. Any help will be appreciated, HOWEVER,
    my wish for all is, ” TIGHT LINES AND SCREAMING REELS”

  17. Nathan lindeman says

    Going to coco beach last week in oct. Does anyone have recomendation for surf fishing or off shore for sharks? Email if you do thanks

  18. I am heading to the NC/SC shore during the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday any sharking left or is the water to cold if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks

  19. Hey! nice catch if your interested please check out my website or drop me a line. I’ll be glad to hook you up with a great guide to pull in a 6′ or 7′ shark I’m here in South Padre Island, Tx. Thanks capt. Kev.

  20. can you sell sharks or shark meat?

  21. flatsguy says

    Does anyone know of any good intercoastal spots to shark fish in the indian river area?

  22. Shark fishing is on fire during the summer months all around Florida. Throw out a chum block near a pass or along the beaches and hold on because it won’t take long and they will be there.

  23. Dec. 14, 2010

    Going to be shark fishing the beacfhes near Ft. Pierce and Power Plant area during the month of Feb.
    Looking for a buddy to hook up with!
    Also someone to kayak my baits out. I will pay?

  24. Does anyone know any places to surf shark fish in key bicayne?

  25. I was wondering, are there many sharks in the gulf stream?? it has warm water or will i have more luck closer to the east coast? I have a boat but i have never been shark fishing, are there any tips or good website that you can give me? thanks

  26. I don’t see how you can say that ormond is a good place to sharkfish. Every time I have been it has always been VERY crowded. I went a couple of weeks ago and it was full….no way you could fish for shark with that many people around, it is as bad as Daytona.

  27. Isn’t fishing for sharks from the beach illegal in Ormond?

  28. Tom Dougherty says

    Looking for Shark fishing locations Delaware and Maryland, including Chesapeake Bay.

  29. when i go ot shark fishing i use afw 480 lbs wire i use a 6 foot profile with retractable butt paired with an okuma titus t50 with 1200 yards of 100 pound test braided powerpro i usually fish in ocean city maryland the fishing their is phenominal

  30. caught a 7+ft didn’t measure precisely but may have been closer to 8ft bull shark last night around 10 o’clock OBX NC Corolla beach got some sweet pics!

  31. woohoo!

  32. We shark fish at obx we went back in the summer I pulled in a 150lb bull and we are geting ready to go to va beach and I was wondering is it good shark fishing in nov.

  33. I’m going sharking off sandy hook NJ this Monday and plan and again in two weeks. Email me if you’re interested.

  34. Zeek Trevino says

    Went fishing a couple weeks ago here in Galveston, Tx. Caught a 7 foot bull shark off a pier. Took about 45 minutes to reel in. That sucker was huge!

  35. We live in Daytona Beach now. We go to the beach every weekend. A few weeks ago over at Ormond we ran into 2 sting rays (stepped on 1) and a 5ft black tip which I can only assume was hunting rays. It swam up right next to us. We didn’t stick around to say the least. Never a dull moment living in Florida!

  36. Is there any particular month of the year that is the best for shark fishing in florida?

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